Essure Problems Continue Among Women

After having more than a few women write about the problems they were having after having the Essure procedure I wanted to read more. The amazing thing is the large number of women that seem to be having issues.

After conversing with a few I have decided to write some of the main problems and concerns that have been shared.

  • Women wish they had been told more about the actual procedure. That it can and is painful for many. Many times trying to get the actual Essure spring into the fallopian tubes causes more pain than the patient expected. This may be due to the fallopian tube itself having a spasm.
  • Women are upset that they were not told about the cramping and discomfort after the procedure itself.
  • Many patients say the actual procedure was sugar coated by the physician when being told about it.
  • Back pain and uncomfortable intercourse that is unexplained.

Although Essure is considered to be a permanent form of birth control it is reversible. Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has been reversing the Essure for some time now with good results. Essure reversal is explained on the blog and accompanied by a true patients story.

If you are having issues after having the Essure procedure I would love to hear from you. Many women are searching for answers and others that are having the same problems.


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A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing.

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  1. Traci Nichols says:

    Has anyone had side effects from Essure later after the procedure? I had the Essure procedure in March 2008. Since then, I’ve had serious weight gain in the midsection and I work out / eat healthy all the time. I’ve done everything I can to reduce this issue and continue to gain. In addition, I’ve had sever hot flashes – both day and night, chronic insomnia, confusion / blackouts, mood swings, horrible PMS, extremity tingling, aching and tender muscles. I’ve had testing through an endocrinologist, have taken cymbalta for depression and anxiety, as well as tried everything I can to adjust to these symptoms. I figured I’m just pre-menopausal but now I’m thinking there’s more. I’m working with my doctor now because I’ve been struggling with this so long. Any feedback or recommendations will help!
    Thank you!

    • Danette says:

      Hi Traci.

      I had the procedure done in Sept of last year and I have had weight gain pretty much the same symtoms you are experiencing… I have an appt with OB next Tuesday to see if I can reverse the procedure because I am out on disability right now.



        I too am experiencing all of the same symptoms as you and traci. I am having my coils removed on June 10 and I am scared to death!! It can’t be any worse than the symptoms I am experiencing now. I am wondering how your appt with your OB went? what did they say? If you did not get the satisfaction you need seek another opinion.

        I also want to encourage everyone having issues to call Essure and report the issues to them. I did that today and I am having a complaint representative call me to discuss what they might do about this and why they are not tracking issues that women are currently having!!!! You can find their number on the website at

      • Melissa says:

        I just wan t to tell everyone that I to was getting the run around and my husband gave me the best advise ever. He told me before I went to see my new ogbyn lisson to all they have to say nut stay firm in your choise look right at the doctor and say so all these other proseders you are sagesting are they going to fix this issue or are you just trying to make my insurance pay for things I do not need. I did say this to the doctor she wanted to try all these differant things I held my ground on a hystorectomy I wanted it gone pain,heavy flow, everything. So now I have my surgery scheduled for January 30th and my family doctor has everything documented for me she wants to help when a class action comes up.

      • Sabrina says:

        I was just wondering if you had the essure removed because I had it donejuly of 2011 and its now jan of 2012 and my health is getting worse by the day. and weight gain i work out four days a week for two hours each time I eat healthy but Im gaining weight if you had them removed were you able to loose the extra weight or was it hard. I just want to feel goodagain I have an eight month old and its hard to keep up with him when you feel like crap all the time. thank you

      • Cindy Bailey says:

        I had the procedure done in Sept 2009 and have had some of the same problems however, I have also had back pain in the lower right side since the day the procedure was done. I have had infection after infection for the past 2 yrs. I’ve had three Uterine infections that do not go away with antibiotics. Today I have been at home from work for 2 weeks from what I have been told was a bladder infection, went to a Urologist and was told it was a Uterus infection. Went to my OB/GYN the next day who said it was a Uterus and pelvic infection. Stayed home for another five days and still no relief. Taking 3 different antibiotics, flagyl and pain meds with no relief. Went back to my GYN they then done a ultrasound and said I had dimin ished blood supply to my right ovary and would need to have it removed. Unfortunatly I did not have insurance so the Dr come back to my room and told me I would have to see his financial adviser before he could schedule anything. They then informed me I would have to have $3400 before he could do anything. So he referred me over to another Dr. Well this Dr tells me that I have a bladder infection and gives me Pyridium used to relax the bladder. After, taking this medicine for a day I started cramping and feeling as if I was having contractions. I was rushed back to the ER where after 16 days of pain, and agony the Dr ordered a CAT scan and found that one of my essure implants had actually come out of my fallopian tube and was laying in the center of my Uterus. So please beware that these implants cause more problems then anything. It was the worst mistake of my life to have them put in. Because now not only have I been in excruciating pain I will have to have my Uterus and fallopian tube removed due to this problem going on for so long without treatment.

      • Kathy says:

        I had the procedure done back in 2008 and i felt great the first 6-9 months. I started to get cramps and bloating,after a year i was getting my period every two weeks. I tried to tell my OBGYN and he insisted that it was in my head, Finally by September of 2010 i could not take the pain any longer and my OBGYN prescribed pain pills. Well i do not like to take pills, i workout ,eat healthy and i have my girls to take care of. I changed my doctor and i was told that the essure was lodged in my Uterus and had to have emergency surgery to remove my Uterus.
        Girls you know your body and if you don’t feel right get a second opinion.

      • Angela Washington says:

        Maybe your diet is all wrong cause how do you gain weight off something that is unlike a pill and has no effect on your hormones like a pill or patch…Sometimes you can workout everyday but if you are not eating enough protein and drinking no sugar product or eating sugar that’s why you can’t loose weight but it has no reason to make people gain …I think people just comment and think stuff up to say this is wrong or that is wrong but the research is all there if you are that prone to side effect then you have a weak system and may have other issues in your body..You can’t judge this for everyone, everyone is different. Good luck with the working out and women just really watch what you are eating and remember if you don’t eat you are sending your body into starvation mode so it will store fat. So dieting you still have to eat

      • Rachel says:

        Hello, I saw your reply about diet and exercise. Your post may have a bit of truth to it as far as eating properly and eating while dieting. I had Essure done at the end of July 2012. I never had a problem losing weight nor did I have to really diet prior to this procedure. I was 117 pounds and 34 years old. Ate a well balanced diet and worked out 4-5 times a week. I continued to do all of these things after Essure. Nonetheless, I gained some weight. I never have had a weekend immune system. Matter of fact it had been over 5 years since I had a stomach virus. That being said, my health steadily declined within two weeks of having the implants. It started with rashes and diarrhea. It slowly progressed to vomiting, dizziness, unexplained fevers, blurred vision, cysts, pelvic pain, and cramping, not to mention other problems. In march of this year I went into adrenal failure for almost two weeks. My BP was all over the place and I had tachycardia. I almost died. I have NEVER had a past issue with any of these things prior to Essure. I have had every test imaginable ran and they all came back ok except for one. I tested positive for toxic metal poisoning. After a while the metals build up in your system (for some it takes longer and for others it doesn’t). The metal attached itself to body tissues and remains in your system making you sick. This device may not have hormones in it but it has the potential to make a person very ill. My adrenal glands had cysts on them. It was explained that my body was in a fight or flight mode. It was trying to fight off the foreign body (essure) and was not winning. Therefore, my hormones became imbalanced and sent me into adtenal failure. I am merely educating you on how this little device can hurt so much. It induced scar tissue in my Fallopian tubes causing chronic inflammation. So much so that I had to have a hysterectomy. The pathology report concluded I had the beginning stages of endometriosis and chronic cystic cervicitis. Both can be caused by chronic inflammation. Please don’t judge people because you personally have not had problems. I encourage you to check out Essure Problems on Facebook. Look at their documents and see the almost 2 thousand woman with problems from this device so that you can make an informed decision. Thanks.

    • Vicki w says:

      I just had essure device put in on Feb 11 of 2010 and I am so so disappointed!!! My doctor also made it seem like cake walk…Several days after the procedure I went to my doctor with pain and knew something was wrong. She assured me that nothing was wrong with the device that something else had to be wrong. After 3 months of totally feeling like I am going crazy and in pain in my stomach, legs, back, and uncomfortable I am attempting to get the device removed from another doctor that has never done a reversal and I am scared to death!!! All I can say from experience is listen to your body, if something is wrong and you feel it is the device get it out!!! It is not worth it. Something seriously need to be done with this issue. I have read recently online of too many women having issues and it completely disgusts me. Doctors are making it sound like NOTHING!!! I was not warned of anyone having issues or what the odds are of having issues. I also was asked about the nickel allergy and said the same thing another writer wrote. “I don’t think so” and I got the same response from my doctor. I asked too if I needed to get tested and was told that it wasn’t necessary. I do not know if I have an allergy, and I am done with going to doctors and think I should try a lawyer!!! I am attempting to do anything and everything I can to get this device out of me without a hysterectomy.

      • Vicki w says:

        I also wanted to add that I have had confusion and feel as though I might black out at moments. I contributed the confusion and black out feeling to the amount of pain, but in actuality there is most likely something wrong for the reason that it is not normal to feel this way. I also have been on antidepressants, steriods, anti=inflammatory, and muscle relaxers while nothing touches the amount of pain or the quality of life that I have lost.

      • whitney says:

        i possibly might have to get mine out because the inserts are not in the correct spot after having the hsg done saying that they were. do you know if after getting them out it is possible to have another pregnancy or are your tubes all messed up from having the inserts in?

      • Tracy H says:

        Whitney, you will lose your fallopian tubes so pregnancy wouldn’t be possible without medical assistance

      • Amber Brouillard says:

        You are not alone! I had to have a hysterectomy about a year after having essure inserted. My uterus had fibroids and was swollen in comparison to a 3 month pregnant uterus! I still have major scar tissue from where the Essure was in my tubes. I am still in pain and I had the hysterectomy in April-it was November!! I wish there was more information about this out there, it is still such a new device!

      • hope says:

        i am 29 years old and i had the coils put in 3 yrs ago,and im experiencing the same symptoms as the rest!! i want these thinigs out of me,but cant afford it,please help me with any info u might have!

      • Revelle says:

        I also have the essure and am glad to know that i am not alone. I have month long periods, back problems, hot flashes, mood swings, severe cramping when my cycle is on and i can feel the coils in my uterus. Intercourse (when i can have it) is uncomfortable and i to went through the same thing with my doctor saying the proceedure wasnt that bad and that the pain i am experiencing is from something else. I too have been thinking about a reversal because of the bleeding as well as everything else but scared to death. I am unable to get pregnant again due to problems with my uterus and was told that i could bleed to death if i did and unable to get a tubal because how badly scared my tubes and uterus is. I dont know what to do at this point but am glad to know other people’s story and options they are taking.

      • tammy music says:

        the doctor told me that the break threw bleeding was normal .but i been bleeding for two months none stop and my back is killing me i just had mine done the 9 of feb. the doctor told me it cant be undone

      • mikka says:

        i have the same problem… the coil is gone and they have no clue what happened to it… my ob say i think it may have fallen out but i didnt notice anything comming out….. i am constantly in pain……. so now i have to get my tubes tied and he is going to try and remove the remaining coil and find the other……..

      • Neva Hayden says:

        My daughter had this procedure done in July 2010. It has been a nightmare ever since. She began having pain in her stomach about 6 mos. ago and doctor’s told her it couldn’t be the coil’s because they don’t have anything sharp or pointed on them to cause the kind of pain she was having. About 4 mos. ago she got pregnant. This caused even more pain and her doctor told her it was normal pain’s for pregnancy. Yes, she had the dye test and it showed everything was good to go. NOT!!! They would not remove the coil’s because it would cause a miscarriage. She lost the baby anyway and ended up having a hysterectomy a week ago. Come to find out the right coil had come loose due to the pregnancy and was floating on top of the uterus. She is only 23 year’s old, but fortunately she has 3 beautiful children. I would not recommend this procedure to anyone. Please, please, please give this procedure very hard consideration. They seem very much ready to do the procedure, but not so ready to deal with the problem’s that may arise from it. I hope you don’t have to have a hysterectomy and my prayer’s will be with you. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Neva.

      • melissa says:

        I had the essure put in of june2011 and now it is november 2011. I had many adomal pains, confusseion,anixiety,depression,seizures. the first time i had a seizure in August of 2011. I blacked out and threw up in front of the company i worked for. I didn’t even know I had one the company had to convince me that I convuled and hit my head on the desk and it wasn’t just throw up. The doctors said is there anything new in your life, I said only thing I can think of is I had the essure put in. They said oh that doesn’t connet to seizures or mingrains . my obgyn said that there is no side effects and that seizures are not from essure. I said ok and had little blackouts everyday mingrains,confusion,and being overly stressed . I can’t drive or work for a year now. I had seizures that lasted all day and when I came out I thought I was a kid. I had been put on tompomax now keprra to make me not seize. they just kept uping my medicine. Now I am on 1000mg of kepra 2 times a day. I had two seizures in a row november07 2011. then when i got home from the hosiptal my dad had found this website and said i think your obgyn is wrong. So I made An apptioment with my obgyn the next day. They had me on the next day secudle to have my essure out. They took out both of my tubes and i had them show me them what they did step by step. They told me I was double the size of what I should be inside on my tubes and utres. I still have a utress, overies and will ahve a period.I will not have to take hormomes.Right now I am recovering from the surgury and hoping thsaat this is the end of my seizures I have to go to the espilys doctor and a nurgolist this week to check my brain. I have also had mri on my brain and I don’t have cancer or tumors. my nuroglist was ballfed on why I would seize over medicine that is so good for seizes and that my brain passed the eeg test . only issues is that now I have seizure arrimithat on my brain while I sleep and could now have sleep appneia.I also am always clogged in my seinus and have to have a ct on them. I am hoping for the best this week and that i recover with no perment damage. I have twin that are 5 a boy and a girl and this is why i was ready to stop having kids and my doctor said it was easier than my husband having a vicime. Anyone you know who wants to have this done please advise them on all of the scary symtooms they froget to mention at the doctors office. I want in on the law suit! i had a great job as a subititue teacher the most relible now that is over because of this!

      • Tiffany Baker says:

        dear vicki,
        I had the essure done 3 years ago. The doctor never told me anything about the procedure and if I would have any issues. I told him from the beginning that I was allergic to metals but he said it was safe. Ever since then my body has been acting weird. I have allergic reactions to body washes, soaps, clothing materials, ect. I have had pain in my cervix and my menstrual cycle has been out of wack since. Im not sure what to do or who to contact to get them removed, but like you I am willing to do anything.

      • shereese says:

        trying a lawyer wont help, the people who make essure, have a air tight aliab. some lady is going to congress, with it, i hope they listen, i am like you i dont want to have a hysterectomy, im saving up to get a essure reversal, i only hope that i wont be 2 late its gonna cost 7,000 plus i have to go to north carolina, thats the best place in the country to go. i am only 27 and yet i feel like these people have stole, my joy, my hopes, my life. i hate essure, and the people who made, it, we as women have got to find away, to save someone else from the mistake, that we have made, we are ginea pigs, they dont care about us…….

    • Vicki w says:


      I too have the tingling muscles, esp in my legs. It almost feels like I have3 a circulation problem in my legs and my legs are alseep all the time. Not sure if your tingling in your legs are like this, but I would like to know. The aching and tender muscles also. I have realized that most of the tenderness is from inflammation in the muscles. Have you gotten allergy tested and if so how did it turn out? I am getting tested this week and have no signs of rash to prove an allergy. Just curious Thank you

      • Tracy H says:

        I had the devices in for 4 years before discovering my allergy. It was like my body was sick all over but not like a flu. I felt lethargic and everything was such an effort, not just from the lack of energy but from the weakness in my muscles. My body became extremely toxic

      • Shanna says:

        I had this procedure done March 2011. Ever since the procedure I have had cramping, but didn’t think much of it and thought I will just see what the HSG shows. Well sure enough, the left coil was not in my tube. It had curled around itself and looked like a horseshoe. Once my dr. received the results he called me and said that it looks like the coil perforated out of my tube and out of my uterus and could possibly be stuck to my bowel and that I would have to have surgery to fix/remove the tube and remove the coil.
        So one week later I had a laparoscopy. My dr initially said that they removed the tube, but they couldn’t find the coil, they think it’s in my uterine wall. I was a little worried that they didn’t know with 100% certainty where it was, but I just thought “whatever”. I have called several times to complain about the pain that I am in. They kept saying not to worry it’s just the healing process and that the coil is now possibly in the tube that they removed. ??? The cramping first started on the left side (no tube, missing coil) once a day and it has now moved to the right side as well and is a constant pain. The dr. just keeps saying that it’s not Essure, because it is meant to go into your body, it’s probably my body just healing from the surgery. I requested a CT Scan so that they could be sure of where the coil is and if there was anything else going on. He wrote up a referral, but defensively told me that he got a better view with the scope and said my only other option is to take out the uterus. I received the results from the CT scan on Monday and the nurse said that the coil is now lodged in the “nub” of the left fallopian tube that was left from when they removed the tube. I told the nurse that I am still in pain and something doesn’t feel right, so she told me that it’s probably a bowel issue and that she would refer me to a GI specialist. I am going in for a second opinion on the 30th, but I know something is not right. I either have a throbbing pain on the left, a sharp pain on the right, or lower back pain, all of which is accompanied by a daily headache. I am still breastfeeding so I haven’t started my menstrual cycle, so I haven’t had any issues with heavy bleeding, but who knows, I may find that out in the next couple months.
        My appt is with another dr. that also does Essure, should I find someone who doesn’t do the procedure?

    • Ali says:

      Hi Traci,

      I had the Essure method done in April 2008, suffered for a year and finally convinced my OB to remove them exactly 1 year later and do the old school tubal ligation method. I had extreme pain on my left side for a year and was stuck taking vicodin or motrin for the pain. My OB had only done a handful of these procedures but had an “expert” in there while doing mine. After hearing me complain for a year and finally removing those things, she vowed to never do that procedure or even offer it again because of my issues. she said that she, as a doctor, was never told of the comlpications of this device. I advise no one to do this method because of what happened to me. I can only hope that a class action lawsuit stems from these issues women are having. I am so thankful i was able to have them removed.

      • Marina says:

        Hi Ali,

        I have a pain in my left side for a year after Essure procedure and seriously consider the surgery to have it removed. What was your experience with removing the inserts? Was it major surgery? Did your doctor removed only fallopian tube or more?

        Thank you.

      • jesi says:

        i am having another dye test done today. i have had so much pain and so many problems. i too did all of my research online and never found all of these issues that women were having until after i had the procedure done. i wish that i had never had the procedure done ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Michele says:

        I had the Essrue procedure done last August the 13th to be exact. I should have followed my gut and not proceeded with it!!!!! I have been spotting or bleeding at times since the procedure. I continually feel a tingling sensation where I believe the coils to be. It is now almost 8 months since the procedure. I ahd it done six weeks after my 4th child and was told I needed to have the Depo birthcontrol shot to smooth the lining of my uterus since it was so close to the birth of my child. Now the doctor says my continual bleeding is a result of the Depo. HMMMMM? Not sure I buy it! I have seriously considered having the coils removed but I’m not sure how to go about it and what the procedure is. I would be greatful for information regarding the removal procedure. Aslo I wouder if the bleeding could be a result of a allergic reaction….any thoughts? I’m out of my mind worring about the fact that nickle can be a carcinogen as well. Does anyone know haw nickle can relate to a carcinogen in the body (not by inhilation)?

      • Herlinda Tapia says:

        Hi I had this procedure done in 2008 and had no complications til now. I am experiencing sharp stabbing pains once in a while on my left side. It just comes real fast and goes real fast but it’s sharp. I am scared of everything I am reading here. Now I want them removed but want more info on that procedure. Do we get other complications for taking the coils out of our tubes? Do I have to take another birth control method? This is scary.! Please give me more info of how you are doing after you took them out. I don’t want to do the tubal ligation either. I prefer to take pills or something else…no more surgeries for me…I am really scared…Help…please email me asap! Thanks

      • teena says:

        so what do you suggest the best birth control method to be.

      • tammy says:

        may i ask who removed them i was told they could not be. I have weird reactions happening to my skin< my derma said it was sun damage, i don't think so. I aalso miss periods for months i had it done in 2008

      • veronica says:

        hi ali,

        my baby is 4 months old and i noticed im gaining weight like crazy. i too am suffering from confusion and my cycle is not regulated. i am very worried now!

      • Kim says:

        Have you felt better better since removal

      • Christiane says:

        I had my Essure placed almost two months ago and I have been experiecing pain ever since. First I was told that it my be PID and I was placed on 2 antibiotics to treat it. Plus I have been on Tremedol and Motrin and it’s not getting better. I want the coils out!!!! I was told that the only way to remove the coils is to remove my tubes!?! Could this be true???? I feel like I should have left things alone. I have great reason to be sterile but do believe that it’s not for everyone. I just wants things to go back to normal because I am simply miserable. I just don’t know what the next step should be but I am seeking a second opinion. I need to get these out ASAP!!!!

      • Monika Grant says:

        Hi Ali,
        Did your insurance pay to have your essure removed. I am going soon to ask my ob to remove my essure. I am concerned with the lack of experience obs have at removing essure.

      • ellen401972 says:

        I’m in the same boat as everyone else here , I had mine done 5 years ago to. My husband just googled ESSURE Lawsuit and they are out there , he just called them and left a message to call us back on joining this suit .. You can bet we will be joining it…I’M sick and tired of being in pain . I have went to dr’s over this all all they do is put me on TRAMADOL 50 mgs they tell me to take 2 pills 3x’s a day. and this is not right for us to have to take all this medicine and still be in all this pain, mine pains hit anytime day or night…

      • Kelly Coffey says:

        U had this procedure in 2007 and still have pain and a burning sensation on the left side. Going to another doctor soon to see what I can do. How do I join the class action lawsuit

    • corinne says:

      had the procedure done in 09 and i always was a thin person. i had it done four months after my 2nd child was born. have more weight gain now then when i was pregnant, the back pain im in on a constant basis is a terrible effect from this, i feel i made a terrible choice and now i dont know what to do. we need to get a petition going to give to the fda

      • octavia says:

        I was considering having this procedure until now. You guys have scared me to death. I have cancelled this procedure 3 times. I already have horrendous cramps every month and to think of having them more and gaining more weight is just unthinkable. thank you for the heads up…

      • Amy says:

        I am haveing all the simptoms these women are haveing. I want to start a potition.

      • Cheryl says:

        i definately agree with you corrine. this is affecting women all over the country just because they didnt do enough studies on it. I had the procedure done in April 2008 and have had pains tingling nausea vomiting heavy periods cant wear tampons because its too painful. and i to have considered having it undone but i cant risk the chances of becoming pregnant again ( essure was chosen for me after i was diagnosed with blood clots in the brain due to my pregnancy and i was 18. )

      • Heather says:

        I had essure done almost 7 years ago and started having bad pains in my back 3 years ago. The pain is constant right where my kidneys are and doctors tell me it is from ovarian cysts which i do have but i feel that essure has made them worse and more frequent. I am hoping to get it removed.

      • Melissa says:

        I am so worried now after reading all of this I just had mine placed today!!

      • Cris says:

        I had the procedure done in ’08 and have had the weight gain, spotting, and confusion, but no pain with the exception of back pain but I’ve always had that. I NEVER associated it with the ensure. I have always been thin and have gained 30 lbs and gone from a size 4 to a size 13. I’ve been tested for pre-menopause and the result was negative. Sometimes I am so tired that I cannot keep my eyes open and take care of my kids and I have a 5 year old with Down Syndrome. My stomach is so big that I have been asked if I was pregnant again by more than one person. I think I am going to make an appt with a new gynocologist!

      • Sue says:

        I was part of a trial procedure of this device in Australia back in 2000. the first few years were great, had pain here and there, thought nothing of it. slowly over the past few years my pain got worse, i was given anti biotics for supposed bladder infections etc, then this year I was told i have a cyst in my left ovary. I wish i never got this device . I should have just got my tubes temporarily clamped. I want these coils out of my tubes before i ned up with something worse than what i already have, i’m sick of the pain, i’m sick of being bloated and constantly looking like i’m pregnant. For all the issues i’ve had recently, especially the past year, I would rather pregnancy, it was a breeze in comparison to this. I’m miserable, depressed and frustrated with these coils and i’m actually really angry with myself for going through with this. Now i have to find a surgeon in my state that can safely remove them with minimal scarring and hopefully not needing a hystorectomy.

    • jennifer says:

      I had mine done is july 08. i had no period for 9 months, not sure if it was the depo shot I used for the three months, but after that I haven”t been the same. I do have shorter less painful periods but after a week I have extreme bad in my back. I have since been having the same problems as you. I have had test done that came back normal. I am going for a lyme test to make sure on that. I have reported it to essure site and FDA

      • Tashima says:

        Well Amy if you start a potition email me Because my story may reach headlines. lol..I hate essure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • laetitia211 says:

        I had the essure procedure done in August 2011. First I was bleeding for a month after the surgery, my GYN give me a birth control pills to stop the bleeding for a while and make my period come after that. Now its February 2012 and I still don’t have my period. I’m really concern about that Essure thing. I m experiencing the same symptoms like everybody, pain, weight gain,severe migraine, etc….

      • brandi pickens says:

        Im having a lot of the same problems, no weight gain, but the long periods etc, doctor also said it was from depo. Ive been on depo, aside from the two times i was pregnant, for over 10 years and this is nothing like what has happened to my body before(i know my body) , so i know its the essure, since ive only had the problems since the procedure. Ive also had bloody mucus come out. If there is a petiition email me at thanks brandi

      • Brenda says:

        I had mine done in February of this year and am also having terrible problems. Constant bleeding, and a terrible pain in both of my hips. I keep calling my doctor and they keep tellling me to give it more time, but the more time i give it the worse it gets. I also had the Thermal ablasion done that was suppose to stop my periods, and am not on any birth control. I did all this because my periods were so bad, and the longer I go it seems this has made it worse than they even were.

      • Rosanna says:

        hi, jennifer 1 month ago I have the procedure and I feeling bad with those cramps, hedache, back pain I think to remove them, please made a complain and every woman who had that procesure should made a complain to the FDC

      • Hilda Fraser says:

        I had mine done today..and while I was waiting for my husband to pick me up.. a lady was telling all of the scary things that her mother ( a nurse) had witnessed at the hospital because of the essure and I got so scare…and now after reading this I’m just wondering why don’t the doctor talked to me about the this possible side effects….

      • becky chapple says:

        I have hade the essure done in 09 I have had been having pain in my stoumch snice it is painfull to be intament with my husbeand snice the essure I have paine all the time it is wors with intercourse and bad days after for the last fore years I have been told that it could be do to my baldder wich they say is isd some bladder deasaes but I was fine way befor I got the essure done does any one have this perobmle?

    • Melissa Smith says:

      I thought that I was the only one going through it there has been more. Have had some bad black outs as well I was in the drive way with my two kids

    • Victoria Smith says:

      Hi Traci
      OMG!!I have been suffering pain in my arms,legs. back.stomach. and wrist and ankles, feet, its basically just my whole body. I had my proceedure done March/2006. The proceedure itself did not hurt because they put me to sleep. But when i awoke i thought it was the greatest proceedure for birth control. Alittle cramps and that is all i experienced. Then 1 year after i started experiencing leg pain and back pain. Then i felt like i had the flu. 2yrs i started experiencing bad back pain and extream bleeding with big clots. 3rd yr, I am on disability. I had pain in wrist, ankles and feet. My doctor perscribed cymbalta, I too have a big mid section but i only weight 146pd but my stomach is now extended and i tried everything to get rid of it. Now in my forth yr, I can’t tolerate the pain and the cymbalta only masks some of the pain. I hurt all day every day!!I never thought that the Essure could be the cause and now after reading these articles, I am gonna have a long talk with my physican. Because i do believe i am one of the females on this page who has had the Essure in since 2006 when it first came out. I am actually disabled, I can’t even lift a gallon of milk without pain or hold the telephone without experiencing pain. I’ve had mri of my brain and back. I’ve had all kinds of blood test and ive had the testing to see if i have carpal tunnel, that is not it, I came back negative for everything. Starting to have new sympthoms, I now have numbness in the back of my neck and see white stars if i move fast and my vision has become worse this yr. My health is declining and they can’t find a problem. Now i think i have the answer it is the Essure. I got the essure at 35yrs old and i am 40 now, my body feels like a 60yr old women. So i strongly believe that women should not go get this proceedure, it hasn’t been reserched enough for women to risk there health to avoid pregnancy. Think twice before proceeding. O and my doctor sugar coated the proceedure too. If anyone has had the essure as long as i have can they please let me know if they too have been experiencing all these serious health issues. Cause it is starting to look real serious for me now. My periods r heavy and i literally have bloodclots bout the size of quarters. I was told that is normal but all these symthoms aren’t normal. I willl keep everyone updated with my outcome.

      • Tracy H says:

        Hi Victoria. I had the coils put in in 2004. They took 5 years of my life. I just kept getting sicker and sicker until I felt like I was going to die. I know the symptoms were due to the coils because since I have had them removed I am getting healthier and healthier. I still haven’t been able to shift the weight gain and BV is an ongoing issue but I have my life back. Good luck

      • Melissa Smith says:

        you are not the only one I have had the same problems and I had it done June of 2006

      • Melissa Smith says:

        has anyone talk to a lawyer about this

      • Ann says:

        Oh wow…I have had the Essure in since Oct 2003, only a couple of months after having my 4th child..
        I was put to sleep for the procedure, and when I woke, my doctor said everything went fine except that it took a little longer than usual to insert, and that I would have little cramping. But should be ok. Within 6mos of the procedure, I had to have local injections into my left side, because I was having severe leg pain.My doctor had told me that it was possible to have a pinch nerve from the procedure. I stopped the injections, because I just couldn’t bare to get the shots on a weekly basis. And there was nothing else they could do..
        I am now 37yrs. And now, I have been having alot off issues with my health..I cut myself shaving in 2008, that it turned into a bad infection, and it still wont heal completely. I have steriod creams that barely work for it. And then I have severe water retension that I can not get rid of, I half to take lasix on a daily basis. And now lately, every time I have my menstral cycle my cramps are so severe that I can not work. Nothing seems to be taking the pain away. I went into seeing my regular Dr. in 2009 and 2010 And they had me go in for an ultrasounds. They said they found a cyst on my left ovary, and that maybe it was causing my pain. So they have me go back in every 6 mos to check on this cyst. But within the last 6 mos now, I have been having really severe cramps, and now I have new pains, to where I was thinking that I have a pinched nerve in my back. But I am now starting to think it may be cause of this Essure..I am really thinking after reading all these stories, that I really want to get this thing out of my body..

        Thank you,


      • kenyata says:

        I didn’t know what i was experiencing until i found this blog. I had essure done 10-17-06 and i equated my pain to a pre existing condition. Extremely painful intercourse is how i found out something was wrong with Essure. My gyne is saying the coils are becoming unraveled. As this is happening there is a pain on my side that causes me to bend over. I am now scared reading what’s happening to others. I want this out before my symptoms get worse!

      • Erin says:

        I had the procedure done August 2003 and have not had any problems. Procedure was quick and painless. I was out shopping the next day with my 2 young children. No back pain. No weight gain. No changes with my menstual cycle.

      • teresa says:

        Yesterday at 6 a.m. I had my Procedure Done and i have been cramping bad and tingleing in my legs and hurting…now my Dr. assure me this was the best thing to do I now Wish i had not Had it after Reading everyone else news feedback its scarying me.

      • Sabrina says:

        I have also had the Essure procedure done since 2006. I am not experiencing any of the same symptoms. The procedure was sugar coated by the Doctor. But I also had severe pain right after the Essure coils were put in. It only lasted a few days. I have been overweight since giving birth to my second child so I cannot say that it is from the Essure. I have regular sonograms of my uterus and fallopian tubes. The Essure coils are still in place and I can only feel them in place when my period is coming. I too was one of the first women to get the Essure procedure done, but I have not had any concerns. I have been reading through websites ever since I got the coils put in and this year is the first year I am really seeing any probelms coking up from them. Mostly people have complained of pregnancies. Feel free to contact me, Sabrina Levine, if you want to ask any specific questions.

      • kr says:

        A lot of the symptons I am seeing reported on this site seem to suggest some sort of systemic body reaction. They can do a heavy metal screen to make sure you don’t have toxic levels of nickel in your body. The ob/gyns are so busy denying problems that you might have better luck with a regular dr. I believe everyone should insist. If it is found that the metal coils are releasing toxic levels of nickel in the body then most likely FDA will take action then.

      • Indi says:

        OMG i am so glad that i finally found other women that are having the problems that i am too..I thought i was going crazy.. been to the GI Specialist, Internal Doctor, Endocrinology, NO ONE can figure out why i am having stomach problems, numbness and tinkling in hands and feet and legs!! The constant cramping and stomach naseua. I too suffer from depression of it all. I never thought for a second that i may have had an allergic reaction to it or that it was ever the issue causing all of my pain. Now i am so mad thinking all the copays and the 2 biopsy’s i had to have and they cant tell me nothing.. I have to research it myself. SO NOW i am running to the GYN ASAP. I need this out of me. I am only 39 yrs old and i feel like my body is breaking down.. too damn young for this.

      • Garolyn says:

        OMG… I am having a lot of the same issues, Severe cramps during my cycle, back and abdominal pain so severe I can’t get out of bed. I am fatigued the entire time. Pain on the bottom of my feet

        I’m going to make an appointment to have this checked out… Good Luck!!!

      • Tiffany Baker says:

        I to have had the procedure since 2006. I have had allergic reactions to basically everything I touch. I have so much pain in my left side and my lower back. It is much worse during that time of the month. I can’t hardly have sex any more because I feel like I am going to pass out because it hurts so bad. i really don’t know what to do yet.

      • Rhonda Chappell says:

        I had the procedure done just last spring (2011) after my 4th child was born. They told me no big deal…it was horrible! Afterwards, I had bad pain, would skip a period and then would flood the next month…hot flashes, migranes, mood swings and feeling like I have the flu. Now, I have swelling in my toes and fingers and they have checked me for everything under the sun. Said I have arthritis, but the only thing they found in my blood work is I have a low vitamin D count. Have trouble picking things up, opening my sons sippy cup lid or getting him out of his carseat. I emailed essure and they told me that they can’t give me medical advice. I told her I didn’t want advice, I wanted to know if anyone had the same issues I do. Haven’t heard back. I had my procedure done when I lived in Florida and now live in West Texas…in the process of finding a doctor who knows about this procedure to see what I can do. Just want to be normal again and be able to enjoy my kids. At least I know I’m not crazy. Will keep you updated.

      • Sherrie says:

        Hi Victoria,

        I had the Essure put in February 2008. I used to have periods that lasted 3-4 days, super light. I had regular periods every 28 days. My doctor sugar coated the whole thing. She said that they were not reversable. I thought at the time, “Well thats fine I don’t want any more children anyways”. What she failed to advise me on were the possible side effects and if I were to experience them the only way to relieve me of those side effects is a hysterectomy. I would have said, “Hell no, I don’t want those things in me”! I bleed for three weeks after the procedure. I went to the doctor. I explained to her I was having server cramping, and bleeding. I also told her that I can feel them in my body and they were giving me a stinging pain. Her reply was, “Really I never heard of any negative side effects”. Well my problems have continued to get worse. I’ve had tests done, you know the works. All were negative. Then I had an episode of bleeding for a month. I’m tired all the time. I bleed all the time, heavy blood clots. I can discribe it as to how a women bleeds after giving birth. I have miss work. My job aggervates my symptoms, and I can’t loose weight. I used to be so active, snowshoeing, hiking, backpacking,skiing, running, working out, ect. So I go back to the doctor and was told I would have to have a hysterectomy. She was so rude about it, cold and no emotions. She pissed my off. I started a quest to save my uterus. I did my research online, etc. I was about to fly acrossed the united states to Florida to have them removed when my friend gave my her Gyn number. He is a doctor from South Africa praticing here in Reno, Nevada. He did an ultra sound and found that my uterus is enlarge (which explain the bloating feeling I’m experiencing, something like your two months pregnant). The last doctor performed the same tests just a few months ago and were negative. He also told me that Essure should be taken off the market. He put Essure in women for a year and stopped doing it. He informed me he also shared some harsh words with the Essure’s Rep. He also said doctors are not doing their research on Essure before putting them in women. They are a problem. I am happy to say this doctor from South Africa in my town will remove them and has done a few already. I’m scared. As with any surgery there comes risks. I’m ready for this risk. I’m done bleeding through my clothes at work, constent cramping and pain. I willing to do progressive medical treatment and not go straight to the extreme of having a hysterectomy. Good luck to you all on your quest and pray that my procedure is successful. I will update you all of my outcome.

      • Jennifer says:

        I have had Essure in for a year now,going through the same thing.body pain all over…legs,feet,ankles,wrists,back and stomache. I have seen diffrent specialist for my pain.pain doctors,nerve doctors,obgyn,and regular doctors.They thought it was from my car accidents,nerve damage from the accidents also, but all my testing is coming out they want me to go for testing for my nerves saying it could be nerve pain i’m feeling.I was not this bad until after essure but never put 2 and 2 together since the pain wasnt in that position.I’m also getting hot flashes,very bad mood swings almost everyday,i’m always in the hospital for stomache pain that turns out to be kidney infections or UTI’s.This pain is ruining my life also I have 2 small children who need me but never have enough energy to do anything.They had me on all diffrent medicines from loratabs,morphine,tyolonal codenine,motrin,prozac,perocets I can go on and on.something told me to finally read the essure websites which for a week I have now and starting to know where all my pain is from.My husband and I have 2 beautiful kids a son and daughter,I was pregnant with my daughter when we found out were both gene carriers for cystic fibrosis and each child we have has 1 in 3 chance of getting it.After my daughter I was pregnant again with our 3rd child to find out he/she had it so unfortinally I had to have a abortion due to the fact the doctors were telling me this baby wouldnt have a life and it wasnt fair to my living 2 children who wont have alot of my attention.After that I decided to have my tubes tied thinking the old fAshion way the regular tubal.she never mentioned essure or told me I had to have the nickel allergy done,until I was at the hospital ready to be put under then she mentioned it would be alot better for me and the recovery time would be just 1 day instead of 2 weeks,so I just agreed and my husband signed things too for me to get that done.since day 1 I was having problems with my stomache very painful pains. so I was a pain for the doctor after awhile the nurses would tell me she cant see me for months.I tried to see other doctors that wouldnt help me with the essure since someone else did it for me.After hearing all these complaints and having the same symptoms as me I am deffiantly going back to my old doctor monday morning to tell her to test me for nickel allergy and also to have these things removed.I want the regular tubal not something that is sorta new.I’m 29 and also feel like i’m going through menapause I shouldn’t feel like this at my age and I shouldn’t feel like my body is dying at this age…something has to be done about this procedure!!!!.Thank you for listening to my storey

      • Suzanne says:

        Victoria, I had my coils put in in September 2009. I have severe pain in all of my joint areas and thought that it might be arthritis but all blood work came back negative. I have also had very bad cramps that was thought to be a cyst but ultrasounds showed no cyst. Just curious what you ended up doing and if you are feeling any better. I seem to be getting worse everyday but I don’t have insurance to take care of it right now. But wanna know what you ended up doing cuz you sound like you experienced what I am feeling. Any feedback would be great. Thanks

      • shannon says:

        i had my proceedure done in april, 2007, i actually thought it was a good thing……until i read this. everybody here has all the same symptoms as i do. i even have to go to my ob/gyn in the morning, to rule out a pregnancy. omg, i have 5 kids already, and am 42 yrs old. i can’t go through this anymore…….enough, can’t we call 1-800-bad drug?

      • Melissa says:

        i know how you feel i had the essure done in june 2007 and every since been sick and have pain in my back,hips,legs and there days i cant move because of the pain, I have been told by doctor that its not the essure but i have been getting sicker by the days all my doctor does is give me pain med, I have had tests done I was told I have PID and Cysts and many infections I was even told by a er doctor that the device was holdin the infection inside me but couldnt do anything about it just gave me med and more pain meds and sent me home. I have done resch on these and I foumd a clinic in north carliona chapel Hill Reversal Clinc and they remove them I am starting my payment account up this and having my removed once I have enough money its 7500 for it but it is worth my life to do it, but being a single mom its hard with money but i feel if i dont get them out i wont be here for my kids. I dont recommed this to anyone to get th essure put in . If I was told about them more I would have never done this to my body.

      • marcella says:

        I had the Essure done in 2005.Heavy periods with lots of pain. I have massive pain in my lower back also now in the hip and pelvic area. It is to the point where I have a hard time doing anything as the pain is so severe. I am in pain weather standing, sitting, or lying down. I get to the point that I can’t even move in bed. I would love to be able to sleep a full night as the pain is awful that I toss and turn all night. The pain is getting worse as time goes by. I spoke to my Dr. I was told that the Essure has nothing to do with it. He did mention I had a cyst and he didn’t think the pain would go away. He offered to do a partial hysterectomy. Insisting that neither had anything to do with the pain. I have had many xray on my back and hip also MRI scans. They really didn’t show up with anything on them except asking if I had any thing put in me. That is when I mention the Essure and they really have no response to it. With the more activity the pain seems to get worse. I have had been going to pain management for a few years now and the medication does not help nor do the injections. I even had an oral steroid and it did not even touch the pain. I just don’t know what to do, I just want my old life back when I enjoyed doing thing with my kids. I feel that I have deprived my almost 8yr. old the fun times in her life due to my pain. I hear you when you say something as small as a gallon of milk causes pain.

      • Tami says:

        Having the same issue! Thank you for letting everyone know. I have had mine since 08 and im getting worse. I now have twitching in my hands. Meeting with the ob next week and hoping to get them removed.

      • Melissa says:

        Wow, I have been going crazy thinking I am a hypochondriac. I got the procedure done in 2006 I was 30 and am now 36. I feel like I have the body of a 80 year old. I am constantly sick. Migraines everyday, sometimes vomiting, swelling hands and aching joints. No strength in my hands,stirring things n writing to long hurts, numbness sometimes on one side of face, when u wake up in the morning it hurts to walk on my feet, I feel tugging n pulling with a sharp pain where my tubes r, my periods lasts weeks and I have days of clotting and I am bed ridden with no strength at all. Dizziness, confusion, depression n headaches all day, my lower back hurts. I feel bloated all the time and I can not sleep for the life of me through a night. It is very scattered and very little hours. I am on elavil for depression, Ativan for anxiety, fierecet for migraines and now on cholesterol meds for trigliceroids being super high. My heart skips beats, sometimes feel like I can’t breath. I got the shingles and when they did an X-ray on the Essure one of them was shaped like a L. The OB said it was normal. I would love to feel normal…… I get an ultrasound tomorrow. Now I am scared of those results and what more I will be going through.

