Getting Pregnant After Tubal Ligation

Getting pregnant after tubal ligation can happen naturally but the chances are minimal. For those who are lucky enough to conceive after having their tubes tied the chances of the pregnancy being ectopic are very high. If a woman suspects she is pregnant after a tubal ligation she should seek medical advice immediately to be sure the pregnancy is not located in her fallopian tubes.

Pregnancy after tubal ligation can be successful but not without medical intervention. There are two options that physicians will suggest.  The first and most common option that physicians will give is that is called IVF.  IVF is a great option for those who choose it but it can be very expensive. Many do not choose this option due to the expense and the toll the medications can take on the woman’s body.

Another option for getting pregnant after tubal ligation is called tubal ligation reversal surgery.  This procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery and costs about $6,000. The great thing with this procedure is that many are returning with their normal life routine usually in a couple of weeks. Strenuous exercise needs to be avoided so that no undo strain is put on the body.

With tubal reversal and getting pregnant after tubal ligation a couple can begin trying to conceive as soon as the woman feels up to it. Many women become pregnant in the months following a reversal and have their first tubal reversal baby.

For more information on getting pregnant after tubal ligation Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has a website that has a blog, message board as well as over forty new tubal reversal videos available to watch free of charge.


About vervilledeb1

A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing.

8 thoughts on “Getting Pregnant After Tubal Ligation

  1. stacy says:

    I just had the Essure procedure yesterday. I woke up today with itchy swollen blotches all over my face. I immediately called the doctor. I found out that the Essure contains nickel which I am allergic to. My ob/gyn prescribed a steriod pack for me to complete within 7 days. She says that after I complete these meds, I may not have any further problems. But I am thinking that I need to have these inserts removed since they contain a material that causes a reaction from my body.

  2. Jackie T says:

    I had the procedure done at 10:30am today. I am just getting home from my six yr olds Christmas program. No pain, not even mouton was needed. I actually dis not have any bleeding at all. I feel mild cramping every so often but less cramping than my menstrual cycle cramps. I think the key to this procedure is finding an experienced doctor.

  3. Veronica Gray says:

    I had the procedure done in May of 2007. Since then my periods are horrible, sometimes going for 2 weeks. The pain is unbearable for the first two days of my cycle. I have night sweats, hot flashes, and insomnia. I wish I had not had the procedure done.

  4. frank bright says:

    My wife got the essure bout 22 months ago but just found out that she’s pregnant! What do you think about that? This will be my 5th and her6th

  5. Angela says:

    Well I have had my essure for two year and can feel them with my hand through the skin I can also move them around the doctor check to make sure they r in place with the dye n said everything was fine now this year I had cancerous cells from no where I just finish with the doctor lying to me

  6. Monica says:

    I just had mine done in June of 2013. Didn’t feel good on the pill, so hard to say if it’s the implant or not, but getting progressively sicker. Two different doctors have wondered if it is the Essure. Now I am wondering. Many neurological symptoms: blurry vision, leg and hand weakness, panic attacks, change in periods from a 28 day cycle to a varied cycle. I had an MRI that shows myelin degeneration starting in my thoracic spine. Where have you all had yours removed? Did they save the uterus and fallopian tubes?

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