Tubal Reversal Surgery And IVF

So many women and couples are faced with the decision of trying to decide between tubal reversal surgery and IVF. For many it is an economic reason while for others it is trying to get all of the facts because many do not want to face impending miscarriage, which happens regularly with IVF treatments.


For those who are looking at the financial aspect between tubal reversal surgery and IVF this can be extremely difficult. For many just one round of IVF treatment here in the United States it can be about $10,000.00 if not more. With tubal reversal surgery costs it is about $6000.00 and the couple has the chance to conceive every month.


Many decide to go with tubal reversal surgery due to the fact that not only is tubal reversal surgery cheaper it also has better success rates. Dr. Gary Berger and Dr. Charles Monteith have kept very accurate pregnancy statistics on their tubal reversal patients.


The surgeons and staff at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center have dedicated their careers to performing just tubal reversal surgery on a full time basis. There are other surgeons that do tubal reversal surgery but this is not their specialty. Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith have excellent patient feedback as well successful pregnancy rates.


Many of the women that have had to make the decision between tubal reversal surgery and IVF had shared their experience on the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal message board.

For women and couple that are struggling to make the final decision this can be a great source of information.


The nurses at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. This is great for those women who have questions and want the answers while they are doing their research. Many times if a question is posted up on the message board not only will the staff answer but also women who have already had tubal reversal surgery.


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A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing. http://www.tubal-reversal.net

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  1. Good information on tubal reversal surgery and ivf.

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