      • Georgeann Garcia says:

        Dear Victoria, I had my procedure in 10/10. I truly have experienced all your symptoms along with others from other women on here as well. This is absolutely unreal. I was one of those people who was in denial of it being the essure. Im currently looking for a new dr to help me get these damn things out already. We are way too young to be feeling so bad. Its crazy how doctors have looked at me like im on drugs making up these ailments. I truly hope you are better and have gotten them removed ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Gwenn M says:

        Wow, your symptoms sound like mine! I have had tingling in my arms and legs (legs especially). I also have some kind of pain in my neck in the back below my head. I don’t know what it is and I’ve never associated it with Essure. I have missed this month’s period but have had severe cramping. I always have severe cramping and heavier periods. I was thinking I might be pregnant after 7 years of having the Essure placement done. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and they were pressing on my stomach and I had a sharp pain on my right side and they said it was because of past pregnancies. I’m in shock to know it could be Essure placement that caused all of this!

      • Rachel says:

        Please visit face book and search “essure problems” you will find a support group if women. and there is a partition to sign to get the product off the market. There are tons of women that are having these problems. In favtvjbam one if them. I am getting ready to schedule a hysterectomy in a few weeks. All due to essure.

      • Tonya says:

        I had the essure placed in 2005. Safest option b/c of other health problems. Have had all of the same symptoms, hundreds of tests that are all negative. I am a nurse and had them put in when they first came out so there was little research. I feel awful all the time and it has impacted my life horribly. One of the ladies put up a post about nickel poisoning….I am waiting on the results of a heavy metal screen and if it is positive…..out comes my uterus b/c the coils are embedded in my uterus… some research and get tested for heavy metal exposure. I will let you all know when the results are in. There is hope for all of us.

      • shonda says:

        Oh my goodness.. I too feel my body has fallen apart since my procedure. I’ve always been a plus size woman (xl-1x),so being overweight is not a shock but I have gained more weight unexplainable since. I have been on several diets,one even with the help of a prescription from my Doctor. I don’t understand why I can’t loose extra weight while dieting. AND, I also have other same symptoms. My body hurts all the time,my hands and rists constantly hurt like I have Carpal Tunnel or Arthiritis,my energy is very low although I have been on B12 shots, I find myself staggering at time losing my balance and my memory is as sharp. I’m only 47 yrs. having this done early 2012. I wish I had enough to back me up to consider joining a lawsuit if there is such a thing. I dought I’ll have remove-too expensive.

    • Amy says:

      I had the procedure done in Aug. 2009. As I was reading your post I felt you had wrote all that about me. It had also crossed my mind that maybe I am just pre-menopausal but I am only 33 so I though maybe having this done just jumped started it.
      Thank you!

      • Jess says:

        I am scared to death! I had my fourth baby in 2012 and had the essure procedure shortly after. I have been on four different meds for anxiety and depression. I get terrible PMS two weeks before my period is expected but it arrives later and later each month. I have this awful pain of cramping in my right side. It feels like if I could just push something out I would feel better. I feel nauseated all of the time and swimmy headed. I get a lot of headaches that I blame on tension which is also on my right side. My heart flutters and one point I almost blacked out from it. I feel shakey a lot like a jittery feeling. I am also tired all of the time. This is really scary.

    • Stephanie Aguiar says:

      I had it done 7-1-07 in office with rep from essure to make sure all was good. Was ok for first month then started spotting everyday called doc they did nothing no test done even called essure they said i could spot forever. ?,went back to obg
      luckly i got new girl doc there she finially gave me a swap inside to see whats up came back immediently with infection she gave meds took anti biotic for 2 weeks period finally stopped then 2 weeks later got spotting again so she gave me birth control. exactly 1 month later. i had numbness in right side of tongue spread to chin lips nose and eye All right side went to several docs finallly ENT asked for MRI i had a tumor on top of brain stem at the center of brain went to Boston stood for a week they couldn’t figuer out what it was left with iv to heart antibiotic givin every 6 hrs for 6 weeks tumor started to shrink. had to learn to walk write speak hold a fork everything. No one will admit it was essure procedure but the antibotics was what help stop tumor growth. Also surprise surprise i no longer spot anymore . Now tell me at 33 should i be on social security cuz i can not work please have a mri just to be sure tell doc to call me i’ll tell him what happened to me. if this happened to any one you know of please contact me i’d love to sue them. thank you

      • Letitia says:

        I too had the procedure done on 12/28/2010. All went fine except the first coil was defective and he had to take it out, but I was told that it was no big deal. I spotted after like they said I would. But two days later my period came and after it left, I have had some form of spotting where I have to wear a pantyliner because I never know when the discharge will come.

        I have not yet experienced any of the other symptoms that I have read about thankfully. This is my only problem with the procedure. I just want the spotting to stop. Its not even like period blood, its like a brownish discharge.

        I just want it to end…..

    • Belinda says:

      OMG! I thought that I was going nuts until I searched the web for Essure and problems. I had mine inserted October 2009. What a nightmare of pain. My symptoms started about 4 months later. Weight gain, memory loss, anxiety, nonstop bleeding with very large clots, depression, horrible metal taste in my mouth all the time, back pain, muscle cramps, every posting on this sight sounds like me describing myself. I also was fed the sugar coated “It doesn’t hurt!” Bull! If I had known how painful the HSG procedure to check the coils was going to be I would never have had it done. I had to have someone drive me home and missed 2 days of work. I never had such terrible pain. My doctor has pretty much wiped her hands clean of me after the procedure. Now looking back I feel like I was on an assembly line. Get them in and get the patient out. I’ve had such horrible leg pain that when I squat down my muscles “lock up” and I have to have help to get back up. Now sex is a nightmare! It is very painful! Wasn’t like this before procedure. I’m a nurse and I thought I did my research. I spent 2 months reading everything I could find. I never once came across anything negative. The insomnia is so awful. I’ve tried ambien, sonata and others without any relief. I’m now on medication for depression, anxiety, and mood swings. I really noticed the confusion and memory loss just in the past two months. My work has started to suffer! I’ve had to take time off. I feel like all of the women who have had this procedure will end up like the women from the 60’s & 70’s who had the IUD hot mess. The company doesn’t want to hear about any complaints regarding this product. My next step is getting in touch with the FDA. If that gets me no place than maybe I’ll try the local media? I’m to scared to have them removed. I may consider it because I can just be relaxing reading a book and a sharp stabbing pain will hit me in my lower pelvis and I’m in the floor crying. God help us all! Best of luck to you. Thank you for your story. I don’t feel like “it’s in my mind anymore”.

      • Amber I says:

        I too am having the same problems, I had the procedure done March 15 2010, had heavy bleeding like I just had a baby for about 4 months after the procedure. I still have irregular bleeding but not as bad, terrible cramping and the worst pain with intercourse it feels like someone is scraping the inside of me with a razor blade. I am in the process of talking to a third ob and it sounds like I am probably going to have to need a hysterectomy at the age of 31 to fix these problems.

      • Samantha says:

        I have had problems as well. I had the procedure done on December 31, 2010. I have bleed non-stop since them…for the past month have been dealing with anxiety and depression and just the week I have been having cramping (sometimes sharp pains) and constant lower back pain. I was never told of how this could end was very sugar coated

      • dee39 says:

        Hello girls,
        I had the procedure at the end of September, 2010. I went in on December 23rd and had the HSG test and it was SOOO painful that I thought I was going to pass out, right there on the table. My Dr. didn’t prepare me for what this test would be like and the pain associated with it, nor did she mention any of the possible side effects and acted like it was the best thing since sliced bread! I stopped taking the pill at the end of January, had a normal period and haven’t had one since then. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, so I’m going to take another one, then make an appointment with my regular Dr. and speak with her about everything. I’ve also not felt like myself over the last month or so and have felt extremely moody and noticed that I’ve been a bit agressive. Also, I’ve experienced flu like symptoms the last three months and now after reading some of your posts, am wondering if it has something to do with the coils. I’m very upset about all of this and wish my Dr. had been honest with me and just agreed and let me do the tubal ligation as I wanted originally. I didn’t like the idea of something foreign being in my body and definitely want them out after reading all of your posts!! It’s horryfying!! My Dr. insisted that a tubal ligation was more invasive and that this would be much easier and was THE best option for me and my body. BULLSHIT!!! And I had to call HER after the HSG test to find out if it was all good and took… what happened to Dr’s calling us and giving us the results?! I mean seriously!! I’m definitely looking into this more with my regular Dr. as she is awesome and really listens to my concerns. This is just not what I expected at all! I’ve even noticed a difference in my vision and not sure if that’s associated with all of this or not, but am now definitely wondering about that too.
        Good luck to all of you and hopefully they take these damn things off of the market!!! They are NOT safe and should be taken off the market!!
        God Bless… Dee ๐Ÿ™‚

      • DIANA says:


      • chan says:

        Hi, my name is channon and I am experiencing everything too! I just wanted to say that contacting the media is exactually what I was thinkn today, just think how many women out there have this same stuff and dnt hav a clue what it is. I hav a ? essure say that our body absorbs our eggs is the coil blockn the egg from releasing

      • Yace says:

        Belinda, the way you described it is exactly how I feel, I went today to my regular OB to find out that I’ve got a mess up tubes, its being a year since they did mine but I starting to feel bad up to the point that hurt to even breath!!!! Ive got two babies (2 &1 year old) and now Im on pain killers until the people that did the procedure can give me an appoinment ha! in the mean time I want to sue somebody, Im so swelling and my back hurt so much too, the stabbing is the worst part though, like I said as soon Ive got my pain taking care I will do what ever it take to sue them.

      • Yace says:

        the way you described it is exactly how I feel, I went today to my regular OB to find out that I’ve got a mess up tubes, its being a year since they did mine but I starting to feel bad up to the point that hurt to even breath!!!! Ive got two babies (2 &1 year old) and now Im on pain killers until the people that did the procedure can give me an appoinment ha! in the mean time I want to sue somebody, Im so swelling and my back hurt so much too, the stabbing is the worst part though, like I said as soon Ive got my pain taking care I will do what ever it take to sue them.

      • Michelle says:

        Letetia, I have had that same brown discharge on and off now since I had the procedure done. I have not had my HSG as of yet, but i got the procedure done October 2011. I have been waiting to have the money to get the HSG. I have been on Depo now for 11 years, and am still doing the shots, which is another reason why I have not been in a hurry to get the HSG. I dont have any children, nor have ever wanted children so when I found out about this procedure I jumped right on it if it would help me get off the Depo, because the Depo is also damaging my body, especially being on it for so long. Like the rest of you I thought I did my research and I never did come across anything that was negative. I have also been getting the pains in the low back, but honesely I thought it was just from drinking caffeen. Same thing with the muscle aches and pains. I have drank Red Bulls now every day sometimes multipe times a day for the last 5 years. Some say carbonation causes your bones to break down and muscles to hurt. But until I read this form, I never would have ever expected to think it was the Essure. I think I will go to my regular Doctor and ask to get a nickle test done because if thats what the problem is, and that the coils are putting toxins into my body, well then I would much rather them take the whole package out!!!…

      • Suzanne says:

        Belinda: I had mine put in the month before you and didn’t even think that my memory loss could be linked to that…. And the sharp stabbing pain.Sounds like me too. I have also had severe pain in my joints that no med or muscle relaxer will even begin to touch. I too am scared of having it reversed but I don’t have insurance so it’s not even an option for me right now. I am curious to see what you ended up doing? Thanks

      • Jessica says:

        I had Essure done June 20th 2012. The first coil went in great and no problems, the right coil took a little longer b/c my tube was spasiming my doctor said. She even had to open a new package and get another coil b/c the first one she was trying became bent a little. After a struggle the right one finally went in. I had some side effects right after like cramping and feeling as if I was going to pass out. I had some cramping and sharp pains on my right side in the days preceding. I went in for the HSG test three months later to find that the right coil (the problem one) was curved back around itself, not straight like the other one. The dye was able to get by the right coil so my doctor said the options were to redo the HSG test in 3mo again to see if the tube was blocked or go in laproscopy and tie my tubes which was why I did Essure to not have to have surgery. Ughhh! I wish I would have never done this procedure. I feel like the side effects and risks were so downplayed. Now I have this coil in me and I don’t even know if it has perforated my tube and my doctor says the only way she would know this was to go inside and look with the laproscopy. Please help with any suggestions. I just want them out of me, this was a very expensive procedure for not even being a surgery. Keep me posted with any info regarding Essure please.

      • Mellissa says:

        It has been a very longtime since I have read or replied to the blog. I had my essure reversed over a year ago. Once you are not living the nightmare it is easy to move forward and put it behind you. I realize that not everyone has had the opportunity I’m sorry. I just wanted to check back in and remind everyone that there is life after essure. My surgery was reversed (the coils were taken out). It was covered by my insurance with a copay of 250.00. There was of course a healing period of a few weeks which was no worse than the side affects of getting it in the first place. I elected to have an ablation at the same time because I was scared that I may not stop bleeding as I had been bleeding for months after the surgery. Today it is like it never happened. Please don’t let your doctors or anyone else make you feel like something is wrong you or your crazy. Something is wrong with you! It’s called essure. I hounded my doctor made appointment after appointment and called his nurse atleast three times a week. I’m happy with my decision to reverse. I don’t have a period. I spot sometimes and get cramps rarely.

      • Georgeann Garcia says:

        Belinda, That’s exactly how I felt “That it was all in my mind. When I called my doctor the next day after the procedure I told her I could actually feel them, she laughed and said to me “no you cant.” The pain is unbearable. All of your symptoms also I have experienced. Im on a mission to find a doctor that will remove them.

      • Kim Snyder says:

        OMG I am so glad I started keeping a journal of my symptoms and after two months – the similarity of how I feel before I start my period – wow – just blew me away. Been having severe (is mild) lower back pain (almost labor type), butt numb, legs numb, headache, weight gain, did I say lower back pain, short tempered, memory loss – OH WOW – I was a little leary of the Essure – but my dr – totally reassured me that it was great – peachy – walk in the park… I had mine done a year ago this October. and for the past 8 months – nothing but pain – so bad I can’t work, can’t stand, can’t sit, it all hurts – getting out of bed hurts… I do have some neurological issues that showed up – but this definitely explains the severe pain – … thank yhou all so much for sharing.. here is my email – please stay in touch – just put in the subject essure victim…. I even thought I researched it thoroughly…. wow… hang in there and lets get heard… Kim Snyder, Zanesville, OHIO

    • Darlis says:

      ******************DON’T GET THE ESSURE***************************

      I had mine December 2008. When asked about nickel alLergy, I said I don’t know but my mother was. They didn’t test me. The TV said 10 minutes, no side effects, no tubal. Notice the commercial does not run anymore? The dr. said 1 1/2 hours before. Then it took another 45 minutes. The medication was to strong and all of the shots hurt. I had vaginal pain until recently. Unfortunately, my xray showed 1 of my springs did not take. While the dr. was putting it in he asked if I knew I had a lot of scar tissue in my tube. My reply was no and I knew that moment it was not going to take but, it was already in.. I had to get a tubal on that side of my body and the spring couldn’t be found at time of surgery. The dr. was going to see why it failed. I can never be removed now because it is most likely in my uterus at the tube. He didn’t want to look and cause problems with my uterus. The tubal was less pain than the essure. I wished I would have not been scared and just got the tubal to begin with. Now, if my period is late, I get really upset and start to think I am pregnant. I am on Cymbalta for depression now and have been diagnosed with fibromyalga. So, I don’t know if all of the stomach pains and back pains are from the essure or other things. Oh yeah, now I have a hernia in my navel and have trouble holding my urine. More surgery this year. Yeah for me.
      I was checking to see if others had the same problem as me and if there was a lawsuit yet. My dr. and the xray tech told me I was the first to not have the essure take.

      *****************DON’T GET THE ESSURE************************

      • Amber I says:

        Well I ended up having to have a hysterectomy, this dr was a different ob from the one who put the essure coils in. When they did the surgery they actually found 2 coils in my right fallopian tube and one in the left. Has anyone ever heard of them putting 2 coils in one tube??? I had a ton of scar tissue in my right upper quadrant they had to remove that was from the coils,( I’ve never had any other surgeries this could have been caused from and am still having pain where the scar tissue was. I hope they get rid of this product and I hope other females read this and don’t get this done. I am 31 years old and had to have a hysterectomy. They left my ovaries so hopefully I won’t go into menopause.

      • DIANA says:

        hey girls its diana,i have an update.1week ago i got a thousand dollar bill in the mail for my first hsg test that said my right tube is not blocked.i was told that medicaid would pay for it and that because i hardly make any money to support my family it would be i am responsible to pay this horrendous bill for my 1st hsg.not to mention i need another hsg in 10 days to see whether it has scarred up this time.because of the money i cant have it now,no insurance.BUT WHATS REALLY INTERESTING IS my doctor that originally did my essure has been calling me personally to check up on me,and telling me that if my tube hasnt scarred up he would give me a tubal.he even said that if i didnt have the cash to pay for the second thousand dollar test he would pay for it.he keeps saying that he will help me get the results i want whatever happens.which is nice but very odd to me.all i want at this point is to get these things out of me.i can still feel my coil on my right side when going to the bathroom.all the lower back pain imaginable.and a burning sensation under my armpit,breast area.i have also developed irritable bowel so i have terrible stomach cramps and explosive back door trots.i have talked to my dr about all my symptoms but he doesnt believe me.OF COURSE.he said that he reviewed the 1st hsg and that i have perfect placement on both sides so he doesnt understand why one wouldnt close.i am so sick of all this worrying and waiting.ive had 6 months of hell as to all of this anxiety about whats been happening in my own body,and the shear pain of this frankenstein procedure and the hsg torture dr said that millions of weomen are happy with this procedure,but to me that doesnt mean crap.this is my body and my life.and i really hope that both of those arent ruined by having this procedure.get a tubal,you might be in pain physical pain for awhile but its better than being in mental emotional and physical pain possibly do not know what your body will do with these inserts in them until you put them in and if something goes wrong after that its too late.i will post after mt second hsg and tell my outcome.if all of us can tell our story then maybe we can help other weomen to make a more informed decision.i hope the best for all.

      • Amira says:

        Darlis,you are not only one ,I just had my 3 month test done yesterday and I was told that one coil is gone.I am still so mad and can’t wait to see my doctor.I really think that somebody has to file lowsuit against essure,because there is so many women suffering.

      • tasha says:


      • Amanda Cooper says:


        I just had the Essure procedure done January 2012. My left insert didn’t take. I had the conformation x-ray on April 30 and even went for another x-ray one a week later which was May 7. My doctor says I could have another one put in again on my left side or just get a tubal and fish for the insert. I am going to consult a Medical Malpractice Lawyer and see if I can have something done with this Company.

        Here is my e-mail if you want to talk.

        Good Luck with everything. I wish I wouldn’t of had it done.



      Hey Tracy Nichols
      You and I were dealing with some of the same issues and we both got the devices removed. I am wondering how you have been doing after having yours removed??? I know that you told me that you were suffering from some of the same things after surgery like inflammation like I was. I am wondering how your muscles have been feeling and if this has taken care of itself for you?

      I am still dealing with muscle weakness and inflammation. I was fine for about 3 months after them removed, but since September I have had muscle weakness in my core and pelvis area that have now lead to back problems. I am going to physical therapy 2 times a week which is helping. I have always been so active and I go to aerobics 2 times a week, but my muscles are so so weak.

      • Rebecca says:

        Did you have the same syptoms as the rest of us, before having them removed? If so did the weight, mood swings, sleeping troubles get better

    • Dee says:

      I had the procedure done in Nov. 2010, I felt no pain at all. About a week later I started to get heated sensations on the lower part of my ankle. I told the dr. he said that it was nothing. It soon stopped. Now i’m experiencing sever hot flashes during the day and all through the night. I can’t sleep at all because of the hot flashes . I have also gained weight around my mid section and no matter what I do I can not lose the weight. I’m careful about my intake of food and everything that I eat. Mind that I exercise daily but still have not lost one pound.

      Can somone please tell me what is going on.


    • Artissha Graves says:

      I thought it was just me! I have cramps like 10x’z worse than labor. I have episodes of horrible mood swings prior to my period and emotional changes that are just unreal. I have weight gain and a sleep disturbance like you would not believe I have gone from the extreme of being so sleepy I could not function to not being able to sleep. I can literally feel the coils and describe it as being like someone trying to cut through my skin. I am not happy that you are having problems but I really was beginning to think that I was just going crazy.

    • Chariotte says:

      I have had many of the same side effects. Did you find anything that helped or did you have to have them removed. I am at a lose on what to do. Thanks!

    • amber says:

      i had the essure procedure december 2010 and had nothing but problems. the day of the procedure i was unaware of what to expect and asked questions about it and my dr was sugar coating everything about it and said i would be fine and would not have any problems. since then i have gained 23lbs even with a good diet, painful periods not to mention very heavy periods, pain in lower abdomen area as if i was pregnant. i am suppose to get an u/s to see whats going on i am hoping nothing major but still upset over the whole ordeal and not being told what i was getting into.

      • Heather says:

        I had the Essure put in December of 2011 and had the same symptoms….Also when I went back to have them checked after three months the right one was all curled up so my right tube was not closed…I had to wait to see what the Doctor decided what he wanted to do….guess it was not to important to them….but to me it was very important! Nothing is worse than a constant back that you cant do anything about!! I would not recommend Essure to anyone!!

    • misty says:

      I HAD MY ESSURE DONE OCT.2006 and i have the very same problems,every last one of em as Traci plus more……IF I HAD KNOWN ALL THESE SIDE EFFECTS COME WITH THIS I WOULD NOT OF HAD THIS DONE!!

      • CL says:

        I am wondering about the ladies who had the coil(s) perforate their tubes and are in a coiled up or circular position. This is the case with my left insert. The Essure doc’s advise and Essure: stick another one in on that side. I said no way! I have since seen another doctor who stated to me that under NO circumstances should I have that doctor put another one in. I also had a person online who saw my HSG image suggest that it looks to be broken…sure enough, I went back through the disc of images and the radiographic dense marker looks to have a good amount of space between it and the rest of the coil. The second doctor I saw (not Essure doc) is recommending removal of my uterus, tubes, and both coils. E-mail me at if you would like to see the HSG image or if you have any other advise for me. I’m on this side looking for help/advise, and if I can help anyone else w/ this maybe it won’t make it quite so awful.

    • kr says:

      I don’t know if my post went thru. Can’t find it so I’ll repost. I’ve been reading thru the posts & it seems many of you describe what I’d call a systemic reaction which could mean that you might be allergic or even have toxic levels of nickel in your body. The ob/gyns don’t seem real interested in helping (except this clinic) so you might see if you can get a regular dr to order a nickel allergy test & a HEAVY METAL SCREEN to make sure you don’t have toxice levels. If any of you have toxic levels of nickel it could prove to the FDA that this procedure is just too risky.

    • Rebecca says:

      I have had the same symptoms…Massive weight gain (when not warranted) and it takes every ounce of energy and concentration on MYSELF to loose even just a few pounds. as we all know eith children that is just almost impossible. However I’ve been eating healthy workouts 4-6 times aweek and to no avail weightloss is almost impossible.. I have hot flashes or bouts of being sticky… clamy from being over heated. My face turns red and will remain red for hours. Im sorry to hear you have these troubles but Im also glad to see its not just me. I have also had an increase in facial and arm hair-dark in color and hard like a man. I am 33 and I have a long hair that I have to pluck off my chin. I dont haveanswers, but I am in middle of a “saliva hormone testing” procedure to see if I have a decrease of estrogen… which I will atribute to the procedure.

    • Niki Hirst says:

      I am so glad to have found this site. I had the procedure done in June of 2009. 60-90 days after the procedure I have had a serious case of eczema all over my body. I have been on constant steroid cream which helps but does not get rid of it. My mid-section looks like a leopard. I cannot wear bathing suits and shorts. I also have the longer painful periods and extreme mood swings. I finally decided to go back to taking birth control pills about 3 mos ago and noticed most of all these symtoms have subsided. The eczema no longer itches but the rash remains. I have called and asked several times about an allergic reaction to the nickel. I believe my skin problem is a direct reaction to the essure. Although my doctor constantly dismisses me sending me off to the dermatologist. I have noticed an extreme fatigue in my body. I keep thinking Im fighting a sickness or something but never have I experienced this type of fatigue before. And yes I have experienced weight gain as well and i am a fitness freak! I get dizzy really easy and have shortness of breath which I have never experienced before the procedure. My OB gave me the impression how easy and great this procedure was without any problems and now she dismisses everything I tell her only eluding the only option I have is to have a histerectomy which she is well qualified to do. I would highly caution any woman from doing this procedure. If i had to do it again i would’ve never had this procedure done.

    • Chas says:

      Hi ladies I had the essure done april 2nd 2010. Now I have all the symptoms of pregnancy.this will be our fifth child. I too have experienced all these symptoms, I am so upset that I let them do this to me

      • josoline says:

        So what happend. I had the essure procedure done in march of 09 everything has been good. Now my period is late but a test says im not pregnant do you think i should be worried.

    • Misty Hope says:

      I have had some simular results! I have been having the issues with “menapausal like” symptoms, have only had 3 horrid cycles in over a year. I have constant exreme back pain, and recently the area around my ovaries and uterus have began sticking out. I have had pain and these issues ever since my procedure. I am simply waiting for a class action and hoping one will come soon, as I now am uninsured!

      • jodi says:

        All i have to say is get the coils out ASAP!
        I had the esure coils for 2 1/2 years suffered from all the symptoms everyone has complained about. I had a hystorectomy Oct 11th 2011 within 4 wks of surgery all my pain was gone! Listen to your body get them out. The carcinagens in the nickle from the coils is like poison in your body. Do what ever it takes to get them out your life/ health is more important than than any financial burden!!


    • hope champion says:

      i too had the essure done in may2008,since then i have been experiencing the same symptoms,painful intercourse,extreme anxiety and depression and countless other aches and weird pains!! i have no health insurance with no money,so im kinda stuck,in disgust,that i ever had em put in!! i want them out but its gonna cost me 4500 dollars,which will take a miracle!!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi My name is Melissa
      Yes I have had problems long after it was done in 2007. It is now 2011 and each month it feels like i cant get up an move because it hearts more when I move but I have to do it for my kids. I would also like to know I any one any things about the recalls

    • Desperate for relief says:

      I too, seem to be experiencing some of the same symptoms. Plus, my cycle is horrible now. It would usually be 3-4 days, but now its no less than 7, 9 at the most. I battle with constant fatigue and mood swings, and pain in my legs. I am really leaning toward having them removed.

    • Marichino Jones says:

      Omg Traci I am glad I found this site and u said that I have had mine done since 2006 and man I am looking into getting a lawyer. I think we all should. I just now found out my doc was suppose to do a metal test or even ask. Guess what I am allergic to nickel any amount breaks me out. And if my memory serves me right he didn’t have me wait till after my daugther was 6 weeks old. I have had pain since I had it done, my period is all off since then. I sweat more than I use to and lets not talk about weight. When I went into labor with my now 5 yr old daugther I weighed 178, guess what still weigh that now. Never up nor down SAME WEIGHT. Here is the other biggie I NEVER had a follow up, and when I ask him to check till this day he has yet to do so. He tells me nothing is wrong. Here is another question? WHO HAS HAD ABNORMAL PAPS SINCE THEY HAVE HAD IT DONE?

      • Tracy H says:

        Marichino, the FDA has approved the REMOVAL of the nickel contraindication for the Essure device! Yes, you read that right! Doctors were not telling women about the nickel before however now they can do it guilt free and we have no recourse. The FDA agree with the not so independent study (the Doctor on the study works for Conceptus) that claims the nickel is absolutely fine! Well I know it’s not fine …. you know it’s not fine, and hundred (probably thousands) of other women know it’s not fine! But money is what decisions are made on these day

    • HarleyMom says:


    • jackie says:

      yes ..I am now going on my 3rd month after having the Essure put in and now it is causing many issues between me and my husband.I no longer have sex because every time i do the next morning i’m in severe pain .It kind of feels like i got jabbed too many times in my abdomin and i can’t sit down.

      • melony says:

        I too have that problem. Initially I feel like I am being cut with a knife but it does subside. The next day I am in agony and I don’t want to tell my husband and make him feel bad. I don’t know what to do as this has never happened before. I am hoping that I am still healing because it’s only been since sept. they could only do the right side, then I had to have the left tube cleaned out do to polyps. In Oct. I had the left side done. This has been an extremely painful process that I was not told about. I am considering not having the HSG test done due to the fact that so many have said how painful that is. I wish I had seen this site before I had this done because if I had I wouldn’t be here now.

      • Vicki W says:

        hey girls and women having problems with Essure!!!! I have found some information that may help all of you!!! I had my Essure removed last year, but I have still been doing research. Recently, I began having pain symptoms in my legs, and back, night sweats, etc. After doing some research I found that hormones are causing all of these issues. After seeing a hormone specialist, she informed me that many women who have their tubes tied or even removed begin to have hormone related issues. I am wondering if having this Essure procedure is the same as having tubes tied and removed. She said regardless if doctors believe it or not, fallopian tubes do and can cause issues with hormones. Doctors do not recognize hormones as issues. They simply find a medical reason and prescribe medication to deal with the symptoms. Hormones also are not accurately measured in blood samples. The best method is saliva testing. Upon doing my saliva testing, I have found that adrenal fatique and progesterone deficiency is the reason for all my troubles. bleeding problems, and severe periods, etc. dizziness, aches in the body. I urge all of you having these symptoms to see a hormone specialist. Not a medical doctor. I have included a link to a website that I was able to find some answers to my symptoms. After finally getting some answers, I hope that I am on the road to recovery. here is the link if anyone is interested.
        I hope this helps everyone!!!!! Like I said go to a hormone specialist not a doctor!!!!! It is not something that doctors are trained at and recognize as issues.

    • Pamela Naibert says:

      In complete elation a year ago to have essure done…a year later I am not the same person I used to be. Having constant cramping especially on right side, non stop weight gain, periods of almost passing out dizzy like feeling, mood swings, back pain and over all body aches with extreme hair loss and tingling in various parts of my body.
      The Essure representive sugar coated her whole speach and never once mentioned these side effects. I am praying for a reversal on this terrible procedure.

      • tammy christopher says:

        well i had my procedures done a month i think after my fourth child was born i was 29 then and now i am thirty four and i was never given a nickel test plus when they did my procedure they find out my uterus had to compartment they did the procedure any way when the brocedure they give me said its not allowed i been cramping on my right for quite some time and i bleed like i started my period during intercourse and i have headaches alot but i dont have insurance to get check out again so hopefully they get the suite started for essure real soon

    • Angela says:

      I had my procedure last year 05/2010 I have had those same symptoms since and I thought I was going crazy i am going to get it removed i cant live like this anymore I am so depressed aching all the time cannot get enough sleep and I have dizzy fainting spells I know u wrote this some time ago so I hope u read this and others and if there is a lawsuit going on I would like to be a part of it
      thank you

    • fawn says:

      It is so nice to not be alone….I had essure done in july of 08…got pregnant in oct 08 because one of the coils went through my tube, carried a child in a high risk pregnancy, got the punctured tube cut and tied, a gasto intestinal surgeon had to remove the coil from my loweer bowels, no 1 yr later, i am constantly bloated, i cramp just being….my periods are excrushiating and beyond heavy….my ob/gyn said they can’t just cut a wedge out of my uterus to remove it…they are going to take my whole uterus. this has been the most painful and disappointing thing i have endured

    • brandy says:

      i have a lot of the same problems the pms is so bad that none of my family wants to be around me!!!! i had my eesure done in nov of 09 i’ve had issues w/ sex sometimes it hurts. my periods r crazy!!! sometimes they last up to two weeks!!!! i’m always tired and i can’t lose my baby weight for anything the harder i work to lose it, it seems i put more on!!!! sometimes out of the blue like when i’m riding down the road i’ll have a sharp pain down where my tubes are for no reason at all it kinda feels like a shock!!!and on top of all that after i get off my period and have sex the first time it smells like something died i thought something was wrong w/ me!!!!

    • Nataleigh says:

      I just want to say THANK YOU ladies for speaking out and informing the public. I ALMOST had this procedure done!

      I remember thinking this Essure sounds to good to be true and I better do some research. Thank god I ran across this blog! I just cancelled my appointment. My prayers are with you all.

    • Kelly says:


      I have had the same side effects since having my procedure in August of 2008, weight gain, hot flashes, irritablility, heavy menstral periods, insomnia, etc. I was wondering myself if anyone else had the same side effects or if I was going crazy.

      • Jessica Wills says:

        I had mine done August 18th of 2009. I have been struggling with all of these issues and had no clue what was up. I have had hand swelling, leg pain, especially in my calves. My periods are always different, sever abdominal pain, nausea and horrible right side pain/tingling. I’m glad all of you posted this, as I would have had no clue otherwise. My doc also did not try to follow up and I too felt like I was on an assembly line. For the last week I have been sicker, very fatigued, my abdomen is bloated as is other parts of my body, the pain is worse and I feel sick and as though something is very wrong.

    • DIANA says:

      It will be one year since ive had the essure.Ive had two hsgs and no one can tell if my tubes are blocked.Dr wants me to go in for a third.Ive been on birth control all this time.The lower back pain is awful.I want them out so bad.I have developed irritable bowel since the procedure.I have lost a dangerous amount of weight.I have told my Dr this and he says any surjury to have them removed isnt necessary.Isnt necessary! I wish I had never heard of this procedure.All I wanted was a tubal but medicaid wouldnt pay for it.Now im sick.Girls stay on the pill or get a tubal.This procedure sounds nice but get a tubal ,it might be more pain and hassle now,but I am now facing an uncertain future.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

    • Ashley says:

      I had the Essure procedure done in Dec. 2010 and I am having constant infections, bleeding, cramping, initial sex hurts, burning while urinating, and I feel that something inside my vagina is swollen. I want the coils removed but I have no insurance. So, I feel as though I am stuck with this miserable pain. Also, I had to go to the ER once from the pain and they gave me a pap smear and a ultra sound and told me that they knew nothing of the procedure but that one coil isn’t scared down all the way and I have some infections, and that my body may be rejecting the coils. They gave me antibiotics to take for two weeks and told me to follow up with an OBGYN but like I said, I have no insurance. They antibiotics cleared my infection and stopped the bleeding discharge but that was 3-4 weeks ago and now I am back to the discharge, pain, and uncomfortableness. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • berenice says:

      hi im berenice im only 22 and got the essure november of last year, three months after i had my third chil.i was told about the cramping after the essure was put in. my doctor did it under general anesthesia so i didnt feel anything during the proceedure its self. just had minor crampic and a little spotting sfter but that was it. and oh my…so i see that it causes back pain, that explains alot..i get very bad back pain when i just simply sit and fold laundry. also i get pain just under my stomach i didnt think it could be because of the essure.

    • Misseann says:

      I am having the same issues as you. Also my periods are always messed up and never have been. I wish I could get these things out of me.

    • sara says:

      i 29 i had the essure put in april 08 i also hve a lot of the same things going on with me too.i have thought for a bit that the essure could be what was make me feel this way..the night sweats,pain for no reason my tubs hurt..pain during sex and after sometimes for 2 to 3 days, insomnia ,weight and more..i did not get put out during procedure no pain meds nothing and it hurt sooo bad while he was putting them in and after i was in bad pain they said it would be fine it was not fine at all.i am getting them taken out cant take it anymore.

    • linda says:

      i this done 4 months ago and dont know if its because of the doctor or what but it broke yes it broke inside me it is just floating around one of the springs do you know if that can hurt me? my tube was fulll of liquid when he put it in me this is terrible know he has to go back in just tie the tubes. all because i had him keep the mirena in for the 3 months so i wouldnt get pregnant so glad i did but now i am so scared that this could kill me.

      • Kathy says:

        Your body is going to react when you have a foreign object “floating’ around. I would get a second opinion and see if they can remove the broken piece.Mine was lodged in my uterus so i would cramping and bleed every day of the month. If you are having symptoms that are out of the ordinary Always,Always, Always get it checked out. I suffered for three years and my doctor telling me and towards the end yelling at me that i should stop listening to people. I cant stress enough that you need to get a Sonogram but not by your GYNO but by a radiologist. No one needs to suffer.

    • Debora says:

      I had this procedure back in 2008. I have had severe pain on my right side and back. I have gained alot of weight and constant nausea. I have severe allergies now that never bothered me before. I wasn’t told that the coils had nickel in them I was told that it was plastic. Years later with pain in different parts of my body I don’t know what to do. Doctors will not point out another Doctors mistake and more than likely sugar coat what is seem in ultrasound. I’m glad I found this site. I have been out of work and in too much pain to even be outside playing with my kids. My quality of life has been taken. I feel hot all the time my moods are horrible. Somebody has to stop this essure procedure given to women because too many of us are having issues from it.

    • natasha says:

      I had the essure done in 2006,, since them my back pain has increased terribly where most morning i have to roll out of bed and to stand to do dishes is very painful,, my pms is horrible i get that bad of cramps i cant move for hours and nothing takes the pain away, when haveing intercorse it hurts alot most of the time,, and i have also gained an extreamly amount of weight and i have been trying to lose it for the last 3 years and it seems like the more i try the more i out on,,

      • CL says:

        I took this from information on the web that shows what Essure reported in clinical trials. I am sure that my doctor didn’t tell me 9% of ladies reported back pain….that’s 67 WOMEN WITH BACK PAIN!!! I am not having back pain (yet) personally, but had I been told that 9 out every 100 women suffer from chronic back pain I would not have had Essure…I don’t think any of us feel like that’s great odds, but I was not told about this and so many of you w/ back pain….bless your hearts…it’s simply awful the way you were not informed of the risk(s). This is also just at 15 months. I wonder how these statistics look now for women who had this done after the 10 YEARS this has been on the market. The company should be forced to truly disclose the number of pregnacies and women w/ hysterectomies or tubal ligation following Essure!!…Can ya tell I’m mad/saddened by this device/company/doctors still offering it?
        “In clinical trials for Essure, the manufacturer found that out of 745 women, a “very small number” reported significant pelvic pain, and one woman requested the inserts be taken out because of the pain. During the 15 months after the procedure, 9 percent of women experienced back pain, 3.8 percent experienced abdominal pain and 3.6 percent experienced pain during intercourse that might have been caused by the inserts. Read more: Essure Complaints |

    • cheryl says:

      hi i have had the essure proscedure done in 2005. and i have been in so much pain,i am only 35 and i feel so whole body hurts all the time also swelling in my left side by my lung,,pain in my back,legs bad periods and i get the tingly feelings also..i can’t work i have 4 children i am raising,and i can’t keep up with them at all..the docter that did mine made it seem so simple easy..WELL IT’S NOT i need to get them removed i can get better

    • SAMANTHA says:


      • CL says:

        So many with insurance that won’t remove it….that should also be disclosed UP FRONT. Hey, BTW, if anything goes’s on your dime!…would have been nice to know. My insurance would also not cover putting them in (no coverage for birth control/sterilization) so I would get to pay twice to have the coils removed. I have developed pelvic pressure which my doctor says is a medically necessary reason to have a hysterectomy…I’m just so nervous/upset.

    • Toni Williams says:

      Had the Essure about the same time and now I am having bloating and increased weight. Insomnia and lots of forgetfulness. Not much pain however I do not have my period for the first time either.

    • Patricia Burgos says:

      OMG I had this procedure since 2007, I am 38 years old and sadly to hear about the same problem hat I have, plus I don’t have menstrual period since couple years ago!

    • Vetta says:

      Hi Traci,
      I to am having the same type of problems weight gain in the mid section, bad pms and before I had this procedure I didn’t have these problems its been almost seven years and since than I have had blackouts mini seizures and I’m now on a lot of medication after reading your problems this really hass me thinking that I should bring this up to my Dr. and try to get this removed. Thanks for sharing your story this is really sheading so lite on my condition.


      Vetta G.

    • gabriella says:

      I have had the same, I cant loss the weight in ,my midsection and i count calories, use the stairs (not the elevator) no matter how many floors and now i am feeling pain under my right heel. I wish i had known more before i had this done. Plus i had the thermochoice done and i will be honest i feel like i am going through menopause..

    • Kimberly says:

      I have had mine done nov. 2008 and I have the same problems but I keep being told that my issues have nothing to do with essure. Now its to the point I cant do anything without over exhausting myself or hurting myself. I am always in pain may arms and legs are numb and tingling all the time. I have all the same problems you have Traci Nichols. I had one doctor chalk it up to fibromyalgia and put me on meds. Was on the meds for a little over a month and dont remember doing it but tried to commite suicide and if it wasnt for my two little boys finding me I wouldnt be here today. Now im going to another doctor and they are telling me I have a rheumatic dieseas and on top of that I also supposubly have a sun allergy (polymorpouhs light erruption), vitamen D difficentcy, and other issues. This all started after I had my essure procedure done. Another thing I have had an issue with is being on my cycle for months at a time and no break. I would be put on pill form of birth control to regulate it back on track. Now I feel like I have an infection because now I dont smell right when im on my cycle. But they keep telling me its not that. I dont know! I am only 28 years old and this all started when I was 25 I just wish I could do more with my kids and not take 8 pills a day just to function and do what I have to do and not what I want to do.

    • Hi Tracy. I have been in severe pain for a couple of years. I went to my gp and she ordered an ultrasound that showed nothing. I had to go to a surgeon for an xray to be requested. In it my left coil was bent backwards into a y. They got me right in for removal but when she touched the coil it disintegrated and they had to go in cervically because the pieces went everywhere. I want to start a major lawsuit. Why would a ‘stainless steel’ coil disintegrate? If I had waited any longer I’d have been in big trouble. Like you, hot and cold sweats, cymbalta…..tossed right into menopause at 48 when it should have happened at 54.

    • Susan says:

      II had the procedure two and a half years ago. I have started to notice that I am having extreme mood swings before my period and back ache. The doctor did inform me that I may still have some of the backache after the procedure but it would less than before the procedure. The backache is less. The Mood Swings are killing me! I noticed a pattern over the last few months that my four days before my period and two days on…my emotions run from happy to sad very quickly. Today, I actually started feeling really low and was wondering if I had depression. I’m 39 years old and healthy..I have never been diagnosed with depression and my family is mentally healthy as well. I am concerned that maybe the mood swings are horomone or essure related. What do you think???

