Reverse Tubal Ligation Helps Families Grow

Women will often say they wish they could have another baby but they made the mistake of having their tubes tied. Some will tell them that they have the option of IVF. For some couples this may be a viable option but for others it is not. Just the cost of IVF can be staggering for many couples. For other couples the thought of IVF is not only scary it seems so unnatural.

If a woman is lucky someone will mention that she can have a tubal reversal or have her tubes untied. Because tubal reversal surgery is not heard of as often as IVF many couples do not know that this is even an option. Many physicians will mention that IVF is an option and totally disregard the tubal reversal information. This is often due to the fact that most physicians are not exposed to tubal reversal while in medical school. It seems a lot of physicians heard about and may have even studied IVF a majority have very little knowledge about tubal ligation reversal.

Tubal reversal is performed by expert surgeons who repair the fallopian tubes to either restore fertility or for relief of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. The more experience the surgeon has the better the success with repair. Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is the only center dedicated solely to tubal reversal surgery. Dr. Berger is an early pioneer in the field of tubal ligation reversal and developed the low cost outpatient procedure. Couples travel from around the world to have Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith perform their reversal surgeries. Because this is the only type of surgeries performed these surgeons have seen cases that were thought to be irreparable. Not only were the fallopian tubes repaired but also healthy pregnancies followed. The fallopian tube repair rate stands at 98% at CHTRC.

If as woman had her tubes tied it does not mean that she cannot have children naturally again. Tubal reversal surgery gives couples the opportunity to have a child the most natural way possible. Not only is reversal surgery less taxing on the woman’s body then IVF it is also more affordable. The couple also has the chance to have more children if they so decide without added medical intervention.

For more information on reverse tubal ligation the nurses can be contacted for a free phone consultation by calling 1-919-968-4656. If conversing with other women is more comfortable the center has a very active tubal reversal message board. Women go to the message board to be able to express their feelings with those who they know will understand.


Paying For Surgery With Tubal Reversal Discount

After having a tubal ligation it is not uncommon for women to have a change of heart and want to have another child. There are two options given. The first is usually IVF or in vitro fertilization. The second is tubal reversal surgery. Both can be very expensive and in this economy every penny counts even when you desire a child in the worst way.

After researching many couples already know that the pregnancy success rate is better with tubal reversal surgery in most cases. There will of course be situations where IVF may be the better choice such as when the woman’s fallopian tubes are damaged beyond repair.

What shocks many is the price to have some of the surgeons perform the tubal reversal procedure. It can be as high as $20,000 in some hospitals. Couples will then begin to research tubal reversal discounts.

Tubal reversal does not have to be $20,000. If fact it costs under $7000 at the leading tubal reversal center located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This is not only shocking to many but they then find out that these are the leading tubal reversal surgeons available.

The difference in price does come from a number of factors. One of the biggest ones is the fact that the surgery does not have to be performed in the hospital but can be performs in a state of the art center. There does not need to be a hospital stay for the patient. This in itself drastically cuts the costs of the surgery. The couple stays at a local hotel overnight and the patient is checked on the following morning by the medical team. As long as everything looks good the patient is then allowed to return home.

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has performed over 8000 tubal reversal surgeries. They offer tubal reversal discounts throughout the year and have found a way to make tubal ligation reversal both very safe and affordable.

Both Dr. Gary Berger and Dr. Charles Monteith perform reversal surgery at the center. This is the only type of surgery performed and the surgeons have dedicated their careers to helping woman have restored fertility after a tubal ligation. Many women now request the reversal surgery for relief of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.

For more information on tubal reversal discount prices as well as questions about the procedure the nurses can be reached at 1-919-968-4656. The website also holds a vast amount of easy to understand information as well as videos.

Tubal Ligation Reversal and Family Planning

Now that the tubal ligation reversal surgery is completed and the healing is taking place the next question arises. As with the whole tubal reversal journey there are many questions and women are not afraid to seek support and advice from others.

How long do you wait after tubal reversal to begin to try to conceive? Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center tells their patients that it is okay to begin to try to conceive as soon as you feel up to it. Each woman will heal at her own rate and the thing is to take your time and do not push things.

Some couples do not want to conceive right away and will ask the advice of other couples on the tubal reversal message board. This is a place where couples go to receive advice and support. When this question was asked the general answers given were two options. The first was to use natural family planning the second was condoms.

Conceiving after tubal reversal surgery is a very personal decision between your partner and yourself. But many agree that having support and understanding from others taking the same journey is well worth asking the questions.

Tubes Tied And Made A Huge Mistake

Tubes tied and made a huge mistake are exactly what many women think and feel. If this is something you feel then you are not alone. Each year in the United States about 1 million women have the tubal ligation procedure so that they will not become pregnant again. For many they were sure this is what they wanted until life changed.

There are life changes that will cause a woman to change her mind after a tubal ligation. For some it was never truly wanting the ligation to begin with but were forced into it. For others it is the no relenting of the symptoms of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. And for others it may be the death of a child. There are many reasons but they are all personal reasons.

As stated about above the majority of women are now in a new relationship or marriage and the spouse has no children of their own. Is nothing these women want more than to be able to give their new partner a child of his own.

Feeling that you have made a mistake and having to live with it can be one of the worst burdens to bear. But there is hope for many couples after tubal ligation. Tubal ligation reversal surgery not only has great pregnancy statistics but also is more affordable than the alternative of IVF.

Many couples have gone on to become proud parents of not just one but multiple children after reversal surgery. For more information on tubal reversal surgery please visit the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website.

Reverse Tubal Ligation And Getting Back To Normal

Many reverse tubal ligation patients become concerned when the surgery is complete and they are returning back to normal health yet their cycle is not regulated. This is a very normal occurrence and many times it may take a few cycles before it returns to the way it was before.

This can sometimes cause stress for those who had the reverse tubal ligation surgery in order to have another child. For those who have had the surgery to help rid the symptoms of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome this doesn’t seem to cause as much stress. Many times relief is felt immediately following surgery.

Many women have asked this same question on the tubal reversal message board and it is quite normal for your body to take a few months to return to normal and then begins to try to conceive. The Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is the leading Center and has the pregnancy statistics and information available to those researching reverse tubal ligation.

Tubal Ligation Reversal: Operating Room Questions

The big day of your planned tubal ligation reversal is fast approaching. The saving the money,booking your day and getting all of the lab work is all done and now the wait is on!

First piece of advice, if you have questions ask them. Do not think that any question is stupid or not worth a reply. The tubal ligation reversal staff is there to help you and make you feel more comfortable about your upcoming surgery. And do not feel alone, many women have more questions as the day approaches.

It is normal to have many questions and to be anxious. The patients on the tubal ligation reversal message board write about this all the time and are answered by the staff and other patients that already been through it.

Tubal Reversal Surgery Patients Discuss Surgery Day

The tubal reversal surgery date is coming closer and closer and the nerves and anticipation are beginning to hit.

There is nothing more exciting than after all of the planning and saving for tubal reversal surgery and the day is almost here. The patients on the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center tubal reversal message board are all getting excited. There are questions popping up and tubal reversal patients that have had their surgery jump into the conversation to help out.

It is not uncommon for women to begin to get nervous and excited as the big day is almost near. This is a whole new beginning to their lives. Many are getting in shape and taking their prenatal vitamins so they begin to try to conceive that wanted child as soon as they are physically up to it.

Good luck and much baby dust to you all!