Tubes Tied And Made A Huge Mistake

Tubes tied and made a huge mistake are exactly what many women think and feel. If this is something you feel then you are not alone. Each year in the United States about 1 million women have the tubal ligation procedure so that they will not become pregnant again. For many they were sure this is what they wanted until life changed.

There are life changes that will cause a woman to change her mind after a tubal ligation. For some it was never truly wanting the ligation to begin with but were forced into it. For others it is the no relenting of the symptoms of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. And for others it may be the death of a child. There are many reasons but they are all personal reasons.

As stated about above the majority of women are now in a new relationship or marriage and the spouse has no children of their own. Is nothing these women want more than to be able to give their new partner a child of his own.

Feeling that you have made a mistake and having to live with it can be one of the worst burdens to bear. But there is hope for many couples after tubal ligation. Tubal ligation reversal surgery not only has great pregnancy statistics but also is more affordable than the alternative of IVF.

Many couples have gone on to become proud parents of not just one but multiple children after reversal surgery. For more information on tubal reversal surgery please visit the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website.


About vervilledeb1

A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing.

One thought on “Tubes Tied And Made A Huge Mistake

  1. April says:

    Hi..I am 32yrs. Old. I had to have this procedure done, due to being taken off of birth control pills. I have chronic P.E.(blood clots on my lungs) I used birth control because of my horrible cycles, and I’m currently having a full blown cycle every 2wks. My only option, was to have the essure done, and in 3mts. I have to get the “her option” procedure. My Dr. Could only do one of my Fallopian tubes, in Feburary 2012 bc the other tube was blocked w/scar tissue. I got the other tube done, a week ago, and I feel like a knife is stabbing me in the abodemn. I can’t sit up straight w/o pain in my abodemn, and it radiating down to my leg.┬áHeat does not help the pain nor does ice. The Dr. Told me, I would be back to normal the next day, both times. However, I’m not at all back to normal. I’m in severe pain.

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