Essure Problems and Women

Essure Problems and Women

This is the newest in the Essure problems family. I built this website so that we can make the voices heard. This is a place for women and families to share the effects that Essure has had.


About vervilledeb1

A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing.

34 thoughts on “Essure Problems and Women

  1. shana says:

    what can I do to have it Removed? I had it done in 2008 after I lost my baby. The Doctor told me that this would be the best thing for me. He was sooooo wrong im in pain all the time now.

  2. stacy says:

    i had the procedure less than a yr.ago and have aches and pains eversince. My body itches like crazy.i have dry spots that are spreading…is this caused by nickel allergy

  3. Marcie McBee says:

    I had the procedure done 4 years ago and started with small problems. I have pain in the left side and painful intercourse. Now my muscles ach and my legs are having circulation problems. I have had three kids with no pain meds and now my monthly cramps are worse than child birth. I am very not happy with how glossed over the doctors make this procedure seem.

  4. Sherry says:

    My name is Sherry. I had essure put in June 2006. The Gyno said it was better than tying my tubes. I did not research this, but trusted her. I have had no problems until 3 months ago. I have constant pains on my left side. It feels as if someone is pulling and tugging on my ovaries and Fallopian tube. Its like they are twisting it? I have constant discomfort and spasms up and down my thigh (left area) and pain pulsates on the left pelvic area. I am always taking pain pills, can not sleep and have been to 4 doctors. My gyno, whom is wacky. told me this is NOT reversable, that my coils are in place, (after a ultrasound) and that she can give me a Hystercomy?? No way i say! I proceeded to have a CT scan to rule out terrible thoughts of cancer etc. needless to say, I have always been worried it might be my essure. I even went to a Holistic medicine man, and I did NOT tell him my problem. he guessed it with Kinentic ebergy. he told me I have BLOCKAGE in my fallopian tubes and i NEED to get whatever is in ther out as it will give me CANCER. I fillped as he also diagnosed me with 2 toher personal problmes that I told no one! therefore, I made an appt to get these removed ASAP in Chapel Hill at the reversal center. My insurcance paid $12000 to have these put in, and not they will not pay to have these removed. I hve to pay $7100 to get these removed. I am DESPERATE due to the pain that I already pre-paid, book my surgery in feb 2012, and have to take 1 month paid vaction so recover form this…anyone else out there have these horrble pains like me? It feels like pulling and tugging, spasms and like something is turning insde of me? No Stoach pains, but I do have Abdonimal pains too. Also does anyoe know of a lawsuit against ESSURE we can join? If so please, PLEASE contact me…My private email is…if you have questions, I am happy to help. I feel miserable!!
    I am gratefult I will be getting these out. I am 46yrs old, finally met my lifelong soulmate, he wants Children, and now I can only assume this is a act of GOD telling me to get these out, reverse my porcedure and get pregnant!
    Thank you all,

  5. Sherry says:

    Sorry for the typs earlier, I am a Flight Attendant and I am tired…and still in constant pain!!

  6. ej504 says:

    I got the essure procedure done in May of 2009, and at first I thought it was the best thing ever…but now I’m having crazy pains on my left side and shooting pains in my thighs. My usually predictable 3 day period has change to 5 if I’m lucky! I want these things OUT!

    • Emmi says:

      I thought I was crazy until I started researching essure to see if my “issues” could be related. I have had my essure since 2007. I have terrible pain in my left side and shooting pain down my outer right thigh and hip. I am unsure the two are related, however, Im unsure of any other reasoning. The pain I experience is frequent, and the pain in my right thigh is constant and nagging. It is challenging to even sleep on that side of my body due to the pain.
      Im not happy that you are experiencing this also, however it is good to know that Im not crazy and others are experiencing similar things.

  7. Faby says:

    I had Essure put inon Dec 14 2011 my doctor said it was a safe procedure so I believed her she. Now I’m in so much pain I cant take it. The pain is on my left side and it shoots down to my anckle also my back is in pain. The doctor said she would get it out had the appoinment ready and everything calls me the day before my pre op and tells me that my insurance is not covering it with her office and that I have to go somewhere else Im so tired of this pain.

