Long-Term Side Effects of Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation or tying tubes has been around for many years. Sought after by those who do not want to have children or those who have completed their family. This form of permanent female sterilization is considered very effective.

For some there are no issues after the tubal ligation and these women are very happy with the decision they have made. For others something dreadful begins to take place. There is a name for the many symptoms that take place after a woman has had a tubal ligation. This is what many call Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. This is becoming more heard about. With the increasing use of the Internet women are making their voices heard across the globe.

Although many in the medical field do not acknowledge PTLS there are a few doctors that do. But before we jump ahead let me just list a few of the symptoms.

  • Painful and heavy periods.
  • Body aches and pains that are unexplained.
  • Mood swings that are worse than PMS.
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain that is not helped by exercising and diet.
  • Unexplained night sweats.
  • Dry itchy and flaking skin.
  • Hair that literally is dry and brittle and thinning and may fall out in clumps.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hopelessness
  • Marital problems
  • No desire for sex

This is just a few of the symptoms that many women suffer from after a tubal ligation. What happens next is just as troublesome. The woman will see her physician and explain what is happening. Patient is often told things such as:

  • It is in your head.
  • Get used to it you are getting older.
  • You are just depressed and lets give you a med for it.

Imagine getting this as a response? And some women do begin to second-guess themselves. Sad but true!

Is there help? Yes, there is help and actually surgeons that do believe that PTLS does happen to women. Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center perform just tubal ligation reversal surgery. This center is well known around the world and couples travel from every corner of the globe.

Although many do go to the center to have fertility restored after a tubal ligation to have another baby there are quite a few that seek the procedure to rid themselves of PTLS.

The long-term effects of tubal ligation have women desperate for help. And the great news is that the patients are reporting improvement immediately following their reversal surgery.

For more information on the long-term effects of tubal ligation please visit Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. The tubal reversal nurses are also available for a free phone consultation by calling 1-919-968-4656.


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A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing. http://www.tubal-reversal.net

55 thoughts on “Long-Term Side Effects of Tubal Ligation

  1. maribel says:

    Hell-o, at the age of 22 i had a tubi ligation done and as the years passed (i am 40 know) i have had severe bleeding more know then ever. I know for a fact i have tons of cyst inside of me..it runs in my family as well as cancer.The last i checked myself the doctor said i had a jungle in me and that was 2 yrs ago. I have severe pain and cramping,severe bleeding as the years have come. I feel like if i am urinating on my self so i have to run to the bathroom and its my menstrual coming out like if i was urinating. Clots of blood. and know i have been haveing my menstrual twice a month for the last 3 months and it lastes for 6 to 7 days..I sweat alot espeacially at night in bed…very bad mood swings that i have to catch myself before i loose my mind. I cry alot for no reason. I have to change pads about 6 times a day while on my period and i have to wear a tampon along with a pad . There has been times my period has come down my legs while i am standing which is very emberassing. I plan on going to the doctor but i have no Insurance, im laid off with no public assistance to no avail. Money is tight. I was wondering if im going through pre menopause. I have applied for public assistance so know im waiting for there responce…what do you think i can be…im loosing my mind here..

    • Candi says:

      This sounds so like me! I thought it was all in my head.

      • Vicky Jara says:

        whoa, I can’t believe it, I think I’m the only one but, my God there you are, just like me, this are driving me crazy.. I can’t live with this my husband is so mad on me, but I swear I don’t fell like before at all, I’m 33 y/o and I got the tubo 4 years ago when my little girl was boen, so I wen ttrough a really bad and dangerous pregnant, my doctor said I cannot have any more babies , I could die, and we think this will be the best for me, now, I’m feeling like I mad in the 80% of the day, I really don’t want to have sex, my skin is so ugly, I got acne, wich I never had before, my hair, the wheight.. wow , I think I need help….

