Essure Problems Have Women Speaking Out

Essure is a birth control that is meant to be permanent. This Essure consists of spring-like coils that are inserted into the fallopian tubes. After the coils are inserted scar tissue forms in the tubes and the end result is the fallopian tubes being completely blocked.

Women usually choose the Essure because there is no surgery involved and the time to recuperate is minimal. After three months the patient is instructed to go for a HSG to make sure the fallopian tubes are indeed fully blocked.

Most women are happy with the choice they have made in this birth control. But, there are women that are having Essure problems and are asking for help. Because this product is relatively new many physicians tell them that the coils cannot be removed without a hysterectomy. The sad truth is that women will have the hysterectomy without realizing that Essure is reversible.

Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center have women contacting them on a regular basis to see if they can remove the coils due to the Essure side effects. Most women have searched for a while and seem to be getting no answers or even a physician in the medical world to admit that Essure problems are happening. The reason may be that the physicians just do not have enough experience with the Essure because it is still considered so new. Often, because the physician is still learning about Essure they do not always want to believe that women are experiencing as much pain as they state they are.

The most important thing to remember is that you know your body better than anyone. If you have a pain where the coils are then you have a pain. A million physicians can tell you this cannot happen but they do not feel what goes on inside your body.

Essure issues are happening and women are talking about it.

Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith have made it clear that Essure removal and Essure reversal is very possible. For those that want more children the Essure reversal is performed. For those that just want to get rid of the side effects there is Essure removal. With the removal the fallopian tubes are not reattached back to the uterus so there is no worrying about another form of birth control.

If you are having Essure problems you are certainly not alone. There are many women who are going through the same thing and are being sent from one physician to the next. A full hysterectomy is not needed and there is Essure relief available.

For more information on Essure reversal and removal the tubal reversal nurses are available to speak with you by calling 1-919-968-4656.


About vervilledeb1

A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing.

39 thoughts on “Essure Problems Have Women Speaking Out

  1. Chandra Hawkins says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in October of 2008…here it is May of 2011 and I am 5 months pregnant. I had no problems with the Essure until I found out that I was pregnant in January. There was no excessive bleeding and no pains in that area. I want to remove the coils any how after my son is born in September, I just don’t want them sitting in my body if they didn’t do what they suppose to have done. And most of all I want answer is to why and how I got pregnant. I want to know if it is a malfunction with the product or did the doctor insert them incorrectly.

  2. vervilledeb1 says:

    Hi Chandra,

    Did you go for the 3-month HSG (dye test)? Did they tell you that your fallopian tubes were blocked and that you were good without another form of birth control?

  3. Chandraa says:

    Yes..I did have the HSG 3 months later and not only did they confirm it, I have a DVD from the hospital showing when the dye inside of me.. It took 2 years so it can happen to anyone!!!

  4. Pamela Naibert says:

    I was completly elated to get essure done last year and today beyond devastated. My body is not the same anymore from head to toe I have aches, especially in my lower back, constant cramping on both sides, there have been numerous times i have almost blacked out feeling very flu like,non stop weight gain and inflammation, my sinuses and asthma have gotten worse. My Dr.s are saying I need a hysdirectomy…is there another way the coils can be removed without affecting my hormones???

  5. Sheria says:

    I had essure back in 08 and had nothing but problems back, stomach etc… I have had MRI, X-ray, colonoscopy, endoscopym physical theray,and countless blood work cause nobody knew why I hurt so bad or was so drained. So today I made a appt with my regular dr and she is sending me to a GYN and I ask her what if they wont take them out she said we will go to every GYN in my town til we find someone who will! Finally after 4 yrs im getting somewhere!!! It takes a good dr listening to what you have to say its your body you now it better than anyone else! Dont stop til problem is solved! (helps when you have a dr willing to work with you not against you)

  6. Sami Buxton says:

    I got Essure in 2009. I have regretted ever since I’ve been in constant pain and discomfort. I wish I could have my essure reversed but I don’t think I have that as an option. I want my life back. I hate sitting on the porch watching my kids run around and I can’t join them because I’m in so much pain.

  7. beautifoo says:

    im sorry that you ladies have been experiencing such bad effect. I too have had this procedure done and fortunately i havent had any side effects. However 7years later,im divorce and in a new relationship with a man who wants a child. :(. ladies its important to think about the future when making such decisions

  8. Danielle says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in Aug 2008. The first 6 months were great but then i started getting unexplained PID (all STD tests came back negative they dont know what caused it) and pain in lower abdomen and lower back pain, and reoccuring ovarian cysts. Many many tests CTs, bloodwork, ultrasounds, many different OBGYNs and finally one that admitted that its probably the Essure causing it all. Hoping I can just get these things out and keep living my life!! Hang in there ladies. Dont give up.