    • Bluebird11 says:

      Please join Essure Problems on Facebook to find out more women just like yourself.

    • Phoenix says:

      I spoke with my OB/GYN about Essure. The procedure sounded like a dream come true until I read the above article. I have major concerns about a surgical procedure that places nickel coils in my body; did the pharmaceutical company which developed this permanent method of birth control not consider nickel toxicity. The side effects of nickel toxicity seem to parallel the symptoms many women are reporting in their web postings. Symptoms of nickel toxicity if absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or ingested include vertigo, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, brain and liver swelling, diarrhea, liver degeneration, skin rash, weakness, coughing, headache, respiratory illness, thyroid malfunction, interference of enzymatic reactions, irritation, and various cancers. I can only imagine the type of symptoms you can have if nickel is inserted directly into the uterus. I want to thank all the women who took the time to post their experience with Essure. I have changed my mind about this birth control.

      • Traci Nichols says:

        I haven’t posted in a while – but want to let everyone know that things do get better once you have those stupid coils out of your body! It’s been over 2 years since my hysterectomy and I have to say – I have never felt better! Yet, at the same time, I’m still pretty p***ed about the whole situation. I continue to read the posts as they come in and it disgusts me that this is still available, with no repurcussions to the manufacturer or the doctors. I saw the post about contacting Erin Brockovich – and I did, and received the response about her firm looking into it. I sure hope that something can be done. In the meantime, we can hopefully educate other women considering this as an option and sway them against it.

    • Heather says:

      WOW – I found this website because I started thinking I’m pre-menopausal at 35 ! I had Essure DEC2012 – and have experienced the same symptoms! I can’t fall asleep, wake up throughout the night, hot flashes during the day – random extreme hot flashes – major mood swings, dizziness, and yes – a lot of weight gain – oddly enough around the middle which I have never struggled with before. Sometimes my eyes hurt – around my eyes — it’s the feeling as if I had been crying for hours – a soreness and pressure around them – yet I’m dry eyed at at work. My back has started hurting and at some points very very tender – I assume this is due to the weigt gain. I am not on any medication —

    • says:

      Please update me on any recent studies, facts. I’M having so many of these symptoms and would have never suspected Essure until I am now late or missing my period. I understand these things can’t be removed and I am worried to death. Please feel free to reach out to me at

      • Jordan Leininger says:

        Essure can and has been removed since it has been on the market ! It’s a horrible product make women think it’s other health issues and it’s really just Essure the whole time ! More women that have this should be reporting their problems to the FDA and Conceptus ! Oh and Erin Brocavich ! That’s what it’s going to take to get this off the market !

    • I just have my essure few months ago (May 2012) I gain so much weight, I also ask my doctor because I feel so depress and it hard for me to sleep. I was think it is from essure to but my doctor don’t think so..Waiting for your response.

    • Jessica k says:

      Hello, I had essure put in Dec 2010 I have had hot flashes and I do have very heavy periods although I have always had them. But on the up side I have lost 40 pounds in 4 months!

    • Candie says:

      About Essure
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      Essure Petition

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      Thank you to so many women who have told their stories on this website. While I knew the situation was bad, I did not know there were so many out there who have suffered from this procedure. As I continue to investigate what remedies there could be I wanted to share with everyone that we can clearly see that you are not alone. When we are able to open up and discuss what has happened to us we can become empowered to take control over our situation and can speak out to change something.

      I think it would be powerful if those who have come to this site and have shared their stories sign a petition to further send a message that we need to stop and or remove this product from the market altogether. Your stories are powerful and while we may not know what the future holds we can certainly use our voices and our John Hancock to maybe STOP a bad situation before it affects many more women.

      I send my thoughts and prayers to those who have been harmed and I WILL continue to look into the problem to see what can be done.

      Post your story and sign the petition!

      Sign Now

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      ยฉ Copyright 2012 by Dan Toombs. All Rights Reserved.

      About Essure
      Essure Stories
      Contact Erin


      Essure Petition

      First Name*

      Last Name*


      Thank you to so many women who have told their stories on this website. While I knew the situation was bad, I did not know there were so many out there who have suffered from this procedure. As I continue to investigate what remedies there could be I wanted to share with everyone that we can clearly see that you are not alone. When we are able to open up and discuss what has happened to us we can become empowered to take control over our situation and can speak out to change something.

      I think it would be powerful if those who have come to this site and have shared their stories sign a petition to further send a message that we need to stop and or remove this product from the market altogether. Your stories are powerful and while we may not know what the future holds we can certainly use our voices and our John Hancock to maybe STOP a bad situation before it affects many more women.

      I send my thoughts and prayers to those who have been harmed and I WILL continue to look into the problem to see what can be done.

      Post your story and sign the petition!

      Sign Now

      137 signatures

      Share this with your friends:

      ยฉ Copyright 2012 by Dan Toombs. All Rights Reserved.

      To all of you…There is a link/petition on facebook that has been started by Erin Brockivich on behalf of my sister,among others.PLEASE join them in signatures and best of luck.


      • Kathy says:

        I am one of the few people that do not have a facebook account is there any other way to sign the petition. I too had my uterus removed due to the Essure, and had the same symptoms.

    • Annette says:

      I have had the essure procedure 6 months ago. I just started to have hot flashes and weight gain in the middle area. I also wake up at night in a puddle of sweat. Unsure if its menopause. Unsure if have I should have the essure removed.

    • heather says:

      i had it done at the same month and year as you it is the same side effects too.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes I had a lot of the same issues please go to essure problems in Facebook. Check out all the stories. Also dr Nash in Ohio with reproductive gynocology will take essure out threw insurance.

    • Deborah P. says:

      I got the Essure procedure done in 2010 and since then I have had problems. My side effects are weigh gain, dizziness, heart palpatations,insomnia,arching joints and muscles, the worst periods I have ever had(heavy), depression, confusion, headaches,bad cramping before and during period, bleeding after sex, random spotting, etc…
      I really want the procedure reversed. I would definately NOT recommend to any other women. I have had vaginal scans and bladder scans , numerous appointment to my primary doctor who states there is nothing wrong bu tI feel and I know something is not right. The reversal is $6000 (expensive). Does anyone have any suggestions for me .PLLLEEEAAASSE!

    • melissa says:

      I’m currently waiting for tests results for Lupus. I also am having all of those problems. My doctor tested me for auto immune diseases and I have tested positive.

    • Gina Gausman says:

      erin brokovich has a web page for women having side effects from the essure procedure..please check it out…. nickel is very very dangerous when implanted into the human body and will cause the weight gain and possible fluid overload on your heart!!!

    • April Love says:

      My name is April and I am experiencing the same symptoms you’re having. Also one of my coils came out. I am going to take that thing out. Before it harms me in a way I would never have projected.

    • johannah lancaster says:

      I am 29 years and had the essure done in 2010 I have similar problems your having I am to also lost on how to fix my issues in having the essure done I cry every day cuz I’m in so much pain and I dropped weight so fast and can’t get the nutients I need due to feeling like I can not eat my periods are so bad idk what to do from here theyvsay I need a full hysterectomy to fix the problem I just wanted to find someone else that is going thru the same stuff and hope all goez well your way thank you for listening

      • Rachel says:


        Please visit Essure Problems on face book. There is an enormous amount of women with the same problems you have and worse. I’m sorry you have these issues. I had a hysterectomy dye to the essure. It almost killed me. Please join us and report your side effects to the FDA please. The more reports of adverse events the more of a fighting chance we have against this. Erin Brocovich has a page called

    • angie says:

      i have had the essure sense 09 i’ve been going threw the same problems and now i think i might be pregnant with my third child my youngest right now is almost 5

    • Dana Little says:

      Since the procedure in 2009 I have had similar issues. I did not associate the issues to the procedure until today when I had my regular OB/GYN visit and was told that my uterus is coming out of my 2 cm dilated cervix. She told me that she had not ever seen this at her practice even with women that had many children. In the past year have had many diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, rosacea, hyperventilation syndrome, and have to take birth control to deal with the hot flashes and lack of menses after having horrible periods. I also have much pain in parts of my body (concentrated in my hips now), sleep problems, weight gain, and other symptoms. My memory is really bad too and I felt like I was going crazy. I had no idea that essure could have caused this and probably did. Someone should have to pay for all of this suffering.

  2. Courtney says:

    I had the essure implant in nov 07. What a mistake. yes the dr.s totally sugar coated it. it’s been a devastating few years since. I bled for months, had chronic diarrhea, chills, night sweats, extreme weight loss, pelvic and ab pain, nausea nausea and more nausea. AI found out a couple of weeks ago I’m allergic to nickel which is in the Essure. I had told my dr.s before hand I wasn’t sure if i was. they replied the chances are extremely slim that i would be. Well lo and behold. Life has been hell.

    • Vicki w says:

      Did you have your devices taken out? If so how did the procedure go? I am scared to death. My doctor is going to take them out, but has never done the procedure. I have posted to other blogs on this page and you can read my story. Not sure If I am allergic to nickel or not and not going to another to find out!!!

    • Darlene says:

      I had the essure done January of 2007. right after my procedure I was bleeding so heavy I went to the hospital. They ended up putting me on double birth control and they said if that didn’t work they would have to perfrom a DNC which never happened. So in the past almost 4 years. I have had very bad periods. Extreme pain in my stomache and back. I want to get it removed but I do not have the $ to do it and I don’t know if insurance covers it.

      • Jennifer says:

        How long after your procedure did you start to experience problems?

      • ladawna says:

        I have had all the same things going on! 4y of pain and 6weeks ago no periods and bad bad pain went to doc said everything was fine the put me on some meds, well I still have no period sick all the time and have brest milk like crazy but the say I am not preg…I am tierd and dizz all day even pasted out at work. My periods are always bad 1 box of supper tampons a day..I dont know what to do and my doctors dont know anything pl help

      • Mulan says:

        I had the procedures done three months after i had my son. I wish my doctor told me more about this. I have two kids because of my ex and his familly i wanted to make them happy anyway long story short i’ve been having irregular period vertigo anxiety attack and all. And no the insurance do not pay for the reversal. I think this is a scam it cost about six to seven thousands dollar to reverse it. I am n a relationship now i wanted to have one more kid i don’t see it happening.


    • hope champion says:

      omg same symptoms,i have nausea and more nausea i had these things out in,in 08! countless other problems,and aches and pains!

  3. Yvonne says:

    My name is Yvonne and I’m new to this blog thing, but I need some advise. I was scheduled to get the essure place this Tues April 13th 2010. Well after doing some research and reading a mess of negitive things about it, i’ve cancelled my appt.. Problem is, is that i don’t have alot of birth control options. So I’m ging to try my best and give you the short version of my medical history. (I could write a book.) I hope someone can give me some answers.
    I Have a history of ovarian cyst. In 1994 my appendix ruptured, i had it removed. After that surgery i was in and out of my gyne’s office in alot of pain for about 2yrs, until she agree to do lapo surgery. She found a mess of scar tissue, said it was from my appendix surgery. But the pain never really went away. A couple months later i got pregnant and ended up having him 3mos. early in 1997. (He is now 13.) 2001 and only after moving across the map to find a Dr. willing to go back in my stomach and explore. He was going to look for endometriosis but found a piece of my appendix stuck on my bowel, which ripped a hole in my bowel and more scar tissue. He never got a chance to see if i had endometriosis. I was laid up for a month, luckily i didn’t need a colostomy bag. But i have alot of bowel problems now. A couple of month after recovering i got pregnant and ended up having a miscarriage and needing a D&C. Then about a month later i got a DVT (blood clot) in my left leg. Well in 2004, after 8 yrs. of not using birth control.( was told scar tissue blocks my tubes) I got pregnant. I had to be on blood thinners the whole pregnancy, i had unexplained bleeding for the first 5 or 6 mos. I got so constipated i was hospitalized for 10 days. Thank god he was full term. My little rug rat is 5yrs.old. So now that i know i can get pregnant without having surgery first, I got the depo shot right after delivery. I was on depo for 3mos before i got the Mirena IUD. The Dr. that put it in, put it in wrong. I lived with the worst pain in my life for 2yrs. and bleeding everyday. The first time i went to get it removed, they couldn’t remove it, it was stuck in my uterus. So i left in more pain having to reschedule. It was finally removed 2wks. later without surgery. I then decided to go back on depo shot. Because of DVT i am very limited to what birth control i can take. 6 mos. later and 50lbs heavier, i give the IUD another chance. But this time i had the Dr. who did the studies on it and trained the Drs. put it in. Everything was good until about 3mos. later. The pain started but without the bleeding. So now after alot of thinking it through My husband and I have decided the risk are to great for me to get pregnant again so to get something permenant done. But the Drs refuse to go in my stomach and do a tubal. Say there maybe to much scar tissue, they may not be able to see my tubes. So i agreed to get the Essure. But common sense says to me that if the IUD causes me pain, there is a great chance the Essure will also. And after reading the horror stories about it, i really don’t think it’s for me. I hope someone can help me. I’m tired of being in so much pain all the time. I would like to try and get my body back to as close to normal as it will get.
    Thank you

    • lisa says:

      I had the essure done on wed april 14, 2010 it was a cake walk i felt four cramps took the dr five minutes total to get them in. Unfortunately you dont get to hear about the good stories, most people with problems will be posting, two days later i am fine, if the dr cant find your tubes than they will not get placed, but he had a tool to help him find them.

      • stephanie says:

        I had mine done in July of 2008, I also thought it was great and easy, since I have changed my mind. I am one of the luck 3 percent that one side did not seal, also since having it done I have a vaginal vault prolapse, I can’t do much about it now, but it is extremely uncomfortable. I will need surgery to fix it, and am now one of the lucky “loose” girls, nice. I so wish i wouldn’t have done it.

      • dawn says:

        I agree Lisa! I had Essure done on May 5 and my tubes are lateral which my DR said would just take a little more time to get the coils in place. A couple days of bleeding and a little crampy was the worse of it.. I would highly suggest having Essure done!

      • Ali says:

        Feel thankful. they numbed me to do the procedure, but i felt EVERYTHING. My blood pressure sky-rocketed. the walls started clsoing in on me. finally got the stupid things in and had continuous pain for a year, finally got them removed, THANK GOD! These things are miserable and i DO NOT recommend it at all, it is too new and they don’t know enough about it. There are alot of people on here having issues. my doctor doesn’t even recommend them anymore unless the women are extremely heavy because the old school method is to hard to do.

      • Courtney says:

        My placement was simple. It was a couple of months later I began having all these horried symptoms. I did have them taken out last Wednesday:) Although the only option I was given was a partial hysterectomy. I went through 4 surgeons in Maine before finding one who would perform surgery. The final dr. actually looked at all my records and decided no if and or but’s – let’s get it out. My surgeon said there was inflamation in my tubes. Directly after the surgery I was in a lot of pain! After 4 days I noticed an immense difference. I feel amazing. My lymph nodes aren’t swelled, my nausea is GONE! I have more energy and I don’t feel like my head is in a complete fog. I feel so much better and am so thankful I had it removed

      • Amanda says:

        I had the Essure procedure done in April of 08. The procedure went fine, I actually watched them do it on a monitor up next to my head. I did have a severe allergic reaction to the medication they numbed me with which caused my blood pressure to drop dramatically and I blacked out afterwards. I did notice that I had gained weight in the mid section but I am a large woman anyways. I have not had any problems. In May of 2010, I began to suffer from light headness and faint spells, cramping, back pain, shoulder pain things that were just not normal for my body. After testing, they discovered that my gall bladder was causing most of these things and I am having surgery to have it removed. I will let you know about this because if I am still having issues I will probably look into the essure procedure going wrong. I had already made up my that if it had not been the gall bladder the essure procedure will be where I look at next.

      • Cynthia says:

        Hi Lisa-
        I had the essure procedure done in Sept 06 and it was a cake walk for me. The entire procedure took 7 mins and I have had no issues since then. I had minor cramping later that day, but since then I have been fine. No issues here. I don’t think it is the actual coils that cause a lot of these problems, I think it may be the placement and that is on the dr not the manufacture. I love essure and I recommend it to anyone that ask me. I am very sorry to hear about all the issues the women here are experiencing.


        I am so so glad that things went well for you. I just wanted to respond to what Cynthia said about it being placement by the doctor. I wanted to put out there that after having my HSG to check to make sure the tubes were blocked and coils were in place all was fine. When the doctor took out my tubes and examined the placement of the coils all was fine again. It was not the placement or the coils themselves that caused my issues. I can not vouch for anyone else. I later was nickel allergy tested and it was negative also. For some it is a placement issue or a problem with the doctor, or both. This procedure is still new. I am glad that many do not have issues, but for those of us that do have issues, we don’t have anyone to turn to except doctors and even they are snubbing us off.

        The doctor that removed them is not the same doctor that put them in and NO Medical explaination for the pain that I was having. He said that my tubes may have just been hypersensitive and that procedure was just not right for me.

        All I know is that all of my symptoms and pain has gone away since they removed my tubes with the coils inside them and now I have my sanity back.

        With all of that said, I just wanted to let you know that thanks goodness there are women that do not have issues with this procedure and I wish you the absolute best for health in the future.

      • Denise says:

        Hi Lisa, I wanted to know how is everything going now? I am scheduled to have the the surgery on Dec. 14th after reading all these post I’m litrtle afraid.

      • Rhonda says:

        I was wondering now that it has been 9 months are you still happy with it? I am scheduled to have it done. Just wondering what you think now.

      • Tracy says:

        Hey Lisa, I just wanted to know how you have been since the insert of essure. I am thinking of having them put in and after reading the negative im scared. Any comments would help

      • Michelle says:

        I had mine put in October 26, 2010. It really was a cakewalk. No pain at all. No pain for the confirmation 3 months later either. It was the easiest thing ever. I came across this site because I googled to see if anyone else was experiencing heavier periods like I am or bloody discharge mid cycle. So far, these are the only side effects for me. But now after reading all of this, I am scared. So far, I am 5 months in. I feel really good. No weight gain or anything. Just heavier (week long) periods. Fingers crossed….

      • Keisha says:

        I’m glad to hear your procedure went well. I had the essure procedure done on 4/13. I felt some mild cramping and the procedure did not take long. The dr. did have a problem placing the 2nd coil but did not force it to prevent problems. The doctor says it looks like its blocked so I may have only had 1 operating tube to begin with but we won’t know until the HSG testing. Just wanted to know if you are still spotting? I stopped 1 day after procedure but the spotting keeps coming back. I don’t have pain so just wondering.

      • Hilda Fraser says:

        I hope that is my case..because just had mine today..pray for me!:)

    • deidra says:

      I had essure done March 2009, It was a little painful only because I had cysts on my tubes, they had to scrape off. After about 6 hrs I felt great and have every since. I recommend it to anyone.

      • Shelly B says:

        After the first 2 months I was recommending it to everyone I came in contact with. The procedure was not bad at all, but after that everything has changed. My health is terrible! I have all of the same symptoms as what the rest of the women are posting. I am very thankful to have come upon this website and seen that I am not the only one with near blackouts, milk coming from my breasts etc.
        I will be curious to see if you feel the same 5 months from now!

      • Tracy H says:

        Hi Cynthia. I am so happy for you that you have had no problems with the essure procedure. I was one of the unfortunate ones who had to suffer 5 years of agony and distress due to them. My coils were perfectly placed so it had nothing to do do with the placement.

    • Kayla says:


      There are other methods out there, some all natural. Natural Family Planning (fertility awareness) is extremely effective — if you are willing to put the effort into learning about it (going to a class is the easiest way) and then paying attention to your fertility signs. It’s basically learning when the body is fertile, keeping a record of your fertility, and abstaining during fertile times. Even Planned Parenthood says it is extremely effective when practiced correctly (less so when not practiced correctly). It’s something to consider, especially if you have sensitivities to drugs or other procedures. I personally know at least a dozen people who use that method effectively. No drugs, no altering your body, and completely safe. If you really want “normal,” you can’t get any closer than not changing your body at all. Look into it, whether you decide to go that route or not. It never hurts to know all your options and know your body a little better.

      • Keisha says:

        have any of u ladies have problems with bacterial vaginosis since you had this procedure. I had this procedure done Feburary 20 2007 an the last two years iv been gettin bacterial infections.

      • Tracy H says:

        Keisha I suffered with bacterial vaginosis for the whole time I had the coils in (4 years!) I couldn’t get rid of it … I also had unpredictable gushes of acidic fluid that would drench my underwear and burn my skin!. Both went away after I had the coils out but the BV has come back (which is typical after a hysterectomy) and I am treating it with natural therapies but I haven’t been able to get rid of it. Does anyone have any remedies? I am desperate. This is stopping me from wanting to be in a relationship. I have been single for 6 years because of the essure procedure ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Cynthia says:

        Tracy- I have suffered from BV since 2001, and the one thing about BV is; it always come back. I have had several doctors give me medication, but it always seems to resurface as soon as I have intercourse. The one thing my most recent doctor told me was that I can manage BV. She told me to go out and get some Hibiclens and a douche bag. This has been a life saver for me and I recommend it to anyone with BV. I actually think BV is heriditary because after having a conversation with my female cousins, we found that all of us suffer from it. I told them about my doctors suggestion and now they are all using it and is still thanking me for telling them about it. It does not cure BV, but it manages the smell and discharge that is associated with it.

        Hope this helps.

      • Virginia Richard says:

        To Keisha,
        Hi, I had the procedure done in 3/2011 and since then I have had two Bacterial infestion, it hurts when I have sex, I feels like some one is stabbing me when I try and relax to urine, and now I just went to the regualr GYNE and she exam me and said that its my uterus thats tender. My fiance even said that the last time that we had sex if felt like something was sticking him. I just called my Gyne and DR. to try and get on top of this. Also, I have problems with sleepy legs sydrom and recently at work I look up and saw stars out of no where, problems with high blood pressure too.

    • Anna says:

      Gee, after all you have been through you would think your husband would volunteer to have a vasectomy. Fifteen minutes in the doctor’s office is all that is required for them. Interesting that many women never think man should be responsible for birth control.

    • Tricia says:

      It sounds like you have been through enough. How about your husband getting a vasectomy and using condoms as a back up to ease your mind?

    • beth says:

      Yvonne – will your husband get a vasectomy? I don’t think you want to put ANY foreign objects or hormones into your body!

    • Robin says:

      My name is Robin, I am 23 years old and I had Essure put in 6 weeks after my daughter was born and she was born 10/20/09. My dr made it seem like Essure was better that tubal ligation and that there were fewer problems. Man was she wrong….After having the procedure done I was in a ton of pain and I still am. I also bled for more than 60 days straight after the procedure. I went to the dr and they did ultra sounds but never said anything was wrong; instead they put me on antibiotics and birth control to try and control the bleeding. After a month of birth control the bleeding stopped. Unfortunately shortly after that I lost insurance and I have not been able to go back to the Dr or afford the test to insure that it took properly. In the past year sex is almost not even an option and the majority of the month I am always tired, moody and I have had horrible anxiety. I have tried to take medications for the symptoms but they have all made them worse. I wish i could just have the coils taken out but i dont want any more kids that was the whole point in permanent birth control. As soon as I can get them taken out the better off ill be, its been a year and i just seem to be having more problems and more pains.

    • Peita says:

      Dear Yvonne,
      Yes I had just read your very upsetting story. ( I have just looked on the web for any adverse effects to essure as I was wondering if the irregular painful periods and cramping I have may be related to my essure procedure done 5 years ago – looks like it may be from everything I have read.) In regards to you, I feel maybe you should either go for a full hysterectomy or get your partner to have a vesectomy since you really don’t need to suffer much more. This is the only advise I can offer.

    • janette says:

      It sounds like with all the problems you have had, maybe your husband should get a vasectomy.

    • Dee says:

      Best birth control method on the market. Thou I have started to have sever hot flash. I can’t say if it is the essure or my age 43. Best surgery that I could have ever had, completely painless. NO PAIN at all after surgery and I have had normal monthly cycles. Everyone’s body is different, but one thing I know for sure is if you don’t want to get pregnant and you have tried other methods, essure is the way to go.


      • teresa says:

        everyones body is different but i am 38 and just had the procedure done yesterday and have been cramping ever sense i am a ginny pig is what i fell like…however i am gonna wait a little while see what it does.

    • Sras says:

      Yvonne – If it’s such a high risk for you to get pregnant again why won’t your husband get a vasectomy? You’ve been through enough, tell him to man up.

      I was considering this procedure but have a known nickel allergy and nothing was mentioned to me about this. Really glad I did my research and I hope all you ladies find a way out of the suffering you are experiencing.

    • catherine says:

      I had the procedure done 4-11 it was the worst mistake of my life. You would do better to just have your tubes tided. The Essure was very painful. I had medication the night before to dialate my cervix. The day of the procedure had pain medication and shot for pain before procedure. My tubes did not dialate so I had to have them manually dialated, which was extremely painful. Then the procudure started, it was so painful I felt like I was going to pass out and like this had been going on for an hour. I had talked to my doctor and he made the procedure seem easy, quick and painless. Since the procedure for the first three months after had spotting and bleeding constantly with blood clots. I was told it was from the deprov injections they put me on before the procedure. On first follow up visit, I described to the nurse the pain I felt as they were doing the procedure which was pain shooting through my femoral arteries and she laughed at me. With follow up with doctor he said he never heard of this compaint. It has been seven months and I have weight gain, problems sleeping, and stabbing pain in my inner thighs down to my lower leg by my calf area. I told my doctor I would have rather had my tubes tided with no medication than to go through the pain of the procedure and the pain that still remains. I had to fight with the insurance company two years to get any form of sterilization, just wish I had had a tubal.

  4. Kimberly says:

    My husband is scheduled for a vasectomy next month. I told him I think he needs to give a little in our relationship and be sterilized instead of me. I told him I’ve been through enough this past year. From having a lump removed from my breast to having my gall bladder removed. It’s been one thing after the next, and I think he should be the one to get fixed. He called me and told me to look up this Essure procedure that he heard about on the radio. Well, there goes his vasectomy. After reading so many horror stories, I don’t want to get this procedure. I don’t want to get any procedure for that matter. Plus, I’m allergic to nickel, and I just don’t think having a device like that put in your body permenantly can be a good thing. Any feedback on my situation?

    • Vicki w says:

      DO NOT HAVE THE PROCEDURE DONE!!! If you are allergic to nickel definately not. I just had my procedure on Feb 11 2010 and have nothing but pain since and doctors think it is in my mind. I am now attempting to get the device remove. June 10 is the surgery date, but after suffering complete pain for the last 2 days and loosing my quality of life I am ready to have it done tomorrow. YOu can also read my reply to Tracie’s comment that I posted.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Hi Kimberly, I am going through the same thing you are. ( my story is above) If you are allergic to nickel then you can not get the essure! I was scheduled to get essure & cancelled because of all the horror storys i read. I went back to Drs. & convinced them to do a tubal ligation, even thou they are very hesitant to go back into my stomach. I’m scheduled for pre-op appt. next month. In the mean time I am trying to convince my husband to get a vasectomy, (which is not an easy task). I think it’s about time the men stand up & get fixed instead of the women! As we are the ones that carry, deliver, feed, get up all night & in wee hrs of the morning ect. to take care of the babies! It’s the least they can do. The risk are alot least for them then for us. So best of luck to you.

  6. Samantha says:

    This is the first time I am reaching out to other people with pretty much the same situation. I had the essure done in Oct. 2008, I orginally wanted to just have my tubes tied, but the doctor who took over the facilitly, I was attending after my son was born refused to do the surgery 3 days before the actually surgery. He told me he would only do the essure and told me just about nothing about it. Well, I was pretty sure I didn’t want kids again. So, I wen tahead asnd had it done. I hear of storys where women are in and out of there in 30 mins. Well, he actually took me into the operating room and put me to sleep. I thought that wasn’t supoosed to happen? I woke up in the recovery room, I was in so much pain and bleeding so bad. The bleeding finally stopped after about 2 weeks and the pain just keeps going on. He has never preformed the dye test to see is they were even blocked. But, since then I have had this pain in my lower front sides of my stomach area. I can’t even have intercourse without it hurting and start bleeding. I have tried to reach the doctors about this and they are just giving me the run around. I was told that the essure can be reversed, is this true? Where can you go for it?

  7. Yvonne says:

    Hi Samantha. There is a place called Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, I believe it’s in S.C.. They claim to be able to remove the Essure. I would research them thou, as they are the only place i heard of. Every Dr. i spoke with says it’s not removable. Best of luck to you

  8. vervilledeb1 says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Samantha, yes Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center which is located in North Carolina does perform Essure reversal. Dr. Gary Berger and Dr. Charles Monteith are both experienced in this procedure.

    If you would like to call them for a free phone consult the number is: (919) 968-4656. The staff is excellent and friendly. The website also has a message board that you can read as well as videos to watch. There is also a blog on which one of Dr. Bergers patients put her story on about having her Essure reversed. She is remarkable in the fact that she not only shared her story but has remained in contact to help others who are searching for answers and support.

    Here is the link to the Essure Reversal video with Dr. Monteith from CHTRC:

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. If you need any information I am available pretty much all of the time.


  9. John says:

    @Yvonne – maybe your husband walks all over you and demands you get an invasive surgery and then does nothing to help with the kids – but there are ALOT of men out there, including me, who not only insist they get a vasectomy but also are there bottle or binky in hand in the wee hours in those1st few sleepless months, and then make it home in time to take care of the baby (and wife) while working a fulltime job, etc. So please don’t generalize and stereotype all men because of your husbands shortcomings!

    • Anna says:

      John, why are you even on a website about women’s health issues?

    • Vanessa says:

      That was very well put John. My husband is the same way. It was my choice to do the essure procedure. But my hubby is up at night with our daughter either by himself or sitting with us. Then gets up works all day and is back home to help with the dishes, laundry and cooking and cleaning.

  10. Yvonne says:

    @John- For ur information my husband doesn’t walk all over me & does take care of kids when not working. I have been a stay @ home mom for 3yrs & my children & I are very well taken care of. I also never said he wouldn’t get a vasectomy. So before u write back to someone understand what ur reading 1st!! Do some research John & u will find out that there are less men in this world that are willing to get a vasectomy!!

    • Vicki w says:

      I am curious to know how your reversal went and if the doctor that did your procedure did one before. I am having my coils taken out on June 10 or sooner if I can get my doctor to do it sooner because of massive amounts of pain and complete discomfort.
      Please let me know how it has gone. I just had it put in on Feb 11 2010 and I do not know if I have a nickel allergy and I am not going to another doctor to find out…I have spent way too much money to find out what is is going with me when I have been telling them it is the coils or something. The HSG showed nothing wrong.
      Let me know how the reversal procedure goes.

      • Yvonne says:

        Vikki w
        I have never had the essure placed. I was scheduled to do so but cancelled after alot of research & reading nothing but horror story. I am now in the process of getting a tubal. And the only reason i am getting a tubal & not having my husband get a vasectomy. Is they agreed to remove some if not all of my endometriosis & try & find out what else is causing me pain, as i have alot of stomach problems. Best of luck with you getting the essure remove. Please let me know how everything goes.

  11. Tracy Hedges says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in 2004 and ended up having to have a hysterectomy in 2008 to get the coils out! My doctor never did a nickel sensitivity test on me and after suffering with chronic problems for 4 years and getting no answers from my gynecologist I did my own research. When I discovered that nickel sensitivity was a contraindication I had an allergy test … I have a sensitivity to nickel! … yet my gyno NEVER investigated this as a possible reason for my problems. I went from being a healthy, fit, vibrant woman to; gaining 15 kilos even though I eat well and exercise regularly, feeling extremely lethargic, ongoing pain, bloating, foul smelling vaginal odour and unpredictable gushes of acidic smelling fluid that would leave me embarrassingly drenched and sometimes it would burn the skin of my vulva. My hormones are now horribly unbalanced, I can’t shift the weight gain, I still suffer with vaginal odour and lethargy. I had the procedure done after getting divorced and not wanting anymore children but because of the problems that I have had since having the coils inserted I have not wanted to get into a relationship as I am so embarrassed! It has been a nightmare. Oh how I wish I could have my time over again, I would never have had this done

    • Vicki w says:

      Hey Tracy

      I am wondering if you had a skin rash of any type with your nickel allergy? I do not have a rash of any type and my doctor doesn’t think that I am allergic since I do not have a rash and I saw some of your symptoms and it is the same as mine, but I no longer have burning or irritation around the vagina area or the foul smell odor. I am just curious since a rash is what is most recognized with a nickel allergy. I am getting tested for the nickel this week and hope it is my solution. I had surgery to remove the coils, but my doctor chose not to remove cause no medical reason for the pain coming from the coils. Instead he found a cyst on my ovary, endometriosis and fibroid on my uterus that he removed. All was saw on the ultrasound with exception to the endometriosis (which I had since 15) He thought that these were legitamat reasons for my pain so he did not remove the coils.

      I am also wondedring how you have been doing as far as your symptoms that you were having after your unfortunate hysterectomy. Did the symptoms from the Essure go away? and how you feeling now?

      • Tracy H says:

        Oh Vicki, how awful. My doctor did say that my fallopian tubes were inflamed when he took them out. When I discovered that nickel sensitivity was a contraindication I suspected that it might be my problem as my ears would get infected when I wore some earrings. I had never heard about nickel allergy before that and just assumed my ears were reacting to cheap jewellry. I went to a allergy specialist and I didn’t react in the ‘usual’ way to the nickel allergy test. The reaction was mostly under my skin. I didn’t get much of a rash but it was extremely irritated and itchy which lead the specialist to conclude I had a nickel allergy. He also said that because I had had the nickel in my system for so long my body had built up a tolerance for it and that is why I didn’t produce the usual rash. Since having the coils removed I feel a million times better. I have been seeing a herbalist throughout the ordeal. My body is still eliminating the toxins so I still suffer psoriasis and boils. I do have to urinate more frequently now as the hysterectomy has effected my bladder. The symptoms I suffer with now are mostly a result of the surgically induced menopause however I have been experimenting with a number of natural supplements and feel I have been able to minimize the symptoms. I still am carrying the extra weight and no matter how healthy I eat (I am Vegan) and how active I am I just can’t shift it. The vaginal odour and acidic fluid that would gush out disappeared after the coils were removed however the vaginal odour came back a couple of months later. I did some research and discovered that Bacterial Vaginosis can be a side effect of having a hysterectomy which produces a foul smelling odour so I am know treating that with natural therapies. Sadly, I am not feeling like my ‘old’ self but am getting there. When I had the devices in I was just getting sicker and sicker but now I feel I am getting healthier and healthier. It has been more than just a physical ordeal though I have had to mourn the loss of part of my body and of course the anger of having to suffer due to the negligence of my doctor and not being able to receive any compensation

    • Vicki w says:

      Thanks for the advice Tracy H!!!

      My doctor said that my tubes were not inflammed, and coils were in correct place, not bend, not twisted, or anything. My only hope is this allergy test this week. I was just curious what your allergy test showed since you did not have a rash. I do not expect to have a reaction to the test, but I may have what you have had and have problems under my skin. I do not wear earrings often cause they hurt my ear lobes, do not cause a rash but get bumps under my skin. So just not quite sure. I feel that doctors do not push nickel testing enough and it should be a requirement before having this procedure and I would suggest anyone to have it done before having this procedure. I am just frustrated at this point and want these things out!!! If I am not allergic to nickel, and after they are removed they I feel better, I can then say that there is definately and my doctor will agree that there is something wrong with the coils. I just want to be normal again.

      • Tracy H says:

        Vicki, nickel sensitivity IS a contraindication and doctors ARE meant to carry out a test BEFORE going ahead with the procedure. In the Essure “Summary of Risks and Other Important Information” it states under the Contraindications for use: Have a sensitivity to nickel as shown by skin testing. The Essure “Fact Sheet for Clinicians” states under the Contra-indications to the Essure procedure: Allergy to dye (contrast medium) or nickel. I only discovered this by doing my own research. I was never tested before having the devices inserted and NEVER told they were made of nickel. My doctor told me they were made of titanium and perfectly safe. They are actually made of a flexible stainless steel inner coil, an outer coil made of nickel titanium alloy (nitinol) and a layer of polyethylene terephthalate fibers (this is what causes the tissue ingrowth into the device). The fact that your body is reacting to earrings indicates you may have a sensitivity to nickel. An allergy and a sensitivity are different in there degree of symptons. You don’t have to be allergic to nickel only have a sensitivity to it, to NOT be suitable for Essure. My research revealed that you can also develop a nickel allergy as a result of the coils. In a paper I found on the internet it states “It is important to note, however, that the risk of becoming sensitized to nickel after an implant of stainless steel is approximately 3%” I also discovered that approximately 8-10% of women are sensitized to nickel and once sensitized, minor contact with metal containing nickel can cause a reaction. Go to Google is a great way to find out information

      • Vicki w says:

        Thanks for the link Tracy!!!

        I have researched nickel sensitivity and also wanting to see if your body can become immune to it after time and wanted to see if any side effects of the allergy is what I am having like muscles aching and inflammation, and tingling. I have not been able to find anything showing those kinds of effects mostly just skin irritation that I do not have. I am just really thankful that my doctor is listening to me, even though he didn’t take the coils the first time, I understand his reasoning cause they want a medical explanation for it. Sometimes, I do feel like maybe it is just in my head and maybe the thought of having these things in me makes me feel this way. but we will see with the nickel testing!!! The doctor doing the testing is also sceptable since I don’t have a rash. Keep your fingers crossed and I will let you know how it goes. Did you have to keep a patch on your arm for 3 days? They ordered the test from Canada, as they told me they don’t keep it in the office cause not many request the testing, so I am waiting for it to come in.

      • Tracy H says:

        Yes Vicki I had the 3 day skin patch. While it was on I had severe irritation on and off for 3 days yet when the patch came off there wasn’t much of a rash. I had definitely reacted to the nickel but it didn’t show up in the typical way. The other thing I did was to wear a pair of earrings that contained nickel to the specialist so he could see how my ears reacted. I also came across research about other types of metal implants eg. hip replacement that had to be removed because the person had reacted to the metal.

      • dianne says:

        Tracy so glad you are feeling and doing better, so i’m suppose to have this procedure done next month…but after reading alot of negative comments i’m having second thoughts. I need to hear this from someone should i just stay with birth control pills or go on with the essure procedure? My pills have worked for me marvelous I have never had any complications, and never given my any problems at all, I’m just tired of paying $30 every month and taking them daily.

      • Tracy H says:

        Dianne I would make sure you get tested for nickel sensitivity 1st however the problems that women are experiencing after having the procedure done seem extreme and I have to wonder if there is something more than just the nickel sensitivity going on?

  12. Jessica says:

    I got the procedure done in 07 and since then I get infections once a month every month about a week before my period. I think I might be allergic to the nickel. I just want everything removed. I am going to the doctors today to get some more information. Oh and I have also gained a lot of weight and I can’t seem to lose it.

  13. Vicki w says:

    Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit against Essure or Conceptus? I could sure use some help with medical bills, since I not longer have insurance.

    • Tracy Hedges says:

      Vicki, I live in Australia and I haven’t been able to find a lawyer to take on my case as they tell me that medical litigation is so hard to win (and of course they are only interested if they are guaranteed a windfall) and that the time limit to litigate may have lapsed (they say it’s too much of a ‘grey’ area) as I had the coils inserted in 2004 but didn’t have them out until 2008! Perhaps that’s why my doctor didn’t investigate the coils as a potential reason for my problems???? I haven’t been able to find any class action lawsuits in Australia … I would be very interested if there is any in the U.S

  14. Jessica says:

    How did they remove the coils and what did it take to get your doctor to do it?



      I went to several doctors and I went back to my original OB that I used to see years ago and he is willing to take the coils. He is not sure if this will help my symptoms, but my gut instinct is telling me that these coils are causing my problems and I can no longer live like this. Just insist to them to take the coils out!!! They can do the procedure by either removing the coils, taking out your fallopian tubes, and it may sometimes lead to a hysterectomy. I am hoping that I do not have to have a hysterectomy, but my quality of life has been horrible since I had the coils inserted. My doctor that inserted the coils has insisted that nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong with how the coils are placed, but the constant pain, confusion, night sweats, muscle weakness, and tremors tell me that something is wrong!!! Just insist they take them out, if that is what you want!!!

  15. Tracy Hedges says:

    To remove the coils I had no choice but to remove both fallopian tubes. I was then given 2 options; I could have my uterus removed fully or partially but removing the coils meant that some of my uterus HAD to go. After discussion with my gyno/surgeon and lots of agonising I decided to have all my uterus removed however he was able to leave my cervix. I decided that if I was going to lose part of my uterus then I may as well go for the option that at least left me with no period as I had a huge fear that the excessive bleeding I had after the coils were inserted, would continue. Now my hormones are horribly unbalanced and my estrogen levels are very low (this has brought on a whole new set of problems!) Getting my doctor to agree to remove the coils wasn’t difficult once I informed him about what I had discovered as a result of my own research ie it was a contraindication to have the procedure done if you had a sensitivity to nickel and that I has then taken myself to an allergy specialist who confirmed that I in fact did have a sensitivity to nickel. My gyno sent me to another gyno for a second opinion. The second opinion confirmed that the coils had to come out! At this stage I was very ill and suffering terribly and felt that if the coils didn’t come out I would die of toxicity. I had to wait ten months on a public hospital waiting list before I could have the operation. I then had to take 6 weeks off work to recover. The whole ordeal took 5 years from my life. I am only 44 and I am now going through surgically induced menopause!!

  16. Jasmine says:

    I went to my Well Wwoman/Yearly annual exam today and was weighing Tubal ligation and Essure. I’m 40 by the way… My Dr. recommended Tubal…I was seriously considering Essure, but forget it now…I will just stick to what I am doing now, the rhythm method. This procedure just isn’t worth it to me… neither is Tubal ligation at this point.
    I am so very glad I did more research that I did today and found a few websites of actual patients that have had this done. The posts are frightening.
    The more and more I read patients posts…it makes me angry that men cant take more responsibility and get a vasectomy, quit whining about it and stop being selfish and thinking about number #1.
    Why do us woman have to put our bodies through even more trauma then we already do in life?