    • perla says:

      wow ..so sorry to hear that i had my tubes done in march 10 2011 and been having headaches,sweats,myhair falling out,acne witch i never had a problem with,moodswings,and the doctor,just tells me its change of hormones or stress…..and they also found a cyst in my ovary as well…so i feel u……my bes bet is put your health in the lords hands and youll be okay

    • Tara melvin says:

      I am 40 with the same issue and one difference I have never had a tubal ligation
      I hope this helps you

  2. erica says:

    Yep me too and then some. I was 21 when I had my tubes tied. I begged until they tied them…biggest mistake! I had a some at 17 and my daughter at 21..was struggling to make it financially and decided this would be best for my family. I also had two c-sections. So 5 years later I had so much scar tissue from the c-sections and tubes tied the pain was awful, my uterus, bladder and back wall ” looked like someone poorer silly glue and they were all stuck together” exact words of my Dr. Not to mention bleeding to the point it sounded like I was urinating and very intense pain and fatigue with my monthly cycles. So he decided to laproscopicly remove some of the scar tissue. Very painful recovery but o felt better (pain wise) for a while..few years. My cycle was still painful and my flow was still very heavy, running and clotting. The constant pain was better, for a couple years. Then in 2007 I just could not take it anymore, I was missing a day of work a month, going to work for another 2 or 3 days of my cycle w a heating pad for my lower back. My periods were so bad I looked like a ghost from so much blood loss. Literally had no energy. In 2007 and at 27 years old I had a full hysterectomy. Would have had a partial but ended up with a full because of the cysts on my ovaries..which were removed in the laproscopic surgery 3 years earlier as well. When I came put of surgery he told me I had endometriosis…where my lining of my uterus was detaching and causing so much pain and bleeding. Bottom line…I believe this was all do do my tying my tubes way too early. Now I have to take a hormone pill to keep from having hot flashes and stop the feeling of wanting to either cry or choke the closes person to me…for no reason.
    If I had it all to do over I would have never tied my tubes that early. Wish I would have known then what I know now.

    • Belinda says:

      Oh my!! This is so me…Was always wondering why I was such a difficult person and just now finding out it could be related to me having a tublical when I was 26, I am now 42 and just thought I was one of those women who were having a hard time with menopause or in my case, I believe I am in perimenopause, come to find out it could be me having a tublical!! Everything seemed to be ok until after my surgery! I am alittle relieved but wanting to kick myself in the butt for doing this way back…Now a days though I will have nothing to do with doctors casue of them never really listening..They would just go by what I said and give me a pill without really examing me…Oh and of course look at me like I was crazy, which I do feel like that these days..I feel so alone right now, but thanks for posting this…I have cried alot in the last 4 days and I to want to hit someone and have no idea why…I have (was ..lol) a nice girl but I can’t even stand myself right now…Thanks again..

    • Candi says:

      I too tied my tubes at 21. I felt that it was my best option being as though my kids are so close together and I was in college. I really couldn’t tell in the beginning that the procedure was causing some of these symptoms because I have always had a heavy cycle. After listening to others and reading articles I now think otherwise!

  3. Katherine says:

    I am pregnant with my 4th child. I will be a few days away from 35 when I give birth. I know I don’t want anymore kids. Getting my tubes tied seems like a reasonable thing to do. But I’ve been hearing more and more about women having sever and sometimes dehibilitating results.

    These side effects seems a lot like menopause symptoms. I am unsure if these symptoms are from women like me of “advanced maternal age” and would occur in a few yrs anyway due to menopause, or if young women (in thier 20’s) have had these menopause-like symptoms. Ergo, in my mind, giving validaty to the link of tubal ligation and female “issues”.

    I think this is an important thing to address. So far in my reading, it has not been clear from the women of what thier age was when they had the TL and WHEN the symptoms STARTED. If a tubal was done in thier 20’s but the symptoms didn’t start until late 30’s, and in thier 40’s that seems to be linked to age and natural course of things. However if the symptoms start within a short time after a 20-something got her tubes tied then, this is something I need to think about. I appreciate your responses and experience. Again please make it clear when the tubes were tied and when the problem began.

    • melanie says:

      Had my tubes tied two years ago after my second child was born. Being 20 with my first, and 30 with my second I’ve been on again off again with different birth control methods throughout the years, Having said that, I have never experienced so much pain during my cycle like I have since my tubes were tied nor have I bled so profusely. I have to agree with all the other ladies since I’ve had every symptom that’s been listed and it’s ONLY since I’ve had my tubes tied.

      Now it’s just a matter of what to do next since insurance won’t cover the options I’m looking into.

    • kassandra says:

      I had my tubal ligation done after my second child and I was 26yrs. old. That was five years ago, I am now 31yrs. old. My tubes are not tied but had clips place over them. Now I do not regret my decision, however I feel like I have the following symptoms:

      •Painful and heavy periods. (I mean this is painful to the point I want to cry.) I went from a 3 day cycle to a 7-10 day cycle with heavy clotting.