  8. t. patterson says:

    I got the essure done december 15, 2011 and the pain in my back, right side, and right leg period is driving me crazy and I told my ob and he just said ok!! I want to get some done about it but I scared!!

  9. t. patterson says:

    I’m scared I mean

  10. jessica says:

    i got essure october 16th. ive been in so much pain and ive been bleeding ever since i got it done. my doc blames it on lactating but im not lactating anymore. then my doc keeps telling me its normal im in so much pain. hurt so bad sometimes that i cant sleep. im tired of the pain and the bleeding.

  11. jessica says:

    october 16th of 2011

  12. Vicky says:

    Is there anyone in the uk suffering from the symptoms previously mentioned, I had the essure procedure in 2008, from the beginning it didn’t appear right, niggling pain in the left side of my pelvis, which slowly developed into Sharp pains, lengthy periods and heavy bleeding,tingling sensations in arms and legs ,achey joints all over, had several tests ,all negative or inconclusive, just been given the go ahead for a Hysterectomy, to remov,e the coils , but the reason they are giving is because of the heavy periods not the coils? Can’t come soon enough

  13. Crystal Yezek says:

    Wow. I had the essure coils inserted in 2009. After the surgery I felt like I was in labor for 3 hours afterwards. I didn’t expect that kind of pain, but I was relieved when the pain went away. 3 months later I had the test to make sure the coils were in place and they were. Also, my periods were heavier and painful, but Midol really helped. About 6 months after the insertion I started having intermittent mild pain in my left lower abdomin, which increasingly got worse. Intercourse was sometimes painful and I always spotted a little. My libido decreased and I felt like I was not going forwards enjoying my husband, but the essure actually hindered out sex life – not helped. I would have had a laproscopy done instead of the essure if I would have known. I feel like we are all guinea pigs. I plan to be an advocate against the manufacturer of essure (conceptus). I recently was admitted to the ER with severe pain in my left lower abdomin. Test results showed both coils came out and dislodged into my uterus puncturing the top portion and bottom portion of my uterus on the left side. That explains the pain, but again it is intermitten. I am supposed to have surgery to have them out (but most likely I will have to have a partial hysterectomy). I have requested my medical records from the hospital and I will request them from my doctor as well. I am also requesting that I be allowed to keep the coils when they do my surgery – as I plan to retain a good malpractice/personal injury attorney in NYC. The FDA should force a re-call – how many women must suffer? I will keep you posted on my surgery. If anyone would like to contact me, my e-mail is:

  14. Indi says:

    Ok i made my complaint to the FDA and they sent my info to Essure and someone contacted me regarding it. Now if we all want something to be done about the pain and suffering its going to take EVERYONE to lodge a complaint with the FDA and ESSURE here is the number for ESSURE Conceptus® Inc.
    331 E. Evelyn Ave.
    Mountain View, CA 94041
    direct +1.877.ESSURE2, Option #5
    Write,Call, whatever but make sure your story is heard and told that is the only way, I talked to several attorneys who wont take it etiher because its not enough research on it!! WTF does someone have to die or be seriously injured until they do something?? Well i dont want that to happen, so lets make them hear us. 2 weeks since the surgery and i feel so much better, those coils were destroying me.
    my contact is indi.kaufman@gmail if anyone wants to stay in touch and really pursue a lawsuit.

    • spark says:

      Hi indi I’m a 32 year old woman that’s never had medical problems. I had the essure done in 2009 which I was assured by the doctor it was safe and I would have no pain down the line As of today my stomach lining is probably eaten up from taking so many motrin because of pain. I’m in pain during intercourse and severe pain after intercourse. I could never figure out where the pain was coming from but it feels like my pelvis uteris or something but after doing my research I’m convinced its the essure. I don’t have 7000 for the surgery only a little cash I have saved up but something needs to be done

  15. NYC28 says:

    i thought i was going crazy so glad am not the only one, i had the essure done june 2008 and at the time i was 24 yrs old. the procedure went fine and i was great until 2yrs ago i started getting back pain was out of work for 2 months and was told that my problem was kidneys stones i was peeing in strainer for months and pain was still there and no stones until this day. i have gotten kidney ct scan and vaginal and everything is normal. i been living of vicoden cause the pain is so intense ive been in and out of ER and doctors offices and i been told it all in my head. i want the coils removed and i want my life back. the back pain is getting more intense, after sex i feel like am in labor due to the pain, i been having trouble lossing weight and constanly feel bloated. am 28 yrs old and i shouldnt feel exhausted.. i cry to myself cause the pain so intense. am going to see another doc and am hoping and praying that thos doc understand me.