  9. Joann says:

    I had the assure procedure done in 2007 after my 2nd child turned 1. I have never had any bad effects from it, I even have shorter periods now! That really is to bad that it hasnt worked out well for some. My doc told me that I could never get pregnent and if I do it could be fatal. Kinda scary to hear about women that are.?To beautifoo: When I decided to have it done, my Doctor asked me,” What if you meet as man that wants to have a child with you?” I told him that it wasnt the right man for me because I have decided that I dont want anymore children.

  10. kerisa says:

    hi had essure done on the 26th jan 2012.had loads of bleeding 4 a bout a week after it.had a scan and they just said it was nothink really 2 worry then stopped but i did have a lil ceast in which they said it just ment i was gunna come on soon.well i was due 2 weeks ago yet no sign of it.we use comdoms like we were told and i done a preggy test just 2 be thei normal?? plus i go 2 the gym a lot and iv never sufferd from acking legs untill now ?? dunno what 2 do bout no monthley.:(

  11. JoyLynn says:

    I had Essure done in 2007 after I had a miscarriage. Since I already had 3 boys, I decided to just give up on having a girl and tie my tubes. Plus I didn’t ever want to feel that pain again physically and emotionally of having another miscarriage. I have been with my current husband almost 12 years. We have no children together and now we are both yearning to have one together. Does anyone know if it’s possible and/or safe to have this procedure reversed and become pregnant? I am now 37.

  12. April says:

    Has everyone gained weight since essure? I did not link the two but after reading this maybe its related. i have gained weight despite a careful diet and regular exercise. my energy is not the same either. any comments? thanks

  13. Anne says:

    I had Essure placed in May, 2009 and today I have perforated fallopian tubes bilaterally which must be removed surgically. In addition to the perforations, I I experienced dysfunctional uterine bleeding which turned out to be Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

  14. Dominique Collier says:

    I had the essure in 2007 & i have been experiencing abdominal pains, severe cramping in my legs, and painful intercourse. The doctor doesnt have explanation but assures me that it isnt essure related. I didnt have any of these problems until then. Im sure its due to the essure. I wish i didnt get it.

    • Dominique Collier says:

      I also have stomach and back problems. I have gained weight. Please if anybody knows a doctor in Detroit, Mí area please let me know.

  15. Sonja says:

    Just had the HSG test done, one is perfectly fine and the other one is twisted and looks like its a little out and above my ovarian wall. And I have been experiencing a lot of pain. ( I have had the Essure for 2 Years.)
    Everyone whom is having issue with the Essure make sure you let the FDA know.
    Good Luck to All

  16. Andreina garcia says:

    After an 3 ivf failures my dr suggested to have essure place to avoid surgery to remove my follopian tubes, because they were leaking. I did another ivf 4 months after the essure. The ivf failed. My doctor suggested that maybe the essure was invading the endometrium. Yesterday I had an histeroscopy and they saw the coils inside the endometrium…they tried to cut the excess, but the couldn’t do it….they pulled it out and told me not to worry because the tubes were obstructed by tissue. I am in a lot of pain! And can’t understand how my tubes are blocked…if the essure was pulled out? Please help me!

  17. betty says:

    Hi, my name is Betty I am sorry to hear those terrible stories. This year I had been programed to have essure inserted and for the destiny of God the procedure has been canceled. Thanks of God after read about you and the terrible side effects I don’t want to do it. The doctors don’t tell you about the side effects just they tell you that is the best option for no having more babies.

  18. Milena says:

    i just had esure, my doctors office was surprised ti hear im still in pain. Having sex for me same as torture, im in pain for several days after it. Will see what my ultrasound will show.

  19. erin says:

    i had the essure procedure done october 19, 2012 and its now october 24,2012 and im hurting worse now then i did before i had it done. im having a bad discharge. i called my dr today to find out if it is normal and she said it is normal unless its real bad pain and followed with a fever. it hurts so bad im having problems dealing with my 2 kids. i cant keep popping pain pills with a 3yr old and a 4 yr old. i also had endometrial ablasion with the essure but she said i would hurt for about 2-3 days then id be back to normal. why lie about it.? i would rather just have a hysterectomy but she wont do it cause of insurance and most all my drs excuses on everything with me and thats my weight. i want it all done and over…..

  20. Candice Robinson says:

    I received the essure placement in May 2009 after my 3rd child was born. I choose this because it was less invasive than surgery and recovery was as well. Well 3 yrs later intercourse is painful and wasn’t before, I have sharp pains in my lower abdomen and my both sides and lower back and my energy is not what it is to be and with four kids I need all the energy I can get. I have went to my dr and address this with him but he just thought it was an infection and gave me antibiotics. Well needless to say the pain continued. I have also had alot of weight gain that I haven’t been able to explain and have been on diet after diet and still gain the weight back. And now I have missed my monthly and wonder if I may be pregnant or is it normal to may miss a month while you have the essure . I haven’t took a pregnancy test yet to find out, but if I would have known all of this before getting this done I wouldn’t have done it at all. I was never told by my doctor that there would be these side affects.

