What is the price of tubal reversal?

what is the price of tubal reversal

Have you had a tubal ligation and regret your decision?

Medical studies demonstrate 1 out of every 3 women will regret their tubal ligation and consider tubal ligation reversal. Many will talk to their doctors and be discouraged when they are told tubal reversal is not possible. Some women will find knowledgeable doctors but be poorly advised tubal reversal will cost over $20,000 and that IVF is cheaper. Unfortunately many of these doctors only provide IVF and have very limited experience with tubal reversal.

If you have been wondering what is the price of tubal reversal surgery then you should be aware there is a tubal surgeon who specializes in affordable, outpatient tubal ligation reversal surgery.

Dr. Monteith: Offering Affordable Reversal Surgery

what is the price of tubal reversalDr. Monteith is a tubal reversal specialize who exclusively performs tubal reversal surgery in his facility dedicated to sterilization reversal. His practice is named, A Personal Choice, and is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Dr. Monteith offers an all-inclusive tubal reversal price for $6,400 (as of 2015).

This tubal reversal price includes the entire cost of the tubal reversal surgery. Patients must pay for travel, hotel and food expenses.

Patient travel from across the United States to have tubal reversal with Dr Monteith because of his affordable surgery and his experience.

What is the price of tubal reversal? Have you looked into IVF!

Although $6,400 may seem expensive the alternatives are either adoption or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Adoption can cost up to $30,000 and is not always guaranteed.

In vitro fertilization averages $14,000 per treatment cycle and each cycle only averages 38% chance of success!

Tubal reversal surgery is Dr. Monteith is currently $6,400 and averages 60% to 70% chance of success. Not only is tubal reversal more affordable than IVF and more successful than IVF but you can also become pregnant more than just one time!

The more times you become pregnant after tubal reversal …the the price of your tubal reversal surgery is effectively decreased!

Tubal reversal: Affordably priced with Dr Monteith of A Personal Choice

Many people believe tubal reversal surgery is impossible or too costly but Dr. Monteith offers tubal reversal for a very very affordable price.

For more information:
Tubal Reversal Price| Reversal Surgery Priced For Success


Vasectomy Doctors In Chapel Hill? Visit A Personal Choice!

You can readily find vasectomy doctors in Chapel Hill but you will not be able to find a vasectomy doctor in Chapel Hill who offers a painless, affordable vasectomy which can be performed during a single office visit.

Dr Monteith is a vasectomy specialist in Raleigh, North Carolina who offers his patients the most minimally invasive vasectomy procedure at an affordable price.

Minimally Invasive Vasectomy

Dr. Monteith offers men the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy: a 10 minute, safe, office based vasectomy procedure requiring neither a needle, scalpel, or suture.

The hallmarks of his minimally invasive vasectomy are:

  • no needle anesthesia (local anesthesia provided with an air injection)
  • no scalpel vasectomy technique (a single skin opening created with skin spreading technique)
  • open-ended vasectomy technique (minimizes after vasectomy pain)

More information: Minimally invasive vasectomy

Vasectomy in a Single Visit

Although men are given the option of scheduling a consultation visit, Dr. Monteith allows men the option of having a vasectomy in one visit and returning their semen sample by US mail. He makes himself readily available to patients to return for a postoperative evaluation if his patients feel it is important or have concerns about their procedure.

Insurance and Vasectomy Coverage

Dr. Monteith accepts most major health insurances (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna). He also offers men who have high insurance deductibles an affordable vasectomy for $640.

Vasectomy: Affordable, Painless, Easy!

If you are searching for vasectomy doctors in Chapel Hill, then you may save yourself a lot of time and hassle by taking the short drive to Raleigh to see Dr. Monteith.

For more information about having a vasectomy with Dr. Monteith visit: Why vasectomy with Dr. Monteith

For more information call (919) 977-5050.

For an humorous reason why men searching for vasectomy doctors in Chapel Hill should come to Raleigh read Dr Monteith’s recent blog article: Vasectomy in Chapel Hill: Want to Travel to Raleigh or Mars?

Many residents of Chapel Hill seem reluctant to leave the confines of Chapel Hill. Many seem to think traveling to Raleigh is like taking a trip to Mars.

In a very humorous way, Dr. Monteith explains how his office is much closer to Chapel Hill than is Mars and is a much safer place to travel!

Vasectomy Doctors In Cary North Carolina

vasectomy doctors in Cary

Dr. Monteith’s office is located in Raleigh North Carolina near North Hills Mall.

Looking for vasectomy doctors in Cary?

How about driving 11 miles over to Raleigh to see Dr. Charles Monteith?

