Tubal Ligation Reversal and Family Planning

Now that the tubal ligation reversal surgery is completed and the healing is taking place the next question arises. As with the whole tubal reversal journey there are many questions and women are not afraid to seek support and advice from others.

How long do you wait after tubal reversal to begin to try to conceive? Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center tells their patients that it is okay to begin to try to conceive as soon as you feel up to it. Each woman will heal at her own rate and the thing is to take your time and do not push things.

Some couples do not want to conceive right away and will ask the advice of other couples on the tubal reversal message board. This is a place where couples go to receive advice and support. When this question was asked the general answers given were two options. The first was to use natural family planning the second was condoms.

Conceiving after tubal reversal surgery is a very personal decision between your partner and yourself. But many agree that having support and understanding from others taking the same journey is well worth asking the questions.