Have Blocked Tubes Repaired After Sterilization

There are different reasons for the fallopian tubes to become blocked. Things such as previous infections can cause unintentional blockage. Intentional is when the woman purposely has her fallopian tubes blocked as in having her tubes tied. This is done so that the egg and sperm cannot unite thus pregnancy cannot occur.

There are several different ways of blocking the fallopian tubes so that pregnancy cannot occur. These are the most common:

Essure and Adiana

Tubal Coagulation- where the tubes are burned.

Tubal Rings and Clips

Pomeroy and Parkland- where cutting and tying the tubes are involved.

All of the above methods are sterilization are used to prevent pregnancy. The issue is that some women that have blocked tubes are now regretting their decision. And many are told that because their fallopian tubes have been damaged they will not be able to get pregnant without the help of IVF.

Many couples are not comfortable with the idea of having to use IVF for pregnancy. Most will shy away from the idea and look for another alternative. And there is another way that actually has a better pregnancy success rate. It is tubal ligation reversal surgery.

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is the leading tubal ligation reversal center in the world. Couples travel from every corner of the globe to have the tubal ligation reversed in order to have more children. The pregnancy success rate is higher and couples are thrilled at the fact that they found the alternative treatment. Another thing couples find out is that they are actually paying much less money to have the procedure reversed.

Having blocked tubes repaired after a tubal ligation is very possible. Couples are able to have a child and if they wish they are able to have multiple children without added medical intervention.

For more information on repairing blocked tubes after tubal ligation the tubal reversal nurses can be contacted by calling 1-919-968-4656. The website is also available to couples researching this method of repairing blocked tubes by visiting: http://www.tubal-reversal.net.