Dr. Monteith specializes in minimally invasive vasectomy. He is the medical director of A Personal Choice in Raleigh, North Carolina. The majority of his practice is devoted to surgically reversing tubal ligation and vasectomy reversal, but on Fridays he devotes his time to exclusively providing the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy in the state of North Carolina:
Gentle Touch Vasectomy.

Vasectomy doctors in Cary
No Gentle Touch vasectomy doctors!

Gentle Touch Vasectomy is the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy: no needle anesthesia (local anesthesia provided with a air/spray applicator), a single no scalpel opening (a small opening created with skin spreading action), and an open end vasectomy technique to minimize pain after vasectomy .

Dr. Monteith is one of few vasectomy doctors in the state of North Carolina who performs Gentle Touch Vasectomy.

Vasectomy doctors in Cary
No single visit vasectomy procedures allowed!

Most vasectomy doctors in Cary require a preoperative appointment, a vasectomy appointment, a follow-up appointment and an appointment for semen sample testing. Thats four appointments for a vasectomy procedure.

At A Personal Choice vasectomy can be done in one visit. Vasectomy patients have the option of returning their semen sample by mail and this in encouraged for men who travel from other states for vasectomy.

Affordable vasectomy doctors in Cary

You may be hard pressed to find affordable vasectomy doctors in Cary. Dr. Monteith charges $640 for a single visit vasectomy procedure.

Even if you have health insurance you may have a high deductible and pay for most of the procedure out of pocket. The average cost for vasectomy in Raleigh is around $1,200.

Dr. Monteith accepts most major health insurances (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna) and also keeps the cost of vasectomy affordable for men who either do not have insurance or who have high health insurance deductibles.

For more information: Why have a vasectomy with Dr. Monteith?

Best vasectomy procedure?
Gentle Touch Vasectomy

If you would like to schedule a procedure you can easily schedule through the website and most patients can obtain a vasectomy appointment within a week of calling the office.

To schedule a vasectomy with Dr. Monteith visit: Scheduling your vasectomy

For more information call (919) 977-5050.

For more detailed explanation on why you should drive from Cary to have the best vasectomy with Dr. Monteith in Raleigh: Vasectomy In Cary: The Best Vasectomy Procedure

Can Essure Make You Hair Fall Out?

Can Essure make your hair fall out?

Many women have complained of hair loss after having undergone Essure sterilization procedures.

can Essure make your hair fall out?Most women who have the Essure procedure will not have any problems or side effects. Unfortunately some women will have Essure related complications. In studies submitted to the FDA, approximately 3% to 9% of women will have pain 12 months after undergoing Essure sterilization.

Initial FDA studies did not have large numbers of women to look for Essure hair loss but as more women have the procedure some are starting to have hair loss and have begun to ask the question, “Can Essure make your hair fall out?”.

Symptoms with Essure

The most common symptom experienced by women after Essure is inserted is pain and cramping within the first month. Usually this will go away but almost 1 out of 10 women will report pain or discomfort 12 months or more after their Essure procedure.

Some of these women will also experience joint pain, rashes, fatigue, and hair loss.

Can Essure make your hair fall out?

Dr. Montieth is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice in Raleigh, North Carolina. He specializes in tubal ligation reversal, vasectomy reversal, and both Essure removal and Essure reversal. He was the first surgeon in the world to report successful natural pregnancy after surgical reversing Essure.

As of June of 2015, he has performed over 200 surgeries to remove Essure devices.

Dr. Monteith has seen a unique subset of patients who have had pain after Essure, endometriosis surrounding the Essure coils, and hair loss. Many of his patients have reported improvement in their Essure related symptoms after having Essure removal at his center.

Why would Essure make your hair fall out?

It is very uncommon to have hair loss with Essure and it is unclear why this would happen. In some Essure patients it could be circumstantial but in others their could be a direct relationship. Some have speculated hair loss is a direct effect of the nickel metal located in the outer Essure coil and others have suggested hair loss could be an autoimmune illness experience by some after Essure is inserted.

To read a patients personal story about Essure hair loss:

Can Essure make your hair fall out? Hair loss and swollen lymph nodes

For more information about symptoms after Essure:

Essure removal to treat abnormal symptoms

Women interested in having Essure removal should call his office at (919) 968-4656 for more details on Dr. Monteith’s unique outpatient surgery to remove Essure devices.

Tubal Reversal Ohio: Highly Recommended Tubal Reversal Center

Many tubal reversal Ohio patients have found it more affordable to have tubal reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith than to have tubal reversal in Ohio with a doctor who is less skilled and costs more. Tubal reversal surgery requires skill and dedication. The more surgeries a doctor performs then the better their results and the lower their complications.

If you are searching the internet for “tubal reversal Ohio” then please take the time to consider Dr. Monteith of A Personal Choice.

Tubal Reversal Ohio: What Others Say?