      •Body aches and pains that are unexplained. (I have pains in my right side that hurt so bad that I wonder at times if I have a tubal pregnancy.)

      •Mood swings that are worse than PMS. (There are times I go from happy go lucky to feeling so damn frustrated for no reason)

      •Headaches (When I was younger I used to get really bad migraines but they went away in my late teens. Well they are back.)

      •Weight gain that is not helped by exercising and diet. (I gained 40 lb)

      •Unexplained night sweats. (I wake up with the back of my head soaked)

      •Dry itchy and flaking skin. (I have had to switch my regular lotion to a Vaseline lotion because of this)

      •Hair that literally is dry and brittle and thinning and may fall out in clumps. (My hair feels like straw and falls out it seems like hand full’s in the shower, and is all over everything in the house like a dog that sheds)

      It is a choice that needs careful processing. Just a little FYI it is reversible.

  4. simbu says:

    these comments are so describing me, i had my TL in may this year @ 29 for the first 2 months i thought i was still recovering from the operation its been 7 months since the TL and the pain is getting worse. Two weeks before my period i just become a zombie who wants to do nothing but sleep , i barely make it through the day. Three days before i must have a hot water bottle tied to my lower back to ease the pains. My doctor thinks all i am going through has got nothing to do with the TL.
    Thanks for sharing ladies!!

  5. kim Storms says:

    I thought I was crazy, I had my tubal done with an endometrial ablation to stop the heavy bleeding. now my hair falls out by the handful, I am tired all of the time. I crave certain foods and cannot satisfy them. Sex, well, I don’t have that problem, but at times I do feel a little depressed. I am 36 and just had this done a couple of months ago, maybe it’s my body trying to re adjust, but I just feel out of sorts. The headaces are the worst and they just want to say here have some more pills…

    • stacie chattam says:

      Iam.37.an I had my tubs tired 2 yrs I have every last one of the side effects headaches mood swings depressed irritated panic attacks Hair loss..I keep going back in fourth to the doctor.an they keep putting me mood meds..so I pray every day all day.I didnt no what was wrong with me.this is something they dont tell you.so I stop tell my family physician and I caught my OBGYN so we’re Going do blood work and try to figure out how to stabilize my hormones…so all the ladys out there know that God puts people in your life for info…

  6. Elyse says:

    I just want to cry after reading this. I had my tubes tied 2 years ago and my life has been hell ever since. I just went to the doctor and he said birth control was my only hope. I have almost all of the PTL symptoms. My marriage is failing, my mental health is declining…and my body has turned against me. I feel so crazy like i’m just making it all up. The depression is incredibly overwhelming. My sex drive is completely gone (and it used to be a very “healthy” sex drive) My hair falls out in clumps, horrible insomnia, terrible month long cramping. Periods every 2 weeks, then i wont have one for 2 months. 2 month long horrible pms…it just goes on and on…Is there nothing we can do?!?!?

    • Tara says:

      Hello Elyse,

      I am forty-one years old and I had my tubes tied last October…one week after I got married….boy!! What a Big Big!!!!! mistake….my sex drive is completely gone….just imagine after being a single Christian woman for eleven years then God finally sends the perfect partner for me…after returning one week from honeymoon I tied my tubes, WOW! The side effects followed immediately after, I used to cry for no reason, still have vaginal dryness, headaches and some kind of body ache just about every day, extremely tired all the time, heavy periods, sometimes I suddenly get sharp pains in my side, I am gaining weight….I was so angry with my doctor because he told me the tubal ligation carried no side effects…thank God my husband understands my condition and is very supportive….there is only one we can do about the problem….consider tubal reversal….as soon as my doctor bill is paid for the next two months… if I have to borrow a loan I must reverse the surgery…..I refuse to go through surgical menopause brought on by doctors…If you want to save your marriage please consider. In all of this I have learnt the every organ the God has placed within us serves a unique purpose solely for proper functioning of our body and we should not disturb anything unless it is due to a medical condition….May God continue to bless you in whatever decisions you make….and always remember to ask God’s guidance.