    • Alice says:

      I’m with you Jasmine. I was considering Essure, but after reading these posts, I’m so thankful to all you ladies who took time to post your experiences. You have probably saved me from a lot of grief. I’m healthy and fit, and want to stay that way. My husband won’t have a vasectomy, but he is willing to wear condoms, so we’ll just continue as we have been. Thank you so much!!

  17. Jana Petty says:

    My niece had the procedure about a year ago, since then she has experienced weight gain, night sweats, severe headaches that pain pills will not touch. She also has elevated blood pressure and has to be treated with medication, lethargy, mood swings, and homicidal thoughts. She is on anti-depressants, and other medications.

    Has anyone else had any of these same symptoms?

    • Vicki w says:


      I have had some of the same symptoms. My blood pressure was always low but now it higher than usual but dr’s still consider it low. I have nightsweats, mood swings, and YES I am always tired, and have a feeling of confusion, and sometimes feel like i’m going to black out. If she did not have any of these symptoms before she had the procedure, I would suggest that she see a dr that is willing to remove them, If they are making her feel that bad.

      Many of the symptoms that women are having are the same with some variation. I do not have all of these symptoms everyday with the exception of leg, abdominal, and back pain, I have everyday.

      She needs to listen to her body and if something is wrong or doesn’t feel right, she needs to insist they are taken out!!!

    • natalie mallard says:

      I am experiencing all the synptoms that all you ladies are havimg, but im also not having the desire for sex, is anyone else having that symptom, and i had mine in 03, and i absolutely hate sex and ive gained and extra 60 lbs, slurring of words insomnia and my health is just getting worse, i hope i can find some relief soon

  18. Cindy says:

    I am thinking about having the essure procedure done. The doctor made it sound like it was nothing to have it done. Maybe some cramping the day of and that is it. My husband is open to having a vasectomy but they made it sound like having the essure was less “down” time, etc. After reading alot of the stories from people who have had it done…I am worried! Should I not have the procedure done because of all the possible side effects? Wondering if it is safer for my husband to have a vasectomy than me to have the essure done. Tell me when you had your procedure done and when you started to have problems. Any advise would be greatly appriciated.

    • Tracy Hedges says:

      Make sure you get a nickel sensitivity test done first however, after reading the problems women are having I believe the issue is more than just a sensitivity to nickel. I wouldn’t recommend it



      My personal advise to you is to not have it done!!! Many women do not have problems but many do and you could be one or not.. You can also go to a website called and see the posts on Essure. many other women are having issues. I would recommend the vasectomy. Let me explain why… Many have been done and doctors have been doing it for years and years. This procedure is 5 years old and I beleive that “Yes” doctors are making it sound very easy and no complications. That is why I had mine done. I had mine done on Feb 11 of 2010 and having the devices removed on June 10. I began knowing that something wasn’;t right approx 1 week after the procedure and was ignored by my doctor and even after 2 weeks she still ignored it. She has still ignored it and I have found a different doctor that will help me. If I knew now what I do, I would not have had it done. We have learned to trust our doctors and put our life in their hands, but with this matter, I don’t think they know. I will never put another foreign object in my body again!!!! I hope this helps you and if you have any other questions, please let me know.

  19. lydia W. says:

    i had essure around april 2010.
    When my son was born, i had eclampsia and i can no longer have any more kids with my medical condtion, he also has what i have which is 22 q deletion. (DGeorgious syndrum) Me and my husband decided to go wit essure, my obgyn made it sound like it was a simple procedure, which it was, hardly any pain. I had cramping after and muscle spasoms for two days, but no more pain just constant bleeding.
    I’ve been spotting for at least two months, sometimes back pain and mood swings, but other than that nothing major.
    The bleeding is what concerns me, is it normal to bleed this long after the procedure? my obgyn’s head nurse said that it could be from me coming off the depo as back up. Is that true or is there something else going with my body. She did also state that i would continue to bleed for three months. i just want to feel like a normal 23 year old again. without the mood swings and back pain. Does anyone have any answers? Could i possibly be going through early menopause? is that even possible??

    • TINA says:

      hey lydia was reading through and wantin to know did the bleeding stop..i got the procedure done in mar11.n hate i got it done i also want my old body before the essure:(

  20. Michelle says:

    HI everyone, I also have alot of the same S/S I had mine placed a little over a year ago after I had my last child, and since have not been able to shead the belly weight. I also have hot flashes, lower back pain, light headed feeling and concentration problems at times. I in the past had an irregular period and at first things seemed to be fine but this month I just have it on and off non -stop. I went to my dr. who gave me pap smear and my results were -. (i swear i thought i had cancer) until I stummbled on to this sight now I starting to wonder if its this device inside me running my life. I also contributed my break through bleeding with stress, But if any one has any helpful info I will gladly listen, Also I don’t remember ever being asked about the nickle allergy. One more thing not sure if it matters but, my left side ended up being put in a little higher then the right and dr. was not sure it would be successful but when xray done it was. Thanks

    • Tracy H says:

      Michelle, after I had the essure procedure my periods became much heavier and I would often get breakthrough bleeding. I was unable to use a tampon as it would not handle the blood flow yet before I had the essure procedure, my periods were an average flow. Before I discovered I had a nickel sensitivity I too wondered if I had cancer. One of the contraindications of having this procedure done is nickel sensitivity. Doctors are meant to carry out a nickel sensitivity test prior to doing the procedure. My doctor didn’t carry this out nor did he inform me of it either. He actually assured me that it was made from titanium (the coils are part titanium, part nickel). VERY misleading!

    • Shannon V. says:

      Well hello everyone, this is a first to about any of this I had the essure done Dec. 9,2009 and up until now I thought it was great. I never had to be cut after having children so this seemed like the best option for me but now I am having second thoughts. Well after doing the procedure I bleed for I know about 3-4 months straight non-stop and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was wrong I didn’t bleed that long after having children. Now that this has stopped I have been having non-stop yeast infections and I didnt have none of this before hand and my doctor was like different things could trigger having yeast infections but its funny how I never had this many before and now they are constantly coming and I am so siiiiicccckkkkkk of it also every now and then I do experience painful intercourse and slight bleeding afterwards and that question by my doctor has yet to be answered. I went back to the doctor for my pap and it came back that I wasn’t pregnant but 7 months now after the procedure I am having pregnacy systoms that are now scaring me and I am going to call and make an appt with my OB dr first thing in the morning. The reason I didnt have the re-test done is because it cost 795.00 after my insurance was going to pay their part and when I went back June 9, and had my pap done and I wasnt pregers she said oh that means it worked but now I am so second quessing it and after reading about someone being pregnant and actually was about to be delivering after having the Essure as well now I am even more freaked out and my husband asked me are you pregnant and now I am really worried because each time I have been pregnant he has always told me I was. I guess my question now would be if i am what is the success rate of baby and mom being safe and everything working. Any suggestions Thanks

      • Ruby says:

        I have a 4 year old son after having my essure procedure…I to started gaining weight had pregnant symptoms but I was not paying attention to my symptoms…I went in to see my doctor thinking I had a UTI. She suggested I have a pregnant test also. I stated there was no need for the pregnancy test because I had the essure procedure and there was no way that I could be pregnant. Maybe I was in denial when my body was sending me clear signs that I was pregnant, when I found out that I was pregnant, I was entering into my second trimester. My son has a lot of problems with allergies and a seizure disorder, which non of my other four children have. It seems as if he has a runny nose all year.

    • Sarah says:

      I had the Essure procedure done in December ’09 after having my son. Since then I have experienced a lot of what the other ladies have. After having the procedure I had spotting and then no period at all. I went for another month bleeding almost the whole month. Since then I have had nothing. It’s been 2 months now. Has anyone else had this problem? I saw my OB/GYN and he said it was me. I explained the weight gain, back pain, abdominal pain, hot flashes, dizziness, and nausea. It’s been almost 8 months. I need some relief.

      • Robin says:

        im right there with you its been almost a year since ive had my procedure and i seem to be accumulating more and more problems.

  21. Alissa says:

    I had my second child on January 15, 2010 by c-section. My oldest was born in 1999 and was an emergency c-section. I wanted to have the second naturally but the doctors talked me out of it since I wanted to have a tubal done at delivery and they reasoned we could do it all in one shot.

    Taking that route meant switching healthcare providers in November 2009 as the Catholic hospital I was originally working with will not do any type of sterilization – I was told. So I switched. And it was a pain getting into to see the doctor as it was over the holidays, etc.

    I finally got to see a nurse in the new hospital on December 21, 2009. She did not tell me or ask about a consent form needed for the tubal. On December 23, I finally got to see the doctor who would be delivering. It was at that meeting that I was informed that because no consent had been signed, my insurance would not cover the tubal at delivery because the consent had to be signed 30 days in advance. I did everything I could to try and convince the doctor to do the tubal – nope.

    He transferred me to another doctor to get the procedure done later, at my six-week check-up. Essure was often suggested and pushed by all doctors and midwives involved. I kept saying no, I am not comfortable with what I have read about it. C-section went great, everybody happy, healthy. I had my six-week check-up scheduled and assumed that my tubal would be done then, as discussed.

    When I went in a week prior to the 6-wk check for my post-op meeting with the dr., he flat-out refused to do the tubal. He basically told me Essure or nothing. He pressured me into it. I was desperate to be done with babies for sure and agreed to it. I asked about nickel sensitivity and was told not to worry about it, very few people have it… A week later, my procedure was scheduled. The hospital made me wait over 3 hours before they finally got me into surgery. I was completely anesthetized – that was not supposed to happen either. But I came out of surgery and all was well – supposedly. My Essure procedure was done 4 days shy of six weeks after delivery. It has been 14 weeks since it was done.

    Last friday, I had my check-up (13 weeks since the procedure) and all supposedly checks out. I have had no real periods yet (although plenty of intermittent spotting) but the blood test confirmed not pregnant prior to the x-ray, which no one told me would be excruciating…

    However, my symptoms since having the Essure implants include weight gain, nausea, vomiting (and I NEVER got morning sickness with either pregnancy), fatigue, dizziness, pain during intercourse, frequent bouts of diarrhea, headaches that nothing kills, abdominal twinges and sometimes slight pangs in my abdomen and the worst symptom so far is the hives. They keep coming back, getting worse. They keep me up at night. My legs are the most affected but I have had hives on my arms, neck and upper abdomen also. I do not know what to do. I have had hives several times in the last couple of years but not like this! I am not sure if my problems are the device but I strongly suspect so!!!

    Also, I do not know what to do because I have no insurance. I had Medicaid while I was pregnant but since I do work I am over-income otherwise and too poor to buy it on my own… Any suggestions or other possible causes would be greatly appreciated. I am at my wits end! Thank you all for any help.

    • Tracy H says:

      Alissa, one of the many symptoms I suffered with and still suffer with is psoriasis. If you have a sensitivity to nickel the metal in the coils makes the body extremely toxic. When your body cannot eliminate the toxins faster than they are being made it will eliminate it through the largest organ – the skin. Hives could be your body’s way of dealing with having a toxic system. The other side effect of the toxins is weight gain and not being able to shift the weight. If your body can’t get rid of the toxins fast enough it goes into survival mode and absorbs the toxins into fat to protect itself. I had the coils removed a year and a half ago and my body is still struggling to eliminate the accumulated toxins

      • Amanda says:

        When I had the essure procedure done I asked about the sensitivity. The doctors office told me they didn’t know anything about allergies. They would figure something out. They contacted me a few days later and came up with the idea for me to wear the coil taped to the outside of my skin to see if I would have a reaction. I did not have a reaction but I am now wondering if something is up. As I said before, I am having my gall bladder removed on Monday and if the problems do not cease with that then I will have to look at essure procedure being my next alternative.



      since you have hives, I would first consider geting a nickel sensitivity test. More thn likely that is the case. If you do have the sensitivity that is a medical reason for them to remove the coils. I would act as quickly as you can before the coils have time to settle and start to form around your tubes, since then in most cases they have to do a hysterectomy…

      My dr. attempted to remove the coils on June 10, (just a few days ago) and he could not because they are too much embedded in my uterus and was concerned with my safety and thought that a hysterectomy would be necessary to remove them and did not want to do it without having the proper permission to do so. I feel deceived, betrayed, and need for these coils to be removed. I now must undergo another surgery to get them removed or have a hysterectomy.
      He also did not see a medical reason to remove the devices. I am beyond frustration at this point

      I also want anything more than to feel like myself again, and know that this pain is from the device. I have cried rivers and rivers the last few days and wish that if I could just go back in time and take away getting these devices inserted, I would!!! MY QUALITY OF LIFE HAS NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE.

      • Shannon V. says:

        OMG I am so upset the more I read the stories the more I was deceived as well I didnt know anything about a nickel allergy and she never spoke to me about any toxins or anything of that nature now I am really upset and scared I wanna have them removed as well but dont know what to do. I have though experienced alot of head aches and alot of irriability and this is not me I dont know what the problem is I need answers. I feel like I got fed a bunch of crock now i will be filing a complaint with Essure.

  22. Linda says:

    Had my procedure done Wednesday June 8th. Everything went fine. I took 1 ibuprofen, 1 Cipro adn 1 valium 1 hour before the procedure. As squeamish as I am, I watched it on the screen. There was a little problem of finding the tube on one side. On that side, I did have some cramping but nothing worse than the cramping I use to have when I was a teenager. Afterwards, they had me take a pain pill, which I believe made me nausious. I took another one, and I think that made it worse. I came home and went to bed. After 2 hours I got up and took 2 tums. This seemed to settle my stomach. On Thursday, I went to work with not problem. A cramp every now and again but that was all. I do have some bleeding. Not a lot on Thursday, but more on Friday and today. It is also very red with chunks. The only issues I have is a cramp now and then. I have a followup in 2 weeks. I hope the bleeding goes away soon. Overall (only been 3 days), it has been a good experience.

  23. Ma'Lynda says:

    I had the Essure done in Sept 2008. It went great…only 6 minutes to put the coils in and I got to watch it on the monitor…..Then when I went to make sure my tubes were blocked,,,they gave me no pain meds and said it wouldn’t hurt…it was one of the worst pain ever and I’ve been through natural child birth….every month I get back pain and cramps…..but in the last few months, my period started lasting longer….then after my period last month, I had a week break and have now been having bleeding daily since the 2nd of June….on Monday I stated bleeding more and having blood clots…it just keeps getting worse….tomorrow I’m going to get avreferral for my gyn……I also started having dizziness in Oct 09 and I see others have had this too…I’ve also had near blackouts…..My doctor said in 2008 that the coils can’t be removed,,,but I hopefully now they can be.. I also have experinced anxiety and tingling and numbness to my arms, hands and face…..sometimes I feel q heat sensation from my fallopian tubes.

    • sara says:

      hello people…I also have had this procedure done. where do I start??….Was done in 2008, I didnt have any problems until about a year later, just 4-5 months ago things are getting worse..I am enimic, Im on vitamens and Iron pills, depression, mood swings, dizzyness, and I forget stuff allll the time (confusion). when I get my period I would feel like I have to go bathroom alll the time, like a urinary intraction…would go to the doctors but the test they did would come out negative for a ui…, and would go away, and yeast infections just before every period….that has stopped ever scence I been bleeding heavely…large clots the size of lemons, very pianfull…I had an ultrasound done and the walls of my uteris are enlarged 14mm I guess the normal is 5-9mm…Im on birthcontrol to control my periods,prenatel vitamens, vitamen d, and iron pills…and in three months there gonna do a biopsy if things dont change, although I have requested to get one done a.s.a.p!! most thing that gets me down the most I have no energy and 4 children, with preyer and the Lords help and my husbands been great, Iv made it…a day at a time. oh, and I cant loose weight, its super hard…Iv worked out and ate right, and lose VERY little, have been having t work my butt off to lose what I one should have to go through this, my doctor pressured me into getting it, I told him NO soooo many times, I wanted to have my tubes tied, he said he couldnt do it because he was on vacation, and no other doctor was available to do it after I had the baby, and I didnt want to come back and do it later so I got the essure…=( I wish I wouldnt have!!!!

      • Tracy H says:

        Oh Sara my heart goes out to you. It is so awful to hear this happening to women over and over. So much suffering is being experienced because of this procedure. I hope this site has brought you some comfort that you are not alone and you are not crazy! Make sure that you report the effects to Essure … they need to know! I sent an e-mail to them but did not get a reply. If they get enough of them they may take action.

      • Courtney says:

        I’m so sorry! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I went through 3 years of being very ill and it was not immediate after receiving the Essure that I became ill. All the while I was raising 5 kids and almost lost my children when my Gyn reported me to the state when I told her yes I could use help with the kids ( I was thinking a nurse or resperate care or something) But no she reported I couldn’t take care of my children! I had days I would sit in the bathroom for hours feeling like I needed to go. You can e’mail me if you’d like. I feel your pain.

  24. Ma'Lynda says:

    I wanted to add that I also had the weight gain issue….but now I’m on the vitamin B combo shot diet and I’ve lost 24 lbs. since March. It’s a doctors supervised diet that might help help others who are dealng withvthe weight gain caused by Essure.

  25. Cherish says:

    Hi there, I had the essure done on July 31st of 2009. I was put asleep for it. I had my dye test done in december and everything came out great!..But however a couple months rolled by and now Im having heavy clotting periods,sometimes pain on both sides even when Im not on my period, and I have gushes to where it makes my underwear wet and I have to change them mood swings like your wouldnt believe and feeling tired all the time.Personally I really wish I never got this done and went had just a tubal. I did my research on this and my doctor was board certified and what not and thought it was a awesome time because you dont have to have surgery and no cutting and healing is fast. But anyways now that I have moved to a different state (military) I have to find a new doctor that will listen to my concerns about what is happening to me! I would like to have them removed and I wouldnt care if they have to take everything out, Im just tired of what is going on with me!

    • HI everyone I am so gald I came across this I am waiting on my phone call to make my apt to go get my esure put in. My question is both me and my husband are done having kids I am 30 years old, what about the iud?

  26. Traci Nichols says:

    This blog and everyone’s responses have really helped me understand that 1) I’m not crazy or alone in this and 2) there’s more to all of these issues than I thought! I FINALLY have a doctor that is listening. I was referred to a hemotologist / oncologist about a month ago because my MCV levels have been high, as well as my BP. Everything else is fine, other than still experiencing the same symptoms (even worse). Nonetheless, we’ve done test after test and still my MCV level is high causing my BP to go higher. I have been diagnosed with Macrocytic Anemia (enlarged blood cells). The next step, he said was to do a bone marrow biopsy. It was then I said, well – could it be Essure? So we started researching more and I gave him this blog. We are now in the process of a full heavy metal test (thanks to the input on the nickle sensitivity here) and a liver ultrasound tomorrow. Then, hopefully, we can find something conclusive. I, too, realize that I may have to have the tubes removed or a full hysterectomy. At this point, I don’t care. I want, like everyone else, to get back to normal. I wouldn’t know what I know if it wasn’t for everyone here. Thank you and I’ll post after I know more next week!

    • vervilledeb1 says:

      Hi Traci,

      What you have been going through is not uncommon at all (which is bad in itself). Have you discussed with the physician about reversing the procedure? It is possible and with a great outcome. Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has performed these successfully. I will add the link to the video and the website so that you can review things. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find relief soon. Please keep us updated.



      hi me again!!!

      Well turns out that the dermatologist did not order the nickel test last week. I called on Monday to confirm the status of it (which was a week) and my dr and the dermatologist had a lack of communication. Anyway….I told my dr I was not waiting anymore!!! Get them out!!! today was the surgery and they were removed with success!!! and also my tubes!!! I have heard stories of women feeling better right after surgery, but that is not me!!! I still have extreme muscle inflammation, back hurts a little, and ciatic nerve is still inflammed, and leg muscles still hurt, and the pain in my left side that I was having is still there….I am hoping that this will get better and I need time to heal!!! Say a prayer and hopefully this will help!!!


        FEELING GREAT!!!!!

        Wanted to update everyone and let you know that all symptoms of the Essure has gone BY-BYE and I feel great!!!

        The day after surgery, I woke up and felt like my body was back to normal.
        Muscle inflammation gone
        Confusion gone
        back pain gone
        Tiredness gone
        Tingling in legs gone

        Anyone contemplating if your symptoms are from the Essure, listen to your body!!! I did and my doctor did not know what to say when I called him the next day to let him know that all symptoms were gone!!! All he is waiting on to make a medical reason for the pain is the nickel sensitivity test.

        I hope that these posts will help others that have the same symptoms and do something to get them out!!! Someone will listen to you, just insist on it!!!

      • Tracy H says:

        Oh Vicki that is such great news ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tracy H says:

      Good luck Traci. I didn’t find this post until after my ordeal was over but it has brought me comfort knowing that I am not alone. I live in Australia and I wasn’t able to find anyone on the internet who shared my experience. It took me 4 years to finally have my coils removed, I just wish I had come across this earlier so I didn’t have to suffer so long.

    • dianne says:

      Good luck Traci N


      Traci Nichols

      I could have spent thousands of dollars investigating what was wrong with me. I just keep going until a doctor listened and I insisted they take them out since I did not feel this way before Essure was put in. I told the doctor to take them out, cause my gut was telling me that is what was wrong. He did not think that the Essure was causing me the pain and other symptoms, and that is why I went through 2 operations in order to get them out. After the 2nd one when he removed my tubes, I have felt better. I told him that I wanted them out to see if that is what was causing my pain, then after if I was still hurting then I would do and go anywhere to find out the cause, BUT get these things out of me first!!! Now my doctor does not know what to say or have a clue. My nickel sensitivity test is Tues and I will know something by Fri if allergic or not, but I do not think I am. Doctor says that my body may have just hypersensitive to having the devices put in and it was rejecting them. Who knows??? I feel like myself again, and I wish you the best!!!! How long have you had them in?? My muscles in my body are still trying to recover from the deep aching and pain that I had in my legs and back so right now almost 2 weeks after having them removed, all I have is some muscle inflammation from the aching, which is normal.

      Good Luck!!!! and hope all goes well.

  27. Tracy H says:

    Wow Vicki … it is great that you were assertive with your needs. We instinctively know our own bodies and it sounds like you really knew those coils needed to come out. It took me 4 weeks to recover from the surgery and then several months to be able to live a ‘normal’ life but the symptoms of the coils were gone quickly, however I was left with a very toxic body from 4 years of the coils so I am still detoxing after a year and a half (since they were removed). Did you have to have any of your uterus removed? My prayers are with you Vicki, take this time to let yourself heal. It has been lovely to connect with you. Don’t you love how the internet can do that ๐Ÿ™‚


      FEELING GREAT NOW!!! Please retract what I said earlier about after surgery, I still hurt in the same places!!!!

      I had the devices and my tubes removed on June 23,2010 and I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!! I feel absolutely wonderful!!! I have some soreness from surgery, but all the symptoms from the Essure have gone BYE-BYE!!! I am so glad that part of my life is gone and I can now move forward with my life!!!

      My nickel sensitivity test will be with in the next week, but I wanted to give all an update and let you know.

      If for any reason you have symptoms after the Essure, don’t question it or think you are crazy, GET THEM OUT!!! You will feel great after!!!

  28. […] like no downsides, right? With not too much digging you can find information on problems women have experienced. Possibly due to the fallopian tube having a spasm, gettingย theย spring […]


      yes…Families of Two….so true…I have learned my lesson about putting foreign objects in my body, and will not advise anyone to do this or even put in an IUD…Many friends of mine had problems with IUD’s so I went to the permanent and most effective, what I thought. But yes, so true, “Never put any foreign object in the human body” did you have the procedure done?

  29. pam says:

    Hi i just had mine done may 18 2010 , i was told it was like a walk in the park, it was painfull and i continued to have bad back pain for few days… wish my Dr. explained more to, and now just waiting on my first period after the procedure, and am having sharp pains on the lower left side wierd.. Drs medical staff says maybe ovulation .. and to call if continues … but hope i am sealed when my 3 month comes.. no regret yet:)

  30. pam says:

    What we have to get tested for Nickle? they never said anything of that …..


      Yes Pam, the devices are made of a certain percentage of nickel and if you have an allergy to nickel then it is not suggested you get the devices put in. Some of us have had our issues because of a nickel allergy. The issues are because the doctors down play the allergy to nickel and do not suggest getting tested after answering “NO” to a series of questions. But some of us believe that there is more to these devices than just a nickel allergy. I had pain, pain, and more pain. I do not think I have a nickel allergy but getting tested next week for it. If it is not a nickel allergy, then I know something is wrong. My doctor suggests that my tubes were just hypersensitive for the procedure. ?????

      • pam says:

        Wow they never explained all that although i have high respects for my Dr. i am concerned… please let me know the results and what are the symptom’s.. And Hypersensitive tubes? will that ever go away? and how can they get away with not going over the possible risks, I just went in for a pap and set a date to remove a 10 yr old IUD.. i seen the essure vidiE AND THOUGHT WOW SIMPLE AND I WOULD BE DONE..not so sure now:(

  31. Erica Tate says:

    I had essure done 2 weeks ago. Procedure was easy and quick. I had light spotting for a few days and now I am having major major bleeding and large clots. I have a follow up app tomorrow. I know that I am not allergic to nickel. I am just wondering if anyone else had the problems with bleeding and for how long? Thanks


      hI Erica

      Bleeding like that should not be normal, at least I don’t think it is. If you read others up above I believe some had issues with bleeding. If not go to womens and search essure and many women on there have had issues with bleeding. Make sure you take care of yourself. If you feel the need to get the devices taken out insist before it gets to late and a hysterectomy or tube removal is necessary. If your tubes are not sealed they can certainly take them out the same way they put them in, as long as the tubes are not sealed. I have heard of women bleeding so much that they were taking iron supplements and doctors suggested an ablation. Good luck and hope all goes well!!!!

      • nancy brewer says:

        I had mine done 2 days ago and i am now haveing back pain and bleeding i had a tubal ligation 4 years ago and i had a baby girl aug 3 this year so i went and had this done but now i am not sure i did the right thing has anyone else had a tubal ligation before and then had this done???

  32. pam says:

    My bleeding went away 3-4 days after my procedure, thought kinda strange being i was told 2-4 weeks of bleeding maybe?? i told my Dr. at my 2 week exam and she was little like ok already hummm.. i was bothered, and she didnt do a exam just asked me how i was feeling .. should there of been a actual exam internal?

  33. pam says:

    I just spoke with my Doctor she said if a nickle allergy is expected but rare it will not be pain, it actually is red skin itchyness… anyone have that symptom?

    • Courtney says:

      My nickel allergy test had been positive and I had no outward symptoms with the Essure. My dr told me I’d know because I’d be bleeding. I had had some bleeding but not enough for them to be concerned. Thankfully I had one dr that was insistant it must be the Essure. I happy to say Wed. I had a partial hysterectomy to remove my tubes. It was the only choice I was given. 4 Days after the surgery I began to feel different. Still mild pain from the surgery but different, lymph nodes have gone down, NO NAUSEA! My moods are better and my heads not in a complete fog. For those who’s test came out negetive I pray your dr.s listen to your complaints and you find help to remove them. As some of my dr.s have said “IT is also a foreign object in your body and not everyone’s body is even going to accept something so foreign.”
      I had days I didn’t think I was even going to live through the day and days I was in my OB’s office litterally crying for help. Thank God it is finally gone!

    • Alissa says:

      Ever since I had the Essure placed 02/2010, I have had recurring eczema which has gotten progressively worse. I also have some other problems, like lower back pain, headaches and nausea that I have never had before this. There was no allergy test done to my knowledge when I went in and my doctor absolutely refused to do the tubal ligation that I wanted. He insisted on Essure, how great it was, and how many he had done successfully. That may all be true but it is not working 4 me. My skin never stops itching, nothing makes it less. I have tried every lotion on the market, baby oil, changing my diet, laundry soap, bath soap, etc. Even hydrocortisone does next to nothing. It works 4 a little bit but then the itching returns with a vengeance. I have no insurance which is why I reluctantly agreed to the Essure while I was on Medicaid 4 my 2nd pregnancy. And I am employed f/t but no benefits and hardly able to support my 2 children as it is. Their dad never contributed and I had to leave when it got beyond toxic. So now I really feel stuck & hope the call I will be getting from Chapel Hill in NC later this week will give me some answers on getting these things out!!! I would suggest that everyone due their own research and if you are not okay with the procedure, DON’T do it! Listen to your instincts!

  34. pam says:

    Nickle allergy is itchy red skin???


      Pam and Erica

      In many forums and posts that I have seen some have the itchy redness from a nickel allergy, but sometimes they don’t. Many that I have spoken with on forums have had pain and some have had infections every month or an itchy vagina with some irritation. Not always have everyone that is nickel sensitive have the rash. You can also read forums and posts at

      I am just so thankful to have my life back and feel normal again!!!!

    • Courtney says:

      my surgeon had said post-surgery that my tubes had inflammation.

  35. Erica Tate says:

    Thanks Vicki..I will be sure to be take care of myself. I want to give the procedure a chance to work since my only problem is this crazy bleeding but I have to admit I have thought about insisting they take them out. I had my checkup yesterday. July 1st. There was no physical exam just talked with doctor, she just asked if I had any pain. I told her moderate cramping. So she said that was good. She said the bleeding was in response to the depo pro vera shot I got one week before the procedure. This makes sense to me since I had actually started spotting the morning before the procedure was done. She told me that bleeding like this happens after the shot for some women and would continue as long as the depo is in my system. The key with the depo is to take at the right point in your cycle to avoid the bleeding. Which in my docs defense she did have me scheduled for the right time and then I had to reshedule the procedure. So we are looking at 2 1/2 more months of heavy heavy bleeding. She gave me some estrogen patches to “give me some relief” from the bleeding but she told me as soon as I take the patch off the bleeding will come back. I have had patch on for 14 hours now and the bleeding is slowing down…… I hope this post helps someone that may have had the same issue as me. If you are researching having essure before doing it I would really think twice about it. It really sounds like a lot of women are having a really bad time with this. I don’t expect any more problems since I do not have a nickel allergy. And yes a nickel allergy presents in the form of a raised bumpy red rash at the site of contact. I know this from years of working at a jewelry store in college and my dad is a jewelry designer. He would often make mock ups of jewelry in nickel and cz’s. All the ladies at the store would wear them and so would my sis and I. Several had allergic reactions to them. So if you have an allergy but the device is inside who knows what kind of problems you could have. Obviously not a rash at the site (at least that you could see). Before you do it make sure you do not have an allergy. Most costume jewelry is plated with rhodium so don’t try that to see if you have an allergy. Often though the posts of earrings don’t get rhodiumed or it wears off quickly so if you do have a reaction to “fake” earrings I would check with an allergist to make sure about it before doing the procedure.

  36. Traci Nichols says:

    I am so excited – I will be having a the coils taken out at the end of August! My doctors are listening…what a relief. I am looking so forward to getting back to normal again. I am having the pelvic ultrasound tomorrow morning to determine how difficult it will be to just remove the tubes – worst case, they will take out the tubes and my uterus through a laporoscopic procedure. I’m ok with that – my ovaries will still be there so I’ll have the necessary hormones I need.

    Thanks again to everyone for the support and helping me to gain knowledge…normalcy is right around the corner!

    • Tracy H says:

      Traci I am so pleased to hear that you are able to remove the coils. I had to have a hysterectomy but still have my ovaries. I just want to prepare you for the possibility of your hormones being affected even though you still have your ovaries. I am now going through surgically induced menopause at 44 y.o. and my estrogen levels are extremely low. All the best, my thoughts are with you


      That is great and wonderful news!!!! Good job at being persistant with the doctors… How long have you had the coils in? How did you finally get them to listen? Were all your other tests negative? My doctor also told me that I may risk a hysterectomy to take them out, but he just didn’t know how the removal of my tubes would go because of a risk of bleeding, but I was also ok with removing the uterus also if that is what it was gonna take to remove the coils. My doctor told me that everything went smoothly in surgery. He just removed my tubes and burned the outside of them to open them up to see where the coils were then pulled the coils out…The doctor was just giving me all possible things that could happen, cause he really didn’t know what to expect when he removed the coils. YOu will do great and what a releif you will feel when they are gone!!! In my prayers!!!


      Traci Nichols

      Please file a report with the FDA notifying them of your issues. You may want to wait till after your procedure so the coils are out of your body and you have a full history to give them in your report.

      This is the only way that they know of any issues with the devices. We can not leave this up to our doctors to take care of.

      You can also read reports on the FDA website of issues women had with Essure. It is called “MAUDE ADVERSE EFFECT REPORTS”


      Traci nichols

      I also wanted to let you know that I had a lot of the same symptoms that you have experienced with the Essure. Like the leg tingling, confusion, tiredness, and so on…. I had mine in since Feb 2010 and I know that you will feel much better once they are taken out.

      have you ever gotten tested for nickel? Just curious since you have gone through a work up at the doctor.

      However, I have been suffering from a pinched nerve in my back since the surgery, because of the inflammation in my muscles, but all is being taken care of now. I think once you have these removed, you will be able to move on with your life!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Courtney says:

      Congratulations! I was able to avoid the laporoscopic surgery and they went in vaginally. Only thing was they had to take my cervix then too. But recovery didn’t take as long.


    Just did my nickel sensivity allergy test and the result were NEGATIVE!!! no nickel allergy, now there is no medical explanation for the pain that I was having due to the Essure. I am just happy that they are out of my body and I have my life back again. Anyone considering this procedure should definately re-think the opinions…Go the old fashion way with having a TUBAL LITIGATION!!!!

    • Tracy H says:

      Vicki that is very interesting indeed! No nickel sensitivity hey. Have you notified Essure … have ALL the women notified Essure about their problems? Have you notified the American Government body that deals with medical complaints? I e-mailed Essure but got no reply. The Australian Government Body is the Therapeutic Goods Administration and they investigated and found Essure had nothing to answer for as they had nickel sensitivity as a contraindication. I am going to contact them again with all the feeedback I had received on this site. essure needs to be investigated before any more women suffer!


        Tracy I have tried to contact Essure with the issues I have had. I filed a complaint with them and they said someone would contact me, but it has been 2 weeks and I have not heard a word yet. My doctor said that he was going to file a complaint with Essure also and let his rep know. All I can encourage everyone that has had issues to do is file a report with the FDA. You go to the website and it is called a “MAUDE ADVERSE EFFECT REPORT”


        This will be the only way that can be done through the government, so they are aware of issues with the Essure.

        While speaking with Essure, I asked them if they keep track of any complaints or what they do about it? She told me that after the trial and the reports of their trials are complete and they receive FDA approval no further research is done unless otherwise suggested by the FDA.

        I also have a friend that works in a lab and does paperwork etc for a laboratory trying to get FDA approval for a bone implant and she has told me the same thing. Many hours go into getting FDA approval and after they get the approval the rest is history!!!!

        I encourage everyone to file this report with the FDA. Your doctor does not have to do it. You can do this yourself. You call also call the FDA and someone will call you back. There are some reports on the FDA website about the Essure failure.

  38. Erica Tate says:

    The estrogen patches did not work .Still bleeding really heavy and now I am taking double BC pills tp try to make the bleeding stop. The doc still insists this is from the depo provera shot. I am not so sure now…… She said to give the pills 7 days to work. So we will see.

    • Keisha says:

      Hi Erica, I just wanted to let you know your doctor is right about the depo, I have been on depo for 4years now, when I first took the shot I bled for 2 months non-stop, moderate to heavy bleeding and I did not have the Essure at that time but I have friends on Depo that never had the problem I had but they experienced other known side effects that I did not so it just depends on your body. Try to stay positive and I hope everything works out for you. I just had my 2 week follow-up visit last week and thankfully all is good so far.

  39. Maria says:

    I wish I would have read all of this and maybe I would have done something else….i had my insertions done October 2009… Since then I have experienced… heavy bleeding every menstrual cycle, I have horrible mood swings ( it has gotten so bad my husband already told me we need to do something about it asap it’s causing a lot of trouble in our relationship.) Hot flashes, cramping, my feet out of no where start falling asleep, alot of anxiety, when having intercourse certain positions bother me a little.. I never thought all this was going to happend to me… I researched and I guess didn’t do a good job because I never found this until now… Help what should i do


      Sorry Maria you are having these problems. The only solution I can give you is to talk with your doctor, and if you think the symptoms are from Essure, you will have to demand to get them out. Only you know your body. I had a lot of the same symptoms including the leg tingling. I went through a long battle to have them removed. Now that they are removed, I have my life back!!! I have felt great for close to a month now!!!!

  40. pam says:

    wow i think i am the only one who is doing well with the procedure.. bleeding is normal, no pain , no red itchy skin! yea at first it was a change but its a new thing put into your body there is bond to be some changes.. ( not saying your symptoms are norm ) i just was reading all these complaints and i thought maybe i shouldnt have done it! but i did and i have no probs.. good luck to all of you that have issues with it.:)

    • Kathy says:

      I’ve had mine in for over a year. During the insertion I felt cramping but the doc put lidocaine at the insertion point and all went well.

      I’m older ladies – still fertile at 51, and tired of the pill, IUD, roulette. I had one period since the insertion, but none since in a year.

      Menopause has been my issue. Symptoms like hot flashes, irritability, lethargy, depresion and weight gain. I’m now involved with a naturopath – taking supplements to get my body back and finally am loosing weight, finding energy to walk and move. Listen to your body folks, but remember our American diets do not lend themselves to good nutrition so find a good naturopathic healer who can help you find health and vitality.

      My husband of 20+ years couldn’t imagine a vasectomy – a house husband stay at home dad who just didn’t want his stuff touched!

      I’ve read all of your posts and have wondered about my own experiences, but wanted you to know that it was a great experience for me and has freed my life from the possibility of more fertility…

      I wish you all good health – take care all.

      • Bobbi says:

        anyone having major weight gain, and how did you lose it. I feel fatter everyday, I first thought it was the depo they put me on before the essure but now I have gained 30 pounds since may 2010 and it’s now novem 2010, no other syptoms or side effects, you would think I would be having sex like crazy with not having to worry, but since the feeling very sexy…please anyone have magic shot or pill, besided diet and excerise, been doing that and no luck.

  41. Tracy H says:

    The contact number for the manufacturers of Essure in the USA:

    Corporate Headquarters
    Conceptus, Inc.
    331 East Evelyn Avenue
    Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
    Phone: (650) 962-4000
    Fax: (650) 962-5200


      Thanks for the info tracy H!!!!

      I contacted them by phone in May and I have yet to hear from from. Have you called and gotten a response? They did however take a report, and someone would contact me.

      Also please, Everyone on this forum having issues or have had issues, please file a Maude Adverse Report with the FDA.

  42. Barb says:

    I had the essure procedure done about a year and a half ago. Now when i get my period, i bleed heavier and sometimes have to wear more protection then i really should have to. i also have frequent blood clots, which is something i have never had before either. Sometimes its so bad that i can actually feel it running out. i can not wear tampons because that does not provide enough protection. I have always had light periods with no pain, but now i have cramping and excessive bleeding. I knew it had to do with the surgery but never said anything until i read that the essure procedures were causing problems for many other women. i thought it was something i would just have to get used to; now maybe i don’t.

  43. Shawn says:

    I wish that I had done more research regarding this proir to getting having the Essure procedure done in June 2009. I wanted to have my tubes tied because I was sure that I didn’t want anymore children but my OB said that that the risk of them coming undone was high & recommended Essure b/c the risk was low to none. Since then I’ve had several Baterial Vaginosis & Urinary tract infections, irregular periods (2 periods in a month) excessive bleeding w/large clots, leg tingling, muscle cramping, dizziness, light headed, moody, hair thinning, confusion, back pain, abdomin pain & cramping (like my fallopian tubes are spasming), sore lymph nyodes in my groin area, & server tiredness (among other issues I’m sure that I forgot). I have called the OB regarding these issues & he does not think that any of these issues have anything to do with Essure, he referred me to a Primary care Dr to have my issues looked into. Which she has referred me to a Hemotologist (b/c I’m anemic b/c of the heavy periods) & Urologist (for my UTI issues). I have never felt this ill before & need help/advice. I’m not getting anywhere just the run around & just want this to be all over with & this device OUT.

    • Tracy H says:

      Shawn, I suffered all the same symptoms for 4 years and since having the coils taken out (sadly requiring a hysterectomy) the problems have gone so it MUST have been the coils. Why don’t you print out ALL the posts from this site and let your doctor read them. Surely that would convince him. Good luck



    The only advice that I can give is to go to another Gyn/OB. Find someone that will listen to you before you spend thousands of dollars on unnessary tests, etc like the rest of us. Insist that you never had these problems until the coils were inserted. I had to find a doctor that would listen to me and it took 2 surgeries in order to prove that it was the coils. I had the same symptoms as you do and now that it has been over a month since the coils have been removed, I couldn’t be happier. I only suffered for about 6 months before I had them removed, but new 1 week after the procedure that I was having issues and the original GYN that put them in wouldn’t hear it from me that the coils were causing problems, so I found someone that would listen. I also want to encourage you to file a report with the FDA and contact Conseptus. The only way they know that we are having issues is if they are reported!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Luck and hope all works out for you. Keep us posted!!!

    • Rose says:

      I had no idea about the side effects of this procedure until now… after reading each post it is now making sense. I am 41 looking to get this reversed because I would like to have another child within the next year. I was beginning to wonder if I was experiencing early menopause or possibly just aging.
      I have always been pretty fit but feel that within the last year I have more aches and pains to the point that I cannot exercise as I used to. I have gained weight around the midsection. My skin is extremely dry, my face looks like I have aged significantly within just one year. I knew my body would change once I hit 40 but so drastically? I can see that something is just not right.
      I feel very depressed before my periods, confusion, and occasional dizziness occurs at times, frequent urination and a lot of the same symptoms described by many of you. I regret getting this done and I wish I had done more research. Is my only option South Carolina to get this removed and possibly get pregnant again?