Tubal reversal Ohio patients are very common at Dr. Monteith’s center. In fact, Ohio is one of the top 10 states where Dr. Monteith’s patients travel from to have surgery.

You can see the successes of his patients from Ohio here:
Tubal reversal Ohio testimonials

Why Dr. Monteith?

tubal reversal Ohio babiesEveryone wants to have surgery in their hometown for very understandable reasons. Tubal reversal surgery is a very specialized area of medicine and not many doctors have the training or skill to perform tubal reversal surgery.

Those who do perform tubal reversal surgery will often perform a very limited number of these procedures and will often perform these procedures in a hospital setting. This will often make the cost unaffordable for many patients.

Dr. Monteith offers his patients a successful and affordable tubal reversal surgical experience:

  1. Experience. Dr. Monteith has performed over 5,000 tubal reversal surgeries. He was the first surgeon in the world to report successful pregnancy after surgical reversal of Essure sterilization.
  2. Affordable. Dr. Monteith’s offers tubal reversal surgery for less than half the cost of a single cycle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF).
  3. Success. On average 2 out of 3 patients will become pregnant after tubal reversal surgery. Tubal reversal surgery by Dr. Monteith provides double the success of a single cycle of in-vitro fertilization.

Tubal Reversal Ohio: More Information

Many patients have made the five hour car trip from Ohio to North Carolina to have successful surgery with Dr. Monteith.

For more information visit: Tubal Reversal Ohio: More Information

A Personal Choice offers tubal reversal surgery to patients from all across the United States and the world. A Personal Choice is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and is central to many states on the East Coast of the US.

Vasectomy North Carolina: A Unique Place To Get Snipped!

If you are searching the web for “vasectomy North Carolina” then you should consider having a vasectomy with Dr. Charles Monteith of A Personal Choice in Raleigh North Carolina.

Dr. Monteith offers patients a very unique vasectomy experience.

He is an Ob/Gyn who provides men with an affordable vasectomy procedure, performed in a single visit, and he does not use a needle or a scalpel. Dr. Monteith also offers patients the option of returning semen samples after vasectomy by mail!

If you want the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy with the lowest risk possible and without a lot of hassles then you should definitely check out Dr. Monteith!

Have your vasectomy done by an Ob/Gyn!

Dr. Monteith’s professional background is in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In fact this is why he is motivated to offer vasectomy. He has witnessed the impact of pregnancy upon the lives of his patients and the risks of tubal ligation. As a result of his professional experiences, he is highly motivated to offer men and couples the best and most advanced vasectomy procedure while at the same time removing unnecessary barriers.

Dr. Monteith offers vasectomy to help women avoid the risks of a tubal ligation procedure.

Have your vasectomy done with one visit?

Dr. Monteith realizes requiring patients to have multiple visits before they can have a vasectomy procedure is an unnecessary barrier to many men that can only increase anxiety. Dr. Monteith offers patients the choice of having a traditional preoperative visit followed by a second visit for the vasectomy procedure or a single visit for the vasectomy procedure only.

Over 98% of his patients choose to have their vasectomy done during a single visit! Many men will also travel from other states to have vasectomy because he provides an affordable vasectomy procedure and allows men the option of a single visit.

Have a vasectomy without a needle or a scalpel?

Dr. Monteith is one of few physicians in the Carolinas who offers patients Gentle Touch Vasectomy. Gentle Touch Vasectomy is the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy. Instead of using a needle for anesthesia, Gentle Touch Vasectomy requires a special hypospray dermal device to give the anesthesia using puffs of air. Instead of a scalpel the skin is opened with a no scalpel dissector, which makes an opening so small sutures are not required.

Vasectomy North Carolina: Check out Dr. Monteith of A Personal Choice

Dr. Monteith’s practice is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. He accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna for vasectomy procedures and for men who don’t have vasectomy coverage he offers a discounted price for vasectomy. Dr. Monteith also offers affordable vasectomy reversal for men who have changed their mind about their vasectomy.

To have the most advanced form of vasectomy with the lowest complications and lowest risk call his office today at (919) 977-5050.

For more information: Vasectomy North Carolina: Offering the best vasectomy around!

Dr. Monteith offering vasectomy North Carolina, vasectomy South Carolina, vasectomy Virginia and vasectomy for any man smart enough and willing to drive to Raleigh North Carolina for the best vasectomy procedure around.

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Tubal Reversal Illinois: Best Place For Tubal Reversal Surgery

The best place for tubal reversal Illinois is not in Illinois…it’s in Raleigh, North Carolina!

If you are like most and are considering having tubal ligation reversal surgery then you have been searching the web for “tubal reversal Illinois” and not finding many options. The reasons for not being able to find many doctors who perform tubal reversal in Illinois is because most infertility specialist exclusively perform in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Tubal Reversal Illinois: No Experience and Costly!