  7. Katharine says:

    I had my tubes tied 10 years ago (at the age of 33) by the suggestion of my doctor. I had 5 children so I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but I was very wrong. When my doctor told me that I “might” get heavier periods that was an understatement! Immediately following my tubal I was irritable, moody, and retaining water and for the first time after 5 children, I was unable to lose the weight. Since then my periods have become so heavy and painful that at least 1 day a month I cannot leave the house for fear of passing such a large blood clots followed by so much bleeding that in the past it has caused me to leave work because it has gone through whatever I was wearing and caused much embarrassment and frustration to the point of tears, not to mention the migraines (that I never had before!) that leave me completely incapacitated for at least 1 day a month as well during my period. I have 3 daughters and I will never, never recommend they get their tubes tied. After reading the symptoms listed above, I am certain that I am experiencing all of the symptoms of PTLS except that my hair (gratefully doesn’t fall out) but has become much more dry. I am very angry that so few doctors know about PTLS. My menstrual cycle and general health changed dramatically for the worse after my tubal and I would never, ever recommend this procedure to anyone, or ever do it again. I am sad.

  8. Anne Alba says:

    mine is different, everything normal except that i’m very hot in bed but the problem is my hubby is working abroad so i maturbate if i feel it and i’m feeling bad after . . .

  9. April says:

    Hello, i’m 24 years old and been thinking about getting my tubes cut and burned but i have been reading all the comments on it and now im unsure. I have heavy bleeding, bad cramps, mood swings, no sex drive and thats not all! I habe the implanon but not liking it because im bleeding all the time. What should i do? Thanks

  10. Tara says:

    Hello April,

    After reading your comments….I decided to read a little about the side effects from the implanon birth control….everything you are experiencing is caused from the implant….you need to have it removed as soon as possible….you are too young to subject yourself to such misery…. those birth controls fill your body with poisonous toxins that causes complications later in life. Whatever you decide to do please! please! Never ever let any friend,family, or especially DOCTORS!!! encourage you to tie your tubes or remove your uterus….the side effects are far worse… take my word for it… right now I am contemplating having my tubes untied… And I only tied them five months ago.


  11. April says:

    Thanks Tara I was thinking about having it removed but i dont want my tubes tied. and i need some kind of birth control i did depo thats a no and i cant remember the pill everyday i just dont know what to do and i cant have the IUD and if i could i wouldnt theres to may bad thimgs about it. just will talk to my docter i guess and see what i should do.


    • Dee-Dee says:

      Hi April,
      I have been on the Mirena for seven years now and its great. Getting it replaced every five years is not bad, since it is done in office as part of your yearly checkup.

      When I first had it placed, it took a few months for it to regulate my body. My periods started becoming lighter and lighter and pretty soon I didnt have one at all. No major cramping, just a little stomach ache when that time of the month is normally here and it only lasts a few hours to a day. My sex drive is still extremely high, no problem with dryness. I am 36 and I hope you find this a little helpful and even look into the Mirena as an option.


      • Me says:

        I got a Paragaurd (copper IUD) because I didn’t want any hormones and It’s been great. The first few months, my cramps were more painful. But the pain has subsided and my periods are actually lighter now.
        I’d recommend the IUD actually. You’ll find horror stories on every BC method on the internet, you just need to find what works with your specific body. Good luck

  12. tinah says:

    i was forced to carry out the tl by ma parents cauz they were supporting me at that time.It is very traumatizing and i have never terrible in my life as if am useless.
    it has brought fights with the father of my children whom i love very much.i wish i can get knowledge on how i can reverse it,am very empty.

  13. Khasi Howell says:

    I hade my tubes tied when I was 22 I had two c-sections for both of my children and have had all of these effects i am now 26 last August I had to have a partial hysterectomy because of a massive cyst on one ovary that was so big it wrapped around my ovary causing it to twist in half cutting off the blood flow I had to be rushed to the emergency room and not only had a massive cyst but a massive tumor on the other ovary I’m only 26 which makes it almost 4 yrs from having my tubes tied and still hurt and have these outrageous mood swings and all of the above I still have a cycle bc all they took was my right ovary and tube and almost all of my left ovary but I still hurt as I always did

  14. mememe says:

    I just had a tubal a month ago, wondering how long it took all of you to start feeling these symptoms… I am feeling great so far, I am having bleeding between periods but I was told after the surgery that I have endometriosis, so I’m not sure if that could be causing the extra bleeding… I don’t know if having a tubal can cause the endometriosis to worsen… Any advice would be helpful! And good luck to all of you who are having horrible times since having the tubal!