      • Tracy H says:

        Rose I would imagine that after one year the coils would be well and truly embedded into your fallopian tubes which means they have to remove the tubes to remove the coils. I had to have a hysterectomy. I was given the option of a partial hysterectomy leaving some of my uterus but I was very concerned about what they would do to my menstrual cycle and I had already suffered enough so went for the full hysterectomy. He was able to leave in my cervix and I still have my ovaries. Rose, I look back at photos of when I was sick from the coils and I do look sick and old and bloated. I now look healthy and youthful again I am still struggling to shift the weight though and my body is still eliminating the toxins and my hormones will never be the same but compared to what I went through this is nothing and now I am getting better instead of worse


        The place you are talking about is in Chapel Hills, NC. You can talk with your doctor about removing the coils, but most likely they will have to remove your tubes or possibly a hysterectomy. If you want to have another child, I would recommend you going to someone that has experience in removing the coils. Drs do not know how to remove or want to chance removing them. They do not have the experience like the drs at Chapel HIlls do. When I wanted my coils removed due to symptoms I experienced, the doctor had to remove both of my fallopian tubes to do that. After surgery he told me that the coils were so deeply embedded into my tubes and I only had the coils in since Feb. 10. I was perfectly fine doing whatever he needed to do, even a hysterectomy to get the coils out.
        I wish you all the luck and please file a report with the FDA. This is the only way they know there are issues with the coils… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bonnie says:

      Hi, I had Essure put in in 2005, it went great, no pain, bleeding or problems. For over a year i have had a pain in my lower rt side on and off. Sometimes its bad and i dont want to get out of bed. About 3 months ago the left side started to hurt severely. I have been to my GYN and urgent care several times over the year. Only for them to find nothing and i get sent home with pain pills. I have had 2 ultrasounds, 1 vaginal, CT scan, bloodwork done MANY times, was sent to gastro dr. for a colonoscopy (which i could have lived with out) and now last week just had laporoscopic diagnostic surgery ALL WHICH HAVE SHOWN THERE IS NOTHING WRONG. I have asked my GYN if the coils could be causing the pain, he claims no not after they were in for so long. I tend to have a very high tolerance to pain and wonder if they had been hurting way before .. The pain in my lower abdomen feels like something is stabbing me from the inside, when i sit or lay wrong the pain is horrible. Driving is the worst. I am in NY does anyone know of a dr. who would remove them? I am getting desperate and tired of being in pain!!

      • Tracy H says:

        Hi Bonnie, I endured test after test after test. The worst being a hysteroscopy, very invasive, followed by a curette ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ALL the tests showed their was nothing wrong but I knew there was something VERY wrong. It was only my own research that alerted me to the fact that it was the coils. Once I presented all my evidence to my gyno he sent me to another gyno for a 2nd opinion and only then was he prepared to take them out but I then had to wait 10 months before he could fit me into his very busy schedule!!! The coils have cost be a fortune! Not to mention the 4 years of pain and suffering. Good luck Bonnie … don’t take NO for an answer!


        Yes Bonnie…I understand the driving part as being the worse. Driving hurt everything in my body it seemed. I dreaded having to go anywhere. You are loosing too much money on frivilous testing. You need to find a doctor that will listen to you. Have you tried to go to a new GYN and tell them your story and all the testing you have already gone thru and insist that you think they are the coils?? Try that. ๐Ÿ™‚ you can also read my other posts of the symptoms and the trial I went thru to get the coils removed. I live in TN and the doctor that removed the coils was not the dr that put them in. You have to find someone to listen to you!!!! don’t stop until you do!!!! Please also file a report the FDA. We as women, need to come together on this, if we want anything done and for others not to suffer what we have!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep us posted

      • bonnie says:

        i have now had laproscopic diagnostic surgery only to find NOTHING!! My GYN now wants me to see a urologist….. I have to find a dr. in NY who will remove these coils… anyone in NY/NJ that has had them removed ? I cant find a dr. that will remove them.



        I want you to know that I feel your pain. I went through the same situation. Had laproscopic and they removed a cyst and a fibroid that they thought was causing the issues, but just hours after surgery I was still having issues. I would not waste your money going to specialists. Concentrate on finding a doctor that will listen to you and remove the coils or remove your tubes and if you are prepared for a possible hysterectomy. Do NOT take NO for an answer. There is a doctor out there that will listen to you!!! If you have to print out posts from this site and others and also take Maude Adverse Reports that can be found on the FDA’s website. That might help for the doctor to listen to you. You got to be persistent!!!! Once my tubes were removed with the coils in them, I feel 110% better!!!! you can too, just search for a doctor that will listen!!!!

  45. Molly says:

    I had the essure done in Oct of 09 and I’ve been sick every since, I never had a nickel allergy test done prior. 3 weeks after the procedure I had horrific lower abdominal pain and went to the ER. They told me I had a small bowel obstruction after having a CT Scan, after futher testing, turned out nothing. 2 weeks later I was back with the same pain, told me I had pancreatitis, another CT scan showed that my left coil was in my uterus. showed on the first CT scan but no one bothered to tell me. OB said there was no way this was causing my pain and referred me to my gastro. 2 weeks later I had surgery to remove the floating coil and did a traditonal tubal. She left the right coil in place. gastro ordered a colonoscopy in Dec to ensure that noting was causing my pain. All came back good. A month later I was in the ER agian this time for upper abdominal pain, referred back to my gastro. Has a upper endoscopy done, came back fine. He said it was my gallbladder and in March I had it removed. 3 weeks later back in the ER, referred me back to my gastro. He ordered an endospic ultrasound thinking it was a stone left in my ducts. Came back normal. This pain is coming more frequently and is so bad, I sweat, can’t breathe, can’t walk and I vomit. After some online reseach, I thought about nickel allergy, I told my gastro, he said nothing impossible, however he thinks I have something called Sphincter of Oddi dysfuntion, but asked me to have a nickel allergy test done. I am wearing the patches currently and my OB said if it comes back positive she will remove the right coil. I think this is all related to the essure coils, I was prefectly fine until I did this and now I feel like I’m dying. Has anyone else had a severe allergy that caused this much pain? I’ve been in the ER over 13 times since January. The dermatologist told me this morning that it’s all in my head and I’m stressed, that there is no way that this is caused by a nickel allergy???! He said if I have a nickel allergy he will eat his tie!

    • Tracy H says:

      Molly I suggest you read through all the posts. You will see many of us have suffered the same. I too felt I was dying. If I didn’t get the coils out I believe I would have died of toxicity. Remember you don’t have to be allergic to nickel only have a sensitivity to it. It is clear from all the women’s problems that this is more than a nickel sensitivity issue. I am sure the nickel causes a great deal of the symptoms however I believe the procedure is a problem. Our bodies are reacting to it somehow ???

  46. Yvonne says:

    Hi Ladies

    Its been since May that i last wrote on here. But i still receive the emails of the new post. I would like to start off by saying that. We as women need to start doing our research before trusting a Dr. that a foreign object will be ok to put in our bodies. Unfortunately I am guilty of not doing my reseach when it came to the Mirena IUD. My story was posted back on April 11 2010 if interested, as this will be an updated post. The last time i wrote i was suppose to get a tubal plus some done & was going to go through with it. But i just got tired of the run around the Drs. were giving me. It’s been appt. after test after appt since Feb. In the process of all of this i was trying my hardest to get my husband to get a vasectomy. At 1st. he wouldn’t hear of it. But as he seen what i was going through & him thinking it over & doing his own research, also coming to peace with getting a vasectomy. He finally agreed & is getting it done Sept. 8th. So hopefully by Nov. i will be able to get this IUD removed & get my body back to as normal as it will get. I would also like to say, i am very sorry for those women out there suffering from a Drs. lack of informing you of all the risk. But in the end, it is up to us to protect ourselves & do our own research. I would also like to say as i said it before on here. Men need to step up & be the 1’s to get a vasectomy! As it is only 1 or 2 days of recovery for them. Compared to 2 to 6 wks for us women or longer. It was sad to find out that my husbands Dr. only performs 3 or 4 a yr. I thought the # would be higher then that. Best of luck to everyone trying to get the essure removed., stand your ground with the Drs. You are the only 1 that knows your body best.

  47. Molly says:

    Thanks Tracy, I belong to several forums regarding the essure, I’m just glad I’m not the only one who is experiencing these issues. I wish I would have done more homework before trusting my doctor to get this done. After all I ended up with a traditional tubal anyway. After I get my resutls from this patch testing I will be makign a report with the FDA and possibly seeking an attorney. I seriously doubt I will get anywhere but you never know.

  48. Sarah Barrett says:

    Hi Ladies, I also had the essure procedure done about 3 years ago after the birth of my 3rd child because I can’t take birth control. The procedure itself went smoothly however I have had nothing but problems ever since. I have gained 60lbs, I feel like crap all the time, depressed at times+anxiety, tingling in extrem. insomnia, hot flashes, ibs increased horrible pms and the list goes on. My doctors don’t agree that it has anything to do with the Essure. I had to really get on their butts to do anything so next month I am going for an Allergy test to see if I am allergic to Nickel. You would think that the Doctors would find this out before putting them in. My Doctor says if I have to have them out I will prob. need a hysterectomy. I said no way am I having that so if need be I will contact an attorney because I feel that this procedure is bs and it is suger coated, because they are making mad money on it but they really don’t know much about it. I would not recommend it to anyone. I feel for you all who are going through the same thing because it is just horrible.

    • Molly says:

      I understand Sarah, besides the horrific pain, my periods are awful, I’m moody, tired and can grow a mustache and goatee now. I also have a giant what looks like a liver spot on my forehead that’s super attractive. I’m 33!

      • Tracy H says:

        Molly I too have huge liver spots on my forehead … I never attributed them to the coils but I only got them after the coils were inserted! Yet another disturbing side affect ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    I am sorry that everyone is having issues with this. I also suffered many of the same symptoms and you can read my earlier posts. I DID NOT have an allergy or sensitivity to nickel. I had the devices removed on June 22 and since then, I feel like a totally different person and I have my life back. I suffered from muscle inflammation for approx 1 month from having all the muscle pain I suffered from Essure. You ladies are spending way too much money going thru procedure after procedure. Insist to your doctor that you didn’t have these problems before Essure. I went thru 2 different laproscopic surgeries before my doctor finally said he would take them out since I was still having the same problems. I printed reports that were made to the FDA regarding this and gave them to my doctor. Everyone having problems….PLEASE FILE A MAUDE ADVERSE EFFECT REPORT WITH THE FDA. This is the only way they know there are issues. ๐Ÿ™‚ Please keep us posted on all of your progress.

  50. michelle says:

    I had the coils fitted in Feb 10 and have all the same symptoms, when i am due on my periods, i feel like i have morning sickness for the duration of my bleeding and when i stop the sickness stops. I have never had a coldsaw in my life but for the last month have had a break out one after the other, i have gained weight but hardly eat now cause if im not feeling sick ive got intergestion.
    I visited my doctors today and she sending me for blood tests, i asked her about side effects but she hadnt heard of any and told me to look on the internet, which im so glad i did, i thought i was going mad,i have felt really run down since having them fitted, when i go back next week telling her i want them taken out, it was my choice to have them in so it is my choice to have them removed .
    Thank you all for posting, thought i was turning into a hypacondriac

    • michelle says:


      I had my results back and i have an infection in my blood doctor wants to retest them just to make sure, so dont know what the infection is.

      Came on my period AGAIN and have been bleeding for 10 days now and the stabbing pain is driving me mad will keep you posted.

      • michelle says:

        Been back to the hospital and doctor tried to lie saying they couldnt be taken out, and recommended i had the coil fitted. So not only have i got the essure fitted im taking the contraceptive pill to regulate my three week period and now they wanna stick a coil in me, i refused, he then said well you could have a hysteroscopy, going back in six weeks to get the date to have my evil essures removed and cant wait woop woop, keep pushing your consultants ladies and dont take no for an answer. Good luck all



        From my personal experience with numberous amounts of medical bills from countless tests and procedures. I would not allow them to do a hystoscope ONLY….When the doctor removed my tubes he also hytoscoped me at same time. The reason your doctor wants to only do a hystoscope is that if they perform one surgery, insurance will NOT ALSO pay for the other procedure, like the Hystoscope TOO. My insurance paid for the laproscopic part of it, but the doctor also billed for hystoscope and my insurance denied the claim for the hystopscope saying that it was 2 procedures done in one day at the same time, and no need to pay for this procedure!!! I laughed my butt off at it!!!!
        I would just be very cautious as to how many procedures you are getting into and how many medical bills are adding up. I did not know this and am now in numberous of thousands of dollars in debit over this one procedure of Essure that I took my savings in order to pay for since my insurance wouldn’t pay for it.

        I just want you to be aware that no matter how many procedures you have taking out your tubes will be the best option. they always can’t just take those out without a hysterectomy. it depends upon the placement of the coils.

      • michelle says:

        Thank you VICKI WEATHERFORD for your advice, i am lucky though i live in England and it will be done on the NHS so i dont have to pay for treatment, so sorry you were made to pay,

      • michelle says:

        Hi ladies, just updating to let you know, i seen my consultant yesterday and i am booked into have my hysterectomy on the 18th of March 2011.

        Once again my consultant insisted that there were no side affect with the essure, but do find it strange that not one doctor has examined me, has checked my stomach, or even sent me for a smear test, I live in England and they dont give you a hysterectomy for no reason.

        Every time i mention this web site they change the subject. I have even offered to give him the website account and i just get ignored.

        I know i am lucky that i will finally get the essure removed after just one year and my heart goes out to you all who have been suffering for so long, and wish i had a magic wand to remove all your essures,

        Keep fighting ladies.

        Will keep updating when i have any news.

  51. Britnee says:

    I am so sorry that so many of you have gone through all the horrible symptoms. However, I must thank all of you for post them on this site. My husband I have decided that we we do not want to have any more children, and i was told about the Essure from my PA. We wanted to research it before we made any decions and now I am able to tell him that I will have a tubal ligation, but i will not do the Essure. I will not take that chance. I am a mother of three, 5yrs, 3 yrs, and 6months. I cannot afford to take the chance for being that sick!! Thank you all for putting this information out there. Maybe this will help others like me who are considering the Essure.

  52. Paula L. says:

    I had my procedure done April 30,2010. All went well and I was a little sore for a day or two, but all went well. When I went in for the procedure they didn’t tell me that I would have to give a urine sample so they could do a preg test. So of course I went before I left and couldn’t go when I was there. They pumped me full of fluids…but got nothing. I seriously doubted I was preg any ways since I was on injectible birthcontrol. So, since then I have not been able to stop going to the bathroom. Something I go 4 times in one hour and I’m up at least 3 times a night going to the bathroom…drives me nuts. I was told that I would have spotting for a couple days…well, I had spotting off and on for 4 weeks. And, I got my first period since the procedure about 3 weeks ago…and I still have it. It’s there and then it goes away for a couple days and then it’s back…this is week 3!! Anyone else experiencing the bathroom issue or long periods??

  53. Jennifer says:

    I had the Essure procedure done about 5 yrs ago. My doc put me to sleep for the procedure so I had no pain at all. I think I had cramps for the first house after I woke up, but that was it. So I never had any pain, but now about 5 yrs later I think I am pregnant…

  54. Traci Nichols says:

    I have confirmation that I will have laporoscopic surgery to remove my tubes and uterus (ovaries and cervix stay in place) on Sept 1…..people ask me if I’m scared. I say hell no! Especially after hearing the stories here – I really cannot wait to get back to my normal self!
    The great thing is my doctor called an Essure rep to ask questions and had a follow up face to face meeting. My doctor referred to this blog and the FDA postings that people have submitted and stated matter of factly: I will not consider Essure as a means of birth control based on the research she had done after meeting me. I love my doc!
    I’m very very excited. I’m not one to take much time off of work but this is something that will only make me so much more effective and more …well? HAPPY!! I want to be happy with me again. The pain, the weight, the tingling, the misery, the tiredness – I want it gone and I only have a few weeks left! I will post again closer to surgery but I send special thanks to those who have helped me to get my docs to agree that yes, there’s a problem!

    To be continued………..


      Traci N.

      That is great an Wonderful news for you!!!!! I am so so glad that your dr took the time to do that for you…Was it the same dr that put them in??

      Traci, I hope all goes well for you, and you feel as better as I do since mine has been removed….

      Keep us posted, and be sure to file a report with the FDA.

    • SAMANTHA says:


  55. Traci Nichols says:

    Thanks for the support! I will definitely be filing with the FDA after surgery. My doctor is a different doctor than who put them in. I will also be providing the original doctor with the update so they learn from this lesson. Education and communication is the best method for making sure others are safe and don’t go through what we have!

    I’ll keep everyone posted!! ๐Ÿ™‚


      Yes absolutely Tracie!!!! My original doctor that put them in has been sending me bills for visits that I saw her for after the Essure was put in to explain I was having problems. These bills will NOT get paid!!! She did not listen to me or even try to accept that it was the coils causing the problem!!!! I also tried to call her to give her an update on my long and horrible process, she nor her nurse will return my calls.

      It is absolutely amazing Traci, you an I have had some of the same symptoms and I know you will feel much better!!!!
      Good Luck!!!

    • SAMANTHA says:


  56. Erica Tate says:

    Paula—- Yes I have the same problem. I’ve posted on here before but I had procedure done June of this year. My doctor says its the depo provera shot making the bleeding happen. It won’t be out of my system till Oct. To try to stop the bleeding I have been on estrogen patches-did not work–then 2 birth control pills a day—then once the bleeding stopped go down to take 1 pill a day for 4 weeks. So I did that, and as soon as I stopped the pill I have started bleeding again. It is not longer than my normal period yet so I dont know what will happen. I’m thinking that the frequent urination is due to things being “swollen” down there. I’m like that with my normal period anyway so that is what I think. I just hope all this stops when the depo is out of my system. If it does not I will know that it is the coils….because I had 0 problems like this before the coils were put in.

  57. Michelle says:

    I am completely disgusted that I have had the essure procedure and I am just now reading this website/blog. I wish I would have seen this before I had the procedure done. I had the procedure done on August 12th, 2010 by Dr. R. Durron in Decatur, GA. I have been feeling sick ever since, I have no desire to even look at my significant other due to the mood swings and feeling like I want to vomit constantly. The dr. made it seem like it was a simple painless procedure. BS….! I left the office in EXTREME pain. I was crying and could barely walk out of the office. I got home and literally passed out on the couch with the door keys in my hand I was in so much pain. I couldn’t even care for my children at all! The ibuprofen 800mgs that they give you to take after the procedure dont even begin to help the pain, which by the way you are supposed to take every 8 hrs. This procedure hurt worse than my c section! I was given 2 pills take before the procedure…1 valium and 1 demorol. All they did was make me sleepy. I felt everything during the procedure and let me tell you it hurts like hell. Today is Monday night…the 16th and already I feel like this was totally the wrong choice. the drs make it seem like a routine office visit but you are not told that it is actually a very painful procedure and that you may be bleeding for days as I still am. Still having back pain. Called the on call physicians over the weekend and they tell me that can’t prescribe anything stronger…go to the ER. Right ….just sol they can make more money. Talked to them about the bleeding and they say it is normal…the depo shot making me bleed. Ok but what about the tingling in my hands, lower back pain, mood swings and nausea now? I am in tears constantly for no reason and I just feel plain WEIRD! I feel like there is som ething going on inside my body and it is also hard for me to sleep. Had no issues before the procedure last week. I can barely wait until the morning so I can tell the office how I really feel.In addition I have had headaches and a feeling of confusion ever since and all of a sudden Friday I cam down with a severe allergy attack out of no where which can not be explained so now I am wondering if this is related. I feel that this procedure is turning women into guniea pigs and we are falling for it due to no fault of our own. I do not recommend this procedure to anyone. I hope that they ban this procedure and all of the owmen who have been LIED to receive some sort of compensation at a later point. These dr.s care nothing about us and totally sugar coat this procedure. It is not worth the pain involved or the risks! Please share this blog with everyone one you know that is even considering this procedure. i will be calling Essure directly as well as filing a complaint with the FDA. This procedure is just plain wrong!

    • vervilledeb1 says:

      Hi Michelle and Ladies,

      First I wish I had put this post up earlier and I apologize for not doing so. Although I am a writer I am also a woman and a mother and I read these posts and my heart goes out to you all. I do not add much in the way of comments because I did not have the Essure. BUT, I can tell you I am doing my best to get the word out there for all involved.

      I also write with the Examiner and it is read nationally. Yesterday I put up an article on the problems with this procedure. PLEASE stop over and comment if you have time. The more we get this out there the more women that we can help. because I have not personally gone through this procedure I cannot write in first person. And I have to tell you all my daughter will NEVER have the Essure or anything like it (she is 18 yrs. old).

      I have the resources and ability to help but I need a little back up to push this. Here is the link if anyone is interested.

      Again ladies I wish you the best in getting relief and if anyone needs anything please do not hesitate to ask me.


  58. Michelle says:

    Here is the link for the FDA to submit a complaint. I encourage everyone to file. And again…listen to your bodies. Drs are in business to make money. To all the mommies out there please make it your business to be around for your children! Also here is the info. again for the makers of the Essure device so you may file a complaint with them. I dont care that these have only been in aweek. I already want them out!

    Conceptus Incorporated, USA
    331 East Evelyn Avenue
    Mountain View, CA 94041
    Telephone: 1-877-377-8732
    Fax: 1-866-259-6413


  59. Michele says:

    I had the Essure procedure done January 2010. I was tested in March to ensure the procedure was successful. I was given a pregnancy test, as protocol, prior to this xray test.
    I have just found out I am nearly 6 months pregnant. My baby was conceived AFTER my xray confirmation test in March. Thus, the Essure procedure failed for me.

    If anyone is aware of a class action due to failure of this procedure, please let me know. I have no complaints about the’s not comfortable but having a baby hurts worse. Now it seems I’ll get to find that out again for the 3rd time, when my husband and I were happy with the 2 children we had.

  60. Lisa says:

    Good Morning Ladies,
    Well maybe not so good for some of us. This procedure is so bad, I had the procedure done on April 2010, I hate Essure. I don’t know what I was thinking when I did it. I am always: tired, have hot flashes, confusion, mood swings, tender muscles, chills, depression, pain in my stomach, legs, back, diarrhea almost every day. My periods are for 2 weeks and then if I have sex it starts again. I can’t even have intercourse without it hurting and start bleeding.

    My period started on the 2nd and I still have it. I called the doctor yesterday and the nurse told me that there is nothing bad with having your period for more then two weeks. My husband is thinking that I have somebody else because I always tell him that I can not be with him because I have my period.

    We need to do something!!

  61. Rebecca says:

    I had the Essure placed a year ago and everything went fine. Three months later and I was blocked on both sides. I was releaved that everything was going so well after reading the horror stories. I did have pain on the left side and my Obgyn said that is was just the scar tissue and not to worry. Well a year later and still the pain is there. I am having blood in my urine,my periods are abnormal and having headaches. My family doctor sent me to the urologist and after a CT and a scope, my bladder is fine internally. So back to the Obgyn, I had told her that my family doctor advised me to get checked because of the Essure could be the cause. Well my Obgyn was not happy. She said that everything is fine but would perform a transvaginal ultrasound just to make my doctor happy. After the ultrasound my Obgyn talked to me and said that her tech said that the left coil has moved into my uterus, but her tech could be wrong so now I have to have surgery so she can see where the coil is. She also said that the scar tissue more than likely pushed it down. I am very upset. I am too young for a hysterectomy…. I trusted my doctor and now she doesn’t even want t o acknowledge that something is wrong.

  62. maria says:

    I had my essure procedure done a few years ago, I have been feeling horrible for a while now. I have many of the same symptoms that many of you have complained about. But I also have had very irregular periods since implantation, maybe I get it 4 times a year now. This is after having very regular periods- I was like clock work. I was just reading yesterday an article that says its very dangerous to not get your period because cancerous cells stay in your body if you are not shedding the lining. This is what brought me here to this websight today to see if there were other’s having compaints like mine. I didnt realize the body pains, hot flashes and confusion could be associated with essure. I only knew my periods were messed up because of it- geez!
    I did not have any problems during or right after implantation, I thought my procedure went well. But now I realize that I have a big problem!


  63. maria says:

    I think Im gonna go cry now and then I will get mad and do something about it!


  64. Jocelyn says:

    I had the Essure done July 2009 on a Friday. I didn’t experience any pain. Just some spotting. My Doctor also scheduled me for the Cryo-Ablation on that following Tuesday. That went well also. I had some cramping from that but nothing major. I bleed in August of 2009 and from September 2009 until May 2010 no bleeding. I did began to notice these short spurts of pain in my stomach. Then I started bleeding in June 2010. I had a heavy period in June and July 2010. I just had the NovaSure done on August 13, 2010. So far I’m only having a discharge from that procedure but no pain. I think by having the Cryo-Ablation a few days after the Essure procedure prevented me from having any heavy periods associated with the Essure. I am now looking forward to getting rid of the period once and for all. The Essure has worked for me no problems with it.

    • Diane says:

      I had both procedures done at the same time, felt great afterwords with little cramping. This was back in February of 2010. Every month since then I still have something of a period when before it was 3 weeks out of the month. I can live with that but I know a very hard cramps every month which I never had before, lack of energy, headaches, tired all the time, lack of wanting to have sex, just not feeling like myself at all. I also have MS so I kept thinking that some of this could be MS related but after reading some of the other stories I’m not sure.

  65. Stacey says:

    I had Essure done over 5 years after I had my third baby. Everything went very well with the procedure and I was back to my daily routine the next day. The few years following the procedure was fine. But in the past year my periods have been extremely painful and I have been getting tested for Cervical Cancer. My body does not feel the same. I am tired and my lower abdoman is sore. Every period I get cysts on right ovary. I have talked to my doctor numerous times and she does not seem to think that it is the coils that are causing the pain. I have also gone to see an OB for ultrasounds and they can never find anything wrong. No reason to why I have cysts all the time. I have inquired about getting the coils removed but the only place that removes them are in Georgia and only for a very high bill. I am kind of in a lost. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to have a hysterectomy because at my age I want to have the option of having another baby if my boyfriend and I decide to.

  66. Tana says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in Jan 2008 in haste because in Oct 2007 my doctor told me she would not give me anymore precriptions for pills because I was 37 and a smoker. Just like that I was forced to make a fast decision and chose this procedure because it was quick and required no surgery. My husband is active duty military and he had just been transferred to another duty station and I stayed at our old duty station so my youngest daughter could finish high school with her friends. Needless to say I needed something without alot of down time and Essure soundded like it was right for me. I went through the surgery no problem. No one ever asked my about a nickel allergy test, but then I was told it was made out of titanium. Actually for a year and 1/2 I didn’t have any problems or so I thought. I guess I just didn’t associate other issues with Essure. I have back problems (but then I’ve had back problems long before, but just worse now), I have sharp stabbing pains mostly on my left side of my abdomen that I double over in pain, severe, severe headaches. Pain in my eyes, confusion (space out) now that I go back and think about it. Also have painful intercourse in certain positions, major bloating in my stomach all lthe time. Within the last couple of months I have started gettting flu like symptoms (fever, chills, sweats, etc) exactly a week before my period. And it all goes away after I have my period and starts again 2 weeks later. I also suffer from severe seasonal allergies and I’ve always have a reaction to any type of earring, therefore I only wear earrings on special occasions. I have absolutely no energy to do anything. I had just associated it with stress, work, getting older (I’m only 40) etc. I went to the gynecologist today and he said he didn’t think it was from Essure but rather me being premenopausal. I know there is something wrong with me. I’m sorry we are all going through this, but am fortunate that I found this site so I know I’m not the only one. I think I’m going to the nickel allergy test done, it wouldn’t surprise me if I am allergic since I’m allergic to so many other things.

    • Tracy H says:

      Tana, I found this site after I had the coils (and half my reproductive system) removed. I wish I had come across it earlier so I didn’t have to suffer so long. As you have read, your symptoms are pretty typical amongst all of us so it can’t be coincidental. Since having the coils removed all those symptoms have gone … also not coincidental. I had them in for 4 years and I just got sicker and sicker until I felt like I would die. Now I am get healthier and healthier and have my life back

  67. Traci Nichols says:

    So! Tomorrow I have my pre-op testing and Wednesday is the big day! I am sooo looking forward to getting back to normal! I do have a question though – for those that have had their tubes / uterus removed, how long was the recovery? How painful is it afterwards? That’s really my only concern – I’ve heard varying stories from women who have gone through the surgery.
    Other than that, I can’t wait to tell everyone how it goes – how I feel afterwards – and to hopefully be an example to others that your body is your body! Doctors can’t ignore this any longer….and once you find one that listens, it’s such a relief! As others say, print out this blog – all the postings – it’s undeniable that this is a serious issue and we can make a difference for others out there that may consider this procedure, and hopefully provide the education they need to make a smart decision.
    OK – Enough of the soap box – I’ll keep ya’ll posted how everything turns out Wednesday!

    • Tracy H says:

      Traci that is fantastic. I had to take 6 weeks off work after my hysterectomy. As with any surgery it is quite traumatising to the body and initially very painful. It was an ordeal I wish I never had to experience however I kept telling myself that I can recover from the surgery but I would never have recovered if I left the coils in. I wish you well, you will finally be able to live again!



      I know the excitement you must feel!!!! That is great news!!!!

      I had just my tubes removed at the end of June. Quite honestly, I only had 1 day of pain. The rest of the time I was just sore. However I did not have my uterus removed, so I am not sure how painful that might be. I was up and going in about 3 days after surgery, but with some soreness of course.

      You will be in my thoughts and prayers on Wednesday!!!! Hope all goes well and you will be on the road to having your life back!!! Good Luck!!!!!

  68. Traci Nichols says:

    Surgery was a success Wednesday – the doc took out my tubes, uterus, and cervix, but left my ovaries. This means, no periods or menopause or paps. And it means I should be able to get rid of all the horrible Essure effects. I’ve been sore and had some pain today….until I finally took a mid day nap after trying to simply pass a bowel (which hurt like hell). However….after the nap, I’m AWAKE for the first time in ages. I’m not in pain. I don’t feel confused or dizzy. I can’t wait to feel even better over the next few days. Next step: filling out the Maude Adverse Report on the FDA site. I’ll save that til the weekend so as not to overdo it yet.
    I can see that light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for all the input and support!



      I am so so glad that you are feeling better and on the road to recovery!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I can’t beleive that they had to take your cervix also???? Was there a reason for that or what did the doc say about that??? Usually they just remove your tubes and sometimes it is necessary for the uterus depending upon the position of the coils….

      I am so glad that it was a success and like you I felt better after surgery. Did the doctor say if there was a medical reason for the pain, and other symptoms that you had after he performed the surgery?

      I hope that you feel better everyday and it has been a great journey that we have had together and with the support of everyone on this blog, it would have been hard to go through or even know that problems like this have occurred to others. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Tracy H says:

        It is so wonderful Traci that you finally have the coils out. Isn’t it disturbing that we are happy for you to be experiencing something so traumatic as a hysterectomy! Conceptus and the gynaecological medical profession have been seriously negligent. I wish you well in your recovery, take good care of yourself


    I wanted to share something with everyone that I just saw on television. I was watching TV this morning and saw an interview with a doctor about Essure procedure. The doctor that was being interviewed was the doctor that performed my reversal of the Essure and removed my tubes because of problems I have had from the coils. The doctor was still saying how easy the procedure was, blah, blah, blah…Everything that we were all told before getting the procedure. I do not understand the ethics behind his positivity of this procedure. I do understand that I was the only reversal that he performed of the over 300 Essure he inserted. Our voices need to be heard. How many have issues and are not coming forward or just think it is them and in their head?

    My stomach dropped as the interview went on. These doctors are promoting this procedure. They are paid depending upon how many procedures they perform. This is something that we as consumers do not know and are not told. I am very grateful that this doctor listened to me and did something about it, but my heart aches for the next person that has this procedure done and has the same symptoms that we have all experienced.

    Seeing this interview made me realize that we have got to do something about this procedure!!! We have got to stop the insanity of doctors being paid to perform procedures. This doctor also told me that he attending conferences for Essure and Conseptus where he was recognized for performing the most procedures successfully!!! How can drug companies do this when so many of us are experiencing issues and near bankruptcy due to medical bills associated with this procedure???? What a crazy world we live in!!!!!

  70. Tracy H says:

    Yes Vicki, what a crazy world we live in! Have you noticed a theme with us all … NONE of the doctors suggested that the coils could be the problem … they fought very hard to argue against it! It was only after we DEMANDED they be taken out that they did and some simply refused. It seems the doctors want to protect there profits and prestige … F**K the women. They are interested in getting as many of those coils in as possible because once the procedure is done they get paid and what happens after that is no longer their problem. I tell you Vicki, I am ANGRY. My life was absolute hell for 5 years and now I am left with parts of my body missing and my hormones causing a whole new set of problems.

  71. Michelle H says:

    I had Essure about a year ago. I found out today from results of a cat scan that one of my inserts is protruding from my uterine wall and needs to be removed. The Ob/Gyn that did the procedure has moved to another part of the state. I am seeing a different Doctor in the AM to see what they are going to do. I have had pain, abnormal periods, and frequent vaginal infections since the procedure. I am on the wait and see mode.

  72. Sheryl G says:

    I am scheduled to have this surgery tomorrow and I have been having 2nd thoughts so I decided to do a little more research and came up to this website. After reading about all of the issues, I am definately going to cancel and just use the pill


      Great idea Sheryl…If I would have found this website before I got it done, I would have cancelled also!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Doing your research pays off. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Tracy H says:

        Yes, research does pay off. I too wish I had discovered this before I had the procedure done but at least I didn’t have to suffer for the rest of my life which my doctor would have been more than happy to let me do. After I presented the evidence of my research to him (4 years after the procedure) he told me that he was concerned about the nickel component initially because his wife has a nickel allergy and he knew how badly she suffered with any nickel product. He claims the reps from Conceptus assured him the devices were safe … yet he told me the devices were made of titanium, deliberately deceiving me. He did not do a nickel sensitivity test nor advise me to have one. We should be able to trust our doctors, clearly we can’t

  73. Traci Nichols says:

    I feel like I’m in a daytime soap opera, or an unfortunate episode of Seinfeld (the Jr Mint episode). So, I’m going back into surgery Wednesday – just day surgery – but surgery nonetheless.
    I was doing GREAT – feeling wonderful, more energy, sleeping well, no pain – GREAT. Until last Friday – when I got out of the house for a bit and my lower back starting hurting. I just figured – no biggie, probably from sitting so much, which I’m not used to. But, the pain on the lower left side has gotten worse – and there’s noticeable swelling….very odd. Timing was good, since I went for my follow up this morning. The dr ordered a renal scan, bloodwork, and xray – not just from my symptoms but also because: the pathology report only showed removal of 1 coil!!! The right coil had fallen out….not cool. Come to find out, it’s just hanging out in my pelvis so they have to go back in to get it out. I’m annoyed, yet glad we found it fast so I didn’t feel worse.
    So, after Wednesday, I hope to be on the road to recovery. I’ll be sure to post after! Wish me luck!


      oh tracy…I am so so sorry for that mishap…How awful!!! I hope everything goes well for you and I will keep you in my prayers. How have you been feeling otherwise? Have your symptoms from the Essure mainly gone away?

      How could the doctor not know that the coil was not removed and still in your body??? Poor you… I am so so sorry and Yes, I am also grateful that they found it before it caused more problems.

      Keep us posted!!!!

    • Tracy H says:

      Oh Traci, that is just awful. The whole point of having surgery was to get the coils OUT … how could he not see that he only had one coil when he had completed the surgery. That is a scary display of incompetence for a surgeon. You are in my thoughts

  74. Traci Nichols says:

    Well – good news is the Essure is OUT! The second surgery was more difficult to recover from and I’m still working through that. Apparently, the coil on my right side was embedded in muscle in the pelvic wall? How could that happen?
    I’m in the process of getting a lawyer to help do some research and root cause analysis from the last 2+ years. Something somewhere went wrong and I’m not happy about it. I did, also, get a response from the Exec VP Operations and CFO of Conceptus (mfr of Essure) – he wants more information and I’m happy to have a contact. This should be useful as I go through the legal process.

    I am happy that I am on the road to recovery. I can’t wait to start exercising again and getting back to normal. As always, thanks for the support and I’ll keep you posted on the events!


      Traci, that is great and wonderful news!!!! I am so happy for you!!!

      I am glad you have gotten someone to call you back from Conceptus??? but also puzzled???? What did you say and how did you get them to call you??? ?!?!?!?!? I have attempted lawyers, but none would give me the time since it was not a class action suit yet.

      Exercising??!!!??? Yes, after my surgery I am finally able to exercise again and can’t wait to hear that you are doing the same. The was the catcher for my doctor, was the fact I told him it hurt too bad for me to exercise. ha ha… I have been exercising for about a month now and energy level is great, but I can’t loose the abdomen weight that I put on. oh well…it will come off…

      Yes, Traci keep us posted on the lawyer success that you have, and also tell me your secret to the Conceptus contact or put them in contact with me also…. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Best Wishes for your improved health!!!!

    • Indi says:

      Traci i would like to know the number of the VP at Conceptus i would like to tell him my displeasure as well. I am going to the Dr. today for a 2nd opinion about a hysterectomy. Is this the only way to get this out of my body..Since 2009 i have too been suffering greatly with this. And it has ruined the quality of my life.
      I am glad to hear it all worked out for you.

  75. Robin says:

    After reading all of this, I now wish I never had the Essure proceedure. I had the proceedure back in 07. I thought everything was okay and my hormones were just off. I never attributed all my problems (weight gain, mood swings, painful periods and ovulation – even though the eggs go no where, hot flashes, ect.) to the essure. Now, my hormones are so screwed up my periods are no longer regular, my hair is falling out more than normal, my hair is so greasy I have to use a major cleaning/ dandruff shampoo just to not have to wash my hair twice a day. I can’t imagine having to have a histo at the age of 29 becasue of Essure but something’s gotta give.

    My doctor never informed me of and risk associated with essure.

    Ladies, if you are considering this proceedure PLEASE reconsider.

    My recent period consisted of one day of a pink dischage along with a chunk of tissue that literally was the size of a grape. It wasn’t a blood clot or anything like that. It was pink tissue. Has this happened to anyone else? I know I need to make an appt to see the gyno but they’re the ones that convinced me of this in the first place. What to do?

  76. Yesi says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in Feb. 2010. I had no problems during the procedure or afte my 3 month test. About three months ago I started noticing that during sex with my husband I started spotting. I didn’t think much of it, but it kept on getting worse. Now if we have sex I bleed during the intercourse and have ab pain. Has this happen to anyone? I went to my OBG and she said it might be an infection and gave me antibiotics. If it continued she said to come back and they would do an ultrasound. I told her I never had any of these problems before I had the procedure done, and she just said it might be coincidence. I was fine after taking the meds, but it has happened again.. I have an appt. next monday for an ultrasound. Can anyone give me any advice please? Are infections common? I’ve never had any kind of infection before.

    • Tracy H says:

      Yesi, I started going out with a man shortly after having the procedure done and I used to bleed after having sex and some positions were just way too painful. It was very embarrassing. The relationship wasn’t long term and I haven’t been in a relationship since as all the side affects of the procedure made me too self conscious to get into an intimate relationship

  77. LaDonna Clark says:

    I have three children and had the essure done June of this year. I just found out the bothe tubes are still open. I now spot ever time me and my husband have intercourse and cramping threw my back and stomic. I thought I was just feeling this was because I was breastfeeding my last child but now I’m starting to wonder. I’m stuck now and don’t know what to do, I lost my insurance.

  78. Angela Hamby says:

    Hi. I am so scared now. I just had the procedure done on Sept. 23. I am still having moderate pain, like menstrual cramps, I am bleeding pretty heavy and it comes and goes. I guess I need to give this more time, my doctor was very laid back about the whole procedure…I am totally scared now. I wish I had of found this blog before I had the Essure procedure. I recently lost weight, about 25 pounds and it scares me to think a side effect is weight gain, which I was never told about. Also, my doctor did not do the nickel test on me. Gosh, what did I do to myself? I go back on Oct. 6th to see her. I hope I will do well with this. Thanks for reading. Angela

  79. Maliakah says:

    I had the Essure procedure and now I have iregular menstral cycles some times twice a month. They are very painful and befor my cycle comes on my mid section swells so big until i cant breath. I have gained weight in my mid section. I have back pains and lower abdminal pains. i hve also been having very tenderness in my breast when its time for my cycle. I hate I had this procedure done now. Its been a couple of years and the problems are still there. My doctors acts like I am the only one having these issues inwhich i never had untill i had this procedure done. The moode swings are afull. I stumbled on this site in which i am glade i feel much better knowing that i am not the only one and now i can share this with my doctor so that she can see that other people are expericing the same symptons.

  80. Misty shoffner says:

    I happened upon this site tonight and was so releived! I’m not going crazy!!! ut I am so saddened that I am not the only person going through this horrid experience. I had my procedure about 4 months ago, and my life has never been the same. I am depressed, have extreme chronic pain in the back and down the right leg, fatigue, mood swings, hot flashes, stoppd menstration.. the works. I had issues within days of the procedure:however, my doctor seemed to simply brush off the issue. I am currently trying to get insurance to have this problem resolved as I definetly cannot afford to deal with an issue of this extent.
    Has anyone contacted a lawyer? I think with this many people and this large of a problem, we should have a class action case. Is anyone else interested in looking into this area? I am definetely going to file a claim.

    PLEASE DONT DO THIS if you are considering essure. Your life, and health are worth more than being destroyed by a proccedure like this!

    • Erin says:

      I am new to this site, so I’m catching up. Did you ever contact a lawyer? Did anything come of it? I agree, I too think we should rally and fight this. I often here those commercials on TV- the most recent 1 I’ve heard was problems w/ Nuvaring, and to contact a law office, and I thought, wow we need to get this going for Essure. This just doesn’t seem right. Making the decision to get this done was hard enough, then to have to deal w/ problems on top of it, makes me very angry.

    • Janey says:

      I wondered if that was my cause and now reading all this it has confirmed what I though.

  81. Traci Nichols says:

    For everyone else – I’m healing great – BP down, lower back pain subsiding, sleeping like a champ, energy levels going up, no hot flashes, black outs or nausea since surgery – amazing! Even lost 4 lbs doing nothing other than normal and the swelling in my feet and hands has gone away – so happy!

    I’ve sent details to the FDA (filed a Maude Adverse Report), communicated with Conceptus product surveillance, and hope to soon have a lawyer who will take the case! (Misty – yes, I am looking at pursuing a class action suit – please keep us in the loop.) I love that my doctor is learning more and more about Essure and testing the sales reps that are pressuring her to adopt the procedure – without stating that testing needs to be done nor indicating that there’s any nickle in the coil. What negligence those sales reps are performing – it’s abhorring!

    Anyways – wanted to give an update – I’m so happy to be getting back to normal so quickly! I just hope everyone else is doing better with their journey, as well!

    • Vicki w says:


      I am so happy for you and that is wonderful!!!! I felt better after my surgery and everyday I improve more. As far as the weight, I wish I could say that I am loosing as soon as you are but it is taking a little more effort to loose it for me. It is mainly all in the mid-section of my stomach. Wanted to let you know that I also had back pain, an it took quite some time for it to go away. Maybe a month or so. I went to a chiropractor and he helped some. But overall it just took time. I believe the muscles are so inflammed or something that it takes time to heal.