  16. Lori says:

    I have a friend that is considering having this procedure done but now after reading all these posts, I am worried!! I told her I wanted to research it first and boy am I glad I did! I can’t imagine why the doctors are not telling women about the side effects. Do they want these women to be in constant pain? I am definitely telling her to reconsider having this procedure done. There has to be a better (less painful) way!!

  17. Please join together on the Facebook page Essure Problems. There are many women just like you and myself that are experiencing the same problems. If we all join together then, we can fight together.

  18. Tony says:

    Thank you to all of you for speaking up, I was going to call my GYN tomorrow to set up an appt to get this done. Thank God for research, cuz now I’m not.

  19. Nancy says:

    I had the essure procedure 3 weeks ago and had sex for the first time. I am feeling pains in the left side where my tubes are. After reading this, I wish I would have looked into the procedure rather than trusting my ob.

  20. christy epperson says:

    I had the essure procedure done in January. My dr. Informed me that plan first would not pay for the 2nd part of the procedure so it went undone. Now I am in a lot of pain, I can’t even endure sex. I know something is wrong, but have no $ to go to the Dr. What can I do?

  21. Stacey says:

    Had the procedure a year ago- 2 HSG’s and I still have a fallopian tube open. Now I have to pay for a tubal ligation too! This procedure was way more painful then explained in the office. The HSG’s were just as bad as labor pains. I do have spasms in my fallopian tubes frequently now. I am so upset I did this to my own body. I wish there was a class action lawsuit. Please do not do this to yourself if you are on here just researching.

  22. Joanne says:

    I just delivered my 6th baby in June. I live in Boston, MA, and delivered in one of the best hospitals in the country – since it was a 6th repeat C-Section, mine was a high-risk delivery and highly unusual even for the hospital. My doctors tried pushing Ligation and Essure and IUDs – to their horror, I flatly refused. I don’t plan on having any more pregnancies and am not overly religious or anything; however, what I believe and firmly stand by is this: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” From personal experience, I cited the following examples:

    Ligation – Aunt’s co-worker had urethra nicked while this procedure was performed – she was sick and miserable and had to undergo further surgery to correct the issue;

    Essure – Printed Blogs (that shut them up pretty quickly)

    IUDs – I personally know 3 women who had their IUD perforate their uterus – 1 of whom ended up w/it lodged in another organ – ALL of whom required additional surgery.

    Please consider, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are as thick as thieves – just like any other prescription medication, there are incentives for doctors pushing these procedures – namely FINANCIAL incentives. Take care of your bodies – use birth control pills, even diaphragms are much more comfortable these days (Canada has universal healthcare so they push diaphragms because they are low-cost and effective – not in this country, they want to keep the money flowing for pills, surgeries, etc.), spermicide (can be found online and strong enough to be used alone or can be used w/diaphragm) – now that I have decided not to have more pregnancies, I have a diaphragm (which I had to battle my doc to get and which cost less than $10 – spermicide cost less than $15) and either use that w/spermicide or just use the spermicide alone.

    Educate and empower yourselves and don’t be afraid of facing scrutiny from doctors who think an education and a title gives them the right to criticize or look down at you for the choices you make for your body – keywords here are YOU and YOUR – and only YOU know YOUR body best.

    For what its worth, my advice is this:

    CONTEMPLATE – NEVER agree to ANYTHING discussed w/your doctor w/o telling them you will take time to think about it and discuss it w/your partner (if you wish) and get back to them;

    RESEARCH – ALWAYS research any info, medications or procedures discussed w/your doctor BEFORE making any definitive decisions;

    BE EMPOWERED – Knowledge is Power, ladies, and the doctors don’t like when they have to combat the scrutiny of an informed, educated patient. Know that when they make a face or try to dissuade you from your position on an issue, you should never feel intimidated or insecure because its the doctors that are intimidated and insecure from the knowledge and confidence with which you confront them.