  21. I had this done in 2009 and have been since dealing with migraines seizures muscle spasms depression confusion. I thought I was loosing my mind. I kept telling the dctors I thought it was the coils. I can feel them. They hurt. One of them broke off and poked a hole in my uterus. But the doctors said that wasn’t possible and kept looking for other answers, but never found any. I have funally insisted on a hystorectomy which will take place on Dec. 19th. And am praying to get my life and body back. Please if u haven’t done it dont! Please sign the petition at the link provided to have it taken off the market. No one should have to suffer like this! No one else…

    • Amber says:

      Hello ladies I had the procedure done in january 2009 ive gained 50 lbs I have severe cramps and no energy. My period is very irregular now I have 2 every other month. I am only 28 this is the worst birth control ever ive never weighed over 130 even after my 3rd child I am now 168 please help me.

  22. Arelys Gil says:

    I should start by saying that I have been with my Dr. for 20 years, I am 41 years old now and have a wonderful huband, an 18 year old daughter and 17 year old son and still on birth control pills. I desided and agree to have done the Essure prosedure on 12-06-12, which wad convinient for me. My Dr. has been performing this procedure for many years and never has had any complications with any of his patients. Two days later on Saturday I started experiencing a sharp pain on the right side, it felt like I was being stabbed. At the same time I was feeling very bloaded and full of gases. The pain continued through all Sunday. I though it had more to do with the gases being stuck in my intestines and that’s why I was feeling so miserable. I called the Dr’s office on Monday, I was recommended gas pills to help me realize the nasty painful gases.

    The next day on Tuesday the Dr’s office calles to follow up, I told them I was still having the sharp pain on the right side and now it was also in the middle, and occasionally a sharp pain down my right leg. They immediately ask me to come in for a check up. The Dr. did a sonogram and asked me to get an urgent X-ray done because he didn’t like what he was seen. I was able to get the X-ray done that same night. It so happened that the right coil had moved out of my Fallopian tube and it was in the middle.

    Early the next morning on 12-12-12 my Dr. calls me, asking if I had not eatten or drank anything yet to go to the ER. I was treated at the ER like VIP thanks to my Dr., he performed a hysteroscopy to remove the coils via the vagina and then a laparoscopy through the belly button and small incision on the bikini line and he clipped my Fallopian tubes.

    The coil that was in the middle had perforated a wall close to my intestines, it was also next to a nerve and that explains the pain down my right leg.

    I am so greatful to have such a wonderful Dr. A truly humble and down to earth loving person that cares so much for his patients well being. He explained to me that my body apparently rejected the Essure coils.

    So for those women thinking of the Essure procedure, it’s a risk you’re taking and you will not know until afterwords if it will work for you. For those women experiencing discomfort or any pain, I will suggest to see you Dr. because according to my Dr. it’s not normal to experience any pain a few days after the procedure.

    I hope my message can help any women out there experiencing what I just went through.

    Arelys Gil

  23. clara says:

    i got my essure roughly around januray 2009. i gained over 30 lbs since then and have experinced sharp pains on my right side since then. my periods are super heavy to where i have to wear a super plus tampon plus a super plus pad! thats ridiculous. i dont even want to go anywhere when im on my period because im bleeding straight thru my clothes every hour! i have to change my female stuff every hour or else. ive never felt these pains in my pelvic area ever and i know its due to these darn coils. the pains are so sharp sometimes that i cant even stand up and im biting my lip taking small breaths until it goes away. i know this isnt normal.

  24. Lady Yerkovich says:

    Lower left abdominal pain is the most common area for abdominal pain. You will know how debilitating lower left abdominal pain can be – whether it is an acute episode or chronic condition. The effects of abdominal pain can be devastating not just for the person living with the problem, but also for their family, friends and carers. The simplest chores and activities from shopping to walking may become impossible. Constant physical pain can impact on an individual’s emotional well-being. People living with a chronic condition may become depressed, and in some cases driven to suicide to escape the pain!are totally unsuitable. They are too bulky, move out of position, compact and cause oreness.’

    Remember to take a peek at our new web-site

  25. Teresa says:

    My daughter is in surgery as I type this. She may very well come out of this with a hysterctomy, due to complications from Essure! These are not safe, and I predict (hope) they will be removed as an option as quickly as possible!