    • Jessica says:

      I am 39 and also had a tubal a month ago, after the birth of my second child. I wish I had done more research before getting the procedure done. Now that I’m reading these posts I feel terrible scared and broke in tears. I feel great so far, but just praying these miseries don’t reach me! I also hate my OB, because when I asked her about the potential side effects she told me there were not side effects….thanks for sharing your comments, God helps us…

  15. dee says:

    My tubes have tied for 5 1/2 yrs @age 22 after my 2nd son both i had c-sections with. My PTL symptoms started with the heavy periods that lasted 5 to 6 days. Ive always experienced premenopause symptoms so i didnt really think nothing of it.@age 24 my hair started being brittle,dry and comin out thought it was due to stress @age 27bad mood swings, pain in lower rite side, nite sweats, intense hot flashes now @age 28 period comes on every other 2 or 3 months and last 1 or 2 days thats light and headaches

  16. joyz says:

    Thanks ladies was considering TL but after the comments lemi struggle with fp for some time . God bless u mightly

  17. Neika says:

    How long does it take to start having symptoms? Just got it done 2 weeks ago and had a period immediately. It was heavier than usual, but cramping was mild (have a high pain tolerance). I stopped taking my pills, so relieved. My sex drive has been low for the past few years being on bc pills, but lately it’s been high, hubby is celebrating! I don’t look forward to having any of the before symptoms and I am praying to God that I want. I just couldn’t deal with taking anymore pills, I HATE THEM! My mom had a tubal and she blew up. I am already struggling to lose weight, so I hope there is no weight gain. I appreciate all the information and I pray that things will get better for you all that are experiencing the bad symptoms.

  18. Crissy says:

    Im 26 yrs old I have 4kids 9-14mnths old after my son I WAnted OUT of having kids im fertile Ive had a bad experience with birth control as a teen so tying my tubes seemed smart and logical my mom did it she never warned me about how painful the procedure was going to be first off i felt the incision when Dr McDreamy started before I went out cold after i woke up in horrible pain crying sad << how my days are these days I have abnormal bleeding clots spotting night sweats mood swings well MORE mood swings hair falling out crazy cramps but at least im not pregnant but i wouldnt recommend no young lady to have this done unless your a pain freak not to mention the eczema:/

  19. Nicole says:

    Hi, I had my first tl done when I was 22, with my second child. Everything was fine till a year and a half later, to my surprise I was pregnant. My doctor had made me feel like I was a liar that I was pregnant saying there is something in there but it is not a baby….So I immediately switched doctors. After I gave birth to my third child I had a tubal done again. I regret making that choice horribly. I have most of the symptoms stated above. I lose my hair by the handful, I am moody, and body aches. Not to mention I bleed 7-10 days when on my period when I used to have a period for 2-4 days. The blood clots are huge, and I bleed so much that I bleed all over the place, I have to wear a pad and tampon and change both every hour, there is no controlling it as sometimes it will run down my leg still and ruin my clothes and humiliate me. I have gained about eighty pounds due to hormonal imbalance. If I could go back in time I would have never done this procedure again because I am miserable. If I had been warned that the procedure was going to affect me this way I would have never done it!

  20. Nicole says:

    Also I am thirty now and i had my second tubal done in 2007.

  21. Charmel says:

    Hi I had my 2nd child at 33, and had a TL. I am now 37. Reading these stories makes me want to cry. All this time I thought something was wrong with me, I have had the some of these symptoms. The Heavy bleeding, mood swings, and very low sex drive. I should have looked up the side effects of TL before I got it done. But at the time I had a son, then I had a daughter and I figured “ok I’m done”. For anyone reading these stories, and thinking about getting a TL. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO RESEARCH.
    At least now I know I am not alone.

  22. Joanne says:

    Thanks everyone for your advice.

    I am so glad I did some last minute “googling”. Prior to reading the blogs, I was only reading the medical literature and PTLS is not mentioned at all.

    I’m 38, had endometriosis at 22, 3 kids right after, and had 2 consecutive Copper IUD for the last ten years. 2 weeks ago, when I went in to have my IUD replaced, the IUD couldn’t be placed properly due to a tilted uterus. I have an appointment tomorrow to see my doctor to arrange for a TL but after reading your comments, I am NOT going to do it!

    I understand some of these symptoms as I had to go through artificial menopause after my endometriosis treatment and I’m sure I wouldn’t opt freely to go through it again.

    I think it is very irresponsible for the medical profession to keep this information away from us.

    Thanks again for sharing, and I hope you can get help to alleviate the suffering you are going through.

  23. i had my 4th child at 43 years old after having my daughter I had the tubal. within just a few hours i was crying couldnt stand being away from my husband and other children and was really depressed. i would love to have a reversal. where can i find infor says:

    Name Raenna Gorgievski Indianapolis In. 317-628-1294

  24. messoggequah says:

    I am 24 with 3 daughters and a son on the way I was considering getn my tubes tied because 4 is enough for me. I have a bicordinute utereus so there are few birth control options for me jus the pill which I cant remember to take everyday and the depo shot which has caused me to gain 130 pounds in the past. I have already signed my consent forms for the TL but now I think I will have the doc rip those papers up on my next ob appointment, I already suffer from severe migranes, heavy menstral cycle, mood swings and ever since having my first child my hair falls out like mad…… getting this procedure would be my end!!! Thank you ladies for the info and prayers go out to you for ur miseries

    • DJ says:

      I had the same issuses. I just had my TL done two weeks ago. The only issues I have is still alittle sore from the surgry. my doc told me about all the side affects but did tell me that every women is differnet. I normaly have headachs and pain in belly long before peiods come. To the point im in bed. I didn’t have any bleeding or anything after the surgry. You need to do what best for you. You will hear good and bad about any surgry out there.

  25. Tiffany Shortt says:

    I have a lot of symptoms but the very two that stand out the most is decrease in my estrogen and major weight gain that’s very hard to lose! I feel so disgusted and frustrated all the time! I have 4 kids and I had my last kid in 2009, I had my tubal ligation, I had my tubes cut and burned , so I was always so tiny and now this weight problem! What are my options for help?

  26. MARINEE says:

    Hi Ladies, like messoggequah, I already have my consents forms ready to have a tubal ligation in 10 days, after reading all of your comments, I just changed my mind, I’ll pray for all of you to get your simptoms go away, I been using the implanon for a almost 2 years and I have had bleeding most of the time, once I have a period for 7 months, now I will have aperiod 3 weeks every month, Im so tired of it. The bleeding its not heavy all the time, but still there, I’m so sick of it and my hubby will not get a vasectomy 😦

  27. Robyn M.-age 33 says:

    Hi! Just thought I would share my experience. I have also been seeking answers; I do not have insurance now, but I would like to ask a Dr. if there is anything that will help these symptoms, like Estroven or another menopause medicine, since so many of the symptoms are like menopause.

    I had my first child at 25, my second at 31 and my last at 32. We knew we didn’t want anymore kids, nor could we provide for another financially. I got pregnant while on a progestin birth control pill while breast feeding my son; just to dispel any myths about that! Of course, it seems that was due to my own misunderstanding; the Dr. says he told me it could happen, though I thought I was safe.

    I went back and forth about whether to get my tubes tied; one friend told me not to, for religious reasons, and I read online the problems that women have had. My Dr. of course and all his nurses encouraged me that there were no ‘major post-surgical symptoms’; this of course I did not believe. I went through with the procedure, however.
    I had the micro-surgical, bipolar cauterization–both tubes were cut and cauterized. They went in through an incision under my belly-button. The incision was disgusting and I worried about scarring. However, scarring, for me, was minimal and barely noticeable–the use of Vitamin E oil is diminishing it, actually.
    I regretted the surgery right after because it took me 6 weeks to heal, and it was VERY painful and difficult to lift and nurse my newborn, and I could not lift my carseat or my 14 month old son for that 6 weeks. I was back to work in fast-food 2 weeks after giving birth; we could not afford the time for me to stay home and rest.
    I bled for about 6 weeks after birth. My periods started again when I stopped breastfeeding at about 4 months. My periods used to last 5-6 days. They now last 4. They used to be 28 days apart. They are now 23-24 days apart. My bleeding used to be a normal flow; now it is extremely heavy the first two days, then tapers off. Cramps are less painful, but my mood swings are HORRIBLE. About 4-5 days before my period starts, I begin to get more irritable, more sad and more irrational. Knowing WHY though, and anticipating it, is helping me manage it and keep it under control. i have also started taking Sam-E which helps me. I also now have painful ovulation; it feels like a crampy-stabbing pain..but the pain only lasts a day. My menstrual and ovulation cramps are helped with either Midol, or ibuprofen, just depending on which I happen to have on hand; they both work well for me. I have always had headaches, those seem to be less now, however. I also used to get migraines; those have not returned. I have always had acne; it has not improved, yet neither has it worsened. I have mild insomnia now, which is very bad right before and during my period; I take Benadryl or ZzzQuil to help me sleep. I have had an alternately achy pain to the left of my belly button since the surgery; I have not had the insurance or money to return to the Dr. so I do not know if it is tubal related, or surgery related, or perhaps a hernia.

    Overall, I have not decided if I regret it, but I know I would not recommend it, if you have other options. I feel I would be pregnant again if I had not had the surgery :), but the side effects are not pleasant. It just helps to know that it is NOT in my head and that other women have experienced the same. Thank you to everyone who has shared your stories!

  28. I wouldn’t advise anyone to get the tubal procedure completed unless you are fully informed about it, and fully understand your present health, and how it could effect you afterwards. I didn’t do enough research. Of course I had the procedure explained to me in writing, but nothing more than that. I’m 38, married with 5 children, twin boys, and 3 single births….all 4 were c-section deliveries. After my last daughter was born, my husband wanted me to get my tubes tied, he didn’t want to get a vesectomy, which I didn’t agree with, but I went ahead and did it, because he was so afraid, and I was having a c-section anyway….I regret it until this day. There are other options to being sure you do not get pregnant, being responsible is the best way…using condoms, the pill, depo provera, the IUD is used alot by many young women, but its best if used with a single partner/married, because you are prone to infections(bacteria that your body is familiar with as opposed to bacteria your body is not familiar with).
    My experience with having a tubal immidiately after delivery, was not thought about until I was sent home. It took me 6 wks for the pain to subside,…I counted! The pain was unbareable most of the time. I felt like my bladder was cut as well, I felt as if I could feel everything they did to me; cut my tubes and burned them. Since the tubal, I have had very heavy menses, clots more than usual, and worse pain in my whole history of ever having my period. I am contemplating having a hysterectomy, but I am afraid, that this choice may be worse. So, I am going to look into getting on birthcontrol to help lighten my periods, but also make sure nothing else is going on with my body. As women, especially a little older, we just can’t sit back and take anything our providers tell us. As mothers we question everything about our children, to be sure we are raising them right/well, making our best choices so we can help produce strong individuals……..we need to take that same energy and use it on ourselves. We need to question everything, not just be trusting. We need to evaluate everything, even ask for second opionions, ask what are the outcomes, short and long-term, and talk about it with women who have already had these things done. We have to look out for ourselves just as much as we are first in line to look out for our families.
    Good luck to everyone.

  29. Monique says:

    I had my tubes tied at age 37 after my set of twins were delivered via c/s. The twins completed my family. My husband and I have 7 sons and 3 biological daughters. About 3 yrs after the twins I noticed heavier cycles. Now that they are 9 yrs old, my cycles are so heavy that I have cramps blood clots and go through two 24 packs of always with wings in the first few days of my cycle. The cycles last 7 to 8 days long. I have been seeing a hematologist now because of the severe anemia associated with the menstral cycles. In the last two years I have had blood transfusions, and iv boluses of Iron. My hemoglobin stays at 7 to 8. It once dropped as low as 6 where I had to be admitted. I am always tired, with muscle cramps and aches, moody, ect…. I need help. I’m now 46 yrs old and I am really considering having the reversal done. The ob doc mentioned a hysterectomy. I dont want that done. They have done enough damage to my hormones and body. I’d rather receive the reversal.

    • C says:

      I am due in 8 weeks and am contemplating a TL. However after reading your experiences I’m having second thoughts

      • Jennifer says:

        I started a progesterone cream about a month ago. My periods have become more normal, my mood swings have calmed down, and I am sleeping better. I still regret the tubal, but you should definitely do all the research you can before making a decision. It really threw my hormones way out of balance.

    • MCTR says:

      Did they ever test your vitamin K level?

  30. kylie obrien says:

    hi my name is kylie and here is my experience i had a tubal ligation done at the age of 22 and my doctor didnt explain fully on what could happen etc there for i was in the dark. when i got home from hospital i was fine had the normal bleed like u do after a baby but then it kept going 24/7 next 12 months went by and i kept going alot of the time i was waring maternity pads i saw 12 different doctors and not one helped me i was passing out toware the last time i did the ambulance was going to pronounce me a dead as i stopped breathing but even then i got no help. they put in a Mirna and few months later i had to have the camera to find it and to remove it as it did not stop the bleeding. i have severe pain on left side to the point i was taking morphine. i wasnt able to look after my baby for the 2 yrs i couldnt play with my other son and i am just not happy im snapping at husband and kids and i once left my husband because of all this. it now been 3 yrs and im still having severe pain, im still not happy as i once was when i got with my husband and now im skipping periods for months at a time and also im bloating to the point of looking like im 6 months pregnant. the doctors wont even help me they r running me around in circles and now they wont do a tubal reversal or even help me unless i have the $$$. i have had all test but yet they seem to say everything is normal well im sorry but i know my body and i know that this isnt normal. now i just dont no wat to do all i want is to be happy and im only going age 25.