      In response to Misty and you also. I have researched lawyers and called about class action lawsuits but no one was willing to take the information or even talk with me about it. There is a law firm in Virginia I beleive that only handles class action lawsuits against drug companies, and they WOULDN”T take the case.

      Traci, Please know that you need any support or back up for your lawsuit, I am willing to hlep in any way. We have both had these devices removed recently and can attest to the relief we feel after they are gone.!!!! Keep us updated!!!

      If you have a class action suit, please let us know and I will be glad to give any and all information.!!!! I have not been successful in finding anyone in my area willing to do it!!!!

      Keep healing Traci!!!!!

  82. Traci Nichols says:

    Thanks Vicki – I’ll definitely keep everyone posted!

    And, regarding the weight – I’m finally going to start back into working out (I said it before, but I mean it now! haha). My main problem is the mid-section too – I would prefer to not look pregnant and have that go away (considering I’ve actually had 4 people over the last year ask me if I was…..frustrating). And you’re right – the inflammation is overwhelming in that area!

    Nonetheless, I’m excited for the immediate results for you (and me too)…..I truly hope we can help others (on this blog and elsewhere) so they either can start their journey back to normalcy or avoid Essure altogether!

    (Ps – My doc told me there is a new product that’s silicone that is just like Essure – so it may be safer since there’s no metal….that’s all fine and dandy, but I think that this experience has made me wary of anything that is placed inside the body that isn’t organically grown!)


      yes Traci keep me posted….

      Yes having the pregnant looking belly is getting very old and to be quite honest with you, it has began to hurt my confidence and my self esteem. The clothes that I used to be able to wear and look good in, I no longer wear cause my belly sticks out. The really funny and weird thing about it is….My stomach is flat in the upper ab area and the lower ab area, but right around the mid section the area directly under my belly button, pops out like a mound.

      I have been doing aerobics, walking and running for about a month now and just waiting to see results, but it is not happening as quickly as I want it to. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Traci if you find any suggestions or exercises that would help loose this gut let me know.!!!!


      hi Traci!!!! I just wanted to see how things are going for you? and give you an update on my beer gut!!! ha ha ha….

      After a month of dieting, aerobics 2 times a week and walking 3, I am finally able to see an feel a difference. My weight has dropped 5 pounds. I have not measured my abdomen yet to see if I lost inches or even centimeters. H hahahah…I am afraid I will get discouraged if I do that.

      I hope all is well for you, and your success is growing everyday!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!! Thank heavens!!!

  83. Mara says:

    I had Essure done in August of 2009. I LOVE it. I have had no side effects from it really. My periods are back to what they were pre-kids. I do sometimes get pain with sex but a quick change in position and everything is better. I have also gained weight lately but I know that is due to other factors going on in my life right now. I am so sorry so many of you are having issues with Essure. It was the best decision of my life.

  84. Kelley says:

    I had the Essure done & basically was happy with it. I didn’t like the testing part after the three months to make sure the scarring had happened (or not). However, now I have to go have a tubal done anyway because one side didn’t scar over and they have to go in and “find” the coil since it has slipped out of place. I don’t know if I would do it over again or not- I am a little disappointed.

  85. Stefani says:

    I had this procedure done in November of 2008 and for the most part, have felt great. I was still breastfeeding, so I did not get my period for a full 12 months after the procedure was done and it is actually shorter/lighter than I remember it before (contrary to many reports). The pain from the procedure was more than I recall being warned about, and no one ever asked me if I was allergic to nickel, but fortunately, the procedure was done after giving natural birth so the pain paled in comparison and I am not having any skin reaction.

    What I am not happy about is my current exercise regimen. I have focused the past 5 years on having children, eating healthy and staying relatively active, but not really “working out” formally until this month, when I started an athletic training program at home. It is a little more intense than average but I was doing fine on it for a few days, until a pain in the area where my fallopian tubes are located starting keeping me from doing the sit ups and push ups in pretty much every different position I try.

    Has any one else experienced problems with this? It may just be a sprained muscle, but I am concerned that the tubes are either dislocated or preventing the muscle from its full range of motion. Thanks!



      I would be cautionous and keep tabs on the progress you make. I couldn’t not exercise from pain that I experienced when I did exercise in my lower abdomen. When I had the procedure done I was healthy, and exercised and weighed about 125. 3 weeks after the procedure when going to the doctor for the pain, I weighed 135. How does that happen???

      I just wanted to warn you that was not able to work out or stretch my stomach muscles in any way. The pain and uncomfortable feeling was too unbearable.

      Best of Luck to ya.

  86. Jane says:

    I had my essure procedure done on 10/13/10. The doctor knocked me out cold and I’m so glad he did considering some of the horror stories I’ve heard! I mean if the Dr has to give you a shot to numb your uterus, isn’t that a sure sign that screams ‘PUT ME OUT!’ I’m scheduled to go back to the doctor in 2 weeks so he can so a sonogram/xray to see if the coils have remained in place. I have very little spotting and just cramping, sometimes more on the left side than the right. At times I swear I can feel them (not used to have metal in my body! maybe more pschological). I am 5’5 and weigh 125, I’m healthy, walk 4-5 times a week. I keep reading all these horror stories and I’m someone concerned if I made the right decision. After losing a fullterm stillborn and then having a miscarriage, it was time to shut down the “mommy factory” for good. I do have 2 beautiful children. I will follow-up in 2 weeks to see what the good ol’ doc says.

    What I don’t read here is any follow-up as my Dr suggested so it makes me wonder if all of you had to wait 3 months before going back? I did have some back pain, but mainly the cramps for now. I’ve heard about the Chapel Hill Center which is in NC, only 2 hours from my house, so if worse come to happen, guess where I will be!!

    • Mara says:

      I didn’t have any follow ups like your’s Jane. But I also had an ultrasound before hand to make sure my uterus was in the right condition for this procedure. My doctor has very strict guidelines under which he will do this procedure. So I had a lot more testing done before than most people.

  87. Naomi says:

    If only women knew what they were getting into when they got this Essure procedure done. I had mine put in in august of ’09, and went through a year of HELL. I was in so much pain, and was so sick I thought I was going to die. My doctor kept brushing me off, telling me that my symptoms could not be from the coils. after doing a lot of research I decided to fly to Georgia to Lakeshore surgical center to have them removed. They removed the coils and I feel so much better. this proves to me that all my health problems were due to those coils being in me. I wish I knew how to make this problem more public and involve the federal institution that approved this horrible device.



      Please file a Maude Adverse Effect Report with the FDA. this is the only way that they FDA will know and beware of what is happening. The information is posted above on the FDA website and the link to file this report. I beleive that Traci posted it for everyone not too long ago. By filing this report you are making them aware that there is a problem, and if we all make these complaints, it can be a possibility of a recall or some kind of investigation will happen later. Until then, we are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed that something will be done. It can only happen if people like you and me file these reports and make it known. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so glad you are feeling better!!!!

  88. Johanna says:

    I had the essure placement done in August, 2010 arn agree that there was no mention by the doctor of any post procedure side effects except for the immediate cramping and slight bleeding. I did not have much pain during the procedure because i asked my doctor to give me a cervical block. When the coils were incerted i got alot of heavy cramping and just wanted to lay down the rest of day. Problem is that since procedure i have gained alot of weight in my stomach and have been having progressively worst abdominal pain and nausea!!! I thought maybe it was my gallblader but had it checked and its fine. I have been weak, having insomnia, and excessive discharge which i never had before. I wish i never had it put in and feel worse everyday. Now i want it out but i’m scared because i got it because i didnt want surgery to begin with! Also don’t know if insurance will cover. Something is not right with this procedure!!!

  89. Sara says:

    I have the essure since feb. 06… I have back pain! A bad metal taste in my mouth every so often…. I read most of the stories on here! I am making a appointment with my OB to see if it could be the essure.. The back pain is making me nuts… The pain has been there for almost 2 years now.. I just brushed it off for pushing myself to much… But it always the lower back, I wondered if it could be the eessure, I have had weight gain also… Not alot of weight but weight I am not liking..! I have four kids and after each one I dropped all the weight.. After the essure it was like I kept the baby fat that I gained..! I do want a hysterectomy…! I should of had that done..! But the OB doc told me the essure would be simple, which it was, but I hate the pain in my back…..!

  90. sharon says:

    i had the essure procedure done in june 2010 since then ive had pain in my right side that comes and goes but when it does hurt i cant go to work i cant hardly walk or anything ive went to the er over it b4 and was told it was nothing but the scar tissue forming and not to worry but how long is this stuff supposed to hurt……im tired of hurting and taking a chance at losing my job because of this

    • Tracy H says:

      Sharon, how awful ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I call this negligence! It appears that doctors are deliberately concealing vital information about this procedure. My life was a living hell because of this procedure and it was completely PREVENTABLE. If the doctor had sent me for a nickel sensitivity test BEFORE the surgery I would have never have been able to have it done. He didn’t tell me about the contraindication for nickel AND he went so far as telling me the coils were made of titanium! (they are a mix of titanium and nickel) I see this as an open and closed case for litigation however I can’t get a lawyer to take on the case on a ‘pay if you win’ basis. I can’t afford to pay a lawyer up front so he is going to get away with it and I am pretty angry about it! I wish you all the best but it sounds like you are suffering similar side affects than the rest of us and it was only after the coils were removed that we had relief ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Christie Norwood says:

        Hi Tracy, my name is Christie and yes i also had the procedure done and yes IT IS ALSO A MAJOR REGRET!!!!!! But I was thinking about the lawsuit. do u think if we all get together & go in on the payments 4 the lawyer fees that a lawywer will maybe take the case then?

  91. machelle says:

    hello my name is machelle i had the essure procedure done in april 2009 i have had nothing but problems with it im trying to have it taking out but my insurance is refusing to pay for it…they paid for it to be done but wont pay for it to b taking out .i have had serve pain in my lower abs i can feel the spasams through out my lower abs i lost my love for foods making love to my husband and i just dont feel like myself. i plan to file a claim angainst the hospital ….this procedure is not worth the pain or losing your maggiage over dont do it please!!!!!!!

  92. April R says:

    I had the procedure done in Dec 2008 2 months after my daughter was born. I’ve never had so many health issues in my life!! My period is never on set dates anymore, and its so heavy and its hard to even move when I’m on it. Alot of doctors I talk to now don’t even know what ESSURE is or they tell me the truth about it (which I wish my ob gyn would have). I had the test done 3 months after to and he told me I would not get pregnant anymore and that it isnt reversable. LIES ALL LIES now u can get it reversed but not just anywhere, that and i’ve had 3 misscarriages within the past year. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GET THIS DONE THERE ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH IT! IT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE FOR ME TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Ruby says:

    I had the procedure done in 2006. I ended up getting pregnant after the procedure with my 5th child. I love my 4 year old son. I was very angry with my doctor because I signed paperwork to have a regular tubular ligation in which she decided not to do while the opportunity was there since I had a Cesarean section after my 4th child. She was very excited in explaining to me that she had a new procedure she wanted to try assuring me that everything would work out. Well it turned out that because she decided to change my procedure form the approved tubular ligation to the assure procedure my insurance company did not cover the assure procedure. Here I was unemployed at the time had these tubes placed inside of me but could not have the follow up dye procedure to ensure that my coils were in the correct position. My doctor’s office called to say that I could not have the follow up because my insurance company would not cover the procedure. I personally felt that I had been tricked by my doctor to undergo this procedure for her and the makers of the essure coils. I ended up pregnant 8 months after the insertion. I did not want anymore children at that time. This was a great financial burden on my family after having my 5th child. The crazy thing is, I saw a different doctor throughout my pregnancy following the essure procedure. After delivering my son, this doctor was able to perform the original tubal ligation that my previous doctor had said that she couldn’t do before deciding to perform the essure procedure. I felt I had been tricked and used by doctor just so she could experiment with this essure procedure. Oh Yeah, by the way she also stated to me that I would be the 4th person she was trying this procedure on. After convincing me that she could not ligate my tubes the usual way, I felt I had no choice but to let her perform the essure procedure on me. She also made it sound like it would be a piece of cake. It was not. I am thankful that my new doctor was able to ligate my tubes the way that I wanted them and I have not gotten pregnant again.


    Just a message to everyone that rescently posted comments about Essure….


    The link is listed above on someone’s post.

    This is the only way that anyone will know that we are expereincing issues and perhaps a recall can take effect or will also improve chances of CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS!!!!

    Please, please everyone do this…Even if you have become pregnant, had them removed, whatever your case may be…..this is our only kind of help or support at this time is to let the FDA know of each and everyone’s issues….

  95. rebecca says:

    I had the essure done about 3 years ago. . I started having very heavy painful periods lasting about 9 days. I asked my Dr if it was possible the essure was causing the trouble,, of course she says no. Also, I am not able to be intimate the way I want to be anymore. I bleed after intercourse, I can’t stand the pain. I am so embarrassed and I am so tired of not enjoying myself with my husband. I wish I never had the procedure. I want it reversed so bad but I cannot afford it. I am in complete misery. I am only 29.

  96. Sarah says:

    I had my Essure done in August 2008. Since then I have had a period every 2 weeks. I also have chronic Bacterial Vaginosis. If I’m not bleeding then I smell horrible. My sex life is non-existent because I feel so self-conscious and disgusting. I’ve had every test known to women done since then and no one can figure out what’s wrong with me. My hormone levels are perfect, no allergies, no cysts, nothing. The OB/GYN who put the coils in told me to live with it. My new OB/GYN has jumped through hoops for me but he still can’t find a cause. He seems to feel it isn’t the coils that are causing my problems. In May, 2010 I had a hydrothermal ablation done. That didn’t help, I still have a period every 2 weeks and I still have chronic BV. I’ve become severely depressed. I won’t even let my poor (incredibly patient) husband touch me anymore. I pretty much cry all the time. My doctor wants to perform a partial hysterectomy but from everything I’ve read about that is it can cause BV!!!! I don’t know what to do, I just want it all to go away. I’m 40 years old and prior to the Essure procedure I have never had any problems. My periods were always every 28 days and average length and flow. Prior to the Essure I’ve only had BV twice in my entire life. I don’t have any of the pain problems that most of the unfortunate women here have posted; my problems are causing emotional damage.

  97. Sarah says:

    I had my Essure done in August 2008. Since then I have had a period every 2 weeks. I also have chronic Bacterial Vaginosis. If Iโ€™m not bleeding then I smell horrible. My sex life is non-existent because I feel so self-conscious and disgusting. Iโ€™ve had every test known to women done since then and no one can figure out whatโ€™s wrong with me. My hormone levels are perfect, no allergies, no cysts, nothing. The OB/GYN who put the coils in told me to live with it. My new OB/GYN has jumped through hoops for me but he still canโ€™t find a cause. He seems to feel it isnโ€™t the coils that are causing my problems. In May, 2010 I had a hydrothermal ablation done. That didnโ€™t help, I still have a period every 2 weeks and I still have chronic BV. Iโ€™ve become severely depressed. I wonโ€™t even let my poor (incredibly patient) husband touch me anymore. I pretty much cry all the time. My doctor wants to perform a partial hysterectomy but from everything Iโ€™ve read about that is it can cause BV!!!! I donโ€™t know what to do, I just want it all to go away. Iโ€™m 40 years old and prior to the Essure procedure I have never had any problems. My periods were always every 28 days and average length and flow. Prior to the Essure Iโ€™ve only had BV twice in my entire life. I donโ€™t have any of the pain problems that most of the unfortunate women here have posted; my problems are causing emotional damage.

    • tina says:

      I have the same odor problems horrible periods and major mood swings my doctor says it doesnt have to do with essure after reading all this it sure makes you wonder.I have a friend who had a hysterectomy she said she hasnt had any problems. you might ask your doctor since he is helpful to do some research on the problems other women are having. good luck. I know Im not to helpful but just knowing your not alone helps. tina

      • Sarah says:

        Thank you Tina, it does help knowing I’m not alone. Not that I’m happy any one has to go through this miserable ordeal, but just having a place to talk to someone who understands is wonderful! My doctor too keeps telling me that it’s not the coils. He’s not the doctor who inserted them and he admits that he doesn’t know a lot about them but from the research he’s done and the doctors he’s consulted with, he is positive it’s not the coils. Although from the tests he’s done he has confirmed that one of my coils has slipped and is “displaced.” I have an appointment Dec. 1 to discuss having a partial hysterectomy. I’m scared to death! I’ve heard just as many horror stories about that as about the Essure coils!!! From everything I’ve read, the hysterectomy won’t stop the BV, in fact it can cause more BV, and there’s a good chance I could still bleed after the surgery. I don’t know what else to do…I’ve really reached the end of my rope and I’m scared. I don’t know what to do.

  98. Cathy says:

    I have been having problems such as excessive bleeding, my periods last 14-21 days and the cramping is unbelievable during my mestral cycle. I have had two children and my cramping was no where near what it is now i get sick with it and have bad migranes and this has all started since i had the essure done!!,and for some reason ive had a lot of lwer back pain!!

  99. Nancy says:

    I had Essure put in Tuesday of this week i know it has only been 2 days but i had a tubal ligation 4 years ago and i had a lil girl aug 3rd of this year so the ob told me about essure she made it sound great so i went with it only to find out that the comp do not recommend having it done if you have had a tubal ligation but i was never told that has anyone had it done??? My back has been hurting and i called the doc and they said that it is a side effect that would go away. I wish i had been aware of all of this before hand i would have not had it done. Thanks Nancy

  100. […] more and more calls have been going into Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center about Essure reversal. This is something that many women seem to be having problems with and again many of the doctors […]

  101. tina says:

    I have all the problems the rest of yall do. But my concern is I had a friend research this and she said she read that someone had bigger problems that had procedure done when it first came out and that with her bad periods there was tissue coming out because the springs where not done right. I have really bad periods too with alot of clotting but doctor says it doesnt have anything to do with esure! If anyone else has heard this and knows where to find this info please let me know.

    • Sheria says:

      I have the same problems as everyone on here I feel as though you guys are writing about me… I have had so many procedures done to see if something was wrong with my stomach I have had MRI on my back an endoscopy physical therapy everything you can think of! And they say they cant find anything wrong. but after reading on here I think its my essure! I have a dr appt today to talk with her about getting them taken out! I also have the tissue coming out thought it was something to do with my period… I never said anything to anyone cause its embarrassing! Glad to know im not the only one! Def will bring that up in the dr appt today!

  102. Kelly Lucas says:

    Hello. Thank God I found this information. I was scheduled to have the Essure procedure done on Dec. 21, 2010. I think I will be canceling. We just had our 8th child and we are finished having kids! Looking for a safe, permanent birth control. Does anyone have any suggestions? I wish all of you the best of luck in dealing with this mess. I can’t believe this has happened.

  103. Karen says:

    Hi ladies, I had the procedure done in august 2010, it was great until a month agao i have been experiencing a shooting pain in my left groin down my left leg and my leg gives out on me, it hurts when i drive, walk, etc. i can go days with nothing and then it takes my breath away it hurts so bad. i thought i tore a muscle but i didn’t do anything to strain it. makes me wonder if it could be essure… please let me know if there is anyone out there with this symptom. thanks karen

    • Traci Nichols says:

      Karen –
      Definitely check with your doctor – I had pain, as well, and until I had my hysterectomy, didn’t know that Essure coil on my right side had moved out of the tube and embedded into muscle that attaches the uterus to the pelvis. Not cool. I had the tests done to make sure everything was fused off after the original procedure it things were fine. I only found out about the coil move after the hysterectomy when my dr got the pathology test back showing only one coil. I had more tests and they found through additional xrays that the coil was in the muscle – likely the reason for the pain. Ask your doctor to check for this. Use this blog as proof that others have the same issues – I was lucky to finally find two drs that would listen to me and understand that I know my body and knew that something was very wrong.
      Best of luck – keep us posted!



      Most important!!! Know your body!!! If something is wrong, then something is wrong!!!

      A lot of my pain is what you described and gradually got worse over time. Just driving my car was the worse for me. I didn’t want to go anywhere cause just sitting driving for some reason, hurt so bad. I was not able to exercise because of the pain. Talk with your doctor and don’t give up until someone will listen!!!

  104. Karen says:

    OHHH i forgot my periods are waaay worse than they have ever been in my entire life.

  105. Traci Nichols says:

    I know it’s been a while (work / life / travel) but wanted to provide a quick update on a few things:

    1) I’m doing great – working out, losing weight (6lbs in 30 days! YAY!), gaining focus and energy more and more each day – what a change! Hopefully, I’ll find out this week that my MCV levels have gone down. Cross those fingers!
    2) I have still not found a lawyer that’s willing to take on such a case with Essure – I find that interesting since we see all the class action suits for everything else: hip replacements, prescription drugs, etc – I’m tempted to just call one of those ambulance chaser numbers on TV to see if they’d be interested….maybe I will. (Anyone have luck with this at all)?
    3) My doc stated that Essure may ‘go away’ soon – there’s another product coming on the market (yikes) that is very similar to Essure but no metal – all silicone. Same concept, just no metal – I’d just recommend to anyone interested that they find out more and do the research to make sure that doesn’t cause the same effects so many of us went / or are going through.
    4) To Vicki – although the losing weight is happening, my doc said that due to the hysterectomy, it will take about 6-12 months to get the abs back to ‘normal’ – it’s primarily due to cutting through muscle and the swelling / scar tissue takes longer to heal. I’m hopeful we will both find our physical happiness again. Thanks for always checking in – I hope all is going much better for you too!

    Best of luck to everyone and if I learn more, i’ll be sure to provide an update….things will get better!!!! Have happy holidays!

  106. Clara says:

    I’ve had the dang things in since june of 2009…at first everything was find and dandy but I noticed I feel like i’m on my rag almost everyday…like bloaty and like I can feel them in my tubes…sometimes there’s cramping and I can FEEL specifically like where they are at…its the most unsettling feeling ever…i’m cramping right now (i’ve resulted negative on a pregnancy test) and i’m 2 weeks late on my period…seriously WTH is going on?? Are they falling out like what is this?? I’m a lot more snappy than I used to be (granted I was still snappy but not like this) i’m tired all the time, I’ve been breaking out like CRAZY. I just feel out of wack…and I have a feeling it is from this…as of right now we have no health insurance (husband finished his term in the navy and is now in college)…i’m 22 have one child and I KNOW I dont want anymore kids…absolutely not…but man I cant live the rest of my life like this…I feel so bleh all the time…like someone has two sticks on either side of my pelvis applying pressure…

  107. Lynn says:

    I had my procedure done in May of 2009. By January of 2010 I ended up in the hospital and had to go in for emergency surgery. I started bleeding and literally the flow wouldn’t stop. I’m talking a flow like a water faucet left on. My the time I got to the hospital I had lost so much blood that my blood count was 2. It should be around 13. The doctor said I had more blood pockets than he had ever seen. I had pockets inside of pockets, inside more pockets, on top of pockets all over. Apparently the spring were put in too far and they were destroying my uterus from the inside out. The springs were removed, I had to have a DNC done. Although the springs are now out I still have episodes every day, multiple times a day where different limbs and even just partial sections of an arm or leg loose all feeling. I have migraines like i’ve never experienced in my life. I have cramps that feel like i’m in labor. I get these horrific dizzy spells and blackouts. The whole episode leads my body into sort of a convulsion. It has definitely been the most horrifying experience since I had the procedure done. I have yet to hear anything good about it. I’m currently looking around for a lawyer I can talk to as I feel that there is a lot more to this birth control than any of us were ever informed about and something needs to be done about. If anyone else travels this road and is doing the same and finds anything out please let me know. Maybe if we all get together on this we can change it and stop it before too many more women have to experience what we have. My personal email is ShortcakeAngel

    • Lisa says:

      I had my procedure done in April of 2010. I almost have the same problems you have Lynn. I have horrible migraines, real bad cramps that I never had before, I get dizzy, and blackouts that make me real embarrassed. Some times I forget things and that is so embarrassingโ€ฆ I feel like an old lady. I get my menstrual periods like crazy, like 20 days on a month. If I am with my husband, I will get my period againโ€ฆ but I am thinking that maybe is not my period but that I am just bleeding. I have missed work like I had never done before. A lawyer is going to send me some information. I will send you an email with his information.

  108. LanT says:

    I had the procedure done 2 years ago. The procedure was extremely painful. Since then I have had pain on the left side, on and off. Recently, the pain has been increased. It now happens every day and I am really suffered from it. I spoke to the doctor (not the one who did the procedure, he moved away) and this doctor recognized the problem. However, he said the only way to remove to coil is a hysterectomy. Please let me know if there are other options beside a hysterstomy. I would like to hear from those who have already had the coils removed. What was the procedure, how do you feel now, what are the issues after the surgery… Thank you for your information.

    • Tracy H says:

      Hi Lan
      So sorry to hear of your suffering. I have had the coils removed … you will see my posts if you scroll through. I also have some using the name Tracy Hedges

  109. Shannon says:

    Hi, I have had Essure for about 3 years. I had it put in because I have four kids and my husband and I decided we were done.The process of putting it in me went fine. Seemed like a dream come true for someone who already has four kids. Then about four months later I started getting infections.Symtoms were lots of fluild, looks like discharge, started burning of cousre can’t stand that so I took azo.I thought it might be a infection ,family member had extra med. I took it. It went away. But then right after that I got a fever for 14 days, I went to the doctors and found out I have arthieritis.Never had any symptoms before. A few months later woulnd’nt you know another infection. Doctor said looks like a bacterial infection, test came back, it was nothing. It didn’t feel like nothing to me. Anyways, every since then I started having fluid come from me, I thought I was just ovulating alot. I have had soooo many days right around my period that I will have soooo much fluid come from me and it will start burning, but everytime that I go to the Dr. she will tells me nothing showed up. Most of the time she will just prescribe me an antibotic and it will sometimes go away. I got tired of that, I went to an u-ologist he gave me a catscan, he said I have kidney stones and prescribed me urocit-k, well the infection went away for a month and then back again so I call him and told him how I’m feeling and he said it sounds like I have IC, then he prescribes me Elmiron. Now I am on two med. six pills a day very expensive and hard to pay for. Like I said never had any symptoms before. I have been taking the Elmiron for about two months now, so far it has helped, but there is also a big list of food you have to give up and I have only been drinking water for two months with recently green tea caff. free no surgar sometimes. The reason for taking Elmiron is micro holes in your bladder. Theses were my symtoms I told him that I was having,(lots of fluild coming from me, burning, bladder pressure, always felt like I have to pee, started hurting durning intercourse.) You know I had Essure done so that me and my husband would be able to have intercourse without worring about getting pregant. But I think I would have rather had another kid instead of all these problems. It scares me, I just keep think whats coming next. I really would like to get these things out of me, but I’m scared of the side effects of that to. I have not had an allergy test yet to see if I’m allergic, but I do know that certain ear rings make my ears swell and get infected, and I am very sensitive to eyeshadows and many other things. I should have never got these things in me, my Dr. told me this was the easiest procedure, I don’t believe that all these problems are easy.

    • Tracy H says:

      Shannon, I had all the same symptoms as you. I would have unexpected gushes of fluid. I ended up having to wear a pad all the time because it would drench my underwear … very embarrassing. The fluid was so acidic that it would burn my skin. When it first happened I though I had herpes as I had blisters so I had a blood test, which was negative. That has stopped since having the coils removed, along with almost all of my symptoms

  110. Shannon says:

    I forgot to put on there, I also get the feeling of having nausea.

  111. fawn says:

    i had the procedure done feb2010. it went great. slight cramps the rest of that day. went to work the next. awsom. i didnt really like having to go a least 60 days not knowing if they took ,when my husband is quite the baby maker. we just had our 5th that november. and i know we could not aford anymore. i really wanted the tubal ligation. it is done and over. my doctor kept nsisting on this procedure. yeah all went well. but latly i’v beenhaving difficulty sleeping or even trying to sleep. never withall my kids ever had a problem there. my body hurts. mostly my joints stiffen. my legs fall asleep whether i have them flat or crossed, sitting on thefloor or in a chair. i am constantly hotflashing. iv neverexperienced his before. i feel like iv had the worst headcold nonstop. nothing helps. my mom thinks im starting menopause early because i started my period at age 8. but then she said maybe its because i got fixed. thats is what led me to this sight. i think ig been making excuses,my body aches because of i need a new bed, my legs have less cicirculation because iv gained 20lbs since the procedure. but hen again the wieght gain could be because ivgotten fixed, like cats and dogs do, that i am constanty having watery discharge that smell and wear a pad 24/7 because my bladder is week from having 5babes. but i know its not me peeing myself. maybe there is more to these problems than i knew. i wish i would have vame across ths site long ago. it would have made me less persuasive by my doctor. thanks yo whoever made this website. you and to many who gave me a different view. i might look into this. i hope its premenopause. because if its the coils causeing all this well then thats 100$out of my pocket. that doc wont get paid the rest anyway. we are bankrupt now. unfortunatly.

    • Tracy H says:

      Oh Fawn, it breaks my heart each time I see a new post from a woman suffering the effects of this hideous procedure. It sounds like you have similar symptoms to many of us. You are not going crazy … this was done TO YOU. I wish you all the best on what will be a challenging journey to get your health back. I had the coils removed and I am getting healthier by the day

  112. Ro says:

    Hello everyone, I had the essure put in around the beginning of May 2010. My doctor told me all about the side effects and the pain that the procedure may bring. I asked to be put to sleep during the procedure. As far as the side effects goes, they still didn’t seem as bad as the ones that come from getting your tubes tied. I have not felt any side effect nor did i feel pain once the procedure was over. Its been over 6 months and I feel fine, and as far as I can tell it works for me. As in any birth control methods, it may not be for everyone.

    • Tracy H says:

      Ro, I am sincerely happy that this procedure (so far) has worked for you however the women who have suffered are seriously suffering. It is so much bigger than inconvenient side effects … this procedure has ruined our lives. The issue is also medical malpractice with the majority of doctors intentionally misleading & withholding essential information from the women … perhaps to get their generous bonuses from the manufacturers of Essure ??? This procedure made 5 years of my life a living hell only to be know enduring the consequences of a hysterectomy. I think there needs to be an investigation into this procedure

  113. Ro says:

    Although I do wish it did one thing that it doesn’t, TAKE THIS PERIOD AWAY!!!!!!!

  114. Tina says:

    Oh my goodness! I have tossed all my symptoms that I have had over the past two years to just getting older….Now I am thinking otherwise. I had essure put in in early 2008. I have always had a belly but this is more like a pregnant looking belly that will not go away. My hands go to sleep alllllll the time. If I hold a glass, or really anything they both go to sleep…this is consistant. I just thought it was carpol tunnel syndrome since I have experienced different symptoms of it before. Hot flashes, yep I have had them too….said it must be early menopause. Fatigue…..geez I have been so tired all the time…I literally have to motivate myself to do anything. I have also experienced the very painful periods with the blood clots too. As far as the nickel allergy, I was just told the other day that since my ears break out when I wear earrings that I most likely am allergic to nickel. And after reading all of your stories, I am kinda freaking out. My insurance has changed so I can’t go back to my old obgyn, but I am going to make an appointment today with a new one. I sure hope I can have them removed…

    • Tina says:

      I have recently been experiencing the fluid leakage…it’s sooo awful. I have to change my underwear several times a day…or wear a pad all the time.

  115. Ruby says:

    I also have the fluid leakage, it just gushes out at any time. I were a panty lining everyday except when it’s that time of the month, the fluid is clear! I also have not been able to lose the extra weight from my stomach area , which use to go away with no problem after each pregnancy.

  116. Laura says:

    Hello to all. All of these comments are scary. I had the Essure done Sept. 14 and the depo shot for the back up birth control. Everything went great no pain, but had bleeding for 3 months- Called doc and nurse said the depo shot was causing the bleeding. finally stopped week before HSG. Comes to find out my left tube is still open and the coil has gone some where? I was supposed to get the Novasure done tomorrow and can’t now. They need to re-do the coil in left tube ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . So bummed. So now I need to wait another 3 months before Novasure.

    • TINA says:

      Hey Laura just wondering abut the Novasure. How do it work and what it did for u just.. I need something to stop the bleeding..

  117. Mrs. T says:

    Hi all, I am so sorry to hear of everyone’s pain and discomfort. I think they need to post some of the side effects and experiences you all are having on their site which you look there and it’s all a cake walk and wonderful. I am not sure if anyone else has had this issue (to much to read all sorry) but my Sister in law had them placed a few months after her baby was born. Which is now been a year and she’s had them for 8 months and found out she’s pregnant! My concern is the baby with the coils still in place. I’m at a lost and going to send them an email that they better change their website of no pregnancies reported! Cause I’m reporting it. Her visit at 3 months with the dye was said to be perfectly fine. I do not know if she experienced any other issues with it but getting pregnant 6-7 months later is strange enough. I was trying to do some research to see if anyone else has ever heard of this or had it happen? I was thinking of doing it but now after all I’ve seen and heard no TY! I’ll keep my Mirena! Eventually getting tubes tied. Please let me know if any of you have heard of such and if there’s any risk to baby. Thanks so much

    • Mrs. T says:

      ok just to update everyone. Sis-in-law went in and had a check-up not sure how it got brought up but she calls me and says the doc told her she had the Adiana not Essure. Which works like Essure but it’s silicone the size of a grain of rice and works in same way. Except it’s only 98.9% effective and Essure is 99.9. Now I know essure had like copyright issues or something with adiana and Fda wouldn’t approve it at first because of its pregnancy rate but followed the ones who weren’t preg. for another year and they were fine so they got approval from FDA. So will keep everyone updated as to what happens.

  118. Kakieta H says:

    OMG!! I am so happy I found this site. I had my procedure done in August of 2008. About a year after that, I started having terrible headaches and waves of nausea. It wasn’t happening often so I ignored it. Sept of 2009, I was driving and got so lightheaded I thought I was going to pass out. Went to the emergency room and after having a MRI and several blood test was told it was an “aura migraine”. Feeling has been on and off until March of 2010…it’s daily! The dizziness, heart palpations, facial tingling, arm, hand, leg and feet tiggling, headaches, sensitivity to light at times, and lower pain on the right side of my abdomen, horrible back and neck pain/tension that will not go away with medicine. My doctor suspected MS but ruled it out and have since said that I’m just having anxiety attacks! That’s a bunch of bull. I know my body and this is not right.

    After reading all those posts on the Essure procedure, I am angry that none of this information is on the Essure website. I have been suffering for months with no support from my doctor. I did print out this post and will be revisiting her.

    I’m tired and moody all the time fearing that I’m about to die at any moment…that’s when the anxiety kicks in! Thank you all for sharing and giving the rest of us some hope at a normal life again!

    • Tracy H says:

      Kakieta, you have suffered long enough! I didn’t find this site until after I had the coils removed and so I spent many years feeling like I WAS going crazy! I went through test after test after horrible test trying to find out what was wrong with me. I was the one that demanded the coils come out, if it was up to the medical profession I would be still having test after test after test. The symptoms you are experiencing ARE a result of the coils, because they are the same symptoms I and most of the other women have/had. I wish you all the best in getting them removed … I know it is so much harder in America with health insurance. Conceptus should be made accountable for all this pain and suffering!!!!!

  119. Laura says:

    Oh wow!! I cannot believe she is pregnant? Wow..I wonder what that does to the baby if both tubes were blocked?? it is too bad she did not get the Novasure done 3 months after her coils being put in..Scary

  120. Ruby says:

    I got pregnant about 8 months after I had my essure implants placed in also, My son is now 4 years old and has the worst problems with allergies, it seems as though his nose runs almost everyday all year long and he takes allergy medication, with very little relief. He also suffer with seizures and takes medication on a daily basis for the seizures. None of my four older kids have ever suffered with seizures or allergies like my 4 year old has. My sister also was very concerned for me to have become pregnant after having the essure procedure and how it would affect my child.

  121. Shannon says:

    Tracey how did you have the coils removed ,what doctor did you go to, and about how much did it cost? What was your down time after the you had them removed?
    I really want these things out of me.
    I went to the urnologist yesterday for a checkup and I explain to him that I started feeling these symptoms 4 months after I had essure put in.He said it could be a possiblity that they were giving me the symptoms of IC, IC is an inflamation inside you. He could not tell me for sure, but he himself thought so! This med. I am taking is $ 800.00 dollars a month untill I reach my deduc., then it is still $100.00 a month .I really can not aford this, that money could be going on things we need. I really would like to be part of having this procedure stoped. I would’nt speak so soon if your not having symptoms and you are looking at this page, the symtoms come at different times for different people, and when you get the symtoms we are having you will know what I mean, it is a very bad feeling and you feel like your wonderful life is gone.

  122. Shannon says:

    I hope that my last comment didn’t sound rude, it’s just that you feel like Essure has taken over your whole life, I would not wish that on anyone. PLEASE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD THIS REMOVED LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU WENT TO HAVE THIS REMOVED AND HOW YOU FEEL NOW!

    • Tracy H says:

      Shannon, I live in Australia and we have a pretty good health care system. I was able to have the coils removed free of charge through one of our public hospitals however I had to be on a waiting list. I waited for 11 months after it was established that the coils needed to come out. The surgeon that put them in took them out. I was given 2 options 1. Having my fallopian tubes and part of my uterus removed or 2. having my fallopian tubes and ALL of my uterus removed. I chose ALL of my uterus as I was SO concerned about continuing to have such heavy bleeding. He was able to leave my cervix in place. I was off work for 4 weeks and then 2 weeks of working with pain and discomfort

  123. ladawna says:

    I have had so many problems with essure and no one knows what to do…I had it done in 2007 My periods are so bad for 2 to 3 weeks I go through a box of tampons a day.. bad bad cramps pains in my tummy all the time.. And when me and my husband have sex he says he feels something all the time..I asked doctor about it, got a test done and the where still in place. Essure has been bad for me…It’s 4 years later and I still have all these pains..Been in and out of hospital..6 doc will not take it out and I dont have the money for them to remove them. 3 of my friends had it done and are have babies after 2 years… that scares me that more and more women are haveing babies after 2 years…

  124. Erica says:

    I have been doing research about women getting pregnant after this. It seems to be much more common than essure or the doc’s want us to think. I have read a few stroies of healthy births after the essure. One website that was dealing with infertility actually talked about recommending it for a condition of the tubes that causes infertility and then doing in vitro. Evidently there have been some in vitro’s done after essure(even though essure themselves does not reccomend this) and what the doc reported was that the coils were not bent or misplaced during the pregnancy and 1 healthy baby was born after the 1 successful in vitro round. (I just don’t know the wiseness of doing that). Mrs. T I’m telling you this in hopes that you can have some hope that your sister’s baby will be healthy. I sure hope so. I am so sorry Ruby for the health of your baby. I have done a good bit of research too on getting them removed. I’m not having pain or discomfort or weight gain but I do have heavy periods twice a month now. The doc tried to tell me that it’s just because I’m off birth control now. I don’t accept that I was off BC for 6 months before I got preg, with our 3rd child. I had NO irregular periods then I’m sure it’s because of the essure. A few of the women on here have had them removed so it can be done. There is a doctor in Chapel Hill NC that has done several reversals now. He can save your tubes and reconnect them in some instances (all depending on your scar tissue) or he can remove your tubes and from what he says in some cases that is the only option and in some cases the only option is hysterectomy. It all depends. I hope this comment is helpful to some people and Shannon I agree that people who have only had them in a few months and have had no problems should not post to quickly that it is the best procedure ever. I’m a little suprised that some women have had novasure done after this procedure. My doctor told me that is was not an option because I had essure… that the heat from novasure could heat the coils like a microwave and cause severe damage to the uterus and tubes. I’m at least thankful my doctor was honest about that. And if you have had novasure…it is no guarantee of no pregnancy…look it up there are plenty of women who have gotten pregnant after that too.

  125. sharon p says:

    OMG…This is so flipping crazy!! I had my essure procedure in June of this year. I was fine a couple days after my procedure, just a little cramping..nothing major!! Fast forward to my HSG test (Holy Crap…so much pain) If there was not an xray machine on top of me, I would have jumped up and punched my doc in the face!! At which time the dye was inserted into me and the xray showed that I had one coil penetrating my uterus wall and the other coil just hanging out inside my uterus!! LOVELY!!! So I just went through all that pain just to find out that the damn procedure didn’t work!! My doc. told me that she would do a tubal ligation and at the same time…Go in and get those coils out. Great! That sounds like a plan, I say! So, I go in to have my surgery last week (Dec. 16th) To my surprise when I awoke, my doc. tells me that the coils were no where to be found and that maybe they fell out during my menstrual period(Yah right, I thought) HELLO…wouldn’t I notice if a coil..not one but two, had come out of me?? She tells me, well if you have been having blood clots, perhaps you wouldn’t know!!! I called my doc. yesterda because I am still having pain and I am out of pain meds and really want to get to the bottom of this!! Going today at 1 o’clock !! P.S. I have been experiencing the same pain since I had the dye test!!

    • RACHEL says:

      omg thats awful, my doctor didnt even use an X ray machine or dye he went in blind and they think he broke it off inside of me. The nurse in the room asked me why I acted like it it and why i was shaking uncontrolably. i was like why dont you lay here awake while I stick think through in your uterus!

  126. Tina says:

    Hello again…I have found a doctor and go to my appointment on Jan. 5th. I will surely post here what transpires from this appointment! Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. sharon p says:

    Hi All, went to the dr.s yesterday and she has ordered some blood work(just to rule some things out). She told me that it is unusual for someone to still be feeling the amount of pain that I am experiencing; a week after the tubal!! I also insisted on having an x-ray(which she said she will order on my post-op appt) Jan.13th!! She still insists that she doesn’t think that the coils are still inside me but I told her (again) that I think I would notice if something came out of me, as I am one of those people who does check the toilet everytime I go…maybe kind of gross to some of you, sorry!! Anyway, I told her I wanted the x-ray if nothing else but for peace of mind!! She has agreed so…kind of relieved about that!! I will continue to post on my progress!! Thanks Again for this site!!

    • Tracy H says:

      Sharon, you can refer your doctor to this site and let her know that it is actually VERY common to still be experiencing intense pain. I wonder if the doctors have to give back their bonus cheque if the coils get removed!