  26. Crystal says:

    I had my Essure procedure done in August of 2012, 2 months after having my 4th baby. I was given the Depo shot to hold me over for the 3 months after. I bled for almost the entire time, which I associated w/ the Depo shot. Then a few months ago I just stopped bleeding and have not since then. I have a hard time sleeping b/c my legs wont stop aching, I am almost always running a slight fever (and I have never ran fevers unless I was really really sick), my lower back aches, my sides hurt, my sinuses are always stopped up and I have headaches almost every day now. I gained 30 lbs and I can not seem to shake it. This thing has really messed my life up. I sleep all the time it seems or at least feel like sleeping. Sadly I do not have insurance and make little money so I seem to be stuck w/ this. I don’t know what to do. I know I am voicing my problems in hopes to save others from this. I hope you ladies are able to remedy yours as well.

  27. Alexis Ocegueda says:

    I had Essure done on January 22, 2013 and the coils removed February 6, 2013. In the 15 days I had the coils in I was in horrible pain. The pain was increasing everyday to the point where I felt as though I was in active labor. I have two kids 9 and 1 so I know what labor feels like. Well I am going on a month of having them taken out. The pain went away instantly when I woke up from surhery. Unfortunately I still cannot have sex without horrible pelvic pain. I am now going to back to make sure there isn’t a pelvic inflammatory infections .It deems as though my body has had a significant change for the worse.

  28. Gena Kephart says:

    i got the essure last aug and every since i have 2 to 3 periods a month( bleeding through clothes and everything), consistant cramps and lower back pain my dr says they dont know what is causing it. well today i call the dr because the bleeding and pain is gettin worse im told to double up on my birth control until the bleeding stops..that does not help me i shouldnt have to double up anything my body wasnt like this before and nothing is being done are there any other actions to take?

  29. I just want to say that since I had my hystorectomy Dec. 19, 2012 I have had Not 1 Migraine! Not 1 Muscle Spasm or Sudo-Seuzure! All the pain in my Neck and shoulders has GONE completely away! I haveno more horrible rashes and I can think more clearly. Coincidence? I think not. I had been reading these posts searching for someone that had recovered from the torture this stupid implant causes in an amazing number of Women. I found alot of similar situations as mine. But never anyone that came back and said…hey I got that crap out and I’m better now. So I want ya’ll to know. There is hope! GET IT OUT! I had a hairfolicle test done prior to surgery and my Nickel levels, along with a few other jealous minerals were so high they were immeasurable! I’m telling you. Get it out! It’s your only hope for a normal happy life. I suffered fir 4 years because I was scared to get a hystorectomy. Just be sure that the Dr. Is informed of situation. They will probably have to take your filopean (sp?) tubes(which they don’t normally) in order to be sure to get the coils out.
    God Bless Us All

  30. Bambi Woodward says:

    I had the essure procedure done in December of 2011 and then the follow up test 3 months later. Everything looked great and the tubes were completely closed. It’s now March of 2013 and I’m having increasing pain in my lower back and abdomen on the left side and blood in my urine. After being checked for kidney stones, my doctor is at a loss. But after finding this page, I’m convinced that I need to mention this to my doctor.

  31. meg says:

    Thank you! I have been looking for answers everywhere!

  32. Jen says:

    I had the essure procedure done in feb of 2013 and now its august 2013 and i have so much back pain/pelvic pain. My periods are not regular anymore. I have no energy and i feel like im in early pregnancy. i went to the doctor and they want to check for ovarian cysts but ive had that before and have never felt like this for so long. Its constant aching in my lower back and legs. Ive also gained 5 lbs in a month. should i go for a second opinion?

  33. Tanya says:

    I have sinus problems and backroblems and can’t seem to lose weight and I had the essur done around August 2011. The pains and weight gain wasn’t even why i was searching the web though. I was just looking to see if it was reversible. I like many other moms who’s kids are off to school, was thinking I might want another baby. But I can’t seem to find anything about if it is possible 😦

  34. Alexis Ocegueda says:

    I Had Me Essure Coils Put In On January 26 2013. I Was In Such Horrible Pain. Each Day It was geting Worse . Each Day The Pain Was Getting Worse. I Had A Number If trips To The ER And Back To My Kaiser Dr. After 16 Day Of Labor Like Pain. A New Kaiser Obgyn Said I Was Healty And The Only Thing Different Wss.the Coils. So On February 6Th We Went In To Have Them Removed. Dr Removed My LeftsSide And Tied That Tube The Old Fashion Way. She Went Into Mr Right Side And Was Appalled To Find 2 Colis jammed Into My Righ Side. It Is Now Novemeber first And The Pain Is As Horrible As Ever. Married 2 Year And Cannot Sove Sex Or Be INtiment With My HusbaNd.

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