    These stories are heartbreaking and my thoughts and support are w/you all. Please empower yourselves, its the only way to stop these medical nightmares. For those of you seeking reversal, print the blogs of Dissatisified Essure Patients – then print the info available on Essure Reversal and blogs of success stories – bring all of this information with you to your doctor and let them know you are educating and empowering yourself and that if they choose not to help you or address the issues you are having that you WILL pursue the issue through all legal avenues available. Note that each state has a Medical Licensing Board where complaints can be filed – not to mention each Health Insurance Provider – most complaints can be filed online or via phone. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil so start squeaking! What do you have to lose? Can the doctors – or anyone – possibly make your life worse than lingering in the Purgatory of chronic, insufferable pain and discomfort?

  23. Joanne says:

    By the way, ladies, since this device is FDA Approved, complaints can also be filed w/the Food and Drug Administration, a federal government agency.

    In addition to filing complaints w/the FDA, you should also complain to your local and state legislators to do something about this medical nightmare. If you can complain to the Federal Government, then you can certainly complain to state and local government – take your lives back and let your legislators know you will make your voice heard one way or another because, if nothing else, you hold the power of your vote.

    Take Care and Best of Luck to all in taking your lives back and regaining your sense of well-being.

  24. Emmy says:

    I had mine put in, dec of 2008….i have had zero problems with them….i wish you all could say the same 😦

  25. kandice says:

    I had the essure procedure done in august 2010 and found out i was pregnant apil 2011. I delivered my 4th healty baby boy in november. I have always beenbvery healthy. No medical problems. Now my periods are horrible, my uterus feels swolen sometimes and its painful. My tubes hurt sometimes. I do not recomend this procedure!

  26. I’ve had the procedure done on may 3rd of this year (2013). I have to say its not as bad as I’ve read. Maybe I have a higher pain tolerance, I’m not sure. Anyways, I bled for about 2 weeks (which my doc said was normal) and have had some cramping. Its not as bad as labor pains (I’ve had 3 children). Its more like a come-and-go type pain. I’ve noticed if I drink more water I don’t get as many cramps. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m excited about never being pregnant again and finally being able to have my body to myself. 🙂 I’m sorry most of you are having issues. 😦

  27. ann says:

    i got mine done in may 2010 . N 6 months after i started feeling pain in my left n right side tigh. I always feel like somrthing kiking me inside like if i was pregnant. I get alot of lower back spasms. Skin rash in my arm and neck…get very hot. Mood changes…bloated stomach.n even sometimes i feel a bad odor coming out of me (nickel smell ) . N feel that when i go around people everyone starts coughing. My life has been so horrible since i got dis procedure done on me. Seriously the gov. Has to remove dis bullshit . I think this is a tracking device the gov. Has outthere to fuck with our lives. Cus if yall analyze this rite is gonna end up being through cus remember once we finish with this procedure done they give us a white little card with an id number so wat is that id number for? Well who knoes and being a fda device. It can be controlled by federal goverment. So we do need to get together n hopefully a good lawyer can step up n help with dis devices to get removed .

  28. Lori says:

    After having the procedure my periods have become more erratic – twice monthly with a weird brown discharge. I was going to have an eblation which my doctor asked me to wait until he had a certain machine due to my clotting disorder after waiting when they tried to do the eblation they couldn’t my uterus had enlarged from the severe bleeding. I’m now looking at a hysterectomy. Now I have severe hip/thigh pain that I was asked can if I had any surgical wire in my body?? I now realized can that be these implants! That can be a cause of that pain??? I need to get back to my ortho to ask. The hip pain is excruciating! I cannot take anti- inflammatories due to clotting disorder. If it is due to this procedure I think I will be finding an attorney!

  29. Michelle monzingo says:

    Nice. I had mine done last week (oct 9 2013). My doctor was telling me how great it is and how recovery time is short, so I did it being that I’ve now had my 5th baby. I was having a lot of pain and figured I’d look it up. Why are we still getting essures if there have been so many problems with them??? This is irreversible and I don’t want a hystorectomy! I’m only 29 and want to keep my parts intact. I’m wondering if as we get older and our body starts to change, if our tubes aren’t being twisted by these springs….. Just a thought.

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