  128. RACHEL says:

    I had this procdure attempted 2 years ago. It was horrible 45 mins after he started he stopped said he couldnt get the coils in. i had my tube tied the old fashion way much better!While in there he dicovered a large cyst on my ovary that was full of blood which I am sure added to the pain during the essure procedure also that my tubes curved so bad there was no way to get the coil in with out extreme pain or something worse. I had pain after the essure and it continued. So last year I went in to my new doctor and had an ultra sound thinking it was a cyst. No cyst but something was in there. After a year of going back forth and no doctor wanting to tell me what is there I request my medical records from the orginal dr. Never recieved them until my new doctor asked for them. after she reviewed them she pretty much said she thinks he broke the coil off. I am getting a CT on the 29 of december to see forsure if that is what it is. An ultra sound or some kind of test to see how your tubes are positioned should be required. i honestly thought i was being tortured from the inside! There should be a class action law suit against this procedure.

    • Tracy H says:

      Rachel what a horrific ordeal. What an awful doctor. Malpractice BIG time!

    • sharon p says:

      That is aweful Rachel..Good Luck with your CT and I hope you get to the bottom of it!!
      I have been in HELL with my pain, hoping to get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later!!

  129. Shalia says:

    I had the Essure done in November of 05 the precedure did hurt a bit, but it was after all the problems started. I had bed cramps felt like I was in labor and heavy bleeding I bleed for about 3 months. Went back had the dye test done they said everything took and I told the doctor again about my problems he took some blood and told me everything was fine and gave me birth control pills like a week later I get letter telling me to stop taking the pills that I am going through pre menopause and I was only 23 at the time. The problems have just been getting worse sharp pains in my lower right and left stomach that at times take me to my knees bad back pain I am tired all the time I never seem to have any energy I bleed all the time sometimes for 2 months straight sometimes I will bleed normal them stop for a week bleed 10 more days stop 3 or 4 days bleed some more or sometimes they are normal but that is rare and sometimes it is very heavy I have a lot of pain sometimes during sex also. Well the doctor who did the procedure will not see me now and I cant find a doctor who will as soon as I tell them Essure they tell me to go back to the doctor who did it I had one hang up on me when I said Essure. I have tried everything I even contacted a lawyer and I thought he was making progress, but all of the sudden after 6 months of him handling my case he send me all my records and told me there was nothing he could do for me. I am all out of options and not having insurance doen’t help I think these people should be held responsible for all of this and should at least have to pay our medical expenses.

    • Tracy H says:

      Shalia … what has happened to you is despicable … health professionals are there to HELP! Your story highlights just how serious this issue is … there is something sinister going on

  130. Michelle' says:

    I had the essure done in November of 2010 and I began spotting…so I took out my Nuvaring to have a “full” period per my Dr.’s orders and that should have taken care of it…well I am still spotting/bleeding. I am not in any pain and after reading these stories…I am scared to have that dye test done.


  131. sharon p says:

    I had my x-ray yesterday, just got the results today!! The coils are still inside me!! Which is what I had suspected all along!! Next thing I have to do is get an ultrasound to pin-point their exact location and then we will figure out, where to go from here!! I will keep everyone posted on my progress!!

    • Tracy H says:

      Sharon what an ordeal, if you left it up to the professionals you would have been suffering for the rest of your life. You knew your body! Best wishes for a great outcome

      • sharon p says:

        Yes Tracy it has been quite an ordeal!! You are right about knowing my own body..Nobody knows it better than me!! Just like nobody knows your body, better than you!! It is so important to stay on the doctors if you feel like something’s wrong! You have to be your own advocate and be very persistant!!

  132. Pat says:

    I had my procedure on 12/30/10. It has been 6 days and I am still bleeding and cramping. I’ve contacted my doctor’s office and was advised that bleeding and cramping could possibly last 4 to 6 weeks. This information was no where in the brochure or on the essure website.

    Has anyone experienced the negative results for the full 4 – 6 wks? I don’t think it’s very healthy.

    Your thougths?


    • Erica says:

      pat, I’m so sorry you are having problems. I hate to tell you this but I bled for 4 mos straight. I had procedure done in june 2010. I had to take dbl birth control to get it under control. Then I started having 2 very heavy periods a month. so I started taking progesterone to get regulated, but it took several months. It seems to have worked. I have only had 1 period for dec. so I’m hoping jan will be same-so far so good. Did you have the birth control shot before getting essure? I did and my doc felt this was causing the out of control bleeding and irregular periods. I looked it up and it is a common side effect of that shot. The shot can mess your periods up for a full year-even after only one shot. I have really bad cramping now even when its not my period and its pretty unbearable during my period. I feel sure that is the dang coils fault. I hope you have a better outcome.

  133. Tina says:

    Well I went to my appointment..and the doctor said that I will have to have a nickle allergy test done by an allergist ( already set appt for feb.) and also to see a neurologist to see if my hands are stayin numb due to carpol tunnell…but he did inform me that if I am allergic to nickle then I will have to have a hysterectemy…to remove the coils. WOW…..I am extremely nervous bout the outcome of the allergy test…Never in a million years woulda dreamed I would have to have a hysterectemy at 36.

  134. Traci Nichols says:

    Sorry it’s been so long – happy new year to all! I see that more and more women are still having the issues. As it’s been stated before, listen to your body! I am thankful I was persistent! Post-hysterectomy, I sleep better, I’m down 9lbs, the tingling has gone, the hot flashes have gone, I have more energy and an overall better mood and outlook on life! I feel like I’ve gained so much that I was missing!
    The only unfortunate point to note is I still can’t find a lawyer that would take a class action case like this. I’m still searching, but it’s been a challenge. I also haven’t heard anything from the Essure manufacturer lately either. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to get this noticed and I truly believe that there’s a bit WILL!
    Hang in there everyone – keep being persistent and you will get to YOU again!

  135. Christy says:

    I had the essure procedure done in October 2008. Since that time I have gained weight (however have had weight problems in the past so I don’t know that this has anything to do with that), and mid month when I am supposedly “Ovulating” I experience severe body aches and pains, specifically with my back – I live on Midol, which does help some. Last few months the “Mid month” time is pretty much all the time. My body aches constantly, and a few days ago I experienced severe cramping and pain in my abdomen to the point where I almost made my husband take me to the ER. I never associated all of these problems to the possibility of being from the essure procedure, but I am finally at a point where it is becoming unbearable. I barely have any energy for my 2 year old and 4 year old because I ache constantly. I am on anti-depressants already for body aches, which I started shortly after the birth of my 4 year old. I have not had a period in over a month now and am worried about the possibility of essure complications or worse yet, failure. Does anyone else have these same symptoms of body aches and back pain? My sister has told me once you start becoming pre-menopausal (I am 41) the period symptoms become worse, so I sort of attributed it to that, but now I am wondering if this may be more due to the essure procedure. I also have tingling in my arms and they “fall asleep” a lot – especially at night time, which becomes so painful it wakes me up. Just curious to see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing….

    • Tracy H says:

      Christy, I suffered ALL the same symptoms as you. The pain was unbearable and the lethargy was depressing. I felt like I was dying, convinced I had some serious illness / disease / cancer. All tests came back clear. Since I had the coils removed ALL symptoms have disappeared and I am almost pain free – hysterectomy comes with it’s own issues ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I am healthy, vibrant and full of energy. I have my spark back! The essure procedure well and truly extinguished my spark. What you are experiencing IS NOT normal, it sounds like you are suffering the way many women are due to this procedure. My heart goes out to you

    • had the tingling in arms no one even mentioned essure to be problem i had a much worse case had to have MRI and it save my life please read my post let me know what happens

  136. Julie Carlson says:

    I had the Essure procedure in October 2005. I was the 2nd one my Dr. did. The procedure was a breeze but about a year later, looking back, I started having vague symptoms. Fast forward to now–I feel like I am dying and have been to numerous doctors who have found nothing wrong. I do have hashimotos thyroiditis and some other autoimmune stuff so now I am thinking—it has to be the coils!!! It never dawned on me that the coils could be causing all of my symptoms!!! I am inspired by these posts to now check this out and especially find out about the nickel allergy since I do get rashes almost daily all over my body. So glad i found this site!! Thanks to all who have shared their experiences!

    • Tracy H says:

      Julie, it brings tears to my eyes when I read messages from women who finally discover the truth. It is just a shame that way too many are discovering the site after they have had the procedure. I know in the USA (I live in Australia) the health care system is not great so it means that women’s health issuance will not always cover the removal of the coils … IT SUCKS!!! Conceptus should be made responsible for this. I hope you have a good outcome Julie, all the best

    • please read my post and get MRI it saved my life

  137. Anna says:

    I had my procedure done on may of 2009 and am currently pregnant 13wks totaly sucos

  138. Christina says:

    I had the procedure done in March 2010. Didn’t do enough research. Wish I had. I had severe pain for days after the procedure but it eventually went away after the 5th day. The first few months my periods were heavy and I had cramps like I did when I was a teenager. Unfortunately I lost my insurance when I left my job so I never went for my follow up. The past few months were filled with pain during my period that such that the bloating had become so bad that my stomach was distended like I was 3 months pregnant. The PMS was the worst it ever was in my life, crying, depression no energy. My bowels suffered, constipation, and when I went it is extremely painful and “deformed” and gas was another symptom. Just assuming everything was safe I haven’t really used any protection. My fears may be that I am pregnant, I am going to the drugstore first thing in the am. My period is about 2 weeks late. My breasts are engorged like they did during my son’s pregnancy and I have experienced all the other symptoms as when I first did when I conceived. I will keep updated>

  139. olgspavone says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in December 2009, for the past 6 months I have not felt right, something was not good and I knew it… After 3 trips to the ER and many panic attacks, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. I too have felt tingling all throughout my body, aches and pains, etc… and have had blood work to rule out any other issues, and everything came back fine…. My Dr. has me on Celexa an Xanax if needed in my panic attacks… But this has all came after my procedure…. I never thought to think this would all be linked, but now I wonder.

  140. Meg F says:

    I am so upset reading all of these posts! I had the procedure done on November 5, 2010. My dye test is scheduled for Feb 4, 2011 but I want them removed all ready. My doctor made the procedure seem so much “less invasive” then tubal ligation. I thought I had done enough research. For the past 2 months I have had major bloating, major weight gain (15-20 lbs), blackouts, cannot sleep, severe mood swings, trouble concentrating and remembering the simplest things along with major stress & anxiety. Had a ton of bloodwork drawn and have appt this Friday with my regular family physician. Was going to ask for antianxiety or depression meds but now I just want to call my OB/GYN & flip the hell out on her for ruining my life!

    • sharon p says:

      Hi Ladies..Just wanted to update…I had my ultrasound on Monday and it showed that the coils are embedded in the muscle wall of mu uterus!! I was fortunate enough to have the radiologist come in during my U/S to read it in “real-time”!! He told me that I should be hearing from my OB/GYN by the next day (Tues)..Nope!! I did put a call into my PCP though, I wanted to make sure she was being kept in the loop!
      I have a follow-up appt with my OB/GYN today at 2:45pm. Guess that’s when she will fill me in, on the details!! I am so sick of feeling sick and in pain!! Also…sorry if I sound like a broken record…I’m pretty sure you all understand!! Thank You all for sharing your stories!!!

    • please read my post get MRI asap let me know the results the obg won’t help much at least mine didn’t.

  141. sharon p says:

    Went to Ob/Gyn today..she will be scheduling my partial hysterectomy asap!!! She was very apologetic and sincere and assured me that I would not have to pay for any of this..I feel so relieved!! Still in pain but relieved!! Soon it will all be a bad memory!!

    To all of you…be persistant and stay focused!! You are your best advocate!!! If things aren’t “Right” it is your responsibilty to make it so!! Have a Great Night!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Julie Carlson says:

      Wow–I am so happy for you and that your doctor listened!!! I am just starting to figure out how to proceed with all of this. I have had these coils in now over 5 years and have had all of the symptoms that everyone has mentioned here. Time to do something about it!!!

      • sharon p says:

        Julie…I cannot believe that you have been suffering for 5 years now!! I have only been going through my ordeal for about 5 months now and I am going out of my mind!! You definately should look into making things right with yourself!!!! Keep us posted on your progress!!!

  142. Liberty says:

    I had esure put in, 6 weeks after my daughter was born in June 2010. Went back to my Dr to get check to make sure my tubes were closed. He gave me the green light. I haven’t had to many problems with them, but I have noticed around the time of my period, when I’m supossed to ovulate, or after sex that I get a sharp stabbing pain going from my left tube down to my knee cap. and I have had some weight gain in my stomach, but I have chalked that up to not eating right with 3 kids under 5 in the house, and not getting a minute to make a healthy meal for myself except for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been almost 5 months since I got these things put in and I’ve talked to my Dr about the pain. He said that it was weird, but that my tubes are closed and not to worry. I’ve talked to my cousin who had it done about 3yrs ago and she hasn’t had any problems what so ever with them, but she did have to have one side taken out and have a new spring put in becuase the placement was way off and her tube would close at all. I’m so glad I found this message board!

  143. Marla says:

    I had the Essure proceedure done June 2009. I had pain from the beginning and my doctor just looked at me weird when I told him . He said that it isn’t from the Essure . I started having bleeding all the time in September, so he put me on birth control . I thought this is so stupid ! I have been taking birth control pills for 3 months and the bleeding is lighter but I still bleed everyday and always when I have sex . I also have leg pain and numbness . The pain in my pelvis is so bad to the point that I double over . I can’t do anything like I use to . I am tired all of the time too .It seems like my health keeps getting worse . My doctor said that I should get an ablasion or hysterectomy . I wasn’t sure what to do so I started researching . I felt that the ablasion wouldn’t help my pain . Then I found this blog and now I know that it’s the Essure for sure now . I will be looking for a doctor that will remove them very soon . I also want to seek legal action . We all need to band together and make someone take responsibility .

  144. Ann says:

    Oh wowโ€ฆI have had the Essure in since Oct 2003, only a couple of months after having my 4th child..
    I was put to sleep for the procedure, and when I woke, my doctor said everything went fine except that it took a little longer than usual to insert, and that I would have little cramping. But should be ok. Within 6mos of the procedure, I had to have local injections into my left side, because I was having severe leg pain.My doctor had told me that it was possible to have a pinch nerve from the procedure. I stopped the injections, because I just couldnโ€™t bare to get the shots on a weekly basis. And there was nothing else they could do..
    I am now 37yrs. And now, I have been having alot off issues with my health..I cut myself shaving in 2008, that it turned into a bad infection, and it still wont heal completely. I have steriod creams that barely work for it. And then I have severe water retension that I can not get rid of, I half to take lasix on a daily basis. And now lately, every time I have my menstral cycle my cramps are so severe that I can not work. Nothing seems to be taking the pain away. I went into seeing my regular Dr. in 2009 and 2010 And they had me go in for an ultrasounds. They said they found a cyst on my left ovary, and that maybe it was causing my pain. So they have me go back in every 6 mos to check on this cyst. But within the last 6 mos now, I have been having really severe cramps, and now I have new pains, to where I was thinking that I have a pinched nerve in my back. But I am now starting to think it may be cause of this Essure..I am really thinking after reading all these stories, that I really want to get this thing out of my body..

    Thank you,


    • Tracy H says:

      Ann, your awful experience sounds very similar to mine. All my symptoms went away after I had the coils removed. Coincidence? I think not!

  145. Tracy H says:

    Hope … I understand your desperation. Nickel sensitivity is a contraindication for having the Essure procedure done however I haven’t come across any woman on this site that was given a nickel sensitivity test or even told about it before having the procedure. I discovered it by my own research 4 years after I had the coils inserted! Did you know that approx 10% of the female population are sensitive to metal? I do believe it is more than just the nickel sensitivity however. There is something seriously wrong with what these coils do to your body.

  146. Tracy H says:

    I meant to type sensitive to nickel not metal

  147. Chandra says:

    I had my daughter August of 2008 and had the essure procedure 6 weeks after she was born. Afterwards I have had no complications and missed periods until now, which is January 2011, I just found out that I’m 5 weeks pregnant!!!! This procedure did not work for me and the doctors are trying to find out why. If anyone has had this issue please contact me immediately..Also, if you have a lawyer involved I would really like to know. Thank you Chandra Hawkins…

  148. Tiffany says:

    I wish I had found this forum and researched the Essure procedure more thoroughly. I just had this procedure performed last Friday (01/14/11) and a week later I am still in severe pain. I am so upset and feel very misinformed by my doctor. During one of my routine exams I mentioned to my gynecologist that I was interested in a more permanent form of birth control that didn’t involve hormones since I wanted to stop taking the pill. I asked if he had any recommendations for a doctor that my husband could go to for a vasectomy or how I would go about tubal sterilization. My doctor quickly jumped on the question and told me that I shouldn’t make my husband go through that pain and that I should try this “great” alternative method called the Essure. He advised that it was a very simple procedure that could be done right in his office and was a much better choice since most insurance companies will cover all or most of the cost. He said that I wouldn’t even need anesthesia and all I would experience would be very mild cramping during and immediately after the procedure however I would be back on my feet within 24 hours or possible even that same day. My doctor gave me Essure’s pretty little brochure to take home and review. He asked that I highly consider the procedure and to call his staff later in the week to setup an appointment if I wanted. I went home that night and read what I refer to as a “sugar coated Essure procedure brochure”. After discussing with my husband we decided that it looked like a great option and it kept my husband from having to be sore and off work for several days if he did the vasectomy. I called my doctor’s office the next day and they jumped on my call. The nurse said she would check with my insurance on cost coverage and do all the leg work. Within an hour she called back and said all I had to pay was my $35 co-pay and they could bring me in next week to do the procedure. She mentioned that she would mail me some more information on the procedure preparation (which I never received oddly enough). So last Thursday the day before my procedure I called the doctor office to confirm my appointment and see if I needed to do anything special before the big day. She said that I needed to go to the pharmacy that day and pickup FOUR medications that she was about to call in. When I questioned what they were all needed for the nurse just advised that one was an antibiotic and the others were for pain and relaxation and to bring all four with me to the appointment. I should have realized right then and there that this procedure was going to be a bit different than I expected. I went in the next day and immediately the nurse called me back to get an injection of some sort of medication to calm me (I received this shot in my lower back/hip area). Then she had me take a xanex and 800mg ibuprophene. An hour later I received another injection of something and the procedure was performed. It took about 20 minutes and I found it to be very uncomfortable and more like severe cramping and sharp pains. I went home in tears and rested. All weekend I was spotting/bleeding and having major cramps similar to labor pains. On Tuesday of this week I called my doctor back and explained how bad I was feeling. He said he was very busy and didn’t have much time for me but that I could stop in and he could check me. He took not even 5 minutes with me and said that there’s no way I should be having this so called pain from the Essure procedure. He also said he doesn’t know why I’d be bleeding (really reassuring). He said that maybe I’m just not taking enough pain meds. I was very upset and felt like he thought I was making up my pain and discomfort. He said to take 2 Hydrocodone and 2 800mg Ibuprophene every 4 hours. This is not a possible “solution” for me since I have to work and can’t be drugged up all the time. Now yesterday I began experiencing additional side effects…lower back pain/aches…and a bloated/full feeling. I’m also feeling the need to urinate very often. I know I am not pregnant because I am actively still taking my birth control pills. I also still have brownish bleeding/discharge. I don’t know what to do and feel so alone and helpless. I’m hesitant to call my doctor because he makes me feel crazy and stupid. He was so kind and understanding before the procedure and now it’s a totally different story…almost like he got the money and now doesn’t want to deal with me anymore. Any suggestions or feedback? It’s been exactly a week and I am in an equal amount of pain with new complications arising.

    I know my story was long but I’m hoping other women will read this and highly consider another option for their birth control. I’m sure there’s lots of women out there who have had the procedure and been perfectly fine, but doctors shouldn’t brush off those of us who are experiencing pain and discomfort from Essure.

    Please feel free to email me at I’d welcome any support or feedback on similar experiences. Thanks! -Tiffany

  149. i had procedure done 7-1-08 in mass in doc off. w/ essure rep. all well until a month later got period and it never stopped. Asked essure ob, pcc no one would help. first it was depo shot called depo they said no way after 3 months it was 6 months.Essure said I could spot foever ?what…Made another apt like 3rd or 4th time for same problem i wanted them out he said no insur won’t pay. waited another 2 months went back luckly i got another doc she did swab it came back in seconds that i had infection she gave anti botic for 2 weeks. period finally stopped yea. NOT.2 weeks later got spotting everyday again she gave birth control over phone.she didn’t even have me come in. Exactly 1 month later began to get numbness right side of tongue went to ER said i pulled a muscle threwing up two days before. went to pcc next day they said it was my tyriod so called him he saID NO WAY its tyriod .By now only 3 days later lips and chin numb. I referred myself to ENT doc was so sick used own pen cuz i didn’t want others to get sick. he had no idea why so he ordered MRI for next week .Drove home like i was drunk. Went to bed next morning woke up could barely walk and was hyper ventilating , threw up uncontrolably i knew something serious was wrong. went to er told them everything gave me cat scan saw nothing? How. sent home with meds for verdigo. 2 days later went to dentist cause its the mouth right? x rays show nothing could be bell paulsy. Had MRI doc can’t look at it for 2 more days i have cd of scan asked pc to get report she refuses i again self refer to Neuor. doc he looks at slide oh i see problem he says.U Have A 1.5 by 1.3 cc tumor on the top of brain stem in the middle of your BRAIN. Sent to Boston they run MRI daily 3 Spinal taps numerous blood test they have no clue Sent me home with PIKE to the heart and had to have the strongest antibotic pumped into me every 6 hrs. for 6 weeks . By the time i had left hospital i had to learn to walk,right,feed my self everything. i was only 33 and now i’m on disablity cuz everything is still numb. i can only cry out of one eye my hearing has diminissed and i’ll problaly never get my balance or feeling back again. So if you get numb ask for MRI asap cuz if they listened to me i might not be dissabled. if u know if this has happened to u or someone u know we can stand together and sue them.Thank u and please contact me if u have any questions

    • Nicole says:

      My friend had the same proceedure done approximately a year ago. Last month began getting ringing in her ear when she laid down to the point her husband and private doc could hear it. she went to an ENT who said it was possibly cardiac, while waiting for Cardiologist went to the ER with a migraine and stroke like symptoms, while in the ER had seizure activity and was admitted to ICU. She was averaging 8-10 seizures a day lasting about 20 min each. She was released from the Hospital weeks later after 30 hours of being seizure free. When she got home the symptoms begain all over again, lasting longer in duration. Now she is experiencing paralysis on one side of her body due to prolonged seizure activity, they have run every test possible in two different hospitals she is now going to her third hospital. None of the doctors can find a cause or a diagnosis. I was reading your blog and you had very similar symptoms minus the seizures was just wondering if you had the proceedure rev ersed and what was the outcome. Thank You for your time.

  150. Debbi says:

    I had the coils inserted in February 08. I was never asked if I was allergic to Nickel. As a child I was diagnosed with a Nickel allergy that was believed that I had out grown. I had three of my six kids have a reaction to Nickel as babies and they too outgrew the allergy. When I was a child, the reaction I had was my skin peeled like after being burned by the sun. I now for the past 2 years have been experiencing severe problems with my ears. An allergic type reaction. I also get constant infections in my eyes. I have been to the emergency room 3 times and all they tell me is that they don’t know what is causing my symptoms. So, today I mention to my mom…what if there is Nickel in the coils they put in me? What if all I have been going through is my body reacting to the coils? So, I sit down at my computer and I find these posts. And I sat here and cried. Not sure if anyone else has similar experience as I have had but, I have experienced so many of the symptoms of others. I was one of the first my Dr performed the procedure on and at the same time he performed the Novasure procedure, which was to make my periods go away. Since then, not only do I still have regular monthly periods. They are heavy and with clots. I suffer with cramps for 2 weeks before my period even starts. I also feel like I am going to black out a lot and it scares me to the point of panic. I have pain on my left side and cuts I have had since the procedure have taken forever to heal and leave horrible marks. Insomnia is one of the worst symptoms I have. I am lucky if I sleep more than 3 hours a night. It is helpfu.l to know that I am not crazy or alone.

    • Tracy H says:

      Debbi you are definitely not going crazy and you are not alone! My doctor deliberately deceived me, telling me the coils were made from titanium and very safe. It was only due to my own research that I discovered they also had nickel in them. I then took myself to an allergy specialist and he told me that I did indeed have a nickel sensitivity. When I told my doctor of my research he admitted to being concerned about the nickel component because his wife is allergic to nickel and knows how bad the body can react to it! So why did he withhold this information … money??? Doctors get a generous bonus to carry out this procedure

  151. Susie says:

    If you are having problems, you and your doctor should report these problems to the Federal Drug Administration. Doctor’s do not always report the problems if they are mild. I urge everyone to report problems with this device to:

    Where to Submit a Medical Device Report
    Form 3500 VOLUNTARY MedWatch Reporting Form
    Health professionals and consumers may submit reports of device adverse events or product problems to FDA via the MedWatch program in one of the following ways:

    online at: MedWatch Online Reporting Form 35001
    by telephone at 1-800-FDA-1088
    by fax at 1-800-FDA-0178
    by mail to:
    The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program
    Food and Drug Administration
    5600 Fishers Lane
    Rockville, MD 20852-9787


  152. sharon p says:

    I have some good news…My surgery for my hysterectomy has been moved up from March 29th to Next Tuesday!!! I had to turn into a Bitch but I had to do what I had to do!!! I will soon be freed from these friggin Coils!!!!! I am having my last menstual period right now and will be so happy to say good bye to that as well!!!

    • Christina says:

      How did your surgery go and how are you feeling now that you’ve had them removed? I have the excessive weight gain, painful periods, achey leg muscles and the sharp pains in my abdominal area. I thought this was from the C-Section. After reading all the stories and I’m quite worried.

  153. Kimberly says:

    Oh ladies, I am experiencing the same issues. I didnt know what was going on though. I have not gone yet for my scan to make sure that they are in the right place. That appt is tomorrow. I have been to my PCP a few times though because I just feel aweful. Within 3 weeks I gained 17lbs. I was scared out of my mind that something was really wrong with me. I had testing done and the doc said that I was ok. I was prescribed diet pills. I had the Essure procedure done Nov 2010 and 3 months later I am miserable. I thought that it was from the Deprovera shot..but after reading all of this, I think its the Essure. Has anyone found out what to do yet?

  154. Lesley says:

    I am having my procedure done tomorrow. Of course after reading this I am scared to death now. I am going to be praying that I don’t have any problems. I will post my story good or bad… wish me luck !

  155. Leslie faubdez says:

    I gave a constant pain in my back and left leg. Is not going away and I don’t like taking pain killers. I will like to know if this is normal or what should I do

  156. Amanda says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in Oct 2009 the pain started right after went back to Dr. several times he just brushed me off saying its scar tissue forming, it was always on my left side felt like a stabbing pain. I had the HSG dye test Feb. 2010 say 100% blocked so Dr. said it was good for me to get off birth control. still always in pain thinking that i will just have to deal with it the Dr. suggested i have get a hysterectomy since I’m complaining about pain & i was done having kids so i was scheduled to have that done Dec. 2010 but didn’t get that far in Nov 15th i find out Im 6 WEEKS PREGNANT baby where it should be. Hubby & i were/are shocked we were done having kids but what scares me the most is I’m still in pain & the Dr say it can’t be the Essure . I’m now 18 weeks & the pain some days just doubles me up its making me crazy

    • jesi says:

      Hello Ladies!!
      I want to start out by saying that I am so happy that I found this site. I did research before I had the procedure done but I wish that I had found this blog sooner it may have saved me alot of pain and hassles. I had the Essure procedure done December 2008. Initially I was very satisfied with it and it took about 8-10 months for things to start going wrong. I do not have alot of the severe issues that some women have but I do have extreme pain on a frequent basis. I am now convinced after doing extensive research that it is due to my nickel sensitivity. At the time of the surgery I did not know that there was nickel in the coils, i was not tested for a nickel allergy which i have learned that the doctors are supposed to preform this test but hardly ever do. But all that aside, I am now trying to get these horrible things out of my body. So my question is since I do not want to have anymore children is having a partial to possibly full hysterectomy the way to go or should i go to georgia and have them removed? I am 28 also if that helps at all. please let me know what experiences you have had, your opinions or anything that may be helpful to me. Thank you ladies I am so thankful to have found this site for awhile i thought that i was crazy and the only woman in the world that has issues with the essure. but now i know that essure is a horrible mistake and anyone i know that has considered having this surgery i have advised them against it

  157. Duanika says:

    Hello ladies,
    I have read every single story blogged on this site and wish to hell the I knew in June of 2010 what I know now, I too was deceived, and when I told the doctor how I felt , she said it wasn’t the procedure, I could not feel the coils. As women we know are bodies, hell we’ve been dealing with them all our lives, not these doctors. It’s February and I still feel off, can’t have a normal sex life, due to constant bleeding, fortunately my husband is very understanding. I don’t recommend any women get this done. I am getting ready for a lawsuit. I have four children to take care of and can’t because I don’t have the energy, I’m tired, and sore. I know for a fact that I have a high sensitivity to nickel, and bullshit. I have informed the FDA, the Dr. and whomever else will listen, I will go to Oprah if I have to. Ladies we all need to take a stand, we are responsible for what happens to our bodies within our control, let’s make the doctors pay for what they are responsible for. I pray for all who have this procedure, and those thinking about it (DON’T) ;take care. CAN YOU SAY LAWSUIT!!!!!!!

    • Dawn says:

      How do I find out if I have a sensitivity to nickel? I don’t know where to start. This is so overwhelming and I’m miserable. I feel too tired to battle doctors. (Wow, that was not well written.)

      • Tracy H says:

        Dawn I took myself to an allergy specialist. Remember, you don’t have to have an allergy only a sensitivity. The patch test that I had to leave on for 48 hours drove me insane with irritation. I could hardly stand it however when the patch came off it didn’t have the visual result the specilaist was expecting. It was based on my experience that he concluded that I was sensitive to nickel. Also, do you get pain after wearing metal earrings? My ears woul get red and sometimes pussy. I had no idea that alot of jewellry has nickel in it.

  158. sharon p says:

    Hi ladies..I am 11 days post-op from my hysterectomy and i am getting better and better with each day!! I am so happy to finally have those damn coils out of me!! I already feel better than I did before my hysterectomy!!! Physically and emotionally!! Keep on sharing your stories..and maybe we can stop other woman from having the essure procedure!!
    Duanika..I’m very glad to hear that you are telling whoever will listen..we woman have to speak up and not just take a doctors opinion at face value..we know our bodies better than anyone else!! Also…contact your insurance company and let them know the hell your going through..they maybe willing to step in and work with you!!! My insurance co. has been great!!! Thay actually have been calling me about every two weeks since this nightmare started..they were actually about to assign be a case manager to move the process along but fortunately another route that i had persued panned out!!
    Have a Great Day Ladies!!! Don’t be silent!!!

  159. Melissa wilcox says:

    I have all the same symptoms, i don’t what made me look but i just decided to research a little i wish i would of done this sooner.. I had mine put in Dec 2009 and about 6-8 months later stated having the panic attacks and the weakness in my arms and legs etc… i have been put on a couple different pills for depression and anxiety, and i have never had these problems before… i also get a shortness of breath and have had a couple pulmonary tests done.. I am calling tomorrow to make an appt to try and have these removed.. I am very scared after reading all these reviews..

  160. Racheal says:

    i was just wondering if any of you ladies after getting the essure has repeatedly gotten a bacteral infection? i have never gotten them before and i am getting them almost monthly. i am a very clean person so my doctor isnt sure why i keep getting them either. im wanting to get it reversed to hopfully stop the infections. i am also having the painfull intercourse and back pain, and pains in my abdomen right at my ovries that doubles me over. but was just wondering if any of you was getting the infections or if im alone with that.. thank you

    • Tracy H says:

      Rachel I had a never ending bacterial infection the whole time I had the coils in. Sadly, I havn’t had any success getting rid of it since the hysterectomy as bacterial infection is common after a hysterectomy too. It is ruining my life. I had the coils put in after my divorce because I didn’t want anymore children but because of all the problems with the coils I have been single ever since – 6 years ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Racheal says:

        thank you Tracy, i really thought it was just me or my imagination at work with all of that. but i have an appointment to talk with my ob/gyn on tuesday. hopefully we can get them out and the infections will stop

    • Shannon says:

      Racheal I have had the same symptoms as you. I had essure put in me a little over 3 years ago. At first everything was fine, about 3 to 4 months later i started having different symtoms of infection . I got tired of going to the doctor because most of the time the doctor gave me a presciption and sometimes it would take it away and sometimes it would’nt, most of the time when she got tests results back she would tell me nothing was wrong, she did’nt know why I was feeling that way

      • Racheal says:

        i keep getting put on the same prescription as well this is the 3rd time that i went to see what they could do and the same meds all 3 times. then my ob tells me yesterday that it can not be reversed till i told him that i looked it up and it can be. he wasnt happy about that. then he said hes not sure he can and that im “dealing with the devil” when it comes to getting the essure takin out. i just want them gone now.

    • Shannon says:

      Sorry my computer cut me off , anyway I have had something that feels like an infection. At first I didn’t want to think it was essure, but that is when it all started at first it happened maybe three to four times a year, but the past year has been non stop there is always something wrong, and I also was having pain after intercourse with my husband. I say was because I am on a med called elmiron, it has helped but there is a diet that is very hard to stay on that goes along with the elmiron. I am at this time seeing a urinolgist due to all the problems I have been having.Here is a list of my problems( bladder pain, need to urinate alot, burning fluid gushing out of me, something that looks like toiet paper in my pee sometimes, I think maybe its to much tissue forming inside of me, anyways I have wrote a few times before if you look back at my name. I have had many problems this year, the med. I am on is for something called ic , But it also helps with inflamation, I think essure is giving me a infection and that is why the elmiron is helping. I live in Texas. In march during spring break I am going to Gainsville, GA. to have this surgury reversed. There is also a surgury where they can go in a take out the essure and tie your tubes at the same time. There is only two places I have found who can reverse it without having a hysterectomy. One is in North Carolina and then the one I am going to is in Gainesville, Ga. They have a website (www. there # is 877-588-5594 I Pray this is the last of my pain and I am back to normal, I will let you know how things turn out. I hope this is helpful.

      • Tracy H says:

        Shannon, the fluid that would gush from me (not urine) would often burn my skin. At first I thought I had herpes as the skin on my vulva would blister. I wasn’t sure how I would have got herpes as I wasn’t having sex with anyone however I went for a blood test just to be sure. It was negative. The gushes of acidic fluid continued, frequently, without warning until the coils came out. I would also get a similar white, thick, stringy white substance come out of me, again, gone after the coils were removed. I would need to urinate ALL the time and now I urinate normally. Good luck Shannon, I hope you can have the coils removed without a hysterectomy

    • Candace says:

      I am just noticing signs of vaginal burning and a discharge with odor. Haven’t beent to the dr yet, but am going to make an appt. I had my procedure done in Sept 2010. No pains anywhere to speak of.

  161. Christna says:

    I have the procedure done in April 2010 and have expericened some if the symptons but not all. Has anyone had them removed?

  162. Racheal says:

    hey ladies was just wondering if any of you have had regular bactiral infections since your essure? i have been wanting to get my essure removed for about a year its been that long since ive been having them on a regular basis. im a very clean person so i have no clue why i would be getting them like i am. it is leading my boyfriend to believe that i am cheating on him and im not, i love the man with all i have. but have any of you had to deal with this since your essure?

    • Scheree says:

      omg I have had that same problem.. it seems it was one right after another.. wow this is all adding up now .

    • katrina says:

      same here i just got treated for one, i blve they should have affordable reversal rteatment for those with complications and those who just want them remove,, i wish i wldve never gotten this done!!!

  163. Racheal says:

    sorry for the double post my computer is acting up

  164. Mandi says:

    I had my Essure procedure in the end of May 2010, a few months before my 24th birthday. I have a 5 year old, a two year old, and a one year old. My older sister had it done and had no pain. I could feel the coils going in and almost passed out or puked on the nurse. I was put on the Depo shot for the procedure and had my last shot in June, but I bleed the whole time on the shot, so I did not stop bleeding until the end of August. I did not have my period again until the beginning of this month, but it was heavy and instead of the usual cramps I had stabbing pain mostly on my left side. I have had problems with my arms going numb since I had my oldest daughter in 2005, a surface numbness. In September 2010, I started getting a stabbing pain in my right forearm, which has now spread to both arms from my shoulders down. I am in pain constantly and at times it feels like someone is cutting my bones. I thought the numbness, which was never painful before, was connected, but now I’m not so sure with reading about other women and their unexplained pain. I have been tested for rheumatoid arthritis, MS , and everything else, but the only result is a high vitamin D, 99, 51 points from lethal. I do not eat healthy, (I know I should), and I am always running around with my kids. My doctor says I am just fat (I am 5’9″ and 180 lbs) and I lift my fat kids too much, that is why I have the pain. But I weigh less than I did at one point in HS and my kids are a little big, but I can just be sitting there and have shooting pain in my arms. I would like answers and no one can give them. I am going to a new neurologist next week and I am going to mention Essure, but I think I will just be looked at like I am crazy…

    • Melissa wilcox says:

      That is the way i feel, crazy, whenever i bring it up…

      • vervilledeb1 says:


        You should never feel crazy for bringing up something to a physician or anyone in the medical field. If the person you are speaking with does not choose to want to listen or believe you then move to the next person. There are many women here who are going through the exact same thing. If they didn’t have the courage to come forward then others would never know of the problems that are happening to all of you.

        You are far from crazy and you are suffering. There are many here that offer support and a shoulder to lean on and are willing to put up a good fight to be heard!!!


    • michelle says:

      Mandi photo copy all the above posts and take them with you,
      i was made to feel i was going mad as well,

      I am getting rid of my evil essures next month and cant wait, even though it means im having a hysterectomy.

      Dont be fobed off, you know your own body.

      Good luck

      • vervilledeb1 says:


        As Michelle stated take copies of this page and print them out. You certainly will not be the first to do this and you are more than welcomed to take whatever you need from this site. If you need help with anything please feel free to contact me at:

        I will be more than happy to send anything you may need in the way of posts or information to help you.


  165. ukok says:

    Interesting reading all this. Thnak you. I am almost 40 never really had a problem with weight gain, figured it was my age as cannot seem to lose any. Had essure in Jun 2010 periods irregular and usually just after sex. Thought perhaps the catheter was left in. finally made an appointment and will have an ultra sound soon to see if all is well and nothing there that shouldn’t be. But reading this I wonder if I am heavier because of essure? The HSG procedure was by far the worst experience ever and I have had 3 kids. no one tole me to take motrim and I almost passed out several times trying to get back to my car. I was sedated for procedure although didn’t feel great on my right side and sex irritated my right side for a whil and is sill the one side to flare up. Sorry to hear all the qwful stories but glad Iam not a nut job. Thanks for speaking out and giving a safe place to comment.

  166. Samantha says:

    I had the essure procedure done on December 31, 2010. It was done 6 weeks post and since it was right after delivery I was recommended Depo shot. I did take it the day I had my son and 6 weeks later had the Essure procedure. It had stopped bleeding prior to the procedure. The day the procedure was done I had no pain and everything went smooth. It took 4 minutes from start to finish and I felt fine..however it has been after that my problems have started.

    i have spotted nonstop since having could be said it was the Depo but it has been over three months since that and I don’t think it is. I can’t drop any weight..only gain..i even went on nutrisystem to see since it is a laid out plan..lost 2 pounds the first week and have now gained back 5 pounds still eating the same way. I feel bloated all the time…always swollen to the point that my rings fit super tight. The best way I can describe it is that I feel like I am going crazy. This is no joke. I am super depressed..cry half the day over stupid stuff and then can be fine. It’s like a roller coaster of emotions. I always feel dehydrated so matter how much I drink and have headaches all the time. I have never felt like this my entire life. I have cramps all the time and lower back pain…even my right hand feels tingly and numb most of the time

    I have a doctor appointment today with my family doctor. I figured i would start at square one to see what they have to say..i am sure they will run tests..if everything comes back fine then it has to be the Essure procedure. If it is then I won’t think twice about having it removed…our insurance probably won’t pay but I can’t live my life with the way I feel now. It’s miserable.

  167. Tracy H says:

    Samantha I know it is important to rule out other potential reasons for your symptoms however you are experiencing the same problems that most of the women are/have suffered that have had this procedure. Just be reassured that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.

    • Samantha says:

      Thanks Tracy.
      I went to the doctor yesterday and he did just the basic blood work to cover everything (this was our family doctor) and ofcourse gave me an antidepressant..but the moods have been so bad I welcome it right now. I really feel like I am going crazy. When the blood work comes back and if everything shows fine I told my husband my next step will be going to the be checked for nickel allergies. I would rather be able to back it up especially since my doctor said that he has never had a patient have any problems with this procedure. From reading the above posts there was one that actually clicked. I have never been able to wear earrings unless they were nickel free/hypoallergenic. Never been able to wear gold earrings or anything as it itches like crazy and even will cause the holes where they were to scab up..i have just always joked and told my husband that I have to wear cheap earrings but there may be something to that.

      I didn’t discuss essure with the family doctor..honestly it didn’t even cross my mind since I was just covering how I felt. My husband ofcourse said that should had been the first thing out of my mouth but it really wasn’t. I was feeling so bad yesterday that I just tried to get the symptoms in. The tingling sensation that I am getting in my fingers, palm of hand and foot sometimes..he isn’t sure about. He did a test to check for diabetes but I don’t think that’s what it is. But I will know for sure in a couple of days and then can take other steps. I so regret getting this done. I should had went by my first choice which was a tubal after baby was born but the doctor talked me out of it telling this procedure was much better and safer. I am starting to disagree. It drives me crazy how Essure sugar coats everything. I never thought to look up symptoms and tie them to Essure. I read the brochure and their website and everything sounded wonderful. It wasn’t until I started feeling “off” myself that I did a search and found all this other stuff. After reading all the other stuff that sounds like what I am experiencing I went back to the essure website and read the fine print. I think it’s terrible that they don’t list all the things that could happen. I also feel that doctors should require a nickel test before doing the procedure. They should look out for their patients and not just shrug something off that can cause problems.

      • sharon p says:

        Samantha…I hope you get to the bottom of it!!! Do not let your doctors shrug you know your body better than anyone!! Essure ruined my life for the past 6 months or so..I had my hysterectomy about 3 weeks ago and already starting to feel normal again!!

      • Tracy H says:

        Samantha I heart goes out to you.