Most infertility doctors in Illinois don’t have much training in performing tubal ligation reversal surgery.

If you are lucky enough to find an experienced reversal doctor then they will often charge a lot for reversing your tubes. Often they charge so much for reversal surgery that in vitro fertilization becomes much more affordable by comparison.

Most modern infertility doctors receive very little training in tubal ligation reversal surgery. Instead they receive extensive training in in vitro fertilization (IVF). Those few doctors who do perform tubal reversal often perform these surgeries in a hospital and the cost can be in excess of $20,000, involve overnight stays, and significant amounts of time off work.

Consider Reversal Surgery With Dr. Monteith


Dr. Monteith is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice

Dr. Charles Monteith is a specialist in tubal reversal surgery, vasectomy, and vasectomy reversal.

He has the noted distinction of being the first doctor in the world to reverse Essure sterilization.

Many who search “tubal reversal Illinois” will consider having their tubes reversed by Dr. Monteith. He exclusively specializes in tubal reversal surgery and was the first doctor in the world to reverse Essure sterilization.

Many women will travel from Illinois to see Dr. Monteith for tubal reversal surgery because they will find tubal reversal surgery to be much more affordable in Raleigh, North Carolina than having tubal ligation reversal surgery in Illinois. Even with the cost of travel, tubal reversal with Dr. Monteith can be half the cost of a single cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and, on average, twice as successful as a cycle of IVF.

When patients travel to have surgery at A Personal Choice with Dr. Monteith they know they will be getting a doctor with the surgical skill to reverse even the most difficult of tubal ligations.

Visit his comprehensive website: A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal In Raleigh North Carolina

To see the success of other patients who traveled from Illinois to have surgery with Dr. Monteith: Tubal Reversal Illinois Patient Testimonials

Dr. Monteith maintains a list of Illinois doctors who have agreed to see patients after having tubal reversal surgery with him. For more information: Tubal Reversal Illinois: Doctors For Prenatal Care.

Call A Personal Choice now at (919)968-4656 for more information about reversing your tubes!


Essure Reversal Works To Restore Fertility!

Essure Reversal Works To Restore Fertility!

“Teresa had a successful reversal of Essure and delivered a healthy baby boy.”





“Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center were the first reproductive surgeons to report successful pregnancies after Essure reversal in the medical literature. These surgeons were the first to report and publish case reports describing successful Adiana sterilization reversal and Essure sterilization reversal.”


Tubal Reversal Helps Couples Become A Family


Hearing the words “tubal reversal” may cause confusion for some. For those who do not understand, it means for a woman to have her fallopian tubes repaired. This is done for a number of reasons and the first being so that a couple can have children again. There are women who choose to have a tubal reversal for the relief of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. Many women have found great relief from PTLS with this surgery.

For those who are searching to have a child after a tubal ligation or tubes tied, tubal reversal surgery may just be the answer. Having the opportunity to have children again restores hope to many couples. But, for couples searching for answers on reversal surgery, the road can be frustrating. Many doctors and others in the medical field will try to persuade the couples to seek out IVF treatment. There are a number of reasons given as to why reversal is not the best option.  Here is a partial list:

  • Tubal reversal surgery does not work as birth control. Lame one, the reason most couples inquire about reversal surgery is because they want more children. Yes, there will be a need for birth control after the couple has the desired number of children.
  • IVF works faster than tubal reversal. Not true, as soon as the woman is healed from surgery the couple is able to try beginning to conceive. IVF is no guarantee of a successful pregnancy. Many couples have had failed IVF treatments and turned to tubal reversal surgery to have children.
  • IVF has better pregnancy success rates. Not true, and this is documented in the Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Report 2009, which was completed by Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.  This is the leading tubal reversal center and many couples travel from around the world to have the surgery.

Knowing the facts and myths about tubal reversal will help those couples who do not want to use IVF.  Some physicians are now telling their patients that tubal reversal is actually a very valid option. With more and more being reported about the dangers of IVF many couples are seeking the reversal surgery. Having a child after tubal ligation is possible with the help of tubal reversal surgery. Reversal of tubal ligation is also known to be the most natural way to conceive a child following tied tubes.

For more information visit the newest blog series by Dr. Charles Monteith. Dr. Monteith is a surgeon at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center along with Dr. Gary Berger.

Tubal Reversal Blog Series: http://www.tubal-reversal.net/blog/2012/dr-berger/facts-about-tubal-ligation-reversal-surgery.html

Tubal Ligation Reversal or IVF?

Dr. Monteith of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center explains the advantages of tubal reversal over IVF. As proven in the Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Report 2009 tubal reversal surgery is not only less taxing on the woman’s body it also has a better pregnancy success rate.