  31. chauncey Pegues says:

    Hello I want to say that everything I read was so true. Why doctors don’t tell women the side effects?

  32. Kristi says:

    This is just another website that gives me that much more affirmation that PTLS does exist and I’m NOT crazy. My tubal ligation was done in 2009 after the birth of my twins and was fine after all my other pregnancies but not this one. Severe weight gain, heavy, painful periods, severe depression, NO libido, not decreased either. And yes doctor after doctor shoved pysch meds in my face and all my lab was normal. I called Dr.Monteith the other day, I’m getting this reversal done. I feel like I don’t have a choice.

  33. Pamela Mathews says:

    Back in 2007. I had the Tubal litigation a year (+) after the birth of my second child, who will soon be 7. (Your body needs to heal) Initially and up until about 2 years ago my menstrual was very heavy (clotting) and yes there will be mood swings, some weight gain,hair loss and skin acne. Your body has been put through a life altering surgery this is/should be expected! How ever, sex drive remained high, and I experienced no dryness at all. Your body has to adjust to the changes!

    It is my belief it takes 2-4 years for you to learn your body again. I had my last child when I was 30. I will soon be 38. I am a full-time student, a single mom of two, employed and a community volunteer. At times, I am stressed, overly emotional, and cried often, but I believe that comes with working hard to accomplish any goal and ones body adapting to twenty/thirty years of being one way and now changing. I have been in school full-time for about 7 years straight. Next year I will complete dual Master Degrees, (1) MBA(2) Master in HealthCare Management .

    Though I haven’t had sex for more than a year, its simply has been my choice. As I have grown in my relationship with Christ, I do realize it is not optional to fornicate at my leisure. I have let myself go physical, as I work to accomplish my academic endeavors, raise my children and work to get along with their father. At the end of the day, staying in shape requires a commitment to a healthy life style, prayer and will power. I have worn my hair up (sew-ins) for the past year and a half . Oiling my scalp weekly and taking it down every three months to let it breath. Perm it, deep conditions once a week for a month or so and then back to rocking the (sew-in) for three more months. My hair is very healthy as a result.

    As women we have a lot on our plates. Hair, exercise, kids, school, work, cleaning and many other responsibilities take a toll on us. Having the tubal litigation has helped me to live in freedom from an unexcpected/unwanted pregnancy. Which is by law an 18year responsibility. I have never been on the pill. I have had (5) partners in my life time and don’t feel the need to poison my body with pills, shots etc. In my opinion, this is a great option! However, finding an experienced Dr. makes all the difference in the world.

    I am sorry to hear so many women going through such difficult times, but your body will heal and you will be restored! Please pray before you decided and BE ENCORAGED:)

  34. Winnie says:

    Ladies,thanks for your testimonies,except that they leave me at a cross road.

  35. Brenda says:

    I had my tubes tied when I was 31 and am now 50. The worse part for me besides finally understanding the mood swings is the heavy cycle and the bloated stomach that expands when I eat and deflates when I have a bowel movement. The older you get the harder it is to loose weight but I have cut out things like soda, sugar, and things of the sort and still the weight gain. I just want to get rid of this stomach. Not sure if I can do the reversal because after my last child I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and should not have any more kids which I did not want any more. Does anyone else have the stomach issue.

  36. lizzie says:

    I had my TL when I was 23. I started early “stressed ovaries” menopause when I was 30. It took years for my body to level off again. I still have a regular monthly cycle, but they last up to 3 weeks sometimes. I have a lot of aches and Pain. I get so emotional. I’m 48 now. Its not any better.

  37. ruby cordero says:

    Ok ladies need help I got my tubes cut when I was 25 now I’m 29 yrs old. I’ve been having heavy and long periods one month it comes and the next it doesn’t. I was on my period for 3 weeks going on 4 I asked a friend if she would give me a pack of her birth control pills ( she had her baby 5 months ago) I started to take birth control pills to stop it and see if I can regulate it do you thinks that a bad idea? I don’t have no type of insurance and we are tight on money right now! I was tired of my period so please HELP any opinions

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