        I took myself to an allergy specialist. Remember, you donโ€™t have to have an allergy only a sensitivity. The patch test that I had to leave on for 48 hours drove me insane with irritation. I could hardly stand it however when the patch came off it didnโ€™t have the visual result the specilaist was expecting. It was based on my experience that he concluded that I was sensitive to nickel.

        Copied and pasted from an earlier reply I made

  168. Betty says:

    I had the essure done in 2008 after my OB/GYN said I had too much scar tissue from C-sections to have a tubal. For the past two years I have been in pain and not sure what it is from – needless to say the doctors hadn’t been so helpful. I have an appointment with a general surgeon – my hernia surgery did not hold – and will certainly mention the essure posts here. My pain is centered mainly where my uterous would be with some severe pain to the right under my ribcage (not appendix) and intercourse is very painful to the extent I can not express any joy or the orgasms put me in another level of pain … my center area is much larger than the rest of me – oddly large for my size

  169. Paula says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in Dec 2005 along with a fibroid ablation. My periods were irregular for a while, but eventually normalized. By the way, I agree with others about the discomfort of the HSG procedure. About a year ago, I noticed that I started experiencing pain during intercourse as well as an occasional discharge that contained mucous with a tinge of blood. The doctor initially attributed it to a small fibroid. I went for a sonogram bi-monthly as a precautionary measure. After my period was 3+wks late this January, I went to see the doctor. Since I’m 42, she ordered blood tests to check for early menopause. I just came home from a sonogram today where I was told that both Essure coils have migrated from my fallopian tubes and are lodged in my uterus. Has this happened to anyone else? I have to go for a consult with another doctor on March 24th since my current GYN doesn’t perform the procedure. My guess is that I will have to have them removed which is a bit unnerving. Any words of advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

    • vervilledeb1 says:


      Yikes, I am so sorry to hear this! A bit unnerving?! You seem to be calmer about this than I would be at this point. And why such a long wait to see the other doctor…that is ridiculous.

      I am hoping someone will come forward that has experienced this. I truly feel for you and please keep us posted.


      • Paula says:

        Thanks, Deb. In all honesty, I chose the first appt available after work. I know it sounds silly, but I didn’t want to take the day off. The main reason is that my brother is having a large tumor removed from around his carotid artery so I didn’t want to take another day off since I’ll be in NYC for the entire day with him on 3/14. You’re right. I probably shouldn’t wait so long. The other thing is that I’m currently in school for my doctorate and plan to graduate in May. My hope is that any surgical procedure can be delayed until after that time. I obviously have some decisions to make and realize I must get my priorities in order.

  170. Stacy says:

    I had the essure procedure done in October of 2005. I regret the decision. My periods are heavy and I spot days before. I also get pinching in my stomach. I can not wait to have them removed. worst mistake ever.

  171. Traci Nichols says:

    I have to say, although I continue to read the despair that everyone is going through, it make me happy to know that there are so many women that are willing to speak out about this! My experience was so much like all of yours and if it wasn’t for continuing to pursue my issues, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    6 months after my hysterectomy and getting those damn coils out of me, I am feeling better than ever! I’m down 20 lbs, with less than 20 to go to my normal ‘me’. I have energy. I have confidence again. I can sleep and without pain! Keep pressing your doctors and tell them that YOU KNOW YOUR BODY!

    I’ve not received any feedback from Conceptus but I keep trying, I still have difficulty finding a lawyer that will listen to US and take on a case. It’s frustrating, but I’m still trying.

    Ladies – this is your body and this is our right to pursue justice…keep posting and keep up the encouragement to all the others. WE are what will make sure that this doesn’t continue to happen to other women! IT WILL GET BETTER! I’m living proof of that!

  172. Betty says:

    Can anyone elaborate on the pain you feel in your stomache and during intercourse pain? I am experiencing pain in both areas and would like to know if maybe it matches so when I see the doctor next week I can have a stronger case to remove them. Does anyone know if a pelvic ultrasound will answer if my coils have moved or changed?


    • Paula says:

      Yes, Betty. When I had my ultrasound done yesterday, the coils had clearly left the fallopian tubes and migrated into my uterus. The doctor showed me and they looked like two small bottle brushes. It was quite a frightening sight to see.

      I, too, have experienced pain during intercourse but have not experienced pain otherwise. Changing to a different position usually alleviates the pain, but it’s a hassle and certainly ruins the moment. It’s also quite frightening for my significant other because the last thing he wants to do is cause me pain. I wish you luck. Let’s keep each other posted.

  173. Traci Nichols says:

    Vicky W. – I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. I’m still working on building strength, as well. However, with all the aerobic exercise I’ve been doing, plus P90x 3 times a week, I’m feeling stronger (and of course the weight is coming off). From my end, the weakness was most likely due to my lack of energy and overall lethargy – now that my energy and ambition has come back, I figure that I’ll be able to rebuild the muscle that had diminished. I guess time will tell! Hang in there! I’m positive that things will get better!


      Traci N.

      I feel absolutely 90% better than I did when I had the coils in. The physical therapist is saying that when inflammation occurs, the muscles weaken. I guess that is what has happened. I have a great amount of energy and being able to sleep at night is wonderful!!!! I gained 10 lbs with the coils and since I have that weight!!!! The muscle weakness is NOTHING compared to the pain….Muscle strength is hard to get back, but working on it day by day!!!!!



      Upon going to my GYN for my yearly checkup, he informed me that a Dr. in Houston is trying funding for women in prisons to have Essure or Mirana procedures done as a method of birth control!!!!!!!! I was flabergasted!!!! My GYN still supports this procedure and I am the only one that has had issues. I asked my GYN where my FUNDING is or having to pay all these medical bills due to this procedure!!!!!!!
      *********This is why it has to be stopped!!!!!!!!!******************

  174. Kelly says:

    I’ve had major emergency surgery, 5 days in the hospital and LOST AN OVARY and tube all thanks to Essure. It made a tiny tear in my tube that caused a massive infection. I’m looking into filing a lawsuit. I’ve had pain and hormonal issues ever since. I was told how safe these were. Women need to be made aware of these issues. I want some justice for what I’ve gone through. Has anyone else had something this severe happen after having coils placed? I would love to talk with you

    • Tracy H says:

      Oh Kelly that is so awful. I am so sorry to hear of your horrible ordeal. This is just one site that some women have happened to find. Can you imagine how many poor women have no idea why they are suffering. What you have been through will take some time to recover from, not just physically. I hope you can get some financial compensation for your suffering

  175. Amyyy says:

    I think I owe all of you a huge thank you. I’ve been home sick with a terrible cold, and while researching side effects for the antibiotic I’m on, I by some miracle came across this string of posts. You see, I’m scheduled to have Essure done in 2 weeks. I have 1 child, and she’s all I want and need…or could handle for that matter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Though it appeared to be a lot of Nickle allergies/sensitivity issues at first, I now see that’s not everyone’s issues, and I plan on calling the office in the morning to cancel. I’m floored at all the problems I’ve read about. I’ve debated on this procedure for about a year now – especially since it’s relatively new in comparison with other methods – but I had decided just to get it over with and stop worrying.

    Well, I know not everyone has had problems with Essure, and I know I’ll miss the idea of being free from pregnancy worries (which I thought it would offer me), but it obviously sounds like it’s not worth the potential severe effects. I’m sorry to hear of all the problems it has caused people, but, THANK YOU ALL for posting about these problems, you may have spared me from a lot of trouble and pain that I don’t have the time or energy for. I wish you all the best of luck with your health…I hope everyone having problems feels back to normal soon!

    • Tracy H says:

      Amy, it makes me SO very happy to have contributed to preventing at least one woman from the potential suffering that this procedure can cause. Thank you for your kind wishes and good luck with your future birth control whatever you should decide … vasectomy ???? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • sharon p says: are the reason the rest of us post on these sights..if we can spare even just one woman the awful experience that essure has caused…..Good luck to you and thank you for sharing your story!!

    • Tabitha says:

      I am so very glad that you cancelled the Essure procedure. I would not recommend it to ANYONE! The pain and grief of Essure has haunted me since 2007. Good job!

  176. Victoria A Smith says:

    I am so thankful I found this website, I too am having issues with my period lasting forever and being heavy along with the fatigue and not feeling right with my body. I had mine done in April of 2005 did the dye test and everything came back good. What bothers me is my periods before the coils was normal after they become long, very very heavy, painful and my mood swings double what they had been before.

    I am too wondering if anyone has contacted a lawyer about this?

    • Mrs. Stephaney christie says:

      I have had the essure procedure down in 2006. I, too was told very little and that it is the best way to go. Now i so regret doing so my period was heavily flowing. it was an embarrassment to get out of my car each month; Not to mention the cramps. I was told i would have to have a thermachoice with ablation done so i did. Now my left lower abdomen hurts very frequently especially after my menstrual cycle. My left side of my lower back would ache as well. During sexual intercourse i also experience pain each time. Question: Is there a ground for lawsuit? who to sue?, and Is the FDA aware of these severe side effects?

  177. Carla Y says:

    I am currently 43. In 2006 I expressed concern to my ob/gyn that being on the pill for nearly 20 years was causing me to steadily gain weight that i couldnt loose and I was tired of the lectures about my weight and cholestorol lvls at every yearly exam. I was told I was too young for her to ethically tie my tubes(?)…I was 38 and knew I wanted no kids. I went to a different doctor and she immediately said I was a perfect candidate for Essure…it was “NEW and so much EASIER”. I jumped at that only because I am very gunshy about doctors and hospitals. This was to be my first procedure ever. The procedure itself went ok, at the sameday surgery part of the hospital, was in and out in about 3 hours. Had minimal bleeding and was back to work in about 4 days. At my 2 week checkup everything was fine. I go to the hospital for the 90day check to make sure it took. My ob/gyns assistant gave me the wrong info sending me to the same part of the hosp as the procedure was done. When they finally figured out where I needed to be I was told I was too late and it was cancelled. My ob/gyns office called me the next morning and yelled at me for missing my appointment and said they would have to reschedule. I never heard back. I tried calling and speaking with the Dr directly but she was now on maternity leave…how ironic. After a month of this I gave up.
    I assume the blockage was correct because its 5 years later and no pregnancies. However, the growing health problems have me thinking twice. The headaches started within a few months. I had bottles of advil at work, in my car, purse, bathroom and kitchen. Odd vertigo sensations and blurred vision. I named it the “funky-eye-thing”. I couldnt stand to go to the store because attempting to focus on one thing on the shelf was impossible. My short term memory is terrible and simple math is sometimes difficult. I attributed this to aspartame, but 8 months after stopping it this has only improved a tiny bit. I have constant joint pain and weakness, tingling hands and issues sleeping because I cant get comfortable. There is always something numb or cramping that wakes me up. The mood swings are ridiculous, worse than any PMS. Before ESSURE my periods were very regular and very lite with no symptoms at all. Starting about 2 years ago there are times when I skip a month or 2, then when it shows up it is here 20-30days. Currently, I am on day 29 after skipping December. I sometimes get the weird abdominal twinges but they arent too painful. The backpain is every day, like my gall bladder needs removed. I have been having problems with recurring yeast infections, and other skin infections that I believe are yeast related. Also have been having strange rashes. Was beginning to think I had lupus.
    I have been on my couch now since 2011 started, feeling like I was hit by a truck. if I come up with the energy to spend a day cleaning i spend 2 in bed. I have little interest in sex, it hurts when I do have it, and I usually start bleeding the next day. Told my husband if I could fit I would flush myself down the toilet.
    I have no benefits now and I remember the original procedure costing around $9,000. No idea how I can afford to fix this.

    • Carla Y says:

      I also have the abdominal bloating and cant seem to lose more than a few pounds no matter what I do.

      • Tracy H says:

        Carla, I know that all your symptoms seen to me random and it’s hard to understand how they all relate to the procedure however they all the same symptoms that most of the women who have had this procedure done have/are experiencing … including me. I had them in for 5 years! I thought I was dying. My herbalist explained the memory loss, vagueness, dizzy feeling was the brain protecting itself from the toxins that the coil was producing in my body. Our body has a brain blood barrier and the body slows down the blood supply to the brain to protect itself when it identifies something harmful in the blood stream.

  178. Joyce says:

    After hearing how easy, simple, and painless the procedure was from my obgyn and failing to get my tubes tied due to severe scar tissue from my 3 sections, Essure was my only option for perm birth control.

    Well I’m a Christian and prayer is essential in my life so before I scheduled an appointment I prayed and prayed.

    To make this short as possible: On 3 separate occassions in which I was scheduled to get this procedure, MAJOR things happened which prevented me for going through with it. On one occassion, all my money was somehow gone from my bank account and I didnt have the hospital deductible 2 hours before the procedure. I had to call and cancel. I was SO UPSET because I didn’t want anymore kids and I WANTED this procedure, but things kept happening until I had to resign to that fact, God was preventing it. But why??? I was angry.

    Well, two days ago I’m at my new obgyn’s office again to get the consultation. This doctor was edging me toward a hysterectomy or even attempting a tubal. All along, I’m thinking why is he veering me toward major surgeries instead of the Essure?
    Well bells are finally clicking in my head now so I go online and what do I find? THIS SITE! Needless to say, I’m not getting the procedure!

    My heart truly goes out to you women struggling with this. I couldve been you, but thank God I am not! I am diligently praying for your FULL recovery (even if u dont believe).

    But this leads me to a conspiracy of sorts. It seems to me that these doctors are contracted by Essure to promote this procedure but not to mention any downside. The doctors are PAID somehow for each patient who undergoes this procedure, but to never hold Essure responsible for any negative side effects. I’m disgusted!

    • Tracy H says:

      I am so happy to hear that Joyce. Thank you for your concern and kind wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sharon p says:

      Devine intervention…gotta love it!!! I’m so glad you have heeded those messages…I am so glad you have found this site!! It is so nice to know that our stories will stop someone else from going through this aweful experience!!! Good Luck with what ever you choose…If I were you..I would go with the tubal..its nothing compared to what could happen with essure!!

  179. johannah says:

    I was put undef when I got the essure done. Its been three days and I have been crying since I got it done. I don’t regret getting it done cuz I have three beautiful kids I just feel as my hormones are out of wack crying for no reason and ect…..any advice anyone???

    • Samantha says:

      I felt like I was going crazy. I would cry literally all day and didn’t have that problem before I had this procedure done. I finally broke down and went to the doctor after dealing with it for a month and half and he put me on has helped but I can’t help but think it is linked to the essure. I still haven’t went back to my Ob/Gyn yet but plan to make an appointment soon.

  180. Mandi says:

    I had to reschedule my neurologist appt because my husband got called into work, so I can’t go until May now. This morning I woke up with bad back pain and had a moment that felt like the morning I had my youngest : the bad back pain and a cramp that felt like labor; really down low and it felt like I “had to go.” Has anyone else had the cramps like that? I’m going to try to go back to the Dr who put the Essure in (no other dr will touch me until I see him first), but I had a problem the day I was supposed to go to get the 3 month ultrasound done, so I called to reschedule, and I’m still waiting for the reschedule from August. They keep telling me they will talk to him and in this last month I’ve given up on it. Now I’m just having more pain and had that time of the month for all but 6 days this month. I hope someone can figure all of this out. When I go to the doctor’s I’m going to bring copies of these stories, but I don’t have much hope of them listening.

    • sharon p says:

      Mandi..I hope you are using some kind of back up birth control while waiting to have the HSG test!! You could become pregnant if your coils are not in place!! Just a word to the wise..take some motrin or something before having the HSG test!!! Good Luck to you!!

      • Mandi says:

        Well I had the Essure put in the end of May 2010, so I don’t know what they will do. Motrin does nothing, so I don’t know what to take. I’ve been on Gabapentin, Diclofinac, Tramadol, Meloxicam, Loritab… all of them do nothing.

  181. Sarah says:

    I had the Essure procedure in Oct, 2010. I wish I did more research. Like many, I read the brochures, talked to my Dr. about all the positives, but I failed to ask or research any negatives. Anyway, here I am 4 months later. I had 2 very heavy periods (each lasting 5 days) within the month of February. Clots I have never had before Essure. Just recently, I’ve had unexplained headaches that do not go away with anything less than 3-4 ibuprofen pills. My legs seem to fall asleep often. I am super tired, no desire to do anything without really forcing myself to. Lower abdomen pain and super moody. I’m wondering if it’s too early for me to determine if there’s a Essure issue, or should I just call the Dr. and look into coil removal (which I’ve read is not much of a option unless you live near S.C.)? I have documented all my symptoms and dates they’ve occured on. I wish I never had this done if this is how it’s going to be from now on ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • michelle says:

      Sarah it is the essure i had exactly the same symptoms as you after having the essure fitted.

      I went back onto the contraceptive pill to regulate my periods which it does help, but nothing helps with the pain.

      Im having them taken out in a couple of weeks and cant wait.

      I wish you luck Sarah, dont get fobbed off you know your own body,

      kind regards


    • Tracy H says:

      Sarah I would get them out before you get any sicker

  182. Michelle says:

    WOW!!! I was reading stuff on tubal ligation and feeling that I should go with Essure. But after finding this site and reading everyones comments ….I am going to go back with my Pera-guard!!! I have had problems with heavy bleeding and clots over the past four years with my Para-guard and just decided to have it removed today. But I would rather deal with that than all of the things I have been reading. I am 40 years old and I myself have experienced short term memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, vertigo, dizzy spells, chest pain and blurred vision. Some would say maybe I was in “peri-menopause” and some may say “just getting older”!!! I am done with having babies. I was really scared of IUD’s because my mother was a victim of the infamous “DALCON SHIELD” . I am going back to my OBGYN and getting the Para-guard back ASAP!!!
    Thank you ladies and I pray that all of you feel better and have good health for the rest of your days.

  183. Mandi says:

    Sent to Essure Website:
    I had essure in the end of May 2010. I am 24 years old. I sent an email before. I am having pain in my arms and have had a period for most of this month. I have read about women who have irregular bleeding and back and leg pain that has gone away after having Essure removed. What does Essure say about the unexplained pain? Is there anything Essure will do to help us, like helping us get them removed or at least telling other women who are about to get Essure done that there can be side effects like continuous spotting or unexplained pain? I was told when I got it done that it could not interfere with my cycle, but it has.

    I am sorry to hear again of the medical problems you are experiencing. In the Essure Pivotal trial, 6.8% of patients reported bleeding or spotting following the procedure; 1.9% of patients experienced persistent changes in their menstrual flow. And also, 3.8% of patients reported abdominal pain or cramps following the procedure. Your physician should have given you materials to explain in detail the risks and side effects that have been reported in our clinical trial patients. It is essential that you follow up with your physician for evaluation and treatment of your medical concerns. Conceptus cannot offer any medical advice, nor do we take the place of your doctor.

    I was told when I was going to have it done that my doctor “didn’t think” Essure could change my periods; never given any pamphlets that said so either…

  184. tasha says:

    I had the procedure done 8/2008,I dont experience comstant pain or anything but my periods are very bad.I pass blood clots way beyond normal size,(still to this day)I have severe memory loss,for example I can put something somewhere and an hour later cant remember where I put it.I have severe mood swings,especially around the time my period is supose to start.I have what I think are panic attacks I just get so angry all of a sudden I cant breathe I feel like I could just kill someone.My weight is very bad I weigh 210 pounds and im only 5’2.I have been on adipex and it doesnt help me loose any weight.I dont really know if any of this comes from the essure procedure because when i had it done i did it at the hospital and i was put to sleep.Aterwards I walked out of the hospital.No pain or bleeding afterwards.Like I said I have no pain its just everything else.I will go for weeks without being able to sleep but then there are weeks that I cant get enough sleep I just want to stay in the bed and never get up.My depression comes and goes but I am only 25 and i feel like I am about 60.I just figured it came from having 5 kids in 6 years but its been 2 years and I still feel the same.I dont know what to really tell my doctor because I havent been to him since I had the procedure done because my husband lost his job along with the insurance.I just wish i had my life back and to go back to feeling like your suppose to feel at 25.

    • Echo says:

      Wow, I’ve been reading the post that everybofy has made about essure and I’m shocked. I’ve had a lot of the same problems everybody has been describing but I never thought it could be because of essure. I had my third baby March 1, 2010 I had essure done soon after. Everything went very smoothly. A little discomfort after but I was asleep for the actual proceedure. Now, the intense headaches, huge weight gain, depression, mood swings, lack of sex drive…it all makes sense! I don’t know what to do! I’m only 28 years old, I really don’t want to have to have a hysterectomy. Does anybody have an advise???

  185. Melissa wilcox says:

    I am finally set-up for an ultrasound for tuesday to see what is going on my doctor is finally listening to me.. I hope these get taken out of me soon.. I just want to live a normal life again and enjoy things i used to…

  186. Angie says:

    There is a law firm working on a class action law suit against Conceptus Inc., makes of the Essure contraceptive device. To join in, please call Claudine at Sheller Law, 215-790-7300

    • vervilledeb1 says:

      Thank you, Angie!


      WOO HOO!!!!!! Kudos to you!!!! Thank you for the information~!!!!!

      I contacted that law firm several months ago and they didn’t have anything pending and were not willing to hear the story!!!!!
      That is awesome!!!!!
      Thank you!!!!!

    • Victoria A Smith says:

      This is the best news I have heard! I am so happy I am in tears! To know they are gonna finally be held responsible for all the problems their product has caused just makes my heart sing! I am calling 1st thing in the morning! Thank you Angie for setting this up for us!

    • Tracy H says:

      I may not be able to benefit from this but I am over the moon that there will finally be compensation for so many women’s suffering. GOOD LUCK everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Amanda says:

        I had my essure done 4/2010 have had lots of cramping off and on like knife stabbing pain but currently have had lack of energy cramping and back pain very unusual period and tissue comming out when i pee that looks like toliet paper bloating have talked to my doctor and told him i think it is from essure and i want them out of me and he says he dont think its from that he thinks it is endometriosis dont know what to do am in serve pain have missed alot of work and just want to have them out i know im right help anyone

  187. Samantha says:

    I posted a couple of weeks ago that I went to our family doctor and he gave me anti depressants. These seemed to have been working fantastic until about 2 days ago. I am still taking these pills but feel the depression coming back which is crazy because I am still taking the meds. I am still having headaches daily. Has anyone ever had this happen? Depression meds didn’t work because of this?

    As I mentioned I have bled nonstop since having it done on Dec. 31 and for the past two weeks I have had more than period bleeding.

  188. Traci Nichols says:

    Angie – THANK YOU!!

  189. grace smith says:

    Where to start. I had mine put in June of 2007. I already had a big family and had decided I was done having babies. The method to my madness was I was sick of having periods. I wanted to have an ablation done. The nurse at my doctors office said that knowing how easily I got pregnant, it would be smart for me to have Essure done. I hate surgery, I hate general anesthesia, this was perfect! Far from perfect is what this whole thing was. I still have periods cause the idiot didn’t burn everything, but now the coils are a big issue. Every six months I end up in the Emergency Room thinking there is something wrong with me. I get pain in my abdomen on the right hand side when I ovulate. In Summer of 2008, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia along with Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome. All the things you described above. I was not told about the nickel in the coils till after the procedure. I believe I am allergic to nickel, but don’t know for sure. Now 4 years later the FDA has said if there is a nickel allergy, that these coils are not to be placed. None of us have any recourse on Conceptsus, the makers of Essure. The coils were approved in a premarket state by the FDA. The supreme court as ruled it to be not something that can be sued when in this state. Many attorneys have tried and I have spoken to countless ones that have wanted to go after the company. Simply, we can’t do a damn thing, and I think that is total shit!!

  190. michelle h says:

    What great news at last they believe us.

    I live in England and i know it probably will not make any difference if i speak out, but dont worry ladies will be emailing Claudine tomorrow anyway.

    We have been fobbed off for far too long, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE everybody phone, email write letters dont care how we do it but Please dont let them get away with it.

    I was made to feel like a a nutter but i knew that i wasnt right, we know our own bodies.

    Good luck too you all and here’s hoping for a positive outcome.

  191. Angie says:

    join the group Essure Probems on facebook everyone! lets share there too!

  192. grace smith says:

    I didn’t see the class action lawsuit post till after the last post I made. I contacted this office and they are going to get back to me next week. Thankfully now maybe we all might get something done about the suffering we all have gone through!!

  193. sharon p says:

    This is such Great News..even if there is no monetary settlements atleast somebody is paying attention now!!! My hope is that Essure is banned and no other woman have to go through the HELL that we’ve all been through!!!! Thank You Angie for this Great News!!! This just made my day!!! Be well everyone and keep your fingers crossed, in the name of Justice!!! AMEN!!!

  194. Shannon says:

    Hi, Everyone 3 days left before I get these things out of me, I ‘m a little scared, I have never been put to sleep for 3 hours, and I have never been cut . I am very happy to get essure out of me after having it for 3 1/2 years and having so many problems it is just a shame that I have to leave my four children on there spring break and fly to Georgia to get this removed, I think the doctors that put essure in you should have to fly to those doctors and get trained on removing this! Anyway I should be returning on Thursday and I will let everyone know how I feel soon. If you want them removed they can remove them in Gainsville, Georgia and tye your tubes at the same time for about $3,500 or they can remove essure and open your tubes back up for about $7,500. That does include hotel stay and they do except payment plans, You do have to pay it off before they will do the opperation, but removal is possible. there is also a place in North Carolina that can remove Essure, I don’t know as much about that place, but I have recently heard of a few people going there to get this removed , one was a friend of a urinologist that I have been seeing do to all my problems. I will write back soon .
    I am sorry we all have to go through all of this. But it is wonderful that we can help others to not make the same mistake.This site was a big desition on my removal, I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to write. God bless all of you.

  195. Michele B says:

    Are any of you from Michigan? I had the procedure done in December 2009 and got pregnant after the HGC test confirmed the procedure was successful. I’ve spoken to several attorneys who tell me that, because I live in MI, I can’t sue for product liability. This procedure is NOT more effective than either a traditional tubal or the BC pill. When I delivered my child in fall 2010, the delivering doctor looked for the coils and found only one..the other is somewhere in la-la land inside of me. I am NOT a modern day miracle..this procedure failed me and countless others and while my child is a blessing, having a baby when you’ve elected to have no more children is not a blessing. My husband and I made a conscious choice for our family and relied on this procedure and it failed to deliver. If we from MI all get together, I’d like to approach a high-profile attorney about getting something done for us. Please post if you are interested in doing this. My heart goes out to all of you suffering, whatever kind of pain you’re having

  196. Sara says:

    Maybe we need to contact a lawyer that might help. I was looking at Gerry Spence website, well they might be able to help.. I just want them out of me..! I am not looking for money, I just want essure to tell woman out there the side effects and what could happen if you do get these in your body.. I have not been back to the doctors, I am sick of them looking at me like I am making this up.. I have had them since 2006 and I just want them out.. I have all the symptoms from right side aches numbness and feel as if I am lossing my mind..! I just want them to pay for the removal and I will be happy.. So maybe if one lawyer gets enough calls they just might look into it…!

    I am going to contact them and see if they maybe able to help!

  197. Tabitha says:

    I am so glad to know that there are other people that have problems with Essure. Not that I want anybody to have problems. It’s just that I feel like I’m crazy, especially when I tell the doctor I believe the essure is causing my extreme pain. He assures me that it just can’t be from the essure. I disagree. I had the implants in 2007 after the birth of my last child. Like you guys, the doctor said it was no big deal. Oh my gosh – I had it done in his office and I thought I was going to die. When they inserted the coils, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain.

    Since then, I have have terrible periods and terrible pain on my right and left ovary areas. It feels just like the pain when they inserted those coils magnified by 100. There are times it brings me to my knees. The doctor is scheduling a lapyroscopy to rule out endometriosis. I had an ultrasound and have a cyst, but the doctor says I just shouldn’t be having this pain, that there’s no reason for it. All I know is I HAVE THE PAIN AND IT HURST SO BAD!

    Thanks for sharing your stories. I don’t feel so stupid anymore.

  198. Christine says:

    I got my Essure in January 2011. I have to say that the doctor that did the procedure did a great job. I was done in less than 15 minutes. I did have IV sedation so I was a little groggy while the procedure was being done, but fully awake and alert enough to watch on the monitor what was being done. I have no problems except for bleeding for a couple of weeks afterward. I recently got my first period which brought me here. On the third day of my period I got a sudden pain in my lower back so severe that I couldn’t even stand up straight. I called the doctor’s office that did the procedure and they said to take ibuprofen and monitor the pain and that it might be my body getting used to the coils. Since then, the severity of the pain has subsided, however, I still have mild to moderate lower back pain and have since. I’m going to follow up with my doctor to find out if the pain has anything to do with the procedure. Other than that, my period was completely normal and I haven’t had any other side effects. I hope that the pain goes away and that there aren’t anymore complications.

    • michelle h says:

      Well ladies i am going into hospital tomorrow to have my hysterectomy, thats the only way i can get the essures out of me, im a little afraid but just looking forward that once i have them removed my health and life will get back to normal.

      Will keep you all posted on how i get on,

      Good health to you all.

  199. Joselynn says:

    Well I have been reading all these stories about the procedure I had mine placed over 2yrs ago and to be honest besides the cramping after the placement Ive been fine everything went well and I dont have any side effects!!! i feel bad for all of you that are having problems!!! Im just happy that Im not feeling that as well!

  200. Cassie says:

    OMG I had to scroll down to the bottom quickly after reading dozens of stories on this website. Scary! I had the essure procedure done on April 25th. They did it in the office and they gave me meds that made me so out of it. Well, a few days after the procedure, I was hit BAD with depression (I have had depression b4 but never “all of a sudden” ) everything was fine in my life no fighting, no death in family, etc. I cld not understand it. Well, everything has gone downhill since then. I’ve bled ever since, i’ve not had a day w/o ANY discharge or bleeding that i can think of! IF I did maybe 1 or 2 days but when you bleed so much you forget if u even had a day w/o it. I also have cramps more often, when Im sleeping, i’ll wake up with pain in my knees (joint) and pain shooting up n down my leg. So bad I had to get up and take ibuprofen, or whatever that relieves pain. It’s scaring me now because I think this is going to continue and worsen unless I get this reversed. I was set on NOT having kids (I have 5 boys). But this is NOT! worth living the rest of my life like this. It’s affecting my relationship with my boyfriend, my kids, ‘life in general”. I wish i had read THIS before having it done I’ve had a friend that had it and she seemed FINE! (been almost 2 yrs). Well, I’m glad I came across this! I hope ALL of u who have suffered gets some kind of relief from this! (whether it be ur health back to what it was b4 or compensation for ur suffering). ๐Ÿ™‚

  201. Ashley C says:

    Hello, My name is ashley. In March 2009 I had my first son . I was born with many heart problems so I knew having a child would be a risk. But after I had him ive had 2 heart attacks and doctors told me I could never have kids again. Thats fine I dont want to die well Essure was the only thing I could do because I cant be put under anesthesia. So although the doctor who did my Essure totally lied about how bad it would hurt I understand their would be pain. But it has been over 2 years now and I am a skinny girl Im 21 and weigh about 89 pounds. I am VERY healthy though and eat all the time. But the left side of me seem like where the coil was put in is BULGING out of my stomach and It hurts when I have sex, my sex drive is totally gone like I never want to have it which is ruining my relationship, I have headaches, backaches, muscle spasms constantly and I have really bad Insomnia… I just need help I have so many issues I feel like im the Oldest young person I know and Im sick of family and friends hearing my problems but Im scared and I need help.

  202. jennifer says:

    I had the procedure on March 7, 2011. It was pain free for me. Some discomfort, but minimal for me. I was provided 2 vicodin prior to the procedure. Additionally, I was to take a high dosage of ibuprofren 3 days prior to the procedure. Approximately 30 minutes prior to the procedure, I was injected with a shot of pain medication. I have absolutely no complaints on the procedure itself. It helps that my OB is a perfectionist! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Since the procedure, I’ve had light cramping and some lower back discomfort. Nothing that a little ibuprofren isn’t helping with.

    The only side effect is the heavy bleeding. I’m not even confident this is a side effect or a result of not having a period for 2 years.

    At this point and yes only a couple of weeks into it, I would encourage women to consider this. I’m not having any sever complications.

  203. LYNN says:

    my sister in law had this procedure after the birth of her second child and recommended it. At my 6 week check after the birth of my 4th child i was asked to consider sterilization and was offered this.I had the procedure april 2006 without any immidiate problems,other than some spotting .i was told after 3 months at the dye test i no longer needed to take any other contraception as my tubes are now blocked by the clips. Since then i have gained alot of weight even though my diet hasnt changed,my periods are irregular anything from 16 to 24 days and are very heavy with terrible cramps.i was always a 28 day girl before .i have severe headaches ,sweats ,numbness in my legs and left arm.,i am constantly tired and have trouble sleeping due to hot sweats. after reading every one elses stories i didnt realise it could be due the essure.also my sister inlaw has had so many stomach problems and has had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 34. i started to think i was going through the menopause even though im only 39.i was under the impression that after the dye test you couldnt get pregnant and am now concerned that this could happen .

    • michelle h says:

      Hi ladies its a week after my hysterectomy, feeling a bit sore and tired but alot better.

      I know this sounds strange but i feel brighter, and even though i am tired, it isnt the same tired i had before me opp, i had lost interest in everythink, i know its early days but if i am like this after one week, i will be back to my normal self and cant wait,

      Keep going girls, wishing you all the best of luck.

  204. jesi says:

    Hello Ladies!!
    I want to start out by saying that I am so happy that I found this site. I did research before I had the procedure done but I wish that I had found this blog sooner it may have saved me alot of pain and hassles. I had the Essure procedure done December 2008. Initially I was very satisfied with it and it took about 8-10 months for things to start going wrong. I do not have alot of the severe issues that some women have but I do have extreme pain on a frequent basis. I am now convinced after doing extensive research that it is due to my nickel sensitivity. At the time of the surgery I did not know that there was nickel in the coils, i was not tested for a nickel allergy which i have learned that the doctors are supposed to preform this test but hardly ever do. But all that aside, I am now trying to get these horrible things out of my body. So my question is since I do not want to have anymore children is having a partial to possibly full hysterectomy the way to go or should i go to georgia and have them removed? I am 28 also if that helps at all. please let me know what experiences you have had, your opinions or anything that may be helpful to me. Thank you ladies I am so thankful to have found this site for awhile i thought that i was crazy and the only woman in the world that has issues with the essure. but now i know that essure is a horrible mistake and anyone i know that has considered having this surgery i have advised them against it

    • michelle h says:

      jesi, you are very young for a hysterectomy i would consider having the essures removed and see if they can sterilise you in the same opp.

      I didnt have a choice as i live in England and had a hysterectomy but to be honest as long as the essures were taken out i didnt care what opp i had.

      I was the same as you found this web site after i had the essures fitted, wish i had done more research, so maybe thats one thing to consider do as much researce as possible and see more than one doctor.

      Good health to you hun.

      • jesi says:

        thank you for your response michelle. that is pretty much the samr thing that i figured, but i was unsure as to whether or not a partial hysterectomy would still have my desired results. i am only questioning this because with a partial hysterectomy it is covered by my insurance however it will and has been an uphill battle. and if i get the coils removed i will be paying for the procedure out of my own pocket. and i am a single mom but at the same time i need to have this pain over with so that I can move on with my life

      • michelle h says:

        Jesi, do whats best for you hun, you have already suffered enough, is it worth paying for it when you could get it free, why should you be out of pocket for a medical cock up.
        As long as you are sure you do not want any more children, dont rush into it, you may regret it if you decide later in life you want more children.

        I dont envey the dilema you are in at the moment,

        good luck hun

  205. SILVA says:

    I had my procedure done January 28. 2011. I was totally under, i felt nothing. No cramping, No fatigue. No headaches. Nothing. Just still spotting. Not really bleeding, just a thick discharge which is the color brownish and redish. Is anyone having this symtoms? I took the depot shot a week later after the procedure. After reading this blog, i am reallly scared. But i am not having any major problems. Did anyone else spot this long??? please call or email me 8049311649

  206. jesi says:

    thank you. i was thinking the same thing. i was not sure if there were benefits to having them removed rather than a hysterectomy. this time i will be doing much more research. before i had essure i thought that i did all of my research but everything that i found on the essure was paid for by the essure people so of corse they are not going to bad mouth the procedure….but you live and learn. this time i will not make my choice so lightly. thank you for taking the time to respond to me ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope that everything is good with you now that you have had them removed

  207. Lori Smart says:

    I had the procedure done in Aug 2010. I was pretty drugged for the procedure and don’t remember most of it. I slept the entire day but felt fine the next day. I started bleeding right after the procedure. This was super heavy with clots. I have always had light periods so this was not normal. This went on for 3-4 months. I called the Dr who did the procedure who told me the bleeding was from the Depo shot they gave me and could last up to a year..great. About a month after that I was tired of having a heavy period that sometimes would go through my cloths so I went to my primary Dr. He gave me progesterone to stop my periods. They did stop and then I went a couple months with no period. I just had my 1st ‘period’ 2 wks ago. It was still heavy with clots but not like it was. I also have the migraines, stomach cramps, and back aches. I also have this discharge that has an odor. I went to a new OBGYN today and they knew nothing about the Essure and did test to rule out a bacterial or yeast infection. She states under the micro scope it looks like it could be Chlamydia but she wasn’t sure cuz it could be from the Essure. The discharge seems to be worse during my period and it is a thick and mucusy and is usually slightly yellow or brown. I am a clean person and was checked before I had the Essure and have been in a serious relationship for 2 yrs so if it comes back Chlamydia I will have more problems than the Essure. Anyways, seems I have most the same symptoms as everyone else but would like to hear if anyone else has had a strange discharge that was not bacterial or yeast. Thanks for any comments.

    • mysmartboys2 says:

      Went to the Dr and got the results. No infection or any kind of STD…they have no idea what the discharge is from. I bet I have a pretty good guess…ESSURE. Basically they said I will probably have to just deal with it. Nice..NOT HAPPY!!

  208. Alicia says:

    I had this procedure in 2004..I haven’t been the same since then always a stabbing on my left side, went to gyno she brushed it hurts when I laugh, cough’s terrible.i went to another obgyn and “he” listened.i went today and had a vaginal ultrasound, it took the technician about 3 minutes to find my left ovary! I’m still in shock will keep you updated with what my gyno says.

  209. Lori Smart says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in 8/10. I am experiencing the same side effects as most. The Dr’s say the bleeding is from the Depo shot and I thought the pains were from something else. I also have a discharge that is unknown. The Dr said it is not a yeast or bacterial infection. She said she didn’t know much about Essure so it might be caused by this. She said it looked like chlamydia under the scope. I am clean and in a committed long term relationship so if it is chlamydia I have more problems than just the Essure. The discharge is a thick and mucusy and has an odor. It seems to be worse when I have my period and is slightly discolored yellow or brown. Has anyone else had any discharge that wasn’t yeast or bacterial? Thanks for any comments.

    • Lori Smart says:

      Sorry about the dup post. I did the one and didn’t see it showing up so I wrote a condensed version and then when I posted it the other one showed up. Again sorry but Thanks for any comments.

  210. grace says:

    It amazes me that after all these horror stories none of us can find any sort of legal help. The pending law suit was dropped. I got a nice little letter in the mail as to their denial of this suit. This makes me sick. My issues with Essure are getting worse. My doctor wants to cut out the section of tube that has the Essure in it. He said it is very simple lap. surgery. Like the one I have had in the past for Endo. But, is this true? Or, will he end up having to take my ovary as well. The stupid lawyer suggested we all file medical malpractice suits. Ok, some of us prolly could. I have reasons enough to go after my doctor. Seventeen years of seeing him, he has messed up a few things. This though was not one of them. Basically, we all have the same issues and Essure gets to not be held responsible. I think it is total garbage. The lawyer said to me after I argued with her, we only had a hand full of cases. Like fifteen women. Well this page is not just fifteen women. This is America. Other people can sue for bullshit claims and get a huge settlement based on lies and such. We can’t get anything for REAL pain and suffering. I hope their company goes out of business. Hell we all know that wont happen. GRRR

    • Maliakah says:

      This company is getting off scott free and they should be held accountable for all of the problems that we are having. I was scheduled to have mine removed but it would have costed me a thousand dollars out of pocket and i had to pay it all up front and i just could not afford it at this time so i have to continue to suffer. Every monthy my problems are getting worse. I feel like I am having a miscarriage twice a month every month. The pains are unbearable.

  211. Shelby says:

    This procedure seems to have caused some issues with lots of women.

  212. Amy says:

    I went to an OB to discuss the different tubal procedures, and he totally pushed the essure. He said that is all they do anymore because it’s 100% successful and no risk of infection and no recovery time. Sounded lovely, so I had it done in Dec 2010. I could not believe how painful it was, and that he had given me NO WARNING. I actually threw up I was in so much pain, and I had had both my children naturally and knew how to stay calm and relax my body. The cramping was just as bad as labor, and I was totally not prepared for it. (He had prescribed a valium and hydrocodone to relax me before the procedure, but the woman scheduled before me took an extra hour and my drugs had worn off while I was laying there waiting my turn – I should’ve known that was a bad sign.) I was achy and could feel pain where the springs were located when I went to bed at night for the next week or so. Orgasms were painful for the next month or so, but eventually stopped hurting.
    So when I went back today to do the xray, I had no idea of what all I would go through – I thought it was just an xray. What a surprise to find the radiologist was going to give me a pelvic exam, insert a catheter, insert and blow up a balloon inside me, then do the dye injection. He told me to try to handle the pain as best I could, and if I couldn’t then we’d reschedule. So I hung in there and got through the balloon, and taking xrays flat on my back, turned to the left, then turned to the right. I had to stay on the table a little while after he was done, because my cramping was severe. The nursed helped me get going, and told me they had pads in the bathroom, because there would be some discharge. I took ibuprofen and tylenol for the next 6 hours for the cramping pain, and have pretty well recovered tonight.
    I am simply disgusted with the sugarcoating that this procedure got. I can’t believe practicing doctors can lead their patients along without SOME acknowledgement of the pain and misery that obviously a lot of women go through. I may still have followed through with the essure procedure even with some warnings, but at least I would feel that I had full disclosure of the realities of the procedure. As it is now, i feel like I was duped into it, and hope other women get the full scoop before moving forward.

  213. Tasha says:

    Well ladys I am feeling you all… My Dr. never did a nickel test on me either and never asked me anything…I had mine done Nov.2007.. Ifor the longest time I have had no problems at all till about a year ago… I didn